Two women charged after August hit-and-run in Delta Junction


Alaska State Troopers have arrested two women in connection with a fatal hit-and-run incident that occurred on Aug. 29 near milepost 1421 of the Alaska Highway in Delta Junction. The hit-and-run incident resulted in the death of 47-year-old John Emerick, who had been walking along the shoulder of the highway.

Alaska State Troopers received a report of a dead man in the roadway at approximately 10:18 p.m. on Aug. 29. Assistance was provided by Rural Deltana and Ft. Greely Fire Departments, as well as Alaska State Troopers.

An investigation was launched to identify the responsible parties. The case took a turn on Oct. 17, when 32-year-old Chelsie Erickson, a resident of Delta Junction, was apprehended and arrested for Criminally Negligent Homicide, Failure to Render Aid, and two counts of Tampering with Evidence. Additionally, 60-year-old Janell Erickson was also arrested and charged with Tampering with Evidence.

The breakthrough in the case was made possible through the joint efforts of the Technical Crimes Unit in Anchorage and a tip submitted to the Alaska State Troopers, who then paid a visit to the residence of Chelsie and Janell Erickson in Delta.

During the search, a pickup truck was discovered concealed in a locked shed adjacent to the residence. The vehicle had its hood and grill removed, along with other parts that were missing.

Following the removal of the pickup from the property, further evidence emerged that conclusively linked it to the hit-and-run incident.

Chelsie and Janell Erickson were subsequently taken into custody and remanded to the Fairbanks Correctional Facility.


  1. It’s almost always the lie(s) that get you, not the actual event. Unless you’re a politician and then the lies are practically expected and unfortunately, depending on your side of the political island, those lies are excused or covered up.

  2. If they werent under the influence of mind altering substance at the time its a good chance the victim could have survived with help but who is going to call for help when they are “high”.
    It is way too common to hear see smell people using drugs on the road behind the wheel.

      • Clearly since Republicans are saints and cannot commit sin.
        Judie, Blind faith is a terrible thing. It is especially bad when you use it to cover up bad acts based on midless bigoty or loyalty.

        • Oh, thanks for the lecture, Richard. It seems that your party has destroyed the morals of this country and placed the entire world into a position for World War III. The Democrats never fail to point out their own flaws by blaming others for their soilings. You own it, mister.

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