Dr. Ryan Cole, pioneer in early Covid treatment, now threatened by Washington state over medical license


An Idaho doctor who came to Anchorage with a group of other physicians in 2021 to talk about early treatment protocols for Covid-19 is now being threatened by the State of Washington, which has taken the first steps to pulling his license to practice in Washington.

Dr. Ryan Cole lives in Boise, Idaho and is a licensed pathologist who advocates against Covid vaccines, and favors of early treatment protocols for Covid, and the use of ivermectin. He was part of the Alaska Early Treatment Alliance lineup of doctors who spoke to over 1,200 interested Alaskans in October, 2021. The event was sponsored by the Alaska Covid Alliance and featured other physicians who do not toe the line on Covid, such as Dr. Robert Malone, who was banned from Twitter under that company’s previous management for espousing objections to the Covid policies being pushed by the government. Malone was one of the inventors of the mRNA vaccine technology used in the Covid vaccines that are generally in use today.

For over six months, a licensing oversight board in the State of Washington has been considering disciplinary action against Dr. Cole, and now, the Washington Medical Commission has officially accused Cole of making misleading statements about Covid-19 and treating patients “beneath the standard of care.”

Cole is on the Ada County, Idaho Central District Board of Health. He is licensed as a physician and surgeon in the state of Washington. In 2021, a group of doctors filed complaints with the Washington Medical Commission, which now says that enforcement action is pending against Cole.

“The statement of charges alleges that Dr. Cole made numerous false and misleading statements related to COVID-19 and treated patients with COVID-19 or seeking to prevent getting COVID-19 in a manner that was beneath the standard of care,” the commission said on its website.

Doctors in Alaska made similar accusations against Alaska doctors who dared to question the party line on Covid.

Cole is accused of making statements in public that the Washington Medical Commission believes are false concerning the use of ivermectin to treat Covid, the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of masks, and what the the commission says were statements that were “harmful and dangerous to individual patients, generated mistrust in the medical profession and in public health, and had a widespread negative impact on the health and well-being of our communities.”

The commission also accuses Cole of presenting himself as a “highly trained physician.” Among statements the commission attributes to Dr. Cole, which the commission believes are false and dangerous to public heath:

  • Covid is a completely survivable virus for most people that are not in elderly, high-risk categories
  • Children survive Covid at 100%
  • Asymptomatic spread of Covid is infinitesimally small
  • Ivermectin is a known antiviral medication
  • Ivermectin decreased Covid death by 68-90% and acquisition by 86-88%
  • 100% of world ivermectin trials have shown benefit
  • The Covid vaccination is “an experimental biological gene therapy immune-modulatory invention” and “a fake vaccine … the clot shot, needle rape.=”
  • mRNA trials in mammals have led to autoimmune disease
  • 50% of health care workers are not getting the Covid-19 vaccination
  • The Covid vaccine has cause more deaths than Covid and has killed children
  • The Covid vaccination only reduced the risk of getting Covid by 1%
  • Natural immunity against Covid is better than the vaccine
  • The Covid vaccine has a spike protein that is a toxin that crosses the blood brain barrier
  • The vaccination can cause cancer and infertility

The commission also says Cole was providing negligent care to four patients to prevent or treat Covid-19 infections by prescribing “medications that are not indicated for a COVID-19 infection.” The commission says Cole didn’t properly document justification for using ivermectin or perform a physical exam of the patients. The commission accuses him of not obtaining “appropriate informed consent” from his patients to use ivermectin.

Cole has been hounded by the State of Washington, where he has been licensed to practice since 2007. Medical boards in others states received complaints about him but the Idaho Board of Medicine did not pursue an investigation over his publicly expressed opinions on Covid, and other states where complaints were lodged also took no action. Only Washington State has decided to try to pull his license to practice.


  1. I’ve done countless hours of research, Cole seems to be much closer to truth than the cdc.
    The cdc should lose all its funding and be shut down. Start our nation’s health system new, from the ground up. Offer Dr.Cole the lead position.

      • Bill Yankee, please enlighten us as to your expertise. You demand that we take your pronouncements at face value, why not extend the same courtesy to others. Your snarky “Heheh” clearly indicates that you are not interesting in actual debate.
        One does have to question your overall understanding, as in a later post you refer to the “horse de-wormer” which clearly indicates willful ignorance of the actual dosage and use in humans to start with, to say nothing of its potential uses in other illnesses.
        Medicine and science are dynamic not static. They constantly question, search and try new approaches. Many an illness have been alleviated by medications, which have been used “off label”. It is a common practice. Physicians write about their observations, there are trials and new uses for old meds are discovered. It is a continuous process….except when it comes to Covid 19. There the “science” is static and set in stone by the CDC. Why is that? Why the steadfast denial of anything other than the brand new gene vaccine? Why is vigorous discussion of ALL potentials and diverse opinion not allowed?
        It more and more reminds me of the “Earth is the center of the universe” folks, who also intimidated and harassed those, who disagreed yet had better factual contributions to back up their conclusions. It did not fit the narrative then or now…

        • Well, I didn’t claim to have “countless hours of research” on this subject Taxpayer. And I see that reed (below) still hasn’t given his expertise, indicating to me anyway that he has none. I also expect that you have none as well yet you do have opinions on “horse de-wormer” that is not recommended for Covid use by any recognized health organization except a few quacks like this good Doctor. Nothing wrong with having opinions either but plenty wrong with statements like “which clearly indicates willful ignorance of the actual dosage and use in humans” which doesn’t even include “Covid.”
          Anyway, keep with opinions but stop with the bullchit! Heheh!

          • Are you saying one has to have some paper on the wall to be able to read and do research? Isn’t that what the world wide web is all about? Information to anyone on almost anything? I applaud anyone, who does their own reading and searching, to get a more rounded picture and then can speak with knowledge. As it appears right now YOU don’t have ANY expertise or would you care to identify your credentials that according to you give you the right to call BS on those, who disagree with your assessment!

          • If you have some expertise then your research is held in higher regard. And as far as my own expertise Taxpayer, I’ve a master’s degree in Mathematics (which is pure logic) and I’ve worked in the field as both a Research Analyst and Economist.

          • Your sound like an accomplished person Bill, but your “heheh moniker” makes you sound like a snob, so beneath your stated learning. As for logic, you value learning and degrees, yet while you accept without question declarations from one credentialed individuals/institution you summarily dismiss experiences from other equally credentialed individuals. Can’t have it both ways, either a degree and learning adds more value to any opinion compare to the laymen or it does not. Your adherence to government doctrine is sad. Just because government said so does not make it automatically the truth, as government is run by people just like you and me, who simply take for themselves the power to make their opinion law.

          • Nice collection of your opinions there Taxpayer but that’s all they are, especially that crap about my sounding like a snob. Heheh!
            The rest is just nonsense IMO.

          • No, Bill, A Taxpayer was very truthful, and very fair, in honestly and frankly analyzing you as we see you in this forum. You are, like every other radical leftist, not only an arrogant SOB, but a raging hypocrite.

      • Died suddenly and the soaring excess deaths. Except in 3rd world countries that didn’t take the experimental mrna death jabs. Denial won’t fix this…Bill hehe.
        Follow the science, this new technology has much to be discovered as of now.

      • Billy, speaking of “Expertise”, you might want to “research” some your badself and check out who the Chairman of the Washington State Medical Commission is, a fellow name Jimmy Chung MD. This fellow has earned a patient rating of 1.5 on a scale of 1 to 5 , while the Doctor he is attempting to fry, Dr. Cole has earned a patient rating of 4.9.
        But what do patients know, right Billy.

        • Here is the American College of Physician Executives on those patient ratings: “The ACPE survey says most physician “leaders view online physician ratings as inaccurate, unreliable and not widely used by the patients they serve, [and they] view online reviews as little more than popularity contests.”

          • Billy, you fall for the credentialed argument fallacy once again. The old 4 out of 5 Doctors thing from TV commercials in the 60’s.
            Billy, where is the empirical data that proves Trump’s ” Operation Warp Speed Jab” stopped the spread of Covid- 19? Hint, look at countries that begin with the letter ” I”.
            Israel, Iceland, Ireland…

      • Hi bill. The trough is the vac is more deadly than the plague. Numbers of people strangely dying or damaged speak for themselves. If you think the government is here to help you need psychiatric help.

  2. Dr. Ryan Cole is absolutely correct, Covid is nothing to most but the fake vaccine is deadly. The fake mRNA vaccine murders children. Asymptomatic Covid spread is a pure lie. Ivermectin is the only thing you need for Covid. mRNA destroys your autoimmune system and either kills you today or next year. The jab slightly reduces Covid death, the jab increases chance of death by 40%. Natural immunity is the best solution to Covid. The jab spike protein damages everything in your body while giving you cancer and infertility. These mindless zombie doctor’s attacking him will soon be dead from their clot-shot and Dr. Cole will still be here to address their next plandemic.

  3. This blog is getting closer and closer to “The Onion” every day. I like to read this for the humor.

  4. I’ve followed Dr Cole since the beginning of the plandemic–and he is right–especially about the damage to the immune system by the ‘vaccine.’ Also–what a double standard–the ‘vaccine’ does not have true ‘informed consent’–which is why hospitals all over Alaska are quietly shutting down their testing and ‘vaccine’ centers (and hoping legal precedence in the damage the ‘vaccine’ causes does not take hold…) There is no true isolate of the virus in humans. It’s always been about a scam to get this ‘vaccine’ inside of people. BTW–the damage the ‘vaccine’ causes is irreversible and permanent…

    • What is that “damage” that you say is “irreversible and permanent?” I’ve been vaccinated and boosted with no damage and expect your damage is only in your mind, but do enlighten us here, if you can.

      • Strokes, blood clots in the heart, Strange bleeding disorders, anurism??? Are you not paying attention to those that are now having serious health issues?
        I have three people in my life with all this. One younger person that was a nurse, was trying to concieve after getting the jab and no longer can… Should I continue??? Wake up.. This jab has caused SO MANY issues and deaths… Its not a vaccine..

        • OK DA, these are so far just anecdotal examples that you’ve given without any back-up. Care to give us some back-up for your so-called damage. And please give us how it’s “irreversible and permanent.”

      • Have you noticed a strange uptick in young athletic people dying suddenly from cardiac events in the last 2 years? Some even teenagers? Maybe you haven’t. Search for that on the internet.

        Did you ever hear the word “myocarditis” before the covid shots started going out?

        • Holy Mackerel Pepe, do you regularly think anything new is related to covid shots-how about due to covid? Heheh!
          And “Myocarditis is a serious though rare condition where inflammation develops in the myocardium, or middle muscular layer of the heart wall.” This is from American Heart
          Association and you’ll need to show us where this has anything to do with covid shots.

        • Haven’t you noticed a strange uptick in reported cases now that we have social media blasting from all corners-something we’ve never really had before during a pandemic.

      • Billy, how many times have you caught the Covid, despite being jabbed? Once, twice? Seems that is fairly normal for Jab patients. Remember how it was 97.9% effective in stopping the Rona! And then the countries with the highest Jab rates also had the highest rate of infection. What gives Billy?

        Oh, and ask the CDC to cough up one example where an unjabbed person who caught and survived Covid and therefore had ” natural immunity “, ever caught Covid a second time.

        Billy , only a chauvinist would attempt to defend this monstrously evil Jab program. ?
        Hee Hee,
        BTW, I thought we were supposed to ” question authority”. ?

        • Well Bobby, I’ve been vaxed and boosted and have never caught the virus and as I stated above haven’t experienced any damage whatsoever and the best part is it has given me the ability to recognize bullchit such as yours in this latest example of bull excrement.

          • Under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request the CDC has released the following data/information:

            The CDC’s PRR (Proportional Reporting Ratio) monitoring has identified several hundred safety signals, including for Bell’s palsy, blood clots, pulmonary embolism and death. In individuals aged 18 and older, there are 770 safety signals for different adverse events, and more than 500 of them have a stronger safety signal than the known myocarditis and pericarditis.
            In the 12- to 17-year-old age group there are 96 safety signals, and in the 5- to 11-year-old group there are 66, including myocarditis, pericarditis, ventricular dysfunction, cardiac valve incompetency, pericardial and pleural effusion, chest pain, appendicitis and appendectomies, Kawasaki’s disease and vitiligo.
            The proportions of deaths, which were only provided for the 18-plus age group, was 14% for the COVID jabs compared to 4.7% for all other vaccines.

            P.S. The data source of this information is one of your favorite “experts du jour”, the CDC.

          • Ok, is there some reason you’ve not linked to that source Wisdom. It could be as you say but I’ve no way to check it out. Throw us a bone here and give us that link.

      • Your posts show us how damaged you are billy. A degree on math doesn’t impress anybody. You might have not learned the important things in life.

        • Thinking critically and logically, which is what mathematics teaches, and you don’t think such things impress anybody Mark? Heheh!
          Pretty clear you didn’t learn either.

        • If you ever did learn to think critically and logically, Billy, you have done an amazingly thorough job of hiding those talents while posting in this forum.
          And that is not meant to be snark — it is literally true, and I’ve seen you run away plenty of times from arguments with which you clearly had no answer, or had been logically run into a corner..
          You are not half as intelligent as you appear to think you are, Bill.

  5. If the board is lying to the public then the board should have its budget returned to the public and they should be professionally ostracized.

  6. From the way this is going, pretty soon the “tolerant” left will be burning books again.

    This has nothing to do with healthcare. It’s about control and forced compliance. Or else.

  7. After reading the above “Statement of Charges”, nowhere does it state the outcome for patients A, B, C, and D. Did they survive? Did they pass? Were they admitted to a hospital? Or did they survive after following Dr. Cole’s advice? That is the real testament but the charges say nothing about the health outcomes. Why not?

  8. It is SO utterly obvious and transparent how the political and medical-industrial establishment are literally and hysterically TERRIFIED of any alternate treatment for the Wuhan Virus other than the officially approved, but scientifically damned, so-called “vaccines” (which are not vaccines by any traditional or rational definition of the word) —- because those safe and effective alternate treatments completely undermine and discredit the official rationalizations for the use of, much less the mandates for, those so-called “vaccines”.
    Come on, Lucinda, Bill Yankee, cman, Maureen Suttman, and all your other gullible sycophants and bootlickers of the sociopaths in the ruling class — can’t you see, by now, that the Covid Emperor has no clothes?

  9. The state of Washington does not emphasize the names of their accessible, copious commission members. They express concern about diversity etc. Most seem to have foreign credentials. Is this guy a “diversity” guy?

  10. Curious as to the number of complaints filed by patients (if any) vs complaints filed by other physicians or administrative personnel? Sounds like tattletale spoiled child syndrome of academia.

  11. Most doctors used to operate with the primary ethic of first do no harm. Then do all you can to heal your patient. Now they are political actors with an agenda and do not pay any mind to causing harm. Healing is often an afterthought. Persecution of those who subscribe to the old and proper ethic is underway. The public must do all they can to support courageous doctors such as Dr. Ryan Cole.

    The DPC model is one parallel structure >

    Regardless, a great reckoning is coming.

    • Bill, your blind and gullible faith in “experts” is woefully misplace, when those “experts” have been severely politicized, as the medical establishment has been in regards to the Wuhan Virus in general, and in regards to the so-called “vaccines”, a.k.a. clot shots, in particular.
      One does not need to be an “expert” to recognize when one is being gaslighted and fed politicized propaganda, misinformation, contradictions and outright lies. And that is what the political and medical establishments have been feeding us almost from the beginning of the panicdemic.
      Seriously, in the face of all the evidence, it is hard to know if the apparently willful and obstinate refusal of conformists and establishment shills like yourself is honest, or if you are simply a bot or a troll paid to purposely gaslight others, and to defend the laughable and failed establishment narratives at all cost.

  12. He’s being accused of certain things, relative likely to his Ivermectin perscriptions, and we’ll get to see how it turns out. When it comes to horse de-wormer, I find it soothing that some are following these quacks and their doings-that’s why there are medical boards to keep these folks honest.
    How about that Dr. that recently has been charged for destroying thousands of vaccines and injecting saline solution into children’s arms and being paid for falsified vaccine cards with the knowledge of their parents? Cole should be able to defend himself if he is on the up-and-up IMO.

    • Horse dewormer? You mean the drug that has been used for decades, dispensed to billions, and is one of our leading drugs in the fight against malaria (among many other uses)? That drug? You mean ivermectin.

      Tell me Bill. Got all your boosters? I hope not. I wouldn’t want anymore added to the long list of “died suddenly”.

      • OK micah, for the retards on here, there is no recommended use for ivermectin in the treatment of Covid. You really think he is being investigated for his prescriptions of ivermectin for head lice? Heheh!
        And I suspect this will come out in this quacks hearing.

        • Bill, your utterly lack of critical and independent thinking is on pristine display here:
          “There is no recommended use for ivermectin in the treatment of Covid”.
          And that means what? NOTHING! So who gives a crap if a drug is not officially “approved” (much less by the highly politicized and agenda-driven medical establishment), as long as it is EFFECTIVE! And ivermectin IS effective in the early treatment of the Wuhan Virus — there are numerous studies, and a mountain of data, to indicate the veracity of that.
          But no, all you can laughably and feebly fall back on is your reliance on, and blind trust in self-serving and utterly corrupt authorities. Your irrational, mendacious, duplicitous and obsequious idiocy would be comical if it were not so widely shared by the vast flock of unthinking, naive, gullible sheep out there. But the truth is winning, and the totalitarian plans of the globalist ruling class whose boots you so eagerly lick, and who came close to turning the world into one vast Orwellian concentration camp using the flimsy rationalizations and overreactions to a corporate media-hyped plandemic, are losing. So tough noogies to you, he he!

        • What agency do you work for “Bill”? How many dummy accounts do you work here on M.R.A.? How many other platforms do you make comments on? How many per day is the quota?

          Do you enjoy your work? I hear 5th generation warfare is all of the rage…

        • And a headache is not a fever, which is not a sprain, which is not arthritis, which is not bursitis. So obviously aspirin can only work against one of those, and all other uses are illegitimate.
          THAT is the sort of infantile ‘logic’ that you are using here, Lucinda.
          Just because the politicized medical establishment does not ‘officially approve’ of a particular use of a drug does not invalidate that use.
          Honestly, this is elementary, Logic 101 stuff. But it is abundantly clear that you never took a course in logic.

        • Lucinda
          Is malaria what horses are treated for when ivermectin is used? I didn’t think ? so.
          There has been many studies showing the noble prise winning ivermectin is effective against the replication of the covid. The cdc protocol of remdesivir and ventilator was shown to be almost a death sentence. New York lead the entire world in % of deaths. 3rd world countries who take the Sunday pill had the lowest death rates.

    • ‘https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8248252/
      Not worried about Dr. Cole. He is knowledgeable, and most importantly, when the judgement that matters comes, he has strived to be honest and to do the right thing. You need to snap out of it Bill.

      • We’ll see how this “knowledgeable Doctor who strives to do the right thing” fares in his hearing in WA North. I’m not worried either as no skin off my back either way. That said, my money is on him loosing his license in WA but that’s just because these folks making the decision will be doing it based on their own science and their rules/laws. The thought that he will survive based on his striving to be honest or to do the right thing is just a fantasy of yours IMO.
        Snap out of what?

        • Your assessment of how he will fair in WA seems about right. Not that its their judgement that really matters.
          Snap out of being an Ivermectin Denier. You are running on 2+ year old propaganda that was unproven at the time, with the contrary being true and readily apparent for those with the desire to look and eyes to see. When your time comes, will ‘died suddenly’ be adequate justification for your death. Wouldn’t you rather that your loved ones know the truth? Do you want to have them thinking that ‘died suddenly’ probably runs in the family? Is that the future you seek?

        • NIH Article published Jul-Aug 2021: “Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines”
          Conclusion: “Given the evidence of efficacy, safety, low cost, and current death rates, ivermectin is likely to have an impact on health and economic outcomes of the pandemic across many countries. Ivermectin is not a new and experimental drug with an unknown safety profile. It is a WHO “Essential Medicine” already used in several different indications, in colossal cumulative volumes. Corticosteroids have become an accepted standard of care in COVID-19, based on a single RCT of dexamethasone.1 If a single RCT is sufficient for the adoption of dexamethasone, then a fortiori the evidence of 2 dozen RCTs supports the adoption of ivermectin.
          Ivermectin is likely to be an equitable, acceptable, and feasible global intervention against COVID-19. Health professionals should strongly consider its use, in both treatment and prophylaxis.”
          Finally, thank you for your contribution to ‘science’.

          • North,
            All of the early ivermectin meta-analysis based studies were withdrawn a few years ago due to a few fraudulent studies that slanted the meta-analysis. These fraudulent studies were so outlandish that the only way anyone took them serious was when they were used in a meta-analysis that hid their dirty deeds until anyone with the ability to read looked at the individual studies.

            In short citing years old easily debunked and withdrawn meta-analysis studies does not prove ivermectin works in the treatment of covid, if anything it hurts.

          • Steve-O,
            What you say, that there are fraudulent studies reviewed by fraudulent peers is perfectly believable considering the debacle most of us have just lived through. But 2021 was less than two years ago, not a few years ago. Also, if you have specific proof that the source that was cited is fraudulent, bring it.
            Also, people that intentionally use the word ‘debunked’ to assert information superiority are generally not to be believed.

          • North,

            The study out of Egypt by Ahmed Elgazzar was routinely cited in meta-analysis studies, this wasn’t a peer-reviewed study but found its way into circulation even after having been withdrawn due to the obviously fraudulent information. There was a study in Mexico City, and another in an Arkansas jail that drew quite a bit of press due to their handling. Another analysis of 26 major trials of ivermectin for covid-19 found that over one third had “serious errors or signs of potential fraud.”

            2021 was a few years ago, it’s currently 2023. And my apologies for using words that trigger you, in the future I will try and refrain from using the word debunked and will try and use words like exposed, shattered, ill-informed, nonsense, and hogwash to describe studies that have been debunked.

        • Prejudgments are so passe. Forgive won’t you this loss of accent et grand in this hostile environment. Merci.

  13. It’s sad and fascinating at the same time. The progressive left has done an amazing job convincing a huge number of people to deny reality.

    Boys can be girls, locking up healthy people is good medicine, vaccines are political, and we can have a substantial lasting impact of this planet.

    Highlights of a long and undistinguished list of “achievements”.

    In pursuit of social control, the so call “party of science” has bastardized knowledge. Actual science has been set back by these medical struggle sessions.

    Only God knows when or if we will ever regain the knowledge we’re losing.

  14. In Louisiana they have people called “healers” who practice a shamanistic approach to practical healing with knowledges brought to America from African countries. Obviously they need to be brought to the Mat-su inpatient hovel against their will; don’t they? Freedom of economic association is hereby usurped in the Mat-su. Constitutional rights? What’s that? Certainly not the foundational law of the US evidently.

  15. The equal footing clause should provide Constitutional relief in Alaska by applying the Texas State Constitution against monopolistic business practices established anywhere in the US even if the monopoly pogrom is promulgated by none other than the state of AK itself to wit forcing monopolistic, expensive economic association for unwanted and unneeded mental health services of political opposites against their will.

  16. “The Covid vaccine has cause more deaths than Covid and has killed children”. 100% false. Dismisses all his other claims.

    • No, absolute true, Lucinda.
      Except in one respect: the dangerous , ineffective and experimental mRNA clot shot is NOT a ‘vaccine’. That is the real lie.

      • Has Lucinda mentioned her medical credentials which out ranks everyone else’s credentials? Is she licensed to practice medically in AK?

        • Good point, A.G.
          I am not a doctor, and do not claim to be one. But I can use logic, reason and facts to determine when I am being lied to, and when an argument is fallacious and lacking merit. This specious ‘appeal to authority’ by Lucinda and Bill Yankee is precisely that, specious.

  17. Ivermectin is the drug that ended the plague of “River blindness” in African countries, former president Jimmy Carter was instrumental in that successful campaign. Folks living there take it once or twice yearly with no side effects. As to the horse dewormer, Bill, that would be hydroxy chloroquine. Also approved for human use. So Billy, enough with the childish propaganda, it just won’t fly around here, and it makes you look stupid. Are you?

    • For parasitic worms C-Ivermectin is indeed a de-wormer.

      It’s okayed for people for that concern.

      It has been proven ineffective for Covid. But put your money where you want.

      • Maureen,
        Cancer is tied to parasites. Slides of cancerous tumors closely resemble slides of parasite infestations. Have you ever tried to kill off any of the parasites that ‘may’ be within you? They ARE there. Have you ever de-wormed your cat or dog? Why do you think big pharma wanted ivermectin maligned so badly, and tried to have it censored into oblivion?
        Type ‘ivermectin cancer’ into a search engine. Dig harder after that.
        Ivermectin is VERY effective for Covid. Yummy, too.

        • The evidence of Ivermectin’s efficacy against Covid has always been there, now its piling up in ways that are irrefutable.
          Article: “Ivermectin efficacy finally proven in ‘gold-standard’ RCT – Prof Colleen Aldous
          23rd January 2023 by Nadya Swart”
          Link: ‘https://www.biznews.com/health/2023/01/23/ivermectin-efficacy

  18. I’m guessing Washington state is still using the China bug for federal funded money??? So they need to get rid of people that go’s against their narrative ?Just a assumption !

  19. If anything good at all could be said about Covid-19 it is that the pandemic allowed us to see what was really inside of the folks around us.

    The so-called “my body-my choice” crowd proved they are nothing more than an anti-life death cult when they took a 180 degree turn in the blink of an eye regarding the Covid-19 mRNA jabs.

    Across the state, Alaskans reportedly witnessed (and documented) misbehavior from medical professionals and hospital systems statewide. Rather than following true science, they followed a prescribed group think narrative, going so far as to one hundred doctors signing their names to a medical board complaint against a heroic doctor who actually followed real science and saved lives.

    The good news is this indisputable fact: No matter how much you try to deny, ignore or cover over it, Truth always surfaces. Always has. Always will.

    Evil had the upper hand during the pandemic, but Truth is surfacing about Covid-19’s origin, the mRNA jabs, medical malpractices, Big Tech/Big Pharm/Social Media-Government collaboration and illegal censorship (Thanks to Elon/Twitter files)

    Under the Biden Administration, Americans have been robbed of their Constitutional rights. And locally, Anchorage citizens have suffered greatly at the hands of the sadistic Marxist-Communist Assembly who appear to enjoy hurting/harming constituents with whom they disagree. Interestingly, they were “voted in” after former Mayor Hairy Butt Berkowitz installed mail-in voting.

    There appears to be a restlessness worldwide coinciding with a thirst for true justice similar to what occurred after WWII and the Nuremberg trials.

  20. What amazes me is that some people still think there is only one Covid vaccine. There are 4 vaccines approved for covid in the US and 50 or so approved worldwide, only a few are mRNA based. The anti-vaccine crowd has always thrived on ignorance.

    • It’s best to not point fingers because as the old saying goes, it leaves you with 3 fingers pointing back at you. Throwing the word ignorance around is laughable because you obviously are ignorant to the fact the CDC changed the definition of the word “vaccine” after the covid jabs failed. Until the Covid jabs, every vaccine I/my family have/has ever taken prevented me/us from catching and spreading diseases. Truth is the antidote to ignorance. Seek it and it’ll set you free.

      • Concerned,
        I’m aware that the CDC changed how they define vaccine. Do you care what the CDC says? I don’t, I haven’t for quite some time. Amazingly so many who claim they don’t care what the CDC says live their life as if the CDC defines the meaning of words or how best to live their lives. The CDC does not define words, dictionaries define words. Stop letting the CDC control your thoughts.

        I very much doubt that every vaccine you and your family has ever taken completely prevented you from contracting or spreading diseases, that’s just not how they work. If you or your family ever received any of the following vaccines they weren’t 100% protected from contracting or spreading disease:
        Hepatitis A
        Hepatitis B
        That’s just to name a few vaccines, there are many more that never offered a 100% iron clad guarantee of being disease free.

    • And yet which kinds were pushed, AND mandated for many, here in the USA? And which kind was taken by the large majority of those in this country, Steve?
      On this topic, you are sadly in thrall to the dishonest, disproven official narratives.
      I find that odd, as you can argue so eloquently and logically on other subjects. My assumption is that you are a professional in the medical industry, and so have bought into the medical-industrial establishment’s propaganda hook, line and sinker.

      • Jeff,
        I’m not in the medical industry. You and I have different views on Covid, it’s ok. We don’t have to agree on everything.

    • Steve-O – And I believe that ALL 4 Covid “vaccines” are still designated as EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) only by the FDA and CDC in the USA. That is a big deal. Essentially, the verdict is still out on the safety & efficacy of these shots and health authorities are simply covering their asses with a EUA designation, versus full FDA approval. So far the data coming in is damning. Excess deaths in the UK have forced their NHI health agency to quietly recommend that individuals under 50 years of age no longer take the jab. The science is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore and the official Covid narrative is rapidly unwinding.

  21. The trolls are out in force to defend their religion of Covid.

    When one is waging a jihad, heretics like Cole and heresies like objecting to the holy Covid vaccine must be crushed.

  22. Of greater concern today are misleading statements from governments at all levels concerning covid. Deceptions, flip flops, misleading information, putting pressure on media platforms to tow the line and cooperate and getting facebook to intercept forward copys of personal emails,falsely branding accusations as conspiracy theories which turned out to be true, shutting down scientific dialogue, misdirection of inquiries, redefining definitions, scrapping the initial plan to deal with a covid type pandemic which took years of planning to put in place, lieing about the first deaths being from covid at local levels, lieing about hospitals being overloaded, censoring any data from hospitals nation wide on total numbers of hospital admissions from all causes combined after 2019. ( before 2020 this data was available on a yearly basis and updated yearly. As of last month no data on this statistic has been available for the years 2020, 2021, 2022? Why?

  23. “Always look on the bright side of life”. Avec le WEF, Apres les deces, les attentes des salles d’urgence prendront fin et le traitment aura lieu directment dans votre propre salon, n’est-ce pas? C’est amusant sans doubt? Mon communists?

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