Covid Early Treatment Summit draws over 1,200 in Anchorage to hear the call for courage, medical freedom


Nearly every seat was full and the parking lot overflowed, with cars stretching far down the street at ChangePoint Church in Anchorage, where some of the leading experts on early treatment for Covid-19 led a full day of presentations for medical professionals and separately for lay people.

800 cars were parked in the parking lot itself for the event, and up to 1,200 people attended some or all of the day’s presentation.

The morning session was highly technical for those in the medical profession. In the afternoon, it was more about people and policy, and there was much cheering and approval from the audience, who rose to their feet to applaud several times.

Lockdowns “cause more lives lost than it saves by far,” said Dr. Robert Malone, the founder of the Global Covid Alliance of doctors telling the truth about Covid, its origins, successful early treatment, and the misguided medical establishment. He is the inventor of the vaccine technology used in the Covid-19 vaccines currently being used. “These lockdowns are totally inappropriate.” He and the group of doctors have been trying to take their messages to every state.

It’s not fun, he said, being libeled by the media or the medical industry, after spending 30 years in research with several vaccine patents to his name.

“They are hunting physicians that speak out. They hunt them through a standard practice. And by ‘they,’ I’m referring to the press,” he said during the afternoon session.

He said in Italy he was labeled as a terrorist, and as part of the “dirty dozen” by Italian media, for being part of an international summit on Covid.

In Portugal, he ran into a pediatrician who advocated against vaccinating children for Covid. The doctor was vilified in the press and ended up with a threat against his medical license.

Malone, who just came back from Hawaii, said Hawai has had its economy destroyed by lockdown policies that have no merit.

He met a doctor on the island of Maui who has said publicly that pregnant women should not be given the Covid vaccine. The result of speaking out was a U.S. senator declaring, also publicly, that the doctor should lose his license.

Malone talked about other people in Hawaii who worked on early treatment and had their licenses threatened: “I’ve seen the same thing play out again and again and again.”

“The press is hunting physicians all over the world,” Malone said, acknowledging that a reporter from Reuters was in the room.

“I’ve been accused that the reason I’m doing this is because there’s some flaw in my character and I’m seeking attention. Trust me, this is not fun. It’s not fun to be constantly subjected to attacks, derision, character assassination, professional assignation by the press,” he said at the beginning of his afternoon presentation. “I’ve been called the most vilified scientist in the world. I’m not doing this for fun. I’m not doing this for some sense of personal aggrandizement. I would have been quite happy staying on my farm with my wife and working on the four different clinical trials that I am about to start.”

He said he went public with his opinions about the Covid vaccine because “I was personally offended by what was being done, by the violation of the ethics, of the standards and regulatory norms that I’ve been trained on for over 30 years as a vaccine and drug development specialist.”

All of the speakers at the summit had harsh words for the media for creating a culture of fear around the virus. Malone called out the “fact-checking” industry, and said the fact-checkers are paid by organizations such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to attack people. That foundation has major financial ties to Johnson & Johnson, he said.

Dr. Richard Urso, a Houston opthamologist, repeated the message that vaccinating children with the Covid-19 vaccine was not only unnecessary but could be harmful. His message was repeated by the other guest speakers. He called for the medical community to draw on their courage to do the right thing, and treat patients early for Covid, rather than wait until they are on a ventilator. There are treatments that are working, and natural immunity is the strongest defense at this point.

The overarching message from the presentations was the importance of medical freedom, and the need for doctors to be able to care for patients without the fear they are currently experiencing.

All of the speakers warned against using the new Covid vaccines on pregnant women. Too little is known about what happens when the vaccine hits a pregnant woman’s system or the unborn child she carries.

The visiting doctor-scientists had words of praise for local family physician Ilona Farr, who was the first speaker of the day. She received a standing ovation from the large auditorium. Farr described how she has worked to keep people out of the hospital by using treatment protocols being developed by doctors all over the world. There are only a few doctors and nurse practitioners in the state who are actually treating people for Covid with the specific protocols that she says are working in almost every patient she has treated, except one patient who got the medicines too late.

It’s very difficult in Alaska to get the Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine prescriptions filled, and Farr and the other doctors advised people have them in their medicine cabinets in advance of contracting the virus, because the virus is so debilitating that once sick, people are unable to advocate for themselves.

Other points the physician-scientists made:

  • When people say Ivermectin is a horse drug, remind them aspirin is also used as a horse drug.
  • No Covid shots for children. Natural immunity will be better for them.
  • Let physicians treat patients.
  • The National Institute of Health has no protocols for early treatment, even nearly two years after the pandemic started.
  • We are having an epidemic of fear.
  • For the vast majority of people, the virus is survivable.
  • Using remdesivir, the one medication approved for treatment of Covid, can be inappropriate and also dangerous if administered too late in the course of the illness, and can cause organ failure.
  • Treating Covid early with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D, Zinc, Quercetin, Melatonin, and other nutrients has been successful when used in appropriate doses.
  • Using Ivermectin or other medications when patients are already in shock or on ventilators is not helpful
  • People are dying unnecessarily because of the lack of early treatment.
  • Covid vaccines don’t stop transmission or infection. They are not creating safety.
  • Covid-19 is a manufactured virus made in China. Dr. Li-Meng Yan said it is part of a bioweapons program and the Communist Chinese hope to tear apart America with the virus.

See the entire day’s presentations at this link:


  1. “Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place?”

      • I hit the post button too soon without giving credit.
        “Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place?” is not mine. I wish I was so eloquent.

    • AKY,
      The answer is simple: The current vaccines are not an efficacious medical response to the virus. If public health was not fully corrupted by the large pharma corporations a series of treatment protocols would have long since been implemented.
      Prophylactic and early treatment of symptoms protocols and ready access to the proven and safe drugs would long since have been instituted. Advanced treatment protocols would be standardized in hospitals, to avoid ventilators and death.
      Remdesivir would not be administered, particularly after the 5th to 7th day of infection when it becomes useless.
      There are massive financial interests and large bonuses paid to hospital administrators in seeking 100% compliance with vaccines, hospital stays with ventilator use, and deaths that can be attributed to the virus.
      Preventative and early treatment is very effective but not profitable for the pharma/medical/regulatory complex.

      • This is a sick virus of fear pitting us against each other. For instance, I went to Anch. Geneva Woods Clinic and was asked by the counter clerk if I was vac’d?
        Not wanting to be identified by a vaccine, I declined to comment. A bit of a cold reception – but finally taken to a treatment room. In conversation I was told their doc’s won’t treat unvac’d patients. BUT, clinic’s PA does, however it is not disclosed prior to treatment 🙄😣.
        I believe the full disclosure of this policy should be on their website, in the least.
        Hospitals should also disclose their special treatment of vac’d vs. unvac’d policies. It is verifiable (via nurse and staff) that there is a care difference. The unvac’d are as shunned as leppers.
        Crazy town.

  2. Let health care providers practice medicine to the best of their abilities and keep the government/media out of the relationship. First do no harm, which it appears that the jab does.

    • Thanks for reporting on this when it was upcoming. The livestreams were great! Maybe one correction: I think I heard Dr. Farr say her one patient who died was denied their second dose of ivermectin at the hospital….maybe too late, but definitely the hospital was interfering with their treatment.

    • He’s too busy dressing up as a cricket for halloween. No time for any of their malarkey. 🦗🎶🎶🎶

    • You spent all day in this conference and your big take away is what I will say? I apparently have taken up shop in your brain rent free. You really are obsessed, in an unhealthy way.
      Did they say anything about fluvoxamine?

      • Nothing that I heard in the Lunch session or General Public Session was about fluvoxamine. What’s the word?

        • Kinda strange that a Covid Early Treatment Summit wouldn’t have even addressed fluvoxamine, not surprising I guess.
          A recent study shows that fluvoxamine actually helps in treating covid, unlike some other treatments that have been shown in numerous and repeated clinical trials to not really do much, if anything at all. ‘’

      • Oh, Steve-O, and where are Bill Yankee and the rest of the naysayers? Released today:
        In summary, based on the totality of the trials and epidemiologic evidence presented in this review along with the preliminary findings of the Unitaid/WHO meta-analysis of treatment RCTs and the guideline recommendation from the international BIRD conference, ivermectin should be globally and systematically deployed in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

  3. Dunleavy administration should of taken notes from this. Time for your administration to make available HCQ and Ivermectin to treat covid19. Alaskans deserve all treatments available. People are dieing in the hospital from using treatments like remedisvir and being put on a ventilator. Lost a friend who was put on ventilator and died within 2 days. Yet I’m sure the hospital got there 39k. It’s all about the money folks. The vaccine doesn’t work but the government keeps telling you it does. They won’t admit there are adverse reactions. There will be blood on there hands in the end. But that will be too late.

    • During the conference the rates paid to Alaska hospitals was mentioned.
      COV treated with ventilator $417K, add $32K with Remdesivir plus 20% “bonus”.
      The unusual protocol to completely avoid early treatment for patients to heal at home and avoid hospital stays for a RX cost of $200 with no bonus for hospital administrators makes perfect sense.

      • Here’s the letter I sent to Providence Alaska Medical Center: October 29, 2021

        Medical Executive Committee
        Medical Staff, PAMC
        3200 Providence Drive
        Anchorage, AK 99508

        To All It May Concern,

        I received a letter from the above dated 9/14/2021, on October 7th, 2021. This letter was drafted by Kristin Solana Walkinshaw, MD. All costs for the letter was paid for by Alaskans For Posterity.

        The document claims the PAMC committee is “apolitical”, they seek to fulfill their “obligation to be transparent” and then proceeds to plead their staffing situation based on COVID cases, yet fails to elaborate on the bottom line, top-down decision making that caused their current staffing crisis. It further advises that PAMC has scarce resources, will limit elective surgeries and they’ll have to park you in a hallway should you come in COVID-19 positive for treatment.

        All this despite knowing Delta was announced in December, and has been on the horizon since early April.The letter ends with “call Mayor Bronson and make your voice heard”.

        How apolitical is that?

        It’s perversely strange that in Alaska billing is $417,000 for a vent CV-19 case and an additional $32K is provided at taxpayers expense to offset ‘additional costs’. Billing is $109,000 for an ICU non-vent case + $17K taxpayer offset. [See:]. The only states out of the 50 charging more for CV vent cases are California @ $462,000 and Nevada @ $472,000. The Mean cost is in Minnesota at $272,796 and $72,163, the average is $288,322 and $64,963 respectively.

        It’s also interesting that a course of Ivermectin + Z-pak + corticosteroids costs around $120 and a patient can stay home to recover long before EVER getting a pulse-ox measurement of 90%. VAERS deaths from Ivermectin over 2009 – 2021 (13 years) is 379.

        Penny Johnson

        P.S. The average daily count of elective surgeries at Prov continues to be around 20.

        From the start this has been about Pharma money and Pharma control. Thank you Dr. Fauci.

    • I agree Joseph, at this rate what WILL happen is a case of The Dallas Buyers Club. The state needs to a) Provide resources and support for the physicians and clinics that are willing to take these cases and treat early. That’s money, staffing, printable informationals on Early Home Ambulatory Treatment. b) They then need to open clinics EVERYWHERE to relieve the pressure off the few who are doing this heroic work. They also need to get 130,000 Early Home Ambulatory Treatment kits for easy, free distribution and STAT, for starters. c) ‘Delta plus’ is coming. Each variant wave cycles at 8 months with approximately 16 weeks duration. All of the medical profession KNEW Delta was coming and look at this mess. A success example was given by the presenters Saturday: Uttar Pradesh, a state in northern India. With 240 million inhabitants, it is the most populated state in India as well as the most populous country subdivision in the world. U.P. is 2/3 the size in population as the U.S. They have a vaccination rate of 25%. Their government HANDED OUT Early Treatment blister packs as a cost saving measure and a quick response method. Guess how many cases Uttar Pradesh had last week? 20 {Twenty}. Our Governor, our Mayors, our medical professionals need to get on the stick and fast or they’re going to be held individually and severally liable for malfeasance or malpractice: there are currently 2 parallel standards of care – one that is successful and one that is predatory.

      • Penny Simpson, you are absolutely correct on your analysis. But will the medical cartel listen? I surely hope so. Thank you for such cogent comments and factual information.

    • One less untimely death works for me! If this was truly a communicable disease that caused the death of most of the people infected and we had no therapy to prevent further infection, I would understand your dismay and indifference. However, each individual that survives, matters greatly to their friends and family. The point of the conference, early treatment with time tested medications saves lives, and if our health care system refuses to provide early treatment, as a member of this community we have a duty to ensure all infected people get the care and medications necessary to prevent further illness and death from negligence! As a civil society it should matter to each of us!

  4. It was a fantastic summit – so grateful for all these amazing doctors who care for the public and have the courage of their convictions. I wish the liberal half of this city would open their minds just a fraction and learn some of this information.

    • For the age group of 0-17, the virus poses a case fatality rate (CFR) of 0.003%. Essentially a 99.997% survival rate. NO child should get the injection.

  5. This was a wonderful event. I even got to sit in the front row right next to Dr. Yen. What a sweetheart, as well as a brave and courageous woman. Mayor Bronson was there. It was informative, uplifting, and a call for all of us to stand up and take a stand, especially for our 5-12 year olds who they are after next. We MUST save our children. Protect them from a poisonous and unnecessary injection.

  6. A fantastic presentation! Thank you, Suzanne for reporting this and staying firm with honest, truthful facts.

  7. “Courage” and “medical freedom” have nothing to do with reality. The really is that the virus kills and fake rationalizations don’t protect you from the reality of the virus, no matter how many mountebank medical experts say it does.

    • Kills 0.05% in the highest risk category (old, infirm, and younger with serious comorbidities.). Here’s what I don’t hear from the mainstream: HOW ARE THEY TREATING COVID IN THE HOSPITAL? Because if they “know” what doesn’t work, then what bloody does work then? If there are docs with clinical evidence that their treatments have worked, they should be getting the establishment’s ear. Since the opposite happens, and they are smeared in ad hominem attacks, observers of this trend, like myself, are forced to conclude that it’s NOT REALLY ABOUT TREAT COVID AND SAVING LIVES. Rather, its all about the money.

      • “Kills 0.05% in the highest risk category (old, infirm, and younger with serious comorbidities.).”
        US Deaths: 746,000
        US Cases: 45,900,000

        (746,000/45,900,000) x 100% = 1.62%

        The real number is 1.62/0.05 = 32.4 times higher than you said.
        Why are you so wrong?

        • “Highest risk category” is what I believe the gentleman wrote. Who’s so wrong? Reading and comprehension.

    • Yes, Homo, this virus kills. And nothing else kills, or ever has. Only THIS virus can kill you. But you still have a 99.75% chance of it not killing you.
      Such unassailable logic, and such a scintillating argument from you.
      Thank you for proving just how fundamentally irrational, and hysterical, all you Branch Covidians are. Forgive us for not instantly rushing to join your psychotic cult.

    • The reality is that this whole episode of history has been politicized and propagandized so that the facts become most difficult to discern. You may believe your own reality, no one is stopping you. Believe that the Earth is flat. Believe that in 9.74 years we will all be burned to a crisp. Believe that wind fairies will save us. But don’t believe that you will impose your delusions upon the rest of us. Your psyche will be very disappointed.

        • Even CNN reports the early polio vaccine failures which actually gave polio to early recipients (40,000 kids developed polio from just one vaccine brand). Years of failures and further research finally got it right.
          But with this jab ‘we have to give it to the children to see what happens.’ Not my kids and not me!

          • That 1955 failure (out of 140,000 kids given shots, 5 died) led to the far superior FDA and CDC review processes we have today. You might as well argue against allowing kids in automobiles since some died in crashes decades ago.

          • Only a few died but many developed polio, among them relatives of mine. Another pharma failure. Yes, highly trustworthy FDA does intensive reviews. That’s why even last week another drug was withdrawn for toxicity which may have been hidden during the approval process. You just continue to trust the benevolence of big brother. I won’t.

        • See, Dan, there is the irrationality, lack of perspective and clear and outright insanity of all you Branch Covidian cultist clearly on display. You fools and idiots have truly turned your media-induced exaggerated fears, hysteria and neuroses into a religion.
          Who and what exactly defines “posing a danger” to coworkers, or to anyone else, Dan? For an employee on chemotherapy or immunosuppressants, a coworker with the common cold or a flu could be considered a “danger”. For that matter, isn’t everyone driving to work ‘posing a danger’ to everyone else on the road at the same time?
          See, this is the problem with you radical leftists: you don’t think or use logic, you simply emote. You cannot or will not grasp that there is no such thing as “risk free”, that there are limits to EVERYTHING that we do, and that engaging in life necessarily entails accepting risk, the degree and extent of those risks to be determined by the individual and NOT the state.

  8. Good summit and worthwhile news you can take with you. The left will cry foul and any other discredit they can come up with. They will never admit they were wrong and still wrong. Love it when they are put in their place.

  9. Irony is the of how the article tells you it’s not necessary but there’s and ad that shows how you can order a vaccinated card for 10 bucks………

  10. It has been such a great and informative event. So thankful for all the people who made it possible and thank you Suzanne for reporting on it. There was a very encouraging call for Alaskans to stand up for ourselves. My sincere gratitude to all the health specialists who are fighting for lives despite the pressure and ridicule of the main stream killers.

  11. I paid $20 for the afternoon but got $200 or $2000 worth of information.Throughout the afternoon I was alternately shocked, horrified, educated, informed , encouraged, gratified and prepared!!. The best $20 I’ve ever spent in my life!!

    • Evidence. Data. Logic. Reasoning. SCIENCE.
      And your side, the Branch Covidian side, has what? Unbridled fear. Hysteria. Irrationality. Ignorance. Group Think (sic). Blind conformity. Coercion.

      • My side? There are no “sides”, unless it’s humans against a virus. If you’re talking politics, I’m definitely not a democrat, liberal or progressive.

        • There are sides: free choice against blind obedience to companies piling up profits. Just released-Dr. Wilbur H. Chen, on the CDC Advisory Board advocating for expanding the shots, was also paid $437,250 by vaccine manufacturers. Conflict of interest?
          You certainly post like a good little blind progressive minion. There are choices: early treatment with known safe medications, or injection with an unknown substance with known short term side effects, including death, and unknown long term effects. Your choice, I’ve made mine.

          • So it would be safe to say you also wouldn’t be infused with experimental monoclonal antibodies should you contract Covid 19.

  12. I find it hard to take the disgraced, debunked Dr.s and scientists seriously. Commenters who actually believe vaccines a poisonous. A lot of misinformation going on here and I know one of the commenters is a RN.

    • Things can be difficult to discern, so please help me out here PAINTEDPONY.

      Is it that you are a brainwashed communist, or a communist brainwasher?

      My guess is, that since you are excelling at the former and lackluster at the latter, it MUST be the former… Either way, kindly embark on the long process that it will take to improve your understanding. No delay.

    • If you believe science, not the pharmaceutical companies, you would understand that the maskholes are lying to you. These doctors are being debunked by the media and pharmaceutical companies that have a vested interest (thats $$$) in the vaccines (innoculations really), not science.
      These are real scientists, not the fakes the media claims.
      For instance, would you take the 2015 flu shot for this years flu? Why would anyone take a shot that was developed last year for last years strain? The original strain loosed on the world by China as a bio weapon?
      Im going with natural immunity and early detection and care if needed.

    • This is America. You are free to believe and act as you wish. But just for a moment imagine allowing others to do the same with their own bodies no matter what you think! Imagine freedom!

    • Painted Pony, gallop over to your computer and look up VARERS, ck out the number of deaths caused by the Jab in the US. Now research Ireland, most jabbed country in the world. Ireland also has more people in Hospital for Covid then any other country.
      In summary , before you spout your logorrhea at least do some research. We are in this thing together, I am pulling for you. I know it’s hard but who do you believe, Fauci, or your lying eyes.

      • Haha. Have you actually used the VAERS? I have, after my first shot. It’s a joke. You can report anything you want , even lies. If you actually call that thing “science” I see why you all are so misinformed.

      • Nic,
        When you said “Ireland also has more people in Hospital for Covid then any other country.” Did you mean per capita, or overall? Either way it doesn’t really matter since it’s demonstrably false. Like not even close kind of false.

  13. The unvaccinated are the new Jews. Hounded by a society unwilling and unable to tolerate a different opinion.

    This is how societies fall and civil wars begin.

    • A better descriptive of how the unvac’d are viewed would be more akin to the fact that they are the new lepers and “unclean”.

  14. When humanity, collectively, realizes what the politicians, medial establishment, MSM have done to us – there will be a global revolution.
    Vaxxers should be afraid.

  15. Now! How come the churches can’t get this much attendance for every Sunday and Wednesday services!? There are 280,000 residents here enough to clearly overfill all the city’s existing churches to the point its pastoral leadership accommodate to lead multiple services if there is an influx.

    As one person here said, “nothing can stop what is coming.” So repent and Ask the Lord of your American childhood the same Lord more likely your grandparents or great-great grandparents worshipped how to discern which Faith has the Truth and truly leads to everlasting life and freedoms; evenwhile living under repressive governments you still live in peace. There are a lot of Faiths out there professing they are the light and many do Do good things; however, looked more closely past its good surface you would see its followers are bogged down by legalism by its rigid and strict rules of expectations or by measuring yourself by what someone else thinks is considered a holy peoples, or leaving its converts a continual frustrating feeling being empty, selfish and self centered, or alone.

    I know the Faith I follow lives up to Mathew 11: 28:30 “Come to me, all you who are weary (incessant pains, fears, or worries) and burdened (by legalism and condemnation as two heavy weight examples), and I (Jesus) will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me (Jesus NT teachings), for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” There is not the pressure on me that there are humanly rules, strict expectations, and preferences I must do to be considered a good convert or believer. Because of all of us fall short of goodness, we continue making mistakes, we are all guilty of being short sighted and short tempered. We all need someone giving the grace covering the difference where our goodness comes up short like someone paying off your financial debts where you came up short to pay off.

  16. I was able to only listen to about 45 minutes of it yesterday afternoon. By chance will there be recorded transcripts?

  17. Garbage, more of the same old lockdown nonsense. Our country hasn’t been in “lockdown” since Trump ordered it in the beginning. People just still living in the past.

    • You’re right OUR STATE hasn’t been in any form of lockdown since May of 20–but Anchorage did have lockdown restrictions in place for much longer, as did many other states. Thankfully people could leave Anchorage for meals, etc and they did. The matsu has had a banner year taking on commerce refugees from new East Berlin, much to the chagrin of the Stasi on the assembly. If they get rid of Bronson I fully expect them to build a wall around the city and shoot any citizens in the back who try to leave…

    • Enforced masking of children in schools and everyone else in public is still lockdown. Coercing people to choose between their livelihoods and a toxic injection is still lockdown. You’re the first to mention President Trump, living in the past, much?

  18. Yes. I had to get prescription through new York and a Juneau pharmacy filled it and shipped for $600. It’s in my home if needed,. Eat healthy. Use your common sense , all will be fine , let’s work on removing the 8 assembly members who are the communist dictators in this municipal community.

  19. Excellent conference, appreciate the coverage provided by MRAK.
    The testimony from Dr. Li Meng-Yan that SARS-CoV-2 is a non traditional bio weapon and was released as (a very effective) act of war against the US is clear. She mentioned there are other viruses in the CCP arsenal that will likely be deployed.
    The goal of the conference is a call to action in each state for people to form networks to protect their children from vaccinations and secure early treatment options, as SARS-CoV-2 is readily treatable in early stages.
    On a worldwide basis the data supports with overwhelming success in the jurisdictions that promote early treatment instead of vaccinations.
    The data from Indonesia, Uttar Pradesh and Namibia vs. the US, or an extreme example, Republic of Ireland is clear.
    In the first examples the widespread use of early treatment with Ivermectine has reduced cases to near zero rolling averages, statistically eliminating SARS as a public health threat. Ireland with a 97% vaccinated rate has the highest hospitalization and death rate in the EU.
    Like public education, the medical industry has become federalized and the public must create private micro systems at the local level to survive.
    The Dunleavy administration is failing us. Showing weakness to the vicious wolves in the state employee and teachers unions and in the state medical establishment is causing massive harm and unnecessary deaths to our citizens. The Governor must act to stop vaccine mandates by private employers and instruct public health to promote early treatment with proven effective RX as the priority of state policy immediately.

    • Ireland doesn’t have a 97% vaccination rate.
      The current infection, hospitalization, and death rates for Alaska are much, much higher than Ireland.
      The majority of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths in Ireland are among the unvaccinated.

      • Correction:
        The majority of hospitalizations and deaths in Ireland are among the unvaccinated. I’m not sure about the infections, but I will look into it.

        • Waterford, Ireland has the highest vaccination rate, 99.7%, and the highest infection rate in Ireland.
          ‘Waterford City, Ireland: 99.7% Fully Vaccinated – Highest Rate of New COVID Cases in the Country’
          They talk about thousands of hospitalizations and 318 deaths, but don’t break down the statistical rate.

        • Steve-O,
          There are hardly any unvaccinated people left in Ireland, maybe 3% of the adult population. And there are internal travel controls, like Australia.
          And yes, the hospitilaztion and death rates are the highest in the European Union.
          The misnomered vaccines were designed for a virus that no longer exists. The Alpha variant has long been replaced with Delta, with new variants being created by the mis use of these vaccines.
          You cannot vaccinate your way out of this self inflicted disaster.

        • KE,
          So now we are down to citing little cities in Ireland to try and prove a point because the data elsewhere clearly doesn’t support your cause?
          “There are hardly any unvaccinated people left in Ireland, maybe 3% of the adult population.” Respectfully, that’s just complete hogwash.
          ‘’ How can anyone be expected to trust anything you say when time, and time again it is shown to be hogwash?

          • Just another random headline highlighting complete failure of the mRNA jab. There are many. Despite all of your meanderings, all evidence is showing that any short term mild benefit from the jab quickly goes away, possibly leaving people more susceptible to future infection.

          • KE,
            More importantly, why you would choose to highlight a very much not randomly picked headline while discounting and/or disregarding the data from Alaska is astounding. If I didn’t know you better I’d say it’s almost as if you chose a small town in Ireland of all places to try and prove your point, but then I know better. You spent your last week as a nurse caring for 100% vaccinated patients ill with covid, against all the odds. If anyone were to randomly come across a small town in Ireland with the highest percentage of vaccinated it would randomly be you.

          • Steve-o, for some reason you continue with your delusions that the jab is good. Do you also believe in the Tooth Fairy?
            Okay, for Alaska. I know that my last two weeks working that all I did was care for very ill breakthrough COVID cases. All of them jabbed who were eligible, and had kids been approved I’m sure that they would have been jabbed too. Time will tell, and with each passing day and each headline it becomes more apparent that the jab is not only useless, but that it may impair immunity after 6 months and increase infection rates. But good for Pfizer profits.

          • Steve-O, why are we looking at more boosters? Why are they talking perpetual boosters at 5-6 months? Look at studies showing negative protection at that time period. No, you won’t, because your blinders only allow you to see what lord Fauci allows.
            Studies in Sweden, UK and Iceland show some protection lasting 7-9 months, after which the individuals drop into increased risk even greater than unvaxxed.
            “The decay is most rapid among men, the old and frail, and those with comorbidities – precisely those subpopulations already at greatest risk of severe disease.”
            Time will tell. As we enter the second year of the jab, time will reveal truth.

          • KE,
            No, I believe in hard data and information that supports reason. Your randomly selected city that just happens to have the highest percentage of vaccinated adults isn’t random. Your claim that you were a nurse for 100% vaccinated people suffering hospitalization during your last weeks of being a nurse are unbelievable. The likelihood of either of those things happening are so miniscule as to be completely unbelievable, especially when pit together. I’m not saying you’re lying, I’m just saying that what you’ve claimed is unbelievable.
            Even in places like Ireland and Israel, that people are trying to twist to claim the vaccines don’t work show that a vaccinated person is in fact receiving an immense amount of protection by being vaccinated. In places like Ireland and Israel where the vaccination rate is high, the majority of severely ill, hospitalized, and deaths are in the unvaccinated. The number of infected, severely ill, and hospitalized per capita are much lower than they are here in Alaska. So while they may have increasing numbers, per person our numbers are still much worse than theirs…in some cases our numbers are twice or more theirs per capita.

        • Study reported in The Lancet, a very pro vax publication. By the year long study, “People inoculated against Covid-19 are just as likely to spread the delta variant of the virus to contacts in their household as those who haven’t had shots, according to new research,” The jab is a personal choice. It provides no benefit to society at large.

          • Does having twice, or more, the number of severely ill and hospitalized benefit society at large?
            And the report didn’t say they were just as likely to spread it. No reason to falsify the easily found report.

        • Stevo-O doesn’t matter. So why do you all keep entertaining this ignorant yahoo? He is a lab rat that will be dead or too sick to function in five years thanks to his clot shots. So tell me again why you all waste your time on this ignorant cuck? Why listen, argue or even debate a walking science experiment suffering from severe Stockholm Syndrome. He has made his choice. Time will vindicate us like it always has. We don’t even have to speak to these vaccinated science experiments anymore. I mean just a few weeks ago this guy was believing Ivermectin was a still a horse paste with no human value in medical treatment besides a de-wormer; he didn’t even believe in dual diagnoses prescription use. And before that, he was arguing how the vaccinated couldn’t even catch the virus because they were immune due to their vaccine LOL, or better yet they couldn’t even spread Covid others. All of which is now proven false. Empirical evidence is always interesting and you can clearly see that things have gotten much worse after the rollout of these shots. The vaccinated create the strains, and antibody dependent enhancement is kicking up by the day. Just wait until all these vaccinated retards are dying of the flu because they have completely destroyed their functioning immune systems with these shots. Wasn’t there a headline recently in NPR, “Emergency Departments are filling up Nationwide with severely sick patients and it isn’t Covid?” Hmmmmm…..doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Everything Steve-O has ever said has been proven false in time. Nothing has ever panned out according to his misguided views. And his research skills equivocate to that of a first grader. So again why listen and entertain this ignorant douche? Why waste your time? He is just another pinko troll without a life, literally! A walking lab rat that won’t even be alive when it matters and that’s his own fault with no else to blame but himself.
          He was warned. He had every opportunity to look at truth and real science but his Stockholm syndrome and fear held him back. So just stop with this fool. Just sayin. Life is so much better without the trolls.

          • SM,
            I would be interested in seeing where I said anything close to I “was believing Ivermectin was a still a horse paste with no human value in medical treatment besides a de-wormer; he didn’t even believe in dual diagnoses prescription use. And before that, he was arguing how the vaccinated couldn’t even catch the virus because they were immune due to their vaccine LOL, or better yet they couldn’t even spread Covid others.” The problem with you true believers is that facts don’t matter, it’s all about the narrative. Your entire rant is nothing but an ad hominem attack because you are uncapable of using facts, logic, and reason to support your true believer ways.
            Simply put you are completely full of excrement.

      • Steve, O you are correct, Ireland has a Jabbed rate of 91%. Not 97%. And yet the Covid rolls on and Hospital
        is full… Oh, BTW we were told that when jabbed rates hit 70% our troubles were over When are you going to connect the dots Steven. The Jab doesn’t work and it looks like it creates mutations.

  20. I personally invited Mike Dunleavy to this event
    I’m not surprised that neither he nor his staff showed up.
    Another lost individual named Mike Porcaro who resists any and all information that doesn’t line up with his “expert “ doctor quisling’s position should have been there to give him a view from a different perspective. Then maybe the listeners to his radio program wouldn’t be verbally assaulted for using their critical thinking skills when dealing with this health care crisis.
    Can you help us here Suzanne?

  21. The United States desperately needs a Congressional investigation into why so called “health experts” in this country stymied & colluded to prevent doctors from providing early treatment options to Covid diagnosed patients. Many ” healthcare experts ” have blood on their hands & need to be prosecuted and thrown in prison!

    • You know those so called experts have a history of poor decisions not just COVID and the funding of it. Think of the national debt and how professional politicians and policy makers never fix a problem but we have a debt of over 28T dollars.
      Not a huge fan of experts.

  22. What if Dr. Li-Meng Yan is part of the CCP conspiracy and is a trojan horse who is travelling around the country delivering more variants of the covid bioweapon that the CCP developed to crowds of unsuspecting folks?

    • Steve-O, Actually, the World Military Games in Wuhan was the super spreader event. More than 100,000 military personnel fm around the world attended it in October 2019. Hello! Remember, Chairman Mao killed more than 60 Million of his own citizens under the guise of the Cultural Revolution. Do you still have Mao’s Little Red Book?

      • A fascinating read. Right up there Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. A must read for the eclectic reader. For the reader who has read everything I suggest “Naked Communist”.

  23. I’m sure none of you anti “medical establishment” people posting here go to the hospitals for anything. I mean, if the staff has “blood on their hands” why would you trust them to help you for any reason? It’s all about the money, right?

  24. It was a great event. I had to do research afterwards and it does look like the vaccinated are more in danger of serious illness. Hopefully
    we can all pull together and help each other this winter —


  25. We should all just watch more CNN and trust our government. Never question authorities. Grab your children and make them get the shot. And your pets too. We can all see how well it works, right? My fully vaccinated father in law nearly died from a “ breakthrough “ case of Covid-19. He is not the only one. We are all in the same sinking ship, reacting like sheep. How many Congresspersons are fully vaccinated? Better check those numbers before you volunteer your children.

      • Does anyone here think we should follow the brain trust that is our congress? Seriously, you are using the US Congress as the people we should be following for medical advice?

        • So, Steve-O, just because congress does it is more reason to oppose it? Another non-sequitur. Rules are only for us, not for them?

          • Neither a reason to oppose it, nor a reason to support it. You chose to use it as a reason to support it…not a good reason by any measure. Just because Dan Fagan (or whatever other talking head) says it, doesn’t make it true and it certainly doesn’t make it a good idea.

          • Congress using it makes no difference to me, BUT every person should have the right to choose treatment of choice, not just the most expensive chosen by bureaucrats. A recent Baylor head to head study of IVM/molnupiravir found both equally effective, but IVM a fraction of the cost and molnupiravir more toxic.
            I don’t know who Dan Fagan is.

          • Thanks Jeff, I knew you were coming around to questioning everything instead of swallowing soundbites and regurgitating them ad nauseum.

  26. Almost half of 1% of all the people in Anchorage came. Nice. For context, if Anchorage had 100 people, one person’s legs showed up. One brave, freedom loving pair of legs.

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