Covid Early Treatment Summit livestream on Must Read Alaska’s YouTube channel


The Early Treatment Summit, which takes place Saturday at 6689 ChangePoint Dr. Anchorage, will be live-streamed.

Details: The morning session, 8 am-noon, will be live on the Must Read Alaska YouTube channel; the session will be of a more technical nature and designed for medical professionals. We will also livestream the luncheon keynote speaker.

The entire event, including the 1-5 pm afternoon session designed for all Alaskans, will live-streamed on the Alaska Covid Alliance’s page.

Those attending in person must register at the summit’s website in advance.

The summit has been organized by a group of concerned Alaskans in the medical field who are interested in how the Covid pandemic can be addressed with early treatment of those who become infected in order to reduce symptoms and promote recovery.

Guest speakers include Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese scientist who defected to the United States and who has gone public about the origins of the coronavirus, linking it to bioweapons laboratory experiments in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. She is the luncheon keynote speaker.

Also speaking at the conference are:

Dr. Robert Malone, one of the primary inventors of the mRNA vaccine technology used in the Pfizer and Modern Covid vaccines, is one of the speakers at event on Saturday that is sure to rattle the mainstream medical establishment in Alaska, and has already led to “anti-vax” insinuations by the mainstream media.

Dr. Richard Urso, a Texas ophthalmologist and scientist who works on drug repurposing research. He is a member of America’s Frontline Doctors, a group that is pioneering treatments for Covid.

Dr. Ryan Cole, a board-certified dermatophathologist (AP & CP) and the CEO/Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics in Idaho. He has worked as an independent pathologist since 2004 and is a member of America’s Frontline Doctors.

The name of Dr. Yan as a speaker has been a guarded secret until Must Read Alaska was permitted to disclose it on Friday evening.

According to Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama, who met with Dr. Yan recently:

  • China seeks to develop a race-based bio-weapon that targets and eliminates some human races while leaving other human races unharmed.
  • “COVID-19 is a part of a larger, more comprehensive unrestricted bioweapons program of the Chinese military.”
  • “Dr. Yan fled Hong Kong to inform and warn the world about China’s virus weaponization program.”
  • Communist China seeks to kidnap or kill Dr. Yan in order to silence her.
  • “Chinese military scientists suggest that World War III would be fought with biological weapons.” The source for this statement is Communist China’s “People’s Liberation Army’s official bioweapons textbook.”
  • “According to the (Communist China) People’s Liberation Army document, modifications to the virus are designed to appear as if they occur in nature. … The manual then calls for ‘gaslighting with unrelenting misinformation’, obfuscation and denial. According to Dr. Yan, the world is living the intentional modification, release and contrived narrative around what ultimately is an attack by the Communist Chinese Party on the entire world.”
  • Dr. Yan “confirms that the (COVID-19) virus is not from nature and that the Chinese made up the nature-origin evidence and coerced the international academic world into spreading a false narrative.”
  • “These viruses were part of the military’s curated collection as described in the (People Liberation Army’s) manual, for study as potential unrestricted bioweapons.”
  • “SARS-CoV-2 has been adapted in the lab to be able to infect humans using established gain-of-function processes commonly utilized throughout China.”
  • Dr. Yan encourages the world to ensure Communist China’s “potential remaining bioweapons can be secured and destroyed.”


  1. Very interesting article; but no surprises. These points have been discussed among American patriots since the pandemic began. It is heartening to see more credentialed individuals finally speaking openly about what has been obvious to many of us since the beginning. However, it is discouraging it has taken them so long to do so. As Tolkien wrote, it is very difficult for mankind (male and female) to risk its earthly treasure (its precious) to follow its God-given conscience? To guard their precious, the majority have allowed themselves to be injected with synthetic mRNA so their system creates spike proteins… while our government changed its formal definition of the word “vaccine” in order to falsely comfort conformists. As the entire process unfolded, it revealed itself as yet another tyrannical construct to create competing factions among the population. Manipulators continually seek to ideologically polarize Americans as a means to distract them from the real agenda; that being to convert our once-great nation into just another 2nd world reservoir of conformists. Think: the new racism is now “vaccism.” In the end, we will be servile to the new, singular, emerging superpower– communist China.
    Americans must reawaken–now.

    • You need to define what you refer to as “American patriots” IMO, or is this some secret society that relies on code, or dog whistles, to keep abreast? And does your definition require said patriots to have been in the thick of that Jan 6 insurection??

    • Wayne Douglas Coogan, you sir have encapsulated the issue fairly well. This virus is a bio-weapon which at present is not a “pandemic” in the medical sense but more a boon to the political operatives seeking to dividing this country. I suggest that if one has any doubt about the source of this bio-weapon and the resulting politically driven discord that has followed it you may begin by reading Steven W. Mosher’s book, Bully of Asia. One needs to understand his opponent in order to repel him. Mosher a China Scholar brings Chinese History into sharp focus. As Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun, one man has always sought to subjugate another man. The “Jabbed or Nonjabbed” debacle is just a rehash of the 1930’s German Untermenschen.

      • The virus is the vehicle. The vax is the bio-weapon. You will start seeing an increase of immunological issues in direct proportion to the percentage vaxxed. The later variants will take them proportionately. Unfortunately, those un-vaxxed that have not gotten natural immunity, or have weakened immune systems, will be taken as collateral damage. Yes, the CCP is our enemy. 100%. I’ll look for the book you mention.

    • No he’s not. He refuses to publish any “research” in peer review publications, and instead looks to social media to pretend he is an expert in a field he hasn’t been involved in since the 80s. What do you think?

  2. We can probably assume that nobody from the health field (aka medical-pharmaceutical-industrial complex) from Our Little Sisters of Coviadianism, otherwise known as Providence Hospital, will be attending this symposium, unless it is to heckle and try to shout the speakers down.

  3. Hopefully they says something about the potential of fluvoxamine, the recent study looks promising unlike so many other drugs that have failed to live up to their billing.

  4. OK, it’s 1:40 PM on Saturday as I write this, and I’ve been waiting here watching the live YouTube feed for 15 minutes now, 40 minutes after the afternoon session was supposed to start, and there is nothing happening but the audience jabbering in the background. What gives???

  5. Jeff, Malone worked on the initial RNA studies that led to mRNA vaccine technology in 80’s. He was NOT involved in the development of these vaccines, and he seems to be disgruntled that he wasn’t given more credit. His input is unreliable at best and misinformation at worst!

    • Who the heck are you. ???? You hide behind a code name and expect to be taken seriously. I think you are a coward with nothing to add to this situation. You are a Jack jaw spewing shit. Personally I still don’t know 1 person whom has died of this and yet I know many harmed by this vaccine. My entire family has been sick with covid it was no fun but we are all recovered and doing fine..
      Further more if the vaccine does not keep you from getting sick and it doesn’t keep you from spreading this virus what exactly is the point. ??? The total numbers still don’t add up.

      • Calm down and take a breath, Doug. Do you worship Dr. Malone or something? Why are you so offended by the fact that Dr. Malone has lied about his career?

  6. Need help very bad. Alaska feels I should be dead. Was diagnosed with COVID 19 a year ago by providence hospital with dual pneumonia in both lungs. E.R. doctor send me to
    gest/house (4th Ave hotel) while there on tele health I received a ?call with 100 percent confirmation that the pneumonia is from COVID 19 virus
    The manipulators wanted only to get me out sick and on the street. You may confirm on the faithful death March to Alaska public defenders agency, and barely alive to Patterson tower’s, Senator Lisa Merkowski office. I feel on the fire house station steal fans. 6th Ave. I lost all strength and mobility. I lay on the fence for long time, no one came and no one helped.( Why scooter go figure). I stopped at the hot rod sidewalk planters and set to rest for a while. I collapsed along the way, but I made it you…. I made pub. Def. 1st but again lost all power in the alley next to pub. Def. Set on accross the side road on a pylon. I rested, but got up very weak to Patterson Tower’s and Senator Merkowski office. ✔ check with APD leading patrol officer Carpenter, 2 evictions minute one second one it was APD that did good this time. I was transported 2 times by APD officer Carpenter to Motel 6 In Anchorage. No Mandated 19, no official helped. I was nearly dead do to Alaska bigotry.
    Mark Joseph Kon

  7. Keep in mind, Dr. Malone is not a primary inventor of mRNA technology used in vaccines. He is a self-described inventor of the technology, despite the fact he hasn’t worked in the community for decades. So if we’re to believe the vaccine technology is new, and “experimental”, then by definition Dr Malone could not possibly be the inventor, since he hasn’t been involved in over 25 years. He worked as a researcher at the Salk institute in the 80s, where he claims to have driven breakthroughs in the technology he now espouses skepticism of, since he gets paid more to claim it’s ineffective on social media, rather than present the science in peer reviewed publications. Since then, he has worked for various pharmaceuticals in non-research related departments. He is an advertisement specialist, and professional liar.

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