Alaska State medical board won’t punish doctors using Ivermectin to treat Covid


After having received as many as 150 letters from medical professionals who wanted a small minority of Alaska doctors to be punished for using medications such as Ivermectin to treat Covid, the Alaska State Medical Board is taking a pass. In a statement, it noted that its decisions much be based on state law, not on board member preference or public opinion.

The issue raised by the doctors has caused mistrust with some members of the public, who also wrote to the medical board by the hundreds to defend the doctors. Dr. Ilona Farr is one of a tiny minority of Alaska doctors who is using a protocol involving Ivermectin, as well as nutraceuticals and vitamins, to keep people out of the hospital. She is one of the more well-known, having been a part of a conference on early treatment protocols for Covid that brought in internationally known doctors, such as Dr. Robert Malone, a virologist and immunologist whose work has focused on mRNA technology, pharmaceuticals, and drug repurposing research. 

The board’s statement said, “The Alaska State Medical Board received many letters and verbal testimony concerning ‘misinformation’ in the treatment of COVID-19. There was a request that the board make a statement against the use of off-label therapeutics prescribed in the treatment of COVID-19. In addition, there was a call to sanction the licenses of those who do not support this practice, as well those who have spoken out against them. In response, the Alaska State Medical Board held a special meeting on December 9, 2021 and adopted the following statement:

The Alaska State Medical Board recognizes that there are many issues surrounding the care and treatment of Covid-19 patients. However, as the body that must review and adjudicate matters as they present to us, we recognize and maintain as a foundational ideal to remain impartial in our evaluations to the bestof our ability. The process of investigation, adjudication, and discipline is not arbitrary; it is subject to facts and evidence presented through a thorough vetting process.

The Board reiterates to the public that its role pertains to the scope of practice of medicine as set forth in AS 08.064 and related regulations. While we welcome and encourage input on regulatory matters, any decision to sanction the license of a medical professional is based on state law, not board member preference or public opinion.

Disciplinary decisions of the Board are publicly available on our web site, and they may be appealed by the affected licensee through the process set forth in the Alaska Administrative Procedures Act,” the medical board wrote.


  1. A bunch of folks dressed in hospital scrubs can be a mob, just like twenty ANTIFA followers. Fortunately, we do not have mob rule in Alaska. At least not yet.

  2. Excellent news, let the Ivermectin and HCQ prescriptions commence! With early treatment, we can wipe out COVID19 in Alaska. Just say no to experimental and detrimental to your health vaccines!

    • It really has helped immensely in Japan and India. Notice how we don’t hear about those countries anymore at all, yet they have miraculously brought their cases way down. Those countries’ graphs and how they drastically brought down the case numbers, whether you think it’s because ivm or hcq or not, should be on the front page everywhere, but its not….

  3. “After having received as many as 150 letters from medical professionals who wanted a small minority of Alaska doctors to be punished for using medications such as Ivermectin to treat Covid”
    Pretty much guaranteed that all 150 of them still believe that CNN is the place to get their “news”…….

  4. This headline is false: “Alaska State medical board won’t punish doctors using Ivermectin to treat Covid.” The board said no such thing. It merely said it would not prejudge such cases. This website always misleads.

    • The headline is NOT false, Dan, and you are being willfully disingenuous in claiming it to be so.
      You are conveniently ignoring the FACT that some Alaskan doctors, those who sheepishly buy into and conform to the establishment, pro-Big-Pharma narrative, were calling on the state board to censure or otherwise punish those doctors who dare to challenge or defy that establishment narrative, and the establishment (typically fatal) protocols, regarding the treatment of the Wuhan Virus.
      It is not a matter or a question of what the state board SAID, but it is very much a matter of the extent to which conformist, unethical, and unprincipled so-called medical practitioners were and are willing to go to censor, condemn and punish those doctors and nurses who are willing to think independently and critically in regards to treating Wuhan Virus cases.

    • 150 doctors requested the board to “prejudge such cases” and punish doctors for prescribing ivermectin. The medical board said they won’t. There. Seems like they have had time to review the evidence and said they won’t be punishing doctors for simply prescribing ivermectin, and reminded the members and the public that they look at facts, not opinion. Not sure what’s misleading about the headline.

      Seems like you are having a hard time with what they decided and don’t want to believe it to be true, so you are hoping to find a way for a different interpretation, which is precisely what you are accusing this website of doing.

      I suppose what you are hoping for is that eventually there will be evidence that these doctors hurt the health of their patients by prescribing ivermectin off-label and ignored results and evidence and therefore willfully neglected to practice good medicine and will be punished eventually. Well there have already been many doctors that have been prescribing it for awhile and it has been used for decades with very low risk profiles, so that evidence is not going to happen. And it’s sad that you are hoping and expecting such outcomes if you are.

    • Dan: Why read this website if you believe it “ always misleads”? Sounds like you are wasting a lot of your valuable time.

  5. Great, well done, Dr. Farr. You are a modern day hero
    As far as Dunleavy and Zink, place them where they belong — a dumpster

  6. The science is not settled. We need to have all healthcare professionals engage in a discussion regarding Covid treatments. To hew to a government line is not healthy for anyone. Protect the doctor/patient relationship and let the patient have the Right To Try.

  7. Too little, too late! Those doctors and healthcare workers who conspired to villify and obstruct the use of off label drugs in the early treatment of Covid 19 should face the severest criminal consequences possible. They are largely responsible for the needless deaths of thousands of innocent victims. We never had a pandemic of the unvaccinated, we had a pandemic of the untreated and obese.

  8. If there is just one good thing to come out of this phony Kung Flu scamdemic it’s that we all can see now what the left is really like and really up to.
    This is the same left that killed tens of millions last century in Germany, Russia, China, SE Asia, Cuba, etc. They are all the same – just different degrees.

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