Rep. Hannan says Jan. 6 protest is factor in beefing up Alaska Capitol security


On the Action Line program on KINY radio in Juneau, Rep. Sara Hannan of downtown Juneau said that Legislative Council is looking at beefing up security measures for the Alaska Capitol.

She said on Tuesday that the Jan. 6 protest that surged into the U.S. Capitol, and the general tenor of politics in this era are driving forces to look at greater security measures in what is arguably one of the most open legislative halls in the nation.

“Whether it’s we  talk about a year ago, Jan. 6 or just the tenor and tone of politics in America, looking at policies governing the security in the building are timely,” she said, reflecting a growing trend around the nation of government being afraid of the people it serves.

Legislative Council has been discussing building security measures for several months.

Hannan didn’t say what security measures would be enacted by the council, which she chairs, and said those measures are still being discussed in subcommittees. The full council, which is the governing body for the Legislature itself, will meet on Thursday at 1 pm, streamed live on

Hannan noted that the building currently has no restrictions other than mandatory masks for everyone in the building.

The Legislative Council is also in the process of reviewing its contract with Beacon Health, which has provided Covid testing for the legislators and staff at the Capitol.

The Legislature will be in session starting Jan. 18, 2022.


  1. Freaking drama queen.
    She knows very well the legislature is at bigger risk of keg stand injuries than angry constituents.
    That’s the point of keeping the capital in Juneau

  2. Was Sara Hannan planning on blatantly stealing an election like Biden and the democrat swamp OBVIOUSLY did in the presidential election? If not, beefing up security in Juneau would be a waste of money. January 6th happened because a few bad players purposely (and likely through instructions from democrat operatives) infiltrated that peaceful protest to manufacture a “violent” attack on the capitol to make peaceful Trump supporters look bad who were just trying to stop the obvious theft of the election. Arrests have already been made of some of these covert operatives. Meanwhile, the U.S. Capitol security was nearly non-existent and virtually stood back and let these bad actors invade the capitol. And capitol police then shot to death an unharmed female u.s. vet patriot named Ashi Babbitt. And now the democrat “Jan. 6th Committee” is creating a distraction-investigation to somehow pin the cause on Trump or on anyone loosely ever associated with him just as they tried to do with the Russia, Russia, Russia proven hoax designed to destroy Trump.

      • The fact that mind-numbed lefties spout mind-numbed lefty talking points doesn’t mean that whatever the fools are attacking lacks merit. If you believe that senile old drunken fool got more votes than the sainted Comrade Obama, you’re a fool. People here have been very tolerant of your leftist stupidity, but you are very tiresome; you’re not going to teach us anything because you don’t know anything worth learning, and we’re not going to teach you anything because you’re impervious to facts and logic. So, we’d all be better off if you just went away and hung out with the mind-numbed lefties at the ADN or some such fever swamp. Unless, of course, you’re being paid to be stupid here, in which case hang out and waste some more Soros money.

          • Evan, it’s not that Art may or may not “like, it’s more of a matter of intellectual honesty and curiosity. I mean it’s ok to have differing opinions, I welcome hearing differing opinions. However when one holds an opinion strenuously but is unable to make make an informed argument as to why, well, it gets tiresome.

        • Actually I do believe Grandpa got more votes than Obama. Legal votes? A completely different question.
          Simple facts are:
          1-The left was mobilized to win at any and all costs.
          2-A lot of people really didn’t care for Trump. Enough to make a difference when you factor in point 1.
          I don’t like it, but I accept it. It’s past time to stop re litigating the last election and focus on winning the next one.

          • Yes, they “mobilized” more voters. Zuckerberg and his wife, through their foundation, donated around $400 million to get out the vote. This included donations to swing cities. This included full funding of the elections which meant US and State election laws did not apply since no government money was used. Think of it as making sure no “misinformation” was counted. So.. in several states there were two different sets of rules… Zuck Buck rules and government rules. When Republican pole watchers were removed from Detroit election sites to the cheering of the workers… the workers were being paid Zuck Bucks. No conflict of interest… just saying.

        • M.J.D: in Larry Austin’s post he wrote, “And capitol police then shot to death an unharmed female u.s. vet patriot named Ashi Babbitt.” Tragic to be sure, but she was the first insurrectionist through a broken door window headed toward and very close to members of Congress. She was the unfortunate vanguard of a mob set on killing and destruction. She was a threat and the shooting is justified.

          My objection to Larry was the spin. To him she was a patriot when in fact she was a traitor.

          • ‘A mob set on killing and destruction’. And yet, not a single firearm was confiscated and none of the Capitol artwork or other precious historical items were destroyed. Unlike your narrative.

          • Mayor Dan, your comment is only due to those tourists not being able to get their hands on some of those legislators, and Pence in particular. They may well have had a chance to use the gallows built for this occasion.

    • You’re off your rocking chair, brainwashed and been watching way
      too much Fox news. How come the main players with the longest sentences in jail are all pro-Trum”pets”. I’m sorry for the loss of life but to use the sympathy of a US vet for justification of her death is appalling. Research who she was representing and what she was doing there before opening you’re flap trap. She was just as much a supporter of Jan 6th terrorism as the rest and does not represent most of our military patriot’s (a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors). Get over it! All the courts and election officials have verified the results and Frump “LOST” big time. Get your head out of your A** and take the blinders off.

  3. This is beyond pathetic, stupid and a total waste of taxpayer money from a damnable drama queen looking for attention. Jesus, these people

  4. If Representative Hannan is insecure in Juneau an alternative would be to move the session and Hannan to a safer place like Wasilla. Representative Hannan originally came to Juneau as the paid lobbyist for the Alaska Center, the Northern Center, SEACC and other environmental extremist organizations. She replaced Russell Heath in that job, and if I remember correctly she was replaced by Kate Troll. Anyone might well feel safer in Wasilla than Juneau since Juneau awarded a grant to do drag queen lessons.

  5. What a ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars and common senseless brain power! Sara Hannan must have little else to do with her time than to gin up and project ‘alleged MAGA enthusiasts’ converging on the state capitol in the most liberal town in Alaska.

  6. During these “onging”conversation the Legislative Council has been having relating to safety and security of our legislators have they discussed just moving the darn legislature out of that hell hole in Juneau where there is a elevated risk of loss of life just getting into and out of the city every time you visit it…

  7. What we here in Juneau should worry about is some wacko activist down south wanting chaos in our city. They would fly up members of Antifa and the Portland anarchists. These people can trash a city in short order. Many of these actors were present on Jan 6th, you can tell by their movements and tactics. No conspiracy or non facts on this Mr. Singh, it’s all on video if you have a sharp eye.

  8. O sure as if our legislators are not isolated enough from their constituency, let’s put armed guards at the doors of the capital to keep everyone out and allow the politicians a free run. Welcome to the democratic republic of the Arctic.

  9. That’s another waste of money or perhaps just another payoff to a Juneau company. The Capital is so far removed from the people of Alaska that’s just a bunch of nonsense. How about settling down and doing your job. Maybe if you all started doing your jobs you would have nothing to fear, you don’t anyway. Distraction is all this is.

  10. Let’s see, what was that old quotation from Thomas Jefferson? Oh yeah…
    “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

  11. It is becoming very apparent that there is far more to the January 6th incident than it being an ‘insurrection’. Of course we have political prisoners incarcerated for just about one year in deplorable conditions and not charged with anything related to “insurrection”. With this in mind, the geniuses in Juneau are trying insinuate there is a security problem at the capitol? There is not anything going on in the Alaska capitol for people to get excited about. Just mind numbingly stupid stuff. Nobody wants to spend the money to get to Juneau to bother to protest.

  12. Until recently the People’s House in Idaho was open to them 24/7. There is a suggestion box and the Idahoans are were welcome in their own house any time and it was unlocked.

    With the advent of Covid, the Karens prevailed. The Idahoans are taking every opportunity to right Constututional infringements at this time. Imagine that. The People’s House. Families still go together with the kids. Imagine Constitutional rights being applied.

  13. Ever notice how lefties are all for de-funding the Police, that is until it’s their personal safety on the line? Think about it.

  14. Really? Rep Hannan, there is already a natural barrier between you and the people. Seems a little self absorbed to believe that many folks really desire to to talk to her or the rest of that feckless muskeg. How about concentrating on something like Freedom, Liberty and spending reductions?

  15. Imagine being welcome in your people’s house. You aren’t. The only place you are welcomed in Alaska is permanently in prison. Just ask your rhinos and left wing. Jail is where the people all belong. Ask the “doctors” who haven’t studied the US Constitution because they don’t have to in their international medical agencies funded by your labor. Nope. They imagine prison, reputation ruin and econimic ruin. This is left and rino fascist current dreams – your ruler class you have falsely established for yourselves and children if any..

  16. As time goes on, it will be revealed that the January 6th ‘insurrection’ is just another democrat hit piece on Trump and the ‘deplorables’. They speak of it as rivaling the civil war as to its significance. Really?? The real significance will be that elements of the FBI (‘informants’) deconstructed the fence security around the capitol and urged the public to walk into the building. Oh where is Epps? The Select Committee’s insurrection case is crumbling daily. Just another lie by our government.

    So if ‘danger’ lurks in DC, there must be insurrection brewing in Juneau! Right? Unfortunately, everyone is bored to death about our state government. It’s a band of ‘do nothings’ that has diminishing relevance in our lives. So nobody wants to pay exorbitant air fares to get to Juneau and have nothing to do. So, fortress Juneau that houses our Alaska state government is saved by general public indifference. So, Representative Hannon, you are conjuring up a crisis that has no basis in reality. What you ‘accomplish’ by being in Juneau does not matter to anyone but you. You look very foolish trying to convince anyone otherwise.

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