Smoking gun! Records show teachers, librarians collaborate to get graphic, instructional gay lit. to kids


Anchorage schools quietly removed one controversial gay sex instruction book from elementary schools after a parent activist read a passage of it out loud at a school board meeting in the fall, causing much blushing on the school board.

The activist’s read-aloud upset School Board Chair Margo Bellamy when he read salacious passages from “This Book is Gay,” and when he asked the board why the book is found in so many elementary school libraries.

Without fanfare and without using the district’s own written process, the book was removed from the libraries of all but one school in the district.

“If there’s nothing wrong with the book, why was it removed? If there is something wrong with the book, why is it still in Bartlett?” the parent asked the board at the last school board meeting, putting it on the public record that “This Book is Gay” was removed without the process.

In the past, the former superintendent asked for the book “Gender Queer” to be reviewed for appropriateness and it was removed from libraries, with Superintendent Deena Bishop explaining the matter to the school board.

The book has since been moved to the public library, according to a note from Superintendent Deena Bishop.

“As I shared with you in my reply, I have asked for a review of this book. Yesterday, a final report of this review and a meeting with all librarians took place. I will share the update to you now. I am recommending this book not be in circulation in our libraries. We had found one copy and will remove it from circulation,” she wrote at the time.

“It will be available to the general public via the Muni’s local public libraries; however, students will not have access via the shared resources process for an electronic or hardback copy. Thank you for your feedback on this book. It is an adult novel, and while many adult authors such as Stephen King and Jody Picoult, are appropriate for our teen readers, our assessment is that this one is not appropriate for our school libraries,” Bishop wrote.

Watch the parent get shut down for reading to the School Board from a book that is still in the school libraries.

Through a public records request, the parent activist found that, although the graphic gay-sex book “Gender Queer” is now out, teachers and librarians in the district have been collaborating to get more of these instructional books in kids’ hands.

From the book “Gender Queer,” which has been removed from schools after parents’ complaints.

“They tried to say all copies removed from system but a teacher at Steller is using ‘This Book is Gay,’ and ‘Beyond Magenta’ as required reading,” he said.

The evidence is clear from emails that the books were indeed being fast-tracked at Steller. The trove of email communications that has been uncovered included a note from a school librarian, saying that she would work quickly to get more gay-agenda books to the teacher, adding, “If I act fast you could use them.”

“Beyond Magenta,” which the parent activist also read aloud at a school board meeting, is said to be nonfiction, and has passages describing a six-year-old having sex with adults and how much he enjoyed it. The book glorifies pedophilia and criminal abuse of children. There are passages that glorify sex transition surgery, and the book celebrates what is called “gender-fuck” clothing, and binding, a practice that can damage a female’s breast tissue. The English Language Arts teacher, Ashley Vanhemert, is pursuing getting this and other books into her class for her course on censorship.

The parent activist also found that a librarian advocated for leaving the book, “This Book is Gay,” in school libraries. In it, there are detailed instructions on how boys can meet grown men through telephone “grindr” app for sex hookups, and the book has testimonials of 16-year-old losing virginity to a 30-year-old married man.

The librarian notes that it was shocking for her to hear it read out loud by the parent at the meeting, but it should be kept in schools because it has positive reviews from the School Library Journal and Booklist, and is recommended for 8th grade through 12 grade. She said it “is filled with factual information.”

In another exchange, a librarian explained her indignation that the parent activist had read a passage from “This Book is Gay” out loud at a school board meeting. (The parent was shut down by Board President Bellamy, although he had not used his allotted public testimony time.) The librarian said it deprived people of their right to not hear it.

In one email, an educator says that “This Book is Gay” is indeed graphic, but then she pointed out that there are passages in the Bible about both sodomy and sexual behavior. “This is such a slippery slope,” she said, indicating that the Bible promotes deviance:

In various exchanges, the librarian says to a teacher that “This Book is Gay” should be kept in the library. But in another exchange, a concerned parent who reached out about the book is told the book is not in the stacks, when it clearly has been in the stacks at Polaris, the school in question:


  1. Surprised?

    Being gay/trans is the most important thing in Anchorage these days.

    Public school is child abuse

    • > Public school is child abuse

      It is. There is no good (or learning) and much evil there. Parents must do everything they can to remove their children. We homeschooled ours in a very blue state for 15 years. It is much easier to do in Alaska right here, right now. There is no excuse for parents to leave your children in public schools.

      Suzanne I understand the reality of these pornographic books, but maybe grey the awful bits out? I do not want to view pornography anywhere.

  2. Get your kids out of these indoctrination camps. It’s the parents fault their kids will not be competitive in the work force because of what is being taught.

  3. Judges 19:22-29

    While they were enjoying themselves, some of the wicked men of the city surrounded the house. Pounding on the door, they shouted to the old man who owned the house, “Bring out the man who came to your house so we can have sex with him.”

    The owner of the house went outside and said to them, “No, my friends, don’t be so vile. Since this man is my guest, don’t do this outrageous thing. Look, here is my virgin daughter, and his concubine. I will bring them out to you now, and you can use them and do to them whatever you wish. But as for this man, don’t do such an outrageous thing.”

    But the men would not listen to him. So the man took his concubine and sent her outside to them, and they raped her and abused her throughout the night, and at dawn they let her go. At daybreak the woman went back to the house where her master was staying, fell down at the door and lay there until daylight.

    When her master got up in the morning and opened the door of the house and stepped out to continue on his way, there lay his concubine, fallen in the doorway of the house, with her hands on the threshold. He said to her, “Get up; let’s go.” But there was no answer. Then the man put her on his donkey and set out for home.

    When he reached home, he took a knife and cut up his concubine, limb by limb, into twelve parts and sent them into all the areas of Israel.

    • At the time of this event Israel didn’t recognize God’s leadership. This is an example of corrupt depravity apart from God. An example of what not to do.

  4. At some point in time, it must be ever obvious to everyone, that the ultimate and most responsible – appropriate recourse is to fire everyone within the Department of Education, shutting git completely down and start over by rebuilding the institution by cutting out the cancer. All other alternatives are much less humane.

  5. Teachers, librarians, and school administrators to give "interpretive" readings of their salacious books--readings to be recorded! Teachers, librarians, and school administrators to give "interpretive" readings of their salacious books--readings to be recorded!

    Make the school teachers, the librarians, and high-paid administrators give “interpretive readings” of their salacious books and you’ll see how quickly they clean up their shelves! I’m sure they won’t mind it if you were to make recordings of their “performances” to post on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok!

  6. The entire education system has turned into a cancer. Pubic schools all need to be shuttered. After all, what is the end game with sexualizing our children? Grooming them for the epsteins of the world? Making pedophilia acceptable, tolerable, ensuring the future abuse of our children? These so called “educators” need to be the first cancer we cut out, fire them ALL. Margo Bellamy should be the first one on the list and Dave Donnelly should be the ONLY school board member allowed to make decisions. What is the end goal? These “educators” want your children sexualized as soon as possible. To what end? Rape? Sexual abuse? Sexual exploitation? Prostitution? Depression? Suicide? these EDUCATORS put these graphic materials in front of these young children on purpose, what is that purpose? To make sure your kids are perfect slaves to their whims. Climate change fear mongering and sexual exploitation. They got your kids and you aint fighting back. Your kids lose.

  7. Keep this in mind when the newly ensconced senate majority pushes for more money for public education this session. As long as CRT, trans and other forms of grooming are practiced at ASD, they don’t deserve another red cent of public money. Cheers –

  8. ASD should ban ancient Greek and Roman erotic images, art, poetry and literature to.

    How about a good old fashioned book burning in the public square ? We can bring our Tiki torches and gallows and wear our Yellow Stars of David, we’ll show them who’s really in charge around here.

    ΞΑ. Πῶς γὰρ οὐχὶ γεννάδας,
    ὅστις γε πίνειν οἶδε καὶ βινεῖν μόνον;

    “…… First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a socialist…..”

    • Funny. I’ve been to Rome and Greece.
      The art depictions you claim to be referencing (please list examples) I’ve seen were off limits in younger audiences. There were exceptions for parental consent.

      The trick here is parental consent. ADN is not working with parents in these matters. If the parents want their kids to see them, that should be done on a case by case basis.

      No one, except possibly you, is calling for book burnings. Common sense restrictions with mom and dad making the call.

      I’d be curious to see how you’d be responding if ADN had been caught promoting Christian literature to kids. Or encouraging them to pray the Rosary. Or promoting Mormon outreach. My guess is not as sanguine as you are with gay instruction.

      But I suspect we’ll never know.

      Regarding your pathetic Star of David reference. It’s both historically inaccurate and intellectually vapid. The Star of David was used to mark individuals as unwanted non citizens of a fascist state. Made for easy identification later when said individuals needed to be removed and executed.

      No one, outside of your fevered imagination, is calling for any harm of any kind to come to the gay members of the community. Hell, they run Anchorage.

      The issue was, is, and remains, the appropriateness of said “literature” in public education. And the willful shell game being played by ADN regarding it.

    • Seriously? We are talking pornography here, which should never be peddled to children. Both the ancient Roman and Greek cultures had their depravity as well, which was also evil and should be taught as such. This pornography that is now being pushed is being fed to children to twist their minds believing it is all ok, and doing so is not much different than sacrificing children to the myriads of Greek gods, as many Greeks did in ancient times. The minds and even bodies of our children being sacrificed to the sexual identity cult. No child should be subjected to such sickness, ever. No one is burning books, but common sense needs to be engaged to determine what is appropriate for children to have free access to read.

  9. No wonder our children today are lacking everyday life skills such as Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, when they spend more time Indoctrinating & Grooming.

  10. This is in fact a fight for the minds, culture and morality of Alaska children. It’s the Alaska Education Association, part of the NEA, which has long worked at pulling Alaska to the Left, to the Alaska Democratic Party, and to atheism. They are partnered with many nonprofits like Alaska Public Media and public broadcasting, the Alaska Children’s Trust, the Alaska Library Association, the Alaska Municipal League, and many others including other public employee unions in addition to the Alaska Education Association. We all contribute to these organizations through paying taxes.

    Most of these organizations have lobbyists in Juneau. Members of these organizations work hard on election campaigns, not only for candidates but for ballot measures like anti-mining initiatives and ranked choice voting. They also initiate and support directing money toward events promoting their causes such as public displays of drag queen practices. They affiliate with national causes by holding events for organizations like the Gun Policy Center and Everytown. Lobbyists in Juneau who specialize in supporting Democrats represent Democrat and socialist organizations at much reduced lobbying rates, and other clients they have such as Alaska municipal governments pay higher lobbying fees to enable this.

    There is an amazing amount of coordination, most paid coordination. Going door to door for election candidates you will run into young people imported to Alaska for the campaign by Planned Parenthood, and their work will be organized by not only the Alaska Democratic Party but by public employee union business agents. As government grows larger these organizations, and their combined and coordinated causes become stronger and stronger.

    Republican-leaning, pro-business interests and organizations do not work in this manner. They are not coordinated in any way. For instance, you will not find the Alaska Miner’s Association and the Resource Development Council supporting the NRA, but on the Left you will find your local public broadcasting station, the business agents of the public employee unions, and the Alaska Municipal League combining their work on issues and for candidates; working against both gun rights and mining development for example. So your local property taxes, state appropriations to public radio, and public employee union dues are all directed to put on drag queen events, keep books like these in your school and municipal libraries, and support local, state and national Democratic candidates.

    If all of this alarms you then please, at a minimum, contact elected officials with your concerns. This is a battle for your children, for Alaska, and for the nation. It is a battle for decency and Christianity. It is a battle for the most basic of morality.

    • I would GLADLY contact my representatives if ANY of them would do anything about this. I live under Konstant’s goulag and Clansman’s rule, and with what the moronic repukelicans in the legislature just did (showed their butts and handed control to the commies), there is noone listening. There is no “give a $hit” from any of them for any of us (unless we are queer). Pull your kids and homeschool, with this economy, offer to take on others kids and pool resources. Worth it.

  11. Is there an institution the left hasn’t infiltrated and ruined? They’re even in control of Wall Street and the military now.

  12. I’m old enough to remember when public education taught math, language skills, real science, civics, and history.

    Sex Ed was taught in what’s now middle school. What sex is, how your body works, the risks associated with STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

    Attraction and how to wasn’t in the curriculum because it wasn’t relevant.

    Of course, my contemporaries helped put a man on the moon. Modern public Ed isn’t sure what a girl is.

  13. Installing public-access webcameras in classrooms would remove all doubt about what’s “taught” in schools and who’s doing it.
    Not likely to happen, but it’s come to that, hasn’t it?
    If parents have to wire children to see and hear for themselves what’s “taught” in classrooms in lieu of classical education, is this not possibly the last clue, that disenrolling children from Anchorage public schools is the only viable way to educate them into decent, literate, patriotic, useful American citizens?
    Remember, morality and literacy mean nothing to the union-managemen team who own and operate Anchorage’s education industry, but money does.
    But… parents disenroll children, Eaglexit happens, add a bit of Project Veritas, even state politicians might start to wonder whether institutionalized child-grooming is worth the money, and more importantly, being tarred with the potentially career-stopping scandal as more facts and videos surface.
    So we turn to Eaglexit sponsors: what exactly prevents this perversion from happening in Nouvelle Rivière Eagle?

  14. There is no hiding the fact our Public Schools have been infiltrated by very sick and deviant people. They are no longer centers of learning reading, writing and arithmetic. They are using your tax money to indoctrinate your children without your knowledge. It is past time for parents to stand up and say no more. If it takes a class action lawsuit against the teacher’s union to get this filth out of the schools, then so be it. This is government sanctioned child abuse! There is absolutely no excuse for it and there should be jail time for anyone involved with it.

  15. Sickening. I feel violated and traumatized just reading Suzanne’s account and likely this is nothing compared to viewing the books themselves. These people are sick, depraved, and should not be allowed to market such twisted publishing to anyone. They are trafficking in child pornography and teachers and librarians are aiding, abetting and promoting.

  16. Where are all of the Trolls at?? Lucinda, Maureen, cboy, Matt, AK pick a word, Leo, Yankee, Rast? Furiously scrambling around deleting your internet history and burying comprising possessions. Right? Don’t bother. We all see you for what and who you all really are.

  17. Apparently, it is not enough to accept that people are gay, to treat them equally. Nope, you MUST strive to be gay yourself. You must encourage your children to be gay. Tolerance is not enough for these so-called “LGBTQWERTY+ activists.” They must dominate, and you must celebrate!
    Anything less, and you will be labeled a bigot.

  18. Mental Illness run a muck in our educational insane asylums, Any educators who tolerate this garbage and does not push back are totally sick people, I would not leave my dog alone around these perverted Scumbags !

  19. Get these jerks out of here now one way or another. The assembly has already destroyed this city. ENOUGH.

    Also we were hit with three snow storms and a blizzard in two weeks. Who’s fault, no one it was a event not do to climate change. Hell I lived on Lake Ontario 5 feet of snow over night was nothing. We live in the north some times we have snow sometimes we don’t quit crying about it, do what you can. Mean time according to ASD 8 elementary schools can not serve hot lunch’s Because no managers BS, Our ASD needs an audit. Bet they get hot meals on Boniface.

  20. Remove your children from ASD. Otherwise reap the whirlwind of what they may be 10, 15 and 20 years from now. And likely pass on their dysfunction to your grandchildren. Then, no amount of “I’m sorry, I did not know” will matter.
    Go ahead, make another excuse for the district and the so-called good teachers there. They all sold out. Every holiday/made up holiday known to man and all summer off… Too good to be true. Even the few good ones are too timid to protest… They want to protect their pensions. The human condition on display once again. “All about me“ it never ends.

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