Public turns against group of doctors who are trying to prevent early treatment of Covid-19


After a group of more than 100 doctors sent a complaint to the State Medical Board over a couple of Anchorage physicians who are trying to treat Covid-19 patients before they get deathly ill, a new group of advocates has emerged: Patients who support the Covid-treating doctors.

On social media, through email lists, text messages, and phone calls across Alaska, a message has been sent out for people to contact the State Medical Board immediately to protect independence of physicians who are using Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.


The messages requests Alaskans speak out now and defend doctors who are prescribing Ivermectin and the Chloroquine drugs for early-stage Covid to not be punished by the profession.

The State Medical Board meets on Friday, and Wednesday is the deadline for written comment on this or any matter. Comments can be submitted to [email protected].

“We cannot allow the establishment to stack the deck with testimony supporting the refusal of hospitals to treat early intervention with proven drugs and not allowing patients their right to choose,” the message reads.

“These good doctors are being threatened that they may lost their medical credentials to practice here in Alaska If they continue administering early treatments not in line with desires of the medical industrial complex and its definition of ‘best practices.'”

Already, at least one complaint letter has been received by the Medical Board pertaining to the few doctors who are helping Covid-infected people with a combination of treatments that include the two drugs, high doses of Vitamin D, Zinc and a handful of other nutraceuticals.

Dr. Leslie Gonsette wants those pioneering physicians punished by the Medical Board. She has been part of the group of doctors wanting to frighten and punish their non-conforming peers.

In her letter to the board, dated Nov. 3, she says the cause of death for many Covid patients is “MISINFORMATION.” She references the Early Treatment Summit that convened in Anchorage.

Gonsette, who is a “hospitalist,” (a doctor who takes care of patients once they are in the hospital), has helped organize the campaign against any physician that tries the novel treatments, used around the world, to keep Covid patients out of hospitals. Her letter, obtained through a public records request, follows. (Must Read Alaska will also obtain the other letters through public records requests):

From: Leslie Gonsette

To: Board, Medical (CED sponsored)

Subject: Misinformation

Date: Wednesday, November 3, 2021 11:40:02 PMpage1image29559808page1image29556928

To whom this may concern:

My name is Leslie Gonsette and I am a board certified internal medicine and pediatric physician. I am with the Alaska Hospitalist Group and work primarily as a full time hospitalist at Providence Alaska Medical Center, where I also serve on the Medical Executive Committee.

I have worked in Alaska for 10 years and have come to care for COVID-19 patients much of the last 2 years. First the virus was the cause of many unfortunate deaths, now MISINFORMATION is.

The Federation of State Medical Boards issued a warning months ago about the possible license suspension of physicians spreading misinformation, which is undertaken by that state’s medical board. I urge you to address the public and all physicians in Alaska regarding the actions the medical board is taking to prevent this. A similar plea was written in the Anchorage Daily News and I quote this below along with a link to the article below.

On October 30th, a meeting organized by the Mayor of Anchorage, invited in-state and out-of state doctors to discredit vaccines, masks and propagate misinformation. Here are the videos as proof:

I ask you to act now before more lives are lost and more importantly because ethically we must not condone this behavior or such conduct will continue unchecked.

Respectfully, Leslie Gonsette

ADN ARTICLE: misinformation/?fbclid=IwAR0LH11S8wDX2vDJrR7VhwUlNjiY9- MwZpzM32xm8ecQ13vmX_6d2M4N1vM

“I ask the Medical Board to do one of two things:
Expedite its handling of my and any other similar complaints in order to address the issue now and render its judgment about whether certain public statements of false, misleading or dangerous medical information by the named doctors is unacceptable. And, if the board will not tolerate such conduct, what consequences will be imposed on those doctors, thereby setting a standard for all doctors in Alaska.
Or it should issue, at its earliest opportunity, an advisory statement outlining its view of the ethical requirements of Alaska doctors with respect to the public dissemination of false, misleading or dangerous medical information, and the potential consequences of such conduct. In effect, the board would be warning
doctors that certain kinds of behavior violate the board’s adopted code of ethics and could lead to sanctions or reprimands or even, in the most extreme cases, license suspensions.”

The letter that has been circulating among doctors by Gonsette-associated physicians says:


  1. Hey Leslie! Why do you want people dead? Are you getting paid? Are you evil, stupid or both? Your attitude baffles me. I have utterly lost faith in the medical community and you and people like you are the reason why. People are going to die because of you and apparently that’s what you want. What on earth is wrong with you?

    • Most aren’t going to die. Remember last week you were quoting the 99.7% survival rate. Which is it are we going to live or are we going to die? Maybe we’re going to live if we don’t die or maybe we’re going to die if we don’t live.

      • 2 things can be true. First, it can be true that people who don’t end up in the hospital have a much higher likelihood of surviving. Second, it can be true that if you end up in the hospital, it’s much more likely you’re not going to make it out alive. A third thing I’ll throw in is that there is tons of evidence showing that early intervention, no matter what the disease, prevents hospital admissions.

    • Just greedy. She is a hospitalist and wants more people there on high dollar ventilators to pad the pockets of The Little Sisters Of Perpetual Profit. Her other 99 are just mindless minions, I want their names released.

    • I agree. I have completely lost faith with every medical provider I interact with, unless they prove that they’re capable and not a cult member. This is beyond evil. These health care providers have refused to provide health care. Just because something is caused by a virus does NOT mean it has no viable treatment. It doesn’t matter what causes pneumonia. Treat the pneumonia!! It doesn’t matter what caused micro-clotting in the lungs. Treat THAT! Treat the symptoms as you see them. These ghouls just decide to let people die because something was caused by a certain virus. I hope her colleagues watch their back, because this monster will come after them, if they decide to actually treat their patients.

    • Jean, those are nice and pointed questions that I don’t think Leslie will answer. Leslie is in an industry that most people don’t recognize as “indoctrinated.” They learn from clinical trials, with accepted deaths and injuries, and they perform clinical trials, with accepted deaths and injuries – while they earn pharmaceutical money, credentials, and wages. They are “indoctrinated and well paid.” That is in addition to Alaska’s “indoctrinated politicians” – that cannot cover for COVID – that did cover for TB (and possibly H1N1 one day) – to keep the cruise money flowing in Juneau, AK. How do I know that? Former Licensed Security Officer Hanson is my name. Hated. Hated as a lower 48’er. I wrote somewhere around 2,000 parking warnings and citations, mostly to SOB employees, with only a few challenged in front of Judge Levy and Judge Nave in the ACS – before the pay meters were wrapped and duct taped shut due to “city employee and city policy wrongs,” street signage errors, and pay meter equipment problems. I did my best to bust the system and my “female Parks and Recreation corrupt contract boss” before I contracted TB during a cruise season. I should have expected a TB cover-up, after a cruise ship was shut down with no notification to anyone. The contractor that could not get on the ship stood in the parking garage with me, while I was on duty, while we just stared at the cruise ship. My TB? The downtown Clinic was the first to cover it up by stating that my PPD didn’t react – while I could only breath from the top of my lungs. Three women stood there and lied. One month later, with the PPD still visible and raised, and still having trouble breathing, I posted it on facebook. Whala, all of a sudden the medical system acknowledged that I had TB. To make a long story short – I was asked to take a drug test and it stated dilute on the Bartlett lab test. I did not dilute it, it was not dilute, all the down towners would have laughed the hospital lab into oblivion if they had gone further, and the Lab Mgr. was Former Army and “proud of it.” Isoniazid was forced on me (standard of care) while my strain number was de-identified from my patient file. I was turned away from Bartlett Regional Hospital ER – with meningitis symptoms and a fever (I have a copy(ies) of the paperwork). I either have MDR, XDR or TDR TB – and the Isoniazid, I believe, was a get out of the very deadly multi-TB drug therapy card. On Isoniazid – I swelled, I got worse, nobody cared. AND, I have never been able to reach a negative blood level for extra-pulmonary TB “with no strain number.” AND NOW I HAVE COVID “with no strain number” in a very dangerous and dysfunctional DOH (appointeds), and UofW (students and professors), Gov. Jay Inslee (elected), and Thurston County (electeds and appointeds) medical system. Great to be home in WA? I now hate both medical systems. Think about it State of Alaska “healthcare employees” – your clinic(s), your City and Borough politician owned Bartlett Regional Hospital (if nothing has changed), and SEARHC – I live and tell my life experience with my own venom under my breath – every time I breath what life I have left. You in the Alaska healthcare system connected the head and the tail of the snake around my body and squeezed it deadly tight- and I will NEVER forget it. This time – I survive COVID with an FLCCC Rx from out-of-state, and I have spent years on Doxycycline for my disregulated immune system, skin lesions and CVI (and a lost toenail from sepsis). I keep my face pretty – in venomous revenge for my pain and suffering. With co-morbidities, I recovered from a low SP02 of 91, 93, 95 to 100 on the FLCCC protocol. I continue on 2x a week Ivermectin Rx, neutraceuticals, and Vitamin D (check out the new German study with Vit. K2 info). Jean and Alaskans, your healthcare system is “indoctrinated” and just as deadly as Washington State. Be well! Thank you for a great read of comments, a great read of your news media journalism (Suzanne), and for reminding me of Governor Sean Parnell’s successful administration after the Palin document dump. Former Licensed Security Officer and Former (City and Borough of Juneau authorized) Municipal Enforcement Agent, Pamela J. Hanson

  2. Dear Readers – These brave, but mediocre signatories made a professional choice to live amongst us deplorable troglodytes that call Alaska home. Had their GPA’s allowed they easily could have found employment amongst their civilized peers in their urbane American hometowns.

    The prideful signatories of this letter have exposed themselves as useful idiots. Still unclear exactly who they’re serving. Something bigger than themselves for sure….Maoism…Corporatism…Medical Fascism…. All that is clear is that their commitment to continuous education is best evidenced by their BMW stereo systems endless NPR monologue; and not their open minded intellectual explorations. Concerned Doctors, try reading something other than your investment prospectuses and vacation brochures. Hesitancy to new technology is not “misinformation”

    Be careful out there readers. Make certain to get the list of signatories, and if you’re ever around these radicals please make sure to keep your mouth shut as you’d hate for their next report to be on you…or your kids.

    Remember. this is all for “the greater good”. See you all on the boxcar. don’t forget the harmonicas.

  3. Apparently, Dr. Gonsette mistakenly believes she’s the medical police. Had she ATTENDED the first 4 hours of the Alaska COVID Alliance Summit she would have had the opportunity to determine for herself that the highly educated, published, research scientists & physicians Dr. Malone, Dr. Cole, Dr. Urso and Li-Weng Yan have far more education, training, research, experience and knowledge about CV-19, effective early treatment, vaccine injuries than she will ever attempt to gather. In her own ignorance and hubris she believes herself to be the gatekeeper of life and death. She fails to realize that there is a consortium of 13,000 doctors backed by 60+ studies, and thousands of now healthy patients behind them that prove these treatments are working. If she wishes to remain ignorant (though she has the luxury of treating children, of which it’s very rare to die) that’s her business. To interfere with the HIPAA protected treatment and decisions of other physicians & patients supported only by conspiracy theories seems a bit hypocritical as opposed to Hippocratic.

    • Penny – very well stated.
      It’s amazing how many doctors are going along with the falsely created narrative that BigPharma, the Feds, the corporate medical establishment, SloJo, and Mr. Puppy Torturer and Liar in Chief Fauci have created.
      One thing the chinese flu has done – is remove the shroud of respectability and honor from many in the medical profession.
      Be very careful who your doctor is – in the end, most of them care very little about your long term health or well being – look at how many doctors are PUSHING the experimental gene therapy while ignoring and discounting the PROVEN early therapeutics.

      • One day they will follow the money and all will be revealed, but not before many more thousands of lives are lost. My doctor is telehealth, the prescriptions are in my home if infection occurs. I am pretreating with the FLCCC suggested nutraceuticals. It took awhile, with obstacles galore, but I am prepared.

    • So, do you really think that the four people you mention, Malone, Cole, Urso, and Li-Weng Yan, know things that the whole rest of the medical community doesn’t or has found false? Dr. Gonsette doesn’t think she’s the medical police, she’s just reporting what she is seeing to the relevant authorities.
      Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are not approved for treating Covid because they have not been shown to work. Even if they did have some minimal, detectable effect, they are far less effective than new therapies now being used. One can roll the dice with Iver or Hydrox, and maybe we should let that happen because it would probably thin out the field of misinformation, but in the absence of evidence that they work, and in the presence of evidence that other therapies do work, it looks like malpractice to me to prescribe something that’s decidedly iffy in lieu of something shown to be effective.

      • Homo, it’s over 13,000 doctors that signed onto the Rome Accord , led by Dr. MALONE!!
        MALONE and these others you’ve mentioned are not fringe.
        If everyone is thinking the same thing, someone is not thinking. Quote by General George Patton and passed along at the covid symposium by Dr. Cole.
        Last thing anyone would want, is science that begans and ends with a scripted conclusion. Let the facts and science stand on there own. The conclusions are at best, many years out.

      • You’re wrong. You’d do well to get better sources for information. The NIH website lists ivermectin in the number two spot for covid treatment. “”
        Check it out for yourself. Remdesivir is in the number 1 spot because it makes money for them and accomplishes their goals. To cause many deaths of hospitalized patients and to increase fear in the general population, many of whom have the same sources of information that you do, apparently. I pray you never find yourself in the hospital with covid, cut off from family or any advocate, at the mercy of the prevailing treatment practices. I really do.

      • Homo, why do you and the other hysterical and authoritarian Branch Covidian cultists consistently refuse to acknowledge the PROVEN, safe and effective use of ivermectin in treating the Wuhan Virus in its early stages? The evidence from around the world is incontrovertible, yet you disingenuously try to pretend that millions of successful treatments using that drug never happened. Are you simply obtuse, or truly that malicious and dishonest?

      • In May COVID hit me. I was in a rough state unable to walk up stairs without stopping, merely walking had become tough. My heart was pounding in my chest. I was provided a host of medicines including HCQ, I took the first dose on Thursday morning and by that evening I was able to walk up the stairs without stopping. My heart stopped trying to escape my ribs.

        That Doc who prescribed the medication to me promoted my healing and recovery while prevented hospitalization.

      • Sadly Homo, you don’t have a clue what you are talking about.
        I & most everyone in this chat can guarantee you they know what they are talking about. Dr. Malone is the Inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology.
        Just because big pharma wants to make big profits doesn’t mean old medications don’t work.
        Try and do some research other than the MSM news. Maybe start by looking up these Drs & enlighten yourself.

        • mRNA vaccines have been developed in a series of steps over the past thirty or so years. Dr. Malone did not single handedly create it.
          I see that testimonials on the effectiveness of HCQ are now being accepted as proven fact.
          Ivermectin has been shown to have about zero effect on Covid. Even its manufacturer says so.
          Remdesivir is on the USDHHS list for treatment
          Ivermectin is not. NIH lists it as being tested in ACTIV-6 trials, but it is not approved by the FDA or CDC for use against Covid.
          As I read these responses I wonder who needs to get better information and enlightenment. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels in the mudhole of alternate facts. The information is out there. Go to reliable sources and check it out. The virus doesn’t care what you believe.

          • Try and diminish the work of Dr. Malone. It only makes you look foolish and unreliable (to be fair though, that damage was already done). Saying that Ivermectin has about zero effect is at odds with tons of evidence including central Africa and some large provinces of India (But I’m sure all of these doctors aren’t as smart as you and their lifesaving successes mean nothing?).
            Remdesivir is not as effective, it is expensive, and it does heavy kidney damage.

        • Dr. Malone said “we, us,” when he talked about his work on the mRNA. He worked with a partner and partners. He also worked with a very gross man who groped women that worked around him and was a research thief (like what happened to Judy Mikovits who got her reasearch stolen Dr. fouchi and he also had her throat in jail) his research was stolen. Get your facts straight -and actually LOOK at the testimonies of people that were helped by tried and true drugs like ivermectin and steroids and inhalers -like I was -as soon as I knew I was positive, I had what I needed so my COVID didn’t get way out of control. I was given instructions on what to do. I felt myself really starting to get sick, in my lungs. 2 doses of ivermectin and 1 Dose of a steroid later I was much better. Dr. Malone is being lied about and he has too much going for him to brag or pout over what has been said about him by jealous people because -he thinks for himself. He is not into his ego and most -Dr.s- agree with his thoughts on what is controlling this jab push. People who “think” for themselves don’t get CONFUSED over what is happening “around the world, they “research” and make up their own mind. Read Dr. Malone’s story.
          Ivermectin has been used for many years and is well known. Not much money in it. So it is not wanted. The FDA has approved a vaccine that they were going to start using in New Hampshire. As far as I’ve seen, they are still using the ones that are harmful.not the new approved one.

      • Homo, ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine have not been approved for one simple reason. THEY ACTUALLY WORK!

        Stop and think for a moment, why don’t “they” want us to use affordable products that really work? Perhaps “they” don’t want us to get well? There’s certainly a lot of money being made off the m-RNA shots. What’s the end game here?

        This massive human experiment may go down as one of the worst atrocities in the history of mankind.

  4. I wonder if she was one of the on staff doctors responsible for our son in law’s death?! These arrogant doctors who refuse to try alternate treatments have blood on their hands! We need the names of all these doctors so we can ensure we avoid them!

    • Sue – you need to document anything and everything you can remember: dates, times, movements, recommendations, treatments, doses, etc. Particularly of note: doctors, nurses, PA’s names – all of it. Consult with your daughter and husband about what they remember and write everything down, put it in sequential order. Have your daughter make a request for the SIL’s records at the facility that treated him. Keep all insurance records, too. Those billings will show in-depth medical detail: meds, times, physicians, etc. There will be many a class-action and they may bankrupt these administrators, hospitals, boards and physicians. It is foreseeable.

  5. Just buy the ivermectin treatment kits that India gave to all its hundreds of millions of citizens. Just go online and buy them. If the doctors in our country won’t or can’t prescribe them, just buy them yourself online. Look for the Ziverdo kit. It has one complete course of Ivermectin, Vitamin D3, Zinc and Doxycycline, all blister packed into one kit. You can buy them online easier from Mexico companies, but they still ship from Mumbai. Buying direct from India some sites only accept Master Card. HSA Master Cards won’t approve the purchase. The site will say they only take Mastercard or American Express, if you have those you’re in good shape. The trick for paying with Visa is that you give them a valid Mastercard when you order, but they send you a Paypal request to pay, then you actually pay to Paypal with your Visa. Its a 5 day process to get an order approved then you have to wait a couple weeks for AirMail shipment from a foreign country. But 2 orders I placed, one from Mexico and one from Mumbai direct, both arrived within 3 weeks. If our woke doctors in this country aren’t with the program, don’t watch their show. And if the ones that know better and won’t stand up, then that is business they are losing. The people abstaining from the vaccine and looking for these treatments are going to be the only ones left in the near future for them to treat. Don’t wait for the lie of Covid Vaccines to fall apart. Do what you need to do to survive. Just the positive numbers you see from India are enough to make our problem disappear within a couple weeks.

    • Prepped…… right on! Get’r done!!!
      By the way, while at the covid symposium I asked what could be done about the vaccine already taken. Doctor recommendation was, do not take a booster. Be prepared with the early treatment protocol.

  6. Just because you have a Dr. in front of your name does not guarantee you are inherently smart. Coming from a medical family I grew up around all types in the medical field and was always amazed how people outside the profession idolized and inherently trusted doctors. There are good ones and there are bad ones and I know for sure health care now is not nearly as good as it was ten to fifteen years ago. Doctors don’t have near the schooling they used to, it is much easier to get through medical school that it once was, and how do you like being charged a professional fee to see a physicians assistant? Very rarely do you ever get to sit down with a doctor and do a history of the patient unless it is with an older doctor. I had numerous times with my deceased mother misdiagnosed problems that led to further issues and have heard first hand of serious malpractice recently that led to very bad complications and a death. Doctors are like everyone else good and not so good it is up to people to find the good ones and they are getting harder to find. The new doctors are more concerned with politics than they are treating someone, ditto for the hospitals who are even worse.
    Lastly I have to ask why are these doctors who take the oath to help people so concerned about how other doctors do their job. If it helps people get better, which is proven that it does, why are they so upset? People always have to ask the question why with anything and deduct a conclusion they see fit. Not one size fits all and if you don’t agree you lose your job. The press used to ask those questions but not anymore, with a few exceptions, MRAK, Epoch Times etc.. The press is now on board and part of the problem. It seems to me these doctors seemed threatened by another treatment which should not matter, people are still free to choose but that window is closing also.
    ” It is much easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

  7. Fascism is alive and well in her. I’m curious if she fells the same way about doctors who perform abortions.

    My body, my choice is a myth after all.

    • Although calling the body of an unborn baby ‘my body’ and then killing him or her isn’t the same thing as being able to request that you not get the dangerous and ineffective clot shot.

  8. It’s just me and my spouse and I bought 12 “kits” for $175 delivered on one order. That’s enough for us and some to share with other desperate folks. Buy some for yourself and some to share and you’ll have friends in the COVID afterlife.

    • I recently read of a New Hampshire intensive care Dr. that mentioned they found a packet of ivermectin in a patients toe of his shoe. This had surprised them as this was previously a place for things like Oxycontin and other opiods.
      You responsible for that??

        • Nothing was mentioned about patients “having to hide these drugs,” just that some did.
          Your assumption about them being “safe and effective” is just your asinine feeling that isn’t shared by modern medicine in the case of ivermectin and opioids.

          • Oh come on, billy boy.
            Firstly, you know very well that anti science Karens are attacking doctors and threatening their licenses for helping patients with safe and effective Ivermectin or HCQ. So you’re being disingenuous yet again.
            Secondly, you know that kill shelters like Providence are not letting these miracle drugs be used. Again – disingenuous (notice that I didn’t say ‘lying’).
            Thirdly, just because I don’t share your ant science Faucci religion doesn’t mean I’m asinine. The same goes for the fact that because of your Faucciism you refuse to acknowledge that these drugs have been safe and effective for years and there is overwhelming evidence of the same with the China virus – unlike your religion’s sacrament – the dangerous and ineffective clot shot.

          • Total gibberish Matthew and I didn’t say you were asinine, either. I referred to your asinine feeling-big difference Matty Boy.
            I mentioned opioids (just misspelled it).

          • Well, you still just spout Fauci cult nonsense.
            Ivermectin and HCQ are the only decent and affordable treatments. The clot shot is still dangerous and ineffective.

  9. Just sent my second comment to the “Medical Board” against this travesty, since I have a little more time.
    And not under cover, I gave them my credentials. I will absolutely file formal complaints against every member of the Board if they uphold persecuting doctors for doing what they feel is right.

  10. Why would a doctor be agains early treatment and healing? What exactly does she and other like-minded physicians have to gain by delaying treatment?

  11. But yet, after one is good and sick, they’ll show up at the hosp and be given Remdesivir, which has at least a 30% chance of permanent kidney failure. I have stated here before, in my travels around the world, both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have been proscribed to me and taken with zero side effects. In fact, look it up–you can make your own HCQ at home. The medical establishment has got things bass-ackwards. Now, their oath is ignore first–then do some harm…

  12. What is this doctor going to do when those who took the jab on her advice, end up with heart conditions? They could have naturally healed. How many of these quacks will lose their board certifications?

  13. I do wonder how many of Dr. Gonsette’s Covid patients have passed. What is her success rate? Closed minds seems to be a malady in some medical professionals. Remember when Copernicus theorized that the sun was the center of the solar system and the Catholic Church tried to censor him and worse? This shutdown of medical debate is analogous. Copernicus won!

    • Read Phil Lawler on the matter. Copernicus was in good standing with the Church when he died. Heliocentric theory was not resisted hardly at all early on. The Church and Her clerics have made innumerable scientific advances (not to mention the base of institutions that began most of the work to advance science and medicine). Besides, as it turns out, the sun is actually not even the center of the universe or even the galaxy.

  14. I would like to see the names of the 100 Doctors who signed the petition.. There are numbers of patients who have survived because of early treatment with Ivermectin including my family who were not vaccinated. After Ivermectin, their symptoms were minimal. What happened to Patient/Doctor confidentiality ? So far 1.27 trillion dollars have been made on vaccines. Between Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, I am sure their pockets have been well lined. In my opinion, a Medical Board that suspends a Physicians license for early treatment with medications that work for them and their patients, they are not worth a grain of salt. Ivermectin costs less than 56 cents a pill, the new Merck Med costs more $$$ then you can imagine. It is getting more about money then public health.

  15. You’ll are whackos that spread a bunch of BS. It would funny if people weren’t dying. The studies you site are garbage. Good luck with your endeavors!

  16. There are a lot of great Doctors in this state, that came to Alaska for genuine reasons, and decided to make a home here.

    There are a tiny handful, that are FROM here.

    The rest?

    They couldn’t find work in a prison hospital in their state of choice, or the 10 after that, so they end up here… and eventually, on the medical board.

  17. This is the battle of this generation. It is a battle for the truth and there are Doctors taking big payouts by Big Pharma to push their poison. The reason HCQ & Ivermectin are being vilified and shutdown is not because of a lack of effectiveness in fighting off the virus. It is because it will cutoff Pharma’s money train. That is why one of the big pharmaceutical companies just developed a pill that is essentially a fancy form of Ivermectin. They know it works and they are now trying to capitalize on a more expensive version of it to again milk the public. Doctors who are in lock-step with Big Pharma and the AMA are not in this for the patient and are forgetting their Hippocratic Oath in medicine. The first tenant of this is to “Do no harm” to the patient. By refusing to give life saving medicine a doctor is knowingly withholding this medication and can be sued for malpractice!

    “I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:

    I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.

    I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures [that] are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism.

    I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.

    I will not be ashamed to say “I know not”, nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient’s recovery.

    I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty. Above all, I must not play at God.

    I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person’s family and economic stability. My responsibility includes these related problems, if I am to care adequately for the sick.

    I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.

    I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.

    If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter. May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help.”

  18. Why don’t we let the patient and doctor decide treatment that they both agree on. She is not my doctor and should not be telling me how to live. We should vote on her medical license and have her removed from an entry level job she is showing she is not qualified to do. The public should be able to do as they seam fit not someone who thinks they are god.

  19. Arrogant, self-absorbed, indoctrinated leftist doctors like Leslie is in part the reason why our country is in this divisive predicament regarding covid care. Too long our society has held doctors on high and put these individuals on a pedestal, when in fact they cause more people to die due to negligence or misdiagnoses than law enforcement; yet, the leftest go after law enforcement with their defund the police rhetoric. Leslie is either uninformed on the subject matter or an activist for the left. The truth is usual somewhere in the middle. Either way, leslie has no say over another doctor and their patient who has autonomy.

  20. Dr. Anne Zink writes about medical misinformation and disinformation and a broken trust. What is surprising is that Dr. Zink seems to not understand how broken that trust might really be. One reads horrific accounts everyday about ill effects of the “Clot Shot” and yet she is advocating that children and pregnant women also get “Jabbed”.
    It has also been reported that sales of medicines to treat blood clots have risen rapidly since the all out thrust by our “Medical Guru’s” to get the Sheep in the Dip began. Public trust in our institutions in the U.S. has declined in several key sectors, especially medicine and education. Imagine if the FAA allowed scheduled flights in an aircraft that had a safety record similar to the poison Pfizer is pushing? Would you hop aboard? Didn’t think so…

  21. Not too late to add your comment for the meeting of the Medical Board. From the SoA website:

    Direct all board communications to:
    State Medical Board
    P.O. Box 110806, Juneau, AK 99811-0806
    Phone: (907) 465-2550
    E-mail: [email protected]

    I submitted my comments Monday. You guys can comment too. Cheers –

  22. Two weeks ago in Soldotna a group of friends stood in front of PCH.Pleading help for their dying mother.she went in with 80% oxygen by the end of the week it was 20%.They had the PA to administer the Vit.C drip and Ivervectin.

    The hospital refused the PA access to Drew Gibbs mother because they said she is not qualified. Who knows what happened to this woman?

    You can read the article in Sunday’s Clarion 2 weeks ago.

    Here in AK we have the death panels that Obama spoke about. What happened to the right to choice? It’s none of the governments business what we eat,take or comes incontact with our bodies!

  23. If, as requested by the Gonsette Group, the Medical Board should confer upon itself dictatorial powers over these sorts of decisions, and satisfy her request, then she has NO BUSINESS protesting when the day comes that they mandate forced organ harvesting like the inspiration for this whole operation, the CCP does it. Make certain you get those eyeballs and organs while they are alive, Ms. Gonsette, or else…

  24. Send them an email requesting that Drs who refuse treatments to be investigated and if theirs actions resulted in deaths for those to be referred for criminal investigation by homicide detectives.

  25. Would they label the work of Jonas Salk “misinformation” as he developed the polio vaccine?

    Don’t be too quick to poo-poo the idea. These people are acting as politicians, NOT AS DOCTORS.

    For shame.

  26. Would they label the work of Jonas Salk “misinformation” as he developed the polio vaccine?

    Don’t be too quick to pooh-pooh the idea. These people are acting as politicians, NOT AS DOCTORS.

    For shame.

  27. The Early Treatment Summit was not organized by the mayor of Anchorage. This is pure political BS.
    I am completely sick of the tyranny of the left and their dismissal of truth. For them the end justifies the means and the truth is their first victim.

    Friday’s meeting will be about Medical Tyranny dictated by Dr. Fauci or Medical Liberty promoted by the sacred relationship of you and your doctor.

    I encourage all Alaskans to stand up for Medical freedom by taking time and writing the Medical Board today.

  28. In your testimony, please include protection of pharmacists. We can’t do much without them onboard.

  29. What happened to My Body My Choice!! If I am knocking on heavens door, shouldn’t I be able to take whatever medications I want to try and help MYSELF!! These “doctors” want to play God and think they are the only ones that know what you should take.

    • Your Body Your Choice up to a point. Should you be allowed to take morphine without medical assistance, or perhaps anti-cancer drugs, HIV drugs are anti-viral, how about all of them together, just to make sure you cover all the bases?
      We have vaccines that have been shown to be safe and effective. They are probably the most tested thing we have to use against Covid, and yet people insist on trying things that have not been tested or shown to work.
      Doctors know better than anyone what they are up against because they are dealing with it every day. They don’t want to play God, but when someone is taking up a hospital bed because he didn’t want the vaccine and caught Covid and someone shows up having a heart attack and dies 18 hours later because there’s no bed for HIM, who do you think is the one playing God.

      • Yet another asinine straw man.
        And no. You’re wrong. The clot shot has been shown to be unsafe and ineffective. Heck, we even found out a couple of days ago that Pfizer falsified numbers on the amount of deaths in trials.
        And no heart attack (not even one of the many caused by the clot shot) patients are being turned away because of full hospitals. Many of the hospitals are pretty close to normal again because of natural immunity, thankfully.
        I don’t understand the Faucciite aversion to miracle drugs (they have been for decades) that are safe, inexpensive, and effective.
        How about we stop trying to destroy doctors that are healing people with them (and keeping those people out of hospitals, BTW).

  30. This is what I wrote to the Alaska State Medical Board:

    Dear Alaska State Medical Board,

    Please refrain from censuring or penalizing Alaska doctors who provide early treatment options such as vitamin therapies, ivermectin, and Chloroquine drugs for Covid-19.

    Please respect patients’ rights to request and receive these treatments, since they have proven effective in fighting Covid-19 when administered early, even if they are not approved by the FDA for the treatment of Covid-19.

    It would be the height of absurdity to restrict their availability or to prevent doctors from prescribing them for Covid-19 simply because they are not FDA approved when, as you well know, no single Covid “vaccine” available in the U.S. today is FDA approved, yet their reception is being mandated for healthcare workers at hospitals across Alaska.

    Please protect and promote the integrity of Alaska doctors, the doctor/patient relationship, and the rights of patients to choose a method of early treatment that they find is best for them.

    There is ample evidence that early treatment options for Covid-19 both help patients recover quickly and avoid hospitalization and death. The treatment options available in hospitals (Remdesivir and ventilators) do not have nearly as good a track record at keeping Covid patients alive.

    I encourage you to write today, too!!

  31. The left is determined to keep the Scamdemic alive and keep us all scared and willing to comply.
    In the mean time, Ivermectin is available from veterinary supply store on line. Duramectin is the brand. Each tube contains about 11mg of Ivermectin. Eight bucks a dose.
    No pharmacy in the valley will dispense it as far as I know.

    • “′

      This is what you need to know about veterinary ivermectin should you decide to use it.

      • At least the FDA is not bought and paid for.
        Listen. There are human doses of ivermectin. It has been a safe and effective antiviral for years, but if the political and greed motive is keeping it out of doctor and patient hands, then learn the proper dosage of the paste and heal yourself with second best.
        It’s better than taking the dangerous and ineffective clot shot.

  32. Don’t expect to change Dr. Gonsette’s mind. It’s way too big a red pill for her to swallow- that she has been played by big pharma her entire working career.

  33. Why is it only certain persons, such as Dr. Fauci who can risk other people lives via medical options???? Certainly Individuals are granted by God to the freedom to choose their own path. If a doctor, other than Fauci, is freely willing to try a Nobel Prize medicine to help a willing person and suddently other Drs and medical personnel not a party to the medical choice wish to control others I have to winder what they fear.

    I have a personal understanding of medical exploring ideas on a living person. My brother was burnt to a crisp 3rd burns from head to toes but where his fire retardant underwear was unplanned tested and past the test. ( just in case you wonder if fire retarded underwear and sleep ware for little kids is worth it ….it work)

    So my brother was a live test rat for which my parents agreed and removed all liability (unlike the covid vaccines company’s liability was removed by government to any and all persons. Totally different from personal patients releasing the drug companies from liability).

    This is America we have the right to shoot up drugs and non profits will provide it clean needles where are these same medical people pointing out the risks for assisting people in a crime for which people can and do die as a result of doing drugs.

    Another idea as to how to best care for sick people and one side of the medical team wants to limit options for free people. It seems to me that treating sick people is not the focus but rather controlling opinions and options to limit care and only try their ideas. That shuts the door to compare and study to improve care.

    FYI my brother lived and piglets were raised in a hospital basement and leaches still are useful medically. I want the freedom to choose my health options.

  34. The next thing you know, Gonsette will advocate treating headaches using medieval cranial bloodletting techniques. Then, she’ll report any heretic doctors who dare to prescribe aspirin.

  35. Not sure I see what the problem is here, and I do not think the doctors against using HCQ and Ivermectin are doing a good job of explaining their position.
    Let’s see what the facts are.
    1. Both of these drugs have been around for ages, and have been prescribed for any number of maladies.
    2. The side effects are well known.
    3. The contraindicators are well known.
    4. Yes, some folks have bad outcomes, but that is generally when the drugs are misused.
    5. No, it is not necessarily a cure for COVID, the patients immune system has to do its job.
    6. But, they do seem to have a high success rate for keeping COVID patients out of the hospital…
    Oh, wait. Never mind. I think I see the reason.
    Reminder. This all started out as a fight against the pandemic to protect the people. It has morphed into a fight against the people to protect the pandemic.

  36. Eugenicists and medical fascists have highjacked the medical system and have turned the hospitals and medical clinics into a 21st century Auschwitz. AND WHAT DO THESE COVIDIAN CULT MEMBERS SHOUT? “HAIL FAUCI! TAKE YOUR CLOT SHOT!”

  37. Another fine example of the second and third order effects of crony-capitalism. Government bureaucrats and some elected officials have determined that only selected Big Phrama shall be used. Big money from Big Phrama and the gov will be used to incentivize use of selected treatments. Government money will be withheld should healthcare centers refuse to bow down to the selected treatments. Any professionals that stray from government influence will be dealt with. Should these treatments have adverse affects the PREP Act prevents American citizens from seeking justice from Big Phrama whose passage was directly related to the re-election campaign funds of many elected officials.

    Take bureaucrats out of healthcare. Remove government protectionist policies. Revoke certificates of need for hospitals allowing for competition.

    Fun fact: Dr Fauci, a director at the NIH, is a patent stakeholder in Moderna vaccine.

    Bayh-Dole Act allows for taxpayer funding to be used for personal financial advantage as a result of research projects. An excellent read on this and it’s real world application is in a book called Woolly by Ben Mezrich.

  38. ALL of the things Ivermectin is helpful for involve living organisms, NOT viruses! This poison, at best does nothing, and at worst inhibits recovery in covid patients! That so-called symposium did nothing but perpetuate misinformation and promote what amounts to snake oil. These “doctors” SHOULD have their licenses restricted! Since when does the patient tell the doctor how to treat and with what?? If that’s the case, and you don’t trust the doctors to treat you properly, STAY HOME, TREAT YOURSELF, AND LEAVE THE HOSPITAL BEDS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE DONE THINGS TO GENUINELY HELP PREVENT THEIR CATCHING COVID!!

    • Wrong with wrong sauce.
      Quit spouting the Faucciite Creed
      Ivermectin and HCQ are the only safe, effective, and inexpensive medication for the China virus – way better than the dangerous and ineffective clot shot.

    • You’re absolutely incorrect on just about everything you’ve written here, except maybe your name, although I can’t confirm that. There is ample information, even on the cdc website, stating how effective these treatments are. If you weren’t so blinded by your commitment to ignorance, you would be able to look that up.

  39. A year ago you ignoramuses were claiming covid was a fake disease. I guess it appropriately follows that you’d fully embrace fake doctors prescribing a fake medicine (a paralytic poison – look it up) for said fake disease and try to hang real doctors trying to keep them from harming all the fake people!! Since when do the patients tell the doctors what to prescribe? If you’re so against real proven medical treatment then STAY HOME AND AWAY FROM THE HOSPITAL SO PEOPLE WHO TRUST REAL DOCTORS CAN GET TREATMENT!!

    • Look, Esthera you are entitled to your opinion, but why do you have to be so rude? It invalidates ALL you say. Your diatribe makes it appear as if you only worried that when you get the “Killer Virus” that there is a bed for you!
      Newsflash: Patients tell their docs ALL the time what treatment they feel comfortable with. Doctors give advice, but the patient in the end has the choice, which treatment they get. Blindly following what your doc tells you, without learning all you can about the various treatment options, makes one a lemming and not an involved informed actively participating patient.

      • PS: Define “Fake Doctor” or “Fake Medicine”
        It appears that having a medical degree, years of practice in their chosen field and good diagnostic skills only counts in your book if they follow unquestioningly instead of exploring the best solution for their patients.
        Talk about the blind leading the blind.
        Oh and if your are looking for fake medicines I can highly recommend tik tok. There the inept demonstrate non-FDA approve things too dumb to mention…….

    • I don’t know anyone claiming it was fake. Perhaps if you had the faculties for a wee bit of nuance (See? I used a two syllable word. Pretty food for an ignoramus?)
      Terms like ‘scamdemic’ do not mean that the China virus is not real. It simply means that it doesn’t live up to the hype. From the beginning they were treating this like some sort of deadly airborne Ebola. It just isn’t. The term ‘scamdemic’ and similar are merely pithy ways to highlight the obvious fact that there are useful idiots ignoring obvious evidence and parroting the party line.

  40. I am curious about the use of ventilators and Remdesivir on patients who end up in the hospital with Covid. I have read often the numbers of people who have died and the cause given is COVID, when it was quite possibly, Renal failure from the use of Remedsivir which is the SOP for hospitalized Covid patients per Fauci. The dangers of renal failure from the use of Remdesivir are clearly stated on the NIH website. Additionally, Doctors promoting the COVID vaccine do not tell patients the possible dangers which include blood clots, Pericarditis, Myocarditis, Myopericarditis, and neurological disorders such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome. The vaccine effects listed are not misinformation, they are facts. This is an experimental vaccine and the people receiving it are lab rats with no legal recourse if it destroys their life or even ends their life. I am grateful that the doctors who back this vaccine and promote hospitalization signed their names. Every patient that dies in the hospital with a Covid cause, should have an autopsy. I would think with an experimental vaccine that an autopsy would be standard procedure to learn about the effects of the vaccine. The FDA has approved many, many products they have killed people and the manufacturers sued. FDA approval doesn’t mean squat, Doctors are not omnipotent GODS.

    • Unfortunately, it seems as if the government has put protections in place that will neuter any attempts of libelous lawsuits and those protections started in a Katrina Disaster Bill hidden so no one would notice. Then, to top it off with more protection in recently passed bills that exonerates everyone who deals in the distribution of theses “vaccines”.

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