Ronna McDaniel: RNC will fight the Biden vaccine mandate



Just two days after a red wave swept state and local elections across the nation, Biden released the details of his Covid vaccine mandate threatening millions of workers and small businesses. Biden couldn’t do his job, so now he wants Americans to lose theirs. The Republican National Committee is committed to fighting this egregious overreach every step of the way and has already filed a federal lawsuit to stop this unconstitutional decree.

Biden’s mandate would force small businesses with as few as 100 employees to require their workers to be vaccinated, strictly tested, or fired. He’s also forcing a similar mandate on our nation’s frontline health care workers, threatening their careers after they risked their lives to lead us through a pandemic. Between this and other regulations Biden has pushed, more than 100 million American workers will be under some type of Biden vaccine requirement — that’s two-thirds of all workers in the country.

Biden’s mandate is blatantly unconstitutional. Weaponizing the federal government to force private businesses to fire hardworking employees if they do not comply is a stunning abuse of power to accomplish his political agenda. Giving unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats the power to mandate vaccines for nearly one-third of the country is deeply undemocratic, and the White House knows it. Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain practically admitted that they are using these regulations as “the ultimate work-around” for federal vaccine requirements.

But the mandate is not only unconstitutional. It flies in the face of individual rights. Making Americans choose between medical freedom and their livelihoods is a violation of personal liberty. While I am pro-vaccine, the Biden administration does not have the authority to force hardworking Americans to make a very private decision that could cost them their jobs and their ability to provide for their families.

There’s an economic cost, too. Biden’s failed policies have already caused prices to skyrocket, driving up costs for businesses and making it difficult for them to retain their customers. Now Biden’s mandate would punish small businesses already stretched thin by Democrat lockdowns, labor shortages, and policies that paid workers to stay home rather than return to their jobs. Businesses who refuse to comply face fines ranging from $14,000 all the way up to over $136,000. That’s a heavy burden for businesses that are already struggling to stay afloat.

And yet, Biden had the audacity to assert, “Vaccination requirements are good for the economy.”

That’s obviously not the case. Already, half a million shipping containers with $24 billion worth of goods are stranded off the coast of California, unable to unload thanks to a labor shortage. The mandate will only make things worse. Some truckers are warning that this mandate would cause many drivers to quit, compounding the worst driver shortage the industry has seen in almost 40 years. Railway employees are also threatening to strike over the mandate. As the American Trucking Association put it, the mandate could “cripple the supply chain.”

Biden claims his vaccine mandates are “emergency” actions to protect workers, but if that’s the case, why don’t his rules go into effect until January? It’s clear what this is really about: attacking our frontline workers, first responders, small businesses, and the rights of the American people.

Biden’s attempt to force Americans into getting onboard with his agenda is divisive and unacceptable. That’s why the RNC is suing the Biden administration over its unconstitutional vaccine mandate. This is about so much more than a shot. It’s about defending the principles of limited government and individual freedoms that built America and made it great. We will maintain every legal option to fight this authoritarian overreach.

Ronna McDaniel is the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC).


  1. Nice speech, but it’s far too late. It is time for all the Karens and radical leftist totalitarians to move to the so-called “Blue States”, and for this country to peacefully separate. There can be no compromise with insanity and evil. At this point, it can only be either peaceful secession or civil war: which will it be?

    • Jefferson, no. Why the two extreme positions? We are all more similar than different and I believe that, while tarnished, the word “United” in the term United States of America can be rejuvenated.

      • It is altogether infrequent (actually this the first time that I can think of) that I find myself agreeing with you Mr. Singh, but I too want to believe that it can be rejuvenated.
        It is probably not likely that we agree on the way to get there, irregardless, we will all need to work together, and have that as our common goal.
        Jefferson’s position is also perfectly understandable to me, and it is held by many. I think exactly the same way, sometimes. I just would like to see us all pull it back together…

      • Evan, let’s face it, this country has become increasingly NOT united, and the fault lies mainly if not almost exclusively among those on the intolerant radical left, who have been seeking — and largely succeeding, so far — to impose their radical and destructive political and social agenda on everyone else, and on the entire country. THAT is the real root of the current and growing division that we face. So will the radical leftists and Wokesters back away from imposing their radical beliefs and agendas onto the rest of us? I see no sign of that happening.

      • Well, to answer your question why so extreme, you have to able to measure extreme. I consider a government that no longer represents the people and subverts the U.S. Constitution, Extreme! Same goes for indoctrinating our kids in the public school system, using the FBI and DOJ to attack Americans for using their 1st Amendment rights, leaving our southern border wide open to illegals, drug & human trafficking and terrorist’s. Purposely refusing to enforce U.S. Federal Law. Threatening States for conducting audits of their election systems. Holding political prisoners in D.C. jails violating their 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment rights under the Constitution. Mandating vaccines for all Americans without their consent! If you can’t see what is happening in America, it is time to come out of your hole, turn off CNN, MSNBC, NPR or whatever brainwashing you are under and understand that the installed puppet in the people’s house is abusing his power and destroying our nation both economically and morally! We need Law and Order, restoration of our Constitution and a direct understanding that the power in this country belongs to the people and the States, not the Federal Government! We must reduce the size of the Federal Government and have better oversight of its activities. Release the regulatory tentacles on the people and reduce taxes. Let Freedom Ring!

    • Jeff, we’ve been fighting about things ever since we became a country. Remember Congress and even the founding fathers used to settle things with a dueling pistol. Guns on the senate floor even. I’d say things have settled down some since then. In some instances, we have separated peacefully. There was the Oregon Northern California separation. The polarized Nation we see today has had some help and instigating by Soros and other players. But that’s nothing new either. The only time we need to pick up a gun is to defend our own property against black lives matter and rioters.

  2. Why does no reporter ask Joe or Jen Psaki why his vax mandate targets working people of every stripe, but not people who are on public assistance?
    If this vax requirement is really about health, then are only working people, including the armed forces, being targeted?

    • Excellent point, Tim, but I suspect that the sociopaths in charge have already made plans for exactly that contingency, and will shortly be mandating proof of ‘vaccination’ (sic) for ANY form of government payment or assistance. Mark my words!

      • Perhaps they will. Just today I was reading about the restaurant in Fairbanks that was saying no shot no proof no service because that’s what most of Europe does as they found out recently when they traveled over there.

    • I’m with Tim. If this mandate is really about health, why are “unvaccinated” illegal aliens subversively being planted around the country? I think we can guess what the agenda is.

  3. Now the RNC is finally onboard. Where have they been, hiding in the basement? Waiting to see how the other law suits go to pick a side of the fence?

    • Historically they have been slow to get on board. Only when they know the coast is clear do they sign on. This should give you hope for the midterm elections because they have felt a change in the wind on their face and it is blowing to benefit their needs. Just look at what the governor does. He was eerily quiet for so long and now seems to have found his sack and his voice.

  4. Funny. They waited this long to attempt to do the right thing in defending Liberty and Freedom. Libertarians figured this out months. What a sham.

    • Libertarians still haven’t figured out how to do what’s best for Alaska. They especially haven’t become mature enough to forego their own ambitions and support the candidates best for Alaska. Placing one of their own, one of their forever losers, in a presidential race is more important to them. All it does is take a few votes away from a Dem candidate … and a lot of votes away from a GOP candidate.
      That’s OK though. They still have their “Libertarian Pride”, from being in a fringe political party. That way even the least of them gets more face recognition than they would being obscure members of a real party.

  5. Snazzy article, but its a just ploy to get blanket donations.


    If at the outset Ronna and her minions had set up a fund whose assets were solely devoted to that task, it likely would have seen record donations. But that sort of specific structure is still not even on the radar. This article is just lip service, which is entirely to familiar. When might they begin to understand that people have learned not to trust them with blanket donations? They did the educating on that, and now its not looking like they are not capable of learning.

  6. That is a good start, but they are still missing the larger problem that is the executive order requiring all federal employees and contractors to be fully vaccinated. The OSHA ETS addressed above is wrong and a serious over reach, but it at least allows for weekly testing rather than vaccination. The EO does not offer this, it simply requires vaccination of every single employee (except for those with an allowable exemption) by January 4. Considering the amount of federal funding that Alaska receives- not only for the obvious work on military bases, but also including for roads and other infrastructure projects, schools, etc.
    This mandate is exceptionally far reaching and is going to crush our economy.

  7. “RNC will fight the Biden vaccine mandate”
    Like the RNC we know as GOP Incorporated fought President Trump?
    No, Ronna…
    Biden Incorporated figures out how to tie their multi-trillion dollar giveaway to their vaccine mandate, GOP Incorporated’ll bend over with a smile because GOP Inc does -not- wanna be remembered as the rogue rabble who messed up a perfectly good multi-trillion-dollar giveaway.

  8. McDaniel’s strategy of “fighting” seems to include stalling the conservative base while leadership negotiates terms of surrender. The RNC has squandered away any shred of moral courage for a place at the Federal trough.

  9. It’s pretty bad that the RNC waited until after the “red wave swept state and local elections across the nation” to denounce this unconstitutional mandate. It’s pretty bad that the RNC waited until after the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals announced the stay on this mandate.
    Thankfully the 6th Circuit won the lottery and will hear this case that will ultimately be heard by SCOTUS, and if it won’t be heard by SCOTUS it will be because they concur with the findings of the 6th Circuit.

  10. RNC, hurt us! but we will prevail!
    We shall, and will, work on this!
    We are people, and speak!

    Remember, Vote your Conscioius,

  11. What will happen? when all transport! doesn’t want a vaccine? or forced too!
    I know, it kills everybody, but we not dead, Still alive?
    What happens? when we say???CFUCK YOU!!

    Lets have one of them Christmases! and Thanksgivings?

    What will be your message?

  12. Ronna McDaniel is mitt’s niece. No trust or faith in the RNC. Until the GOP starts doing litmus tests on their party and booting out closet communists, you’ll never see a nickle from me.

  13. Rona is part of the problem with the RNC. She resisted the legal battle over the election fraud in 2020 and didn’t fight for the people and the truth of what occurred on Nov. 3rd. We had both domestic and foreign interference in our elections as China, Iran and other bad actors were allowed to enter the Dominion Machines and electronically change or flip votes to Biden. Dead people, people that moved out of the State, heck even people from empty lots voted. Trump had so many votes they had to stop counting because it broke their computer algorithm and they had to recalculate how many votes it would take to steal the election. The Arizona audit has shown this and there are other States now exposing their fraud system. Rona, you and your RINO friends need to depart the Republican Party. Until you do, you will not see a cent from me to support more RINO candidates. My money will go direct to Save America PAC. Trump is on to you and he will help elect America First candidates.

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