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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Biden, in remarks on infrastructure bill, swipes at Sarah Palin

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On a 49-degree Monday outside the White House, President Joe Biden spoke at length about the political success of the infrastructure bill he was about to sign into law.

He spoke for so long, that after his remarks, Congressman Don Young of Alaska remarked, “We were wondering when you were gonna stop. We damn near froze to death,” as caught on a live microphone. Young was attending the signing ceremony and is credited with helping craft the bipartisan legislation to rebuild roads, bridges, and expand broadband.

During Biden’s remarks, the president talked about all of his experience as Vice President under Barack Obama, when he had the responsibility for overseeing and implementing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act), a $900 billion emergency package.
“I’m proud to say that when we finished implementing that Recovery Act, it was determined that there had been less than two tenths of 1 percent waste, fraud, or abuse.

Biden spoke about how he communicated extensively with mayors and every governor except one:
“I won’t mention that; save one,” he said laughing, “She could see Alaska from her porch…” he said, referring to former Gov. Sarah Palin.

Palin was skewered by Saturday Night Live in a skit in which actress Tina Fey portrayed Palin and Amy Poehler portrayed then-Senator Hillary Clinton addressed the nation on topics of sexism, the presidential election, global warming, and the fact that they did not agree on anything at all.

Palin was the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee alongside Arizona Sen.John McCain. On Oct. 2, 2008, Palin and then-Sen. Joe Biden debated for 90 minutes in the only vice presidential debate of the campaign.

Since that Saturday Night Live skit in 2013, many commentators on social media, in the corporate media, and elsewhere actually believe or have joked that Palin said she could see Russia from her house. Biden twisted the joke yet again in 2021 to make it sound like Palin could see Alaska from her house … which is in Wasilla.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Near froze to death at 49 degrees, Don you are no longer a Alaskan

    • I thought the same thing while reading that pathetic line!
      RETIRE ALREADY, Don (Not)Young! Only a true sociopath would cling to power so desperately and fanatically well into his 80s.

  • For a while, I too thought Sarah had stated she could see Russia from her house. Duh, it was literally lifted from that one SNL skit! I was duped! For the record, Sarah stated one can see Russia from Alaska, which is true, if you’re on one our far west islands!
    But alas, comedy won the night a couple days later after that interview!

  • Hmmm, I thought she lived in the lower 48 now!! In any case much ado about nothing!!

  • The SNL skit was a roast but funny–probably the last time SNL was funny. Biden likely forgot the quote he was supposed to joke about and ad-libbed it to the usual effect: crickets.

  • “Hey Joe, can I just call you,…..Brandon?”

  • Don, your getting soft in body and mind. Enjoy your victory lap. This Rino needs to go.

  • Well I must say that utilizing Palin to run as VP was a BIG mistake by McCain!

    • Palin ruined her political career by agreeing to be be Songbird McCain’s running mate.

  • Biden is the last one who should poke fun at slips of the tongue. “You know, the the thing.” I’m really surprised Biden could stay awake long enough for people to get cold, or have his handlers cut him off. Oh well, he had his friend Don Young to keep him in line.

  • Biden can see free money from his wheelchair…..

  • Nice to see that President Xiden sees Ms. Palin as a serious contender to kick him out of The White House – and possibly off this continent – come 2024!

  • Bwaahaahaa! Sarah STILL lives in their heads rent free! Epic!

  • I’m glad she could see Alaska from her porch, seeings how she lived here. Whatta chump.

  • Yeah but she was speaking metaphorically but she was stupid. I on the other hand when I was living on St Lawrence Island actually could see Russia from my front porch on a clear day.

  • Two baffoons yesterday Biden & Don Young on the White House Lawn, Don reminded me of a Boar Hog at the trough feeding on the people money

  • Palin: “I can see Russia from my house.”
    Biden: “I can see America from Xi’s back pocket.”

    • That’s pretty good!

    • Jefferson, oh sooo funny. Gotta remember that one, “….from Xi’s back pocket.” Classic. Let’s Go Brandon.

  • Real gentleman, takes a shot at a woman who couldn’t defend herself because she wasn’t there. Real class Joe!

    • He’s a proper gent, according to Tara Reade. #digitalpredator

  • 2/10ths of 1% or .002 of 900,000,000,000 in waste fraud and abuse?? Why that’s only $1,800,000,000 in waste fraud and abuse. That’s a lot of money, Joe. It’s almost enough decorate a Beijing luxury hotel in Hunter Biden artworks.
    It’s also a percentage that is laughably, unbelievably, low when dealing with federal programs

    • Math. Not his strong suit unless it deals with personal profits.

  • Biden, what a first class moron.

  • What a zinger. Do you think Biden sniffed her?
    Not for lack of trying I presume.
    The guy is creepy.

    1.8B dollars is a lot of fraud and waste; and Biden is happy with that.
    This is how experts and professional politicians see tax payer money. It’s time Alaska to remove these experts who got us 28T dollars of debt, 20 years of feckless wars, the Patriot Act with spying and secret courts, vaccine mandates, executive branch overreach, and erratic natural resource management.
    It’s time Alaska, vote third party.

  • 1.8 billion is enough to give 4000 illegal s the $450.000 Biden is promising them for there inconvenience.

  • Joe can see the nude pics on Hunter’s laptop while he explain’s to Beau’s widow that Hunter got the bad genes. Let’s Go, Brandon!

  • If they are going to continue making Alaska the butt of the I can see Russia from my house joke. Then! I believe Alaska should take the joke back and Own it! Hahahaha. Learn to laugh and live a little other than live in a humiliated state of mind.
    Afterall Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona have Mexico in its backyard, while Alaska lives right next door to Russia, we are practically a Kayak trip away!

    • Many alaskans have family there and take skip rides across the Bering strait to visit them. They only stopped going when an outbreak of tuberculosis kept them away. Many didn’t return after overturning in the sometimes rough Waters.

  • You’ve got to be kidding me that he is touting the most unsuccessful project in US history as a success! Remember when Obama said that ‘the shovel ready jobs turned out not to be so shovel ready’ – “”

    GDP boomed to about 1% from this project and the majority of the funds were completely unaccounted for. Shame on Don Young for supporting another failed policy that hurts our economy rather than helps it!

  • The guy’s brain is applesauce, but he remembers her smacking him around. Must have stung something fierce, eh Joe?

  • That bully Biden! he’s got his school ground too play in! and he’s got his wife! Nurse, dumb ass, Jill Biden, running the National association of??? Your, Federal funded schools? by the means, of tax payers dollers!?

    Jeez, Joe~! we having fun yet? You are a nasty!

    I, remember, mean boys on the school grounds! and they didn’t like me much!
    Go figure? back then you just hit them! call it good.
    We was good with just a teasing ass boys!

    But Nowdays???

    Nowadays, I would get shot…or beat and or rape and the school systems, will pass it off!
    I could just go on forever on this one again….

    Joe, you are being a vindictive, asshole, on the playground of America! and we see it!

  • Sarah who?

  • Was that before or after the big guys 10% ?

  • Don, you sold us out to China in this Bill. It is what you are not saying about this bill that exposes you as part of the swamp! The deep items like China getting to build electric cars and batteries for the USA so Xiden can kill the oil industry. You are a traitor!

  • Biden: I can smell Palin from my ….. Look a squirrel!

  • Hunter Biden!

  • Palin gets no credibility from the rest of the world.

  • I’m no Palin fan, but what was the point of snarking her? She had little, if any, relevancy in this fight.

    Plugs forget his meds again?

  • This is somewhat refreshing.

    Ten years ago a website like this would have been chock full of Obama loyalists snarking on Palin and in sympathetic agreement with Biden.

    The worm has turned. The Obama People, always having been the Yes Men for Black Rock and Goldman Sachs, were never going to get behind a real change agent like Sanders. So they backed Obama’s VP, who was deeply corrupted and compromised by foreign powers: Joe Biden.

    Palin herself always understood that the Obama Movement was phony, and now its mendacious nature has finally come to pass.

    Eric Hoffer wrote that all Mass Movements start out as Movements, turn into businesses, and end up as rackets. That’s what happened to the once optimistic Obama Movement.

    It’s nice to see Palin vindicated, but there’s a terrible cost to her being right all along.

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