Trump effect: Wyoming Republican Party votes to expel Rep. Liz Cheney from party


The Wyoming Republican Party on Saturday voted narrowly, 31-29, to no longer recognize Rep. Liz Cheney as a member of the party.

The vote comes eight months after the Alaska Republican Party did the same, voting to not only censure Sen. Lisa Murkowski, but to also ask her to leave the party. The Alaskan Republicans also voted to search for another candidate to run, and in June endorsed candidate Kelly Tshibaka.

The Alaska vote to censure Murkowski was a landslide at 77 percent in favor of the censure resolution, which was offered by House District 23 Chairman Kris Warren of Anchorage.

In Cheney’s case, this was the second vote taken against her. The first was a censure of her after her vote to impeach President Donald Trump in February. During that vote, only eight of the Wyoming GOP’s 74-member central committee opposed the resolution to censure.

Murkowski, too, voted to convict Trump during that impeachment, which occurred after Trump was no longer in office. That’s what got her in deep trouble with her base back home in Alaska. She has not attended a Republican event since that fateful March vote and can have no support from any of the Republican affiliates, including women’s clubs, which often provide lots of volunteers for candidates.

While Murkowski has just one viable opponent in Tshibaka, Cheney faces at least four Republicans who want to unseat her in the 2022 primary. One of them, attorney Harriet Hageman, has been endorsed by Trump, just as Alaskan Tshibaka has Trump’s endorsement.

Cheney has long been considered a moderate but has recently yanked the wheel of her political expression to the left, angering conservatives across the nation even more than at home in Wyoming.

Although Alaska Republicans are strongly anti-Murkowski in the polls, Alaska’s senior senator has enjoyed support from the middle and left, and she has the financial backing of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, a fundraising PAC that supports her incumbency.

Cheney has been U.S. representative for Wyoming since 2017.

Seventeen Republican members of Congress voted to impeach or convict President Donald Trump for incitement of insurrection following the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Of those, six have been censured, and five have been rebuked by their state parties.


  1. Lynne Cheney and I are both stripped of our memberships in Republican Women’s Clubs because of our silly daughters. I really miss being with all the old biddies and having tea and crumpets at noon. At least Frankie and I have been welcomed at various Democrat Club functions in Alaska. Dick and Lynne aren’t that popular with any political club. We told them to wear their crowns proudly, as we do, and learn to smoke marijuana with the Democrats and attend more hot tub parties.

  2. It’s about time that Liz Cheney and the rest of these RINOs receive their just desserts. They are certainly no Republicans. Nor is anyone else who doesn’t kowtow and genuflect regarding all things Trump. And to tell you the truth, I’m starting to wonder if Mr. Trump himself is a real conservative. We don’t need any of these silly notions like independent thinking, convictions and ideals. We need lock-step and goose step conservatives who ignore the status quo of science, democracy, civil society, government handouts (like PFDs) and lefty notions of compromise. We need more people to follow the directives of Q and real right wing social media so they don’t get sidetracked from the Plan and don’t have to actually think for themselves too much. We don’t want to end up like those God forsaken socialist countries Denmark, Canada or the UK with their shoddy health care services. A real conservative admires those free enclaves like Saudi Arabia, Myanmar and North Korea where they don’t put up with any independent nonsense.

    • Correct, Dean. We need more enlightened people like Hilary Clinton, Obama, John Kerry, Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi in office, so we can go to Third World status and learn Chinese and Spanish, and ride one-speed bikes to the factories and collective farms. Tsai chien, amigo!

    • Thank you, Dean, for the best laugh I have had in quite a while….you are quite the comical….

      Oh, you were sarcastically serious? Really?

      I still do not have any idea what ‘Q’ is, and is there any such thing as ‘right wing social media’? Does such a thing exist? Please enlighten me, as I partake within NO social media, no matter what wing associative within it…

      And as unto those Godforsaken Nations of Denmark, Canada, or the UK, I can only speak unto one of them, the UK, within shoddy health care, as I only know one personally from that Nation and garner from them, personally, just how shoddy that health care is for them, within detail.

      So as unto the enclaves of Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, and North Korea, well, as those are controlled almost completely by the ‘ruling’ class without exception unto the ‘ruled’ populace, well, that seems a leftists dream, but I digress…

      As unto Trump…I would tend to agree with you, that he is not a ‘classic’ Conservative, so much as what is defined as a ‘classic’ Conservative within today’s terminology, or definition…

      What I WOULD describe Trump is a pragmatist, thus seeking out the best outcome within decision making versus making decisions based upon an ideology, which, honestly, made, and makes him so dangerous unto BOTH sides of the entrenched political machine, or ‘swamp’, as it were, that has existed within our ‘leadership’, politically speaking, for many years, and which scares the hell out of ALL of them…

      And that is the issue at the forefront of that which causes fear unto those such as you, DEAN, within that the status quo holds no real relevance, beyond what you, and those that believe as you, no matter from ‘which’ side, that a belief within leading from a pragmatic stance, dissolves any ideological stance over the populace that you, and they, so wish to control and believe within, even though you, and they, are simply pawns because you allow it to be so, and are proud of said acquiescence, so proud that you demand said such from all others, and are completely dumbfounded when so many not only resist your demands, but out rightly defy, within individual strength, your demands, whilst mocking them, and shockingly, daring you to bring those demands unto them directly and personally, should your conviction be so strong, which of course, it is not, because you fear the result because your conviction is nothing but a word, whereas those you would come before, no matter your bravado, no matter your empty threat, would be prepared within action, and action is not something one such as you and yours could ever stand against, because, well, those with only empty words and threats, are within themselves cowards, and cowards they ever shall be, no matter their supposed numbers…once you, and they, face true adversity, you, and they, shall always run away, throwing bravado over their shoulders as they do so…

  3. Well, it’s about time that Wyoming GOP ousted her. What puzzles me is how and why they even elected her to federal office in the first place. She’s even worse than Princess Lisa, if that’s possible.

    • Suzanne, I am puzzled by your deletion of my (appropriate) description of Liz Cheney as a “traitorous neocon hag”, which was perhaps harsh but certainly not uncivil. Why such wholesale editing of comments suddenly?

      • I am trying to reduce the level of nastiness in comments. It tends to breed more of the same, and it’s not that civil. – sd

        • OK Suzanne, fair enough. I realize that I can at times go “over the line” in my comments here, and I have never considered harsh references to non-posters as being potentially “uncivil”, but I can understand your perspective on this matter. Thanks for responding.

    • She was elected and re-elected based on solid conservative principles and routine votes according to conservative principles. She got cross-threaded with many in the GOP because she refused to bow down to el Donaldo. The Republican Party is the middle of a fight about whether to stay true to principles or succumb to personality based politics. Right now, personality based politics is dominating but, like most personality based phenomenon, it will fade.

      • I don’t think so, Joe. The number one reason Democrats hated Donald Trump is because of his personality. Democrats seemed pretty content with the military keeping them safe, the borders secured, the economy and markets at all time highs, employment running low and crime at an all time low. Democrats are all about envy, jealousy, a hatred for Christianity, and a love for Big Government. Trump was the outsider who won an election on his first try ever. An outsider. Not a politician. Dressed to the nines. Beautiful women in tow. Outstanding and respectful children who are loyal. No drugs or alcohol. A bit of a braggard. A billionaire tycoon. Those traits really compounded a hatred by Democrats. It was all about Trump’s personality.

        • …..and huge Successes. Democrats hate independent, successful people. Their hate dissipates a little bit, if the government is involved. Pure effing ENVY!

  4. THANK GOD!!! I think the tide is changing. It’s been a rude awakening for we America loving Patriots! We had become lazy about our freedom. Well, it’s time to take the bull by the horns. GOD BLESS AMERICA….

  5. Liz Cheney, you are a traitor to your country and a criminal for supporting the Biden organized crime family in running our nation into the dirt! When the arrests come from Durham’s indictments, I hope you are caught up in his net.

  6. I don’t see it as a “Trump Effect”
    Constitutionalists and conservatives are just sick and tired of being sold a bill of goods that does
    nothing to ensure our freedoms. It’s all slavery to the state.
    There is literally no daylight between a majority of the republicans and democrats.
    It’s all a grift. We are no more than a large source of income for these idiots.

  7. The part about Cheney being a moderate makes my brain freeze. She is rock solid, hard core conservative, but not a Trump traitorial Republican. She actually seems to believe that there is a place for both conservatives and liberals within democracy, but hopes conservatives prevail. And she realizes that she might not win every time but doesn’t quit fighting for the cause. Mitt’s that way, too.
    I wonder if the time has come when the GOP, under the guise of Party of Trump, will start eating their own.

    • Homo, do you just automatically spout and defend the opposite of reality in every one of your posts? It certainly seems that way.
      Liz Cheney is a diehard neocon, which is to say, no conservative at all. She is nothing more than a political opportunist and stalwart defender of the corrupt, illegitimate and tottering status-quo power structure in all of its rotten manifestations. Liz Cheney is a traitor to everything good, decent and honest, much like most other members of Con-gress, particularly Princess Lisa and Queen Nancy.

  8. Trump rubbed her the wrong way, and she has a score to settle. She hasn’t done anything for Wyoming, doesn’t even live there. Hope she gets the boot, GOP needs solidarity more than ever. I live in LA, and AK definitely doesn’t want what I see daily!

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