Anchorage survey shows the vaccinated are catching Covid, and breakthrough is not as rare as official sources report


WEKA, which operates a monoclonal antibody infusion center at the former Golden Lion Hotel on 36th Avenue, has been open since early October, and has been collecting voluntary data from Covid patients who have received the treatment and are offered a survey.

To date, the survey suggests that a majority of people coming into the center for the treatment have already been vaccinated for Covid-19, and yet have become infected and are checking in for the treatment, the goal of which is to help prevent hospitalizations, reduce viral loads, and lessen symptom severity.

According to information obtained by Must Read Alaska, out of 235 patients who took the post-therapy WEKA survey, 197 had never had Covid-19 prior to the infection that led them to the WEKA center.

The takeaway is that of the 237 people who were treated for Covid with MAB, 135 were vaccinated (109 of which were vaccinated twice), and only 65-89 were unvaccinated. The conclusion may be that the pandemic is not among the unvaccinated, as President Biden claims.

The survey was voluntary and some of the participants did not answer all questions the same way.

For these clients, most had been vaccinated. Out of the 235 clients, 70 had not been vaccinated, while 125 had been vaccinated. That means 30 percent of the clients have been unvaccinated, while over 53 percent of the clients had been vaccinated. Three could not recall, and 12 preferred to not disclose their vaccination status.

Of the ones who had been vaccinated, 109 of them had received two doses of a two-dose series. Twelve more had had the two doses plus a booster shot.

The survey points to the increase in breakthrough cases of Covid, which is a phenomenon that has been characterized by medical officials at the CDC as rare.

“However, vaccine breakthrough infections occur in only a small fraction of all vaccinated persons and account for a small percentage of all COVID-19 cases,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports on its website.

Monoclonal antibody treatment is only available for those with a positive Covid diagnosis, and not all who sign up for it are eligible.

Monoclonal antibody treatment is available to individuals who:

  • Are high risk for developing severe Covid-19 and
  • Have a positive Covid-19 test and have not yet been admitted to the hospital and
  • Are 12 years of age or older (and at least 88 pounds) and
  • Are suffering from mild to moderate Covid-19

Contact the WEKA website if you get a positive test for Covid and are not needing hospitalization.

Other questions from the survey:


  1. After rigorous human trials the science is coming in. Many doctors were worried about vaccinating a healthy population during a pandemic. Let alone vaccinating with a new therapy delivered by MRNA technology. The question unknown is whether the vaccinated will ever develop immunity. Another scenario is auto immune dependence where the vaccinated live from one booster to the next, hoping the booster will cover the latest variant.
    Others have taken covid 19 head on surviving as thought, at odds of 99.8%. These individuals now have possible life long immunity.
    If one was able to take notes at the covid symposium a few weeks back or read must Read Alaska articles on the symposium, you’d know of a protocol that appears to be affective in reducing the severity of the covid 19 disease. Above all else children should avoid the JAB as they have a approximately one in a million chance of death from covid 19.
    Information now suggests that the MRNA may interfere at a cellular level, and may be detrimental to the entire immune system.

    • They might not be as rare as thought, but at least most of them are staying out of the hospital and staying alive.

      • Right homo, like Gibraltar being the most vaccinated country on Earth today.
        The average is 2.7 doses per person.

        Despite its successful vaccine policies, the country is going through another huge spike in cases.

        • Gibraltar, seriously? More whack-a-mole.
          Gibraltar has a population just a little bigger than Fairbanks of Juneau.
          While a huge spike in a population of around 34,000 people is noteworthy for those 34,000 people and the 61 new daily infected…well I’m really not sure why anyone outside of those in that small city would find it particularly noteworthy.

          • It is noteworthy, Steve, for the statistical evidence that it provides that the so-called “vaccines” (sic) do not and can not stop the spread of the Wuhan Virus, and may in fact be facilitating and enhancing its spread.

          • It wasn’t but 3-4 weeks ago that Fairbanks had well more than 61 daily cases day in and day out while during the same timeframe Juneau had 10-20 cases daily. The difference is Fairbanks had a 51%+/- vaccination rate while Juneau had an 80%+/- vaccination rate, do you consider that statistical evidence proving the vaccine works or do you just disregard all the information that proves you wrong?

          • O?
            Ever the dedicated Faucciite.
            The point is that if the magical clot shot worked the first time or the second time or the third time, these spikes could not happen in such places.
            The fact of the matter is that the huge study in Israel shows that natural immunity is 27 times better than the clot shot. That doesn’t say that natural immunity happens to be just so much better with the China virus than with other viruses. It is saying that the effectiveness of the clot shot is just so very much more useless (or worse) than actual vaccines.

          • Matt,
            You haven’t actually read that study have you? You’re simply repeating something somebody told you, aren’t you? No reason to answer, we both know that you haven’t read that study.

          • Funny. I was going to say the same about you. Oh wait. I did . Elsewhere.
            You see what you want to see and just ignore the fact that the clot shot is dangerous and ineffective.

  2. It’s like the flu. It’s here to stay, and getting vaccinated is no guarantee you won’t catch it.

    Past time to learn to live with Covid, not live in fear of it.

    • True, and vaccination helps protect from needing hospitalization and death. It’s easy to see those who fear it, has been for a long time…they are the ones who make up all kinds of conspiracy theories about any and everything having to do with covid. Some claim vaccination doesn’t work even though it’s been proven to reduce hospitalization and death. It’s sad that so many are still so scared over something that isn’t really that scary.

      • Don’t need any conspiracy theories to know that I don’t need any vaccines. Have not taken a single shot my entire adult life. Not for flu, not for wuflu. Still kickin.

        You have a point Steve-O, the fear surrounding the flu and covid is pretty ridiculous. Why take a shot for something that has a 98% survival rate? Really?

        What is truly something to fear, is the government overreach into all our lives over something that clearly will not wipe out humanity.

      • Apples and oranges.
        This clot shot is not the same as the flu shot. Comparatively, the clot shot is immeasurably more dangerous than the flu shot (which is actually a vaccine). The vast, vast majority of people need neither. Whether the flu shot is necessary and worth the risk is arguable for the general population. It is demonstrably not a good gamble to take the clot shot for the China virus.

  3. I would have thought that people who had two and in a small percentage of the cases three shots and tested positive for covid we’re in the mild version of the disease. I think the mono antibody was meant for people who got sick and in the early stages we’re trying to head off the disease before they ended up in the hospital. Not for people who were already protected somewhat if not fully protected from getting a bad case of the disease. Not for people who are panicking and their disease would likely get no worse because they’ve had previous rounds of shots.

    • Anecdotal only, I know, but most that I know that did not have more than one comorbidity got the China virus without getting the clot shot and came through the other side quite easily. Not even hardly a bad cold.
      Well, except for my brother, but HCQ kicked it quite easily once we were able to get ahold of it.

    • Greg,

      Your efforts to ‘splain away the ineffectiveness of the ‘vaccine’ are only making your case weaker. One would think a ‘vaccine’ would prevent the disease—wouldn’t they? “You don’t get as sick” is a pretty lame excuse for “immunization” not being achieved as the result of the jab. I think the people trying to reverse the ‘side effects’ of the ‘vaccine’ are looking for any help they can get, including the monoclonal treatment, since the ‘vaccine’ did not perform as promised by certain weasels. Strange how ivermectin cured India and it is being denied in America. Something (lots of something) is not right in “river city”.

      By the way, how are you doing after your recent hospital stay from being “not as sick”? Hope all is well for youl.

      • I never had to go to the hospital. My blood oxygen saturation got down to 91% for a few hours but then came back up. I don’t know anyone that’s had any side effects from getting the vaccines. You would hope that the vaccines did make you immune to whatever disease you’re trying to prevent but that’s not the way they work all the time. People still get sick from the flu of varying degrees each year after having a flu shot and the common cold adenovirus changes so frequently that no vaccine is effective. Some people are so hell-bent on being anti-vax so they are looking to downplay it’s effectiveness anyway they can by some secondary treatment that comes along. Now they have pills so you can take instead of getting a shot. Remember When the vaccine first came down it had to be kept really cold, and then they developed a version that could be kept in a regular refrigerator. Now they have pills. They have worm medicine. That’s just called progress. But people shouldn’t chastise the steps that lead to progress.

        • I had basically no symptoms when I got sick without having gotten the clot shot.
          I’m over 50. I’m a bit portly (I don’t say fat, because I’m still so handsome), and I’m not in the best health. No clot shot. Now natural immunity. The only gold standard. And if I had gotten sick, I would’ve just used ivermectin or at least HCQ if I couldn’t get the better stuff and that would’ve kicked it without having to get the dangerous clot shot.

  4. Thank you Suzanne for publishing this. Three weeks ago I asked AK Health services, Gov Office, several legislators and mayors to add break through cases and deaths to the COVID Dashboard. It is safe to assume our monopoly healthcare provider in AK is already collecting this data so why not add it to the dashboard. It would take the crypto veneer off that many claim surrounds the mRNA vaccine.

    This transparency would provide Alaskans and Americans with actionable data, evidence to base vaccination decision upon. Actual numbers that denote the vaccine’s effectiveness without the lens of government protectionism nor the veil of big pharma influence.

    We deserve, as federal taxpayers, what our money is paying for and if it is worth the expenditure. Otherwise this stinks like crony-capitalism where special interest and government bureaucrats determine market winners and losers using taxpayer funds.

  5. Take away:
    People being infected are due for booster.
    People aren’t getting very sick when they get it.
    Thanks for posting SD!

    • A booster at less than 6 months? Seems ineffective, inefficient, and incongruent with the definition of vaccine; unless we use the newly minted one from the CDC. Do you think it’s the variants’ ability to circumnavigate the synthesized vaccine or merely the vaccine’s capability?

      • But experts say that over vaccination in a population (especially with a particularly ineffective vaccine) will often cause worse variants.

  6. Nobody is denying breakthrough cases. That is why masks, social distancing and not gathering in large group are still encouraged and mandated. The more people that are vaccinated, the less breakthrough cases. Fauci told us this two years ago when the pandemic started.

    • Yeah, and Fauci lies as well as his flip flopping. In the Fall of 2019, he stated that there would never be a reason for someone to walk around with a face diaper too!

      • Yup, and lets not forget he also said using a PCR test with amplification rates in the high 30s would result in nothing but false positives.
        That didn’t keep them from doing just that to inflate the Covid numbers until the day of Biden’s inauguration where they announced they were lowering the amplification rate down to the 20s resulting in a massive decline in cases.
        Media then praised Biden as being responsible for lowering the Covid case numbers in a matter of weeks of being in office.

        • There is a group of good, young kids that were going to the National Catholic Youth Conference. Plans made. Tickets bought. Hopes of fun and spiritual growth. Until the kids got their required pcr tests. At the last minute about half don’t get to go. On the flip of a coin of a damned useless test on a virus that isn’t spread by the asymptomatic – which teenagers often are.
          I’m not saying that I hope those kids have it, but imagine the disappointment when they miss out and some of them don’t get so much as a sniffle.
          Once again victims of anti science hysteria from busybody bureaucrats.

    • How long do you want too live that way? just asking?
      Forever? There will always!!!! be threats of flipping bugs!
      Did you escape from HIV, CHICKEN POX’s?, that leads too
      shingles….and is a HERPES VIRUS? Let’s talk about FLU’s,
      did I forget about Black Plague, Spanish Flu’s, Polio, SARS-COVID,
      your bug that’s been around? How about bacterias? lets try are MERC’s
      Have you ever been treated for a STD?

      When? does the madness end?
      You all have bugs….SORRY!

        • Greg, you must be a walking, and I hope, shot and booster factory!

          As unto myself, I have had shingles at a young age, though no shingles shot that I am aware of.

          I have had measles, even after a measles shot at a very young age.

          I have had chicken pox, twice, though no remembrance of a chicken pox shot, though it may have happened…

          I have had pneumonia several times, yet had no pneumonia shot.

          I have had bronchitis at least twice, yet had no bronchitis shot.

          I have had various versions of the flu, yet have had various flu shots.

          I have had innumerable colds, yet have had no cold shots.

          I am old enough to have been exposed unto maladies such as various bird flus, swine flus, aids, Ebola, global cooling, global warming, apple seeds have cyanide, etc…

          I have also sustained such injuries within my lifetime that I could alert a metal detector whence passing through whilst naked…

          I have been exposed to Covid over and over again since October of 2019, without a test, nor shot, but yet have experienced NO symptoms, so I have no idea whether I have ever been ‘positive’ within said regard, though I fully expect that were I to allow said ‘test’, it would most likely show positive, as the test itself promotes said same result…

          So I wonder, Greg…which one of us is more ‘safe’ within regard unto our own health?

          You, the experimental man, or me, the natural man?

          • I just speak a different language than what is readily understood these days. Call it dinosaur language, old fogie, baby boomer, most people under the age of 50 don’t even know where I’m coming from because they’ve lived a sheltered life or haven’t been exposed to the workings of the world outside of CNN and Don lemon and Rachel maddow. When I was learning and growing up, we got three TV channels and the third one was iffy depending on the weather and the reception and aluminum foil on the rabbit ears. It wasn’t a remote control. You watched what your dad wanted to watch. I used to hate dragnet and Star Trek the original series. We used to have plastic play guns and used to play war out in the streets and in the neighbor’s yards. I had a sweet little machine gun nest in the side yard across the street. We used to go out and play and get hurt and get dirty. People today don’t understand that because they didn’t live that life and I think it affected their ability to learn. Those synapses never got developed.

          • I’m still trying to keep the old ways alive.
            All of my kids all the way down to the four-year-old know that when I ask them where the clicker is, I am asking for a remote.

  7. Sweeney, did you read the same article as I did? Your conclusion is simply not supported by the numbers. In fact, the data clearly points to the opposite of what your conclusion is. A vaccine in the pre 2021 definition should prevent sickness and death. The CDC published numbers show that neither category shrunk as the number of those who received the “vaccine” soared. Please stop with your efforts to misinform.

  8. It is good to see that someone is finally taking the initiative to see that the majority of breakthrough COVID-19 cases is among the vaccinated. The CDC has changed their definition of what a vaccine is and how it works in the body because their vaccine does not work like a traditional vaccine and they know this. They have also admitted it has lost it’s efficacy (if it ever had it) and are pushing the boosters. This vaccine is the biggest money making Ponzi scheme (36 billion so far) ever devised in the history of the world. They have made the world fear (through a corrupt media) a virus that isn’t worth fearing and it has driven people to place an experimental vaccine in their bodies (Guinea Pigs) that no one knows the long term effects of. This is not to say there isn’t plenty of data of what it is doing to adults and children. Blood clots, Myocarditis, Pericarditis, Miscarriages, Paralysis and Death. Again, would a sane person place this predominantly untested vaccine in their body, when there are effective treatments to allow your body to naturally beat it? I have never seen such a naïve and trusting populace unwilling to hit the pause button before potentially ruining their health. The monsters in Big Pharma and the World Economic Forum are laughing all the way to the bank! Here is a good representation of what this so called vaccine does once it is in your body and how it alters your cells. The video and audio are a little off but you will get the idea of what this immunologist is detailing. I recently showed this to my son to inform him of what is possibly happening in his body and discourage him from getting the booster which will compound the problem. It is a little scary, brace yourself.


  9. Vaxxers like Sweeney and Greg have to live in the world of denialism.
    They are advocates of the experimental gene therapy – they have created their own internal narrative that they will never deviate from – to do so would be admitting they made a serious mistake relative to their long term health, for a virus that if you are 69yo or younger have a 99.997% of survival.
    Boosters for ever.
    You compromised your God given natural immune system.
    You got played – listening to BigPharma, the Feds, the corporate medical establishment, the MSM, and Fauci – classic propaganda that the Sheeple always OBEY.
    Your long term health is in jeopardy – I truly pray for you and yours.

    • Thanks for praying for me. I don’t know if it works or not but I’ll take it. You know the same argument can be made for your stand. Some people for political reasons refuse to do anything the government wants them to do. It’s not that I’m trying to cover up my beliefs. There’s probably two thirds of the people on this blog that got the shots. As a person in my sixties, I wasn’t willing to risk not getting a shot. People that got the shots don’t need to explain to you or anyone why they made that decision. My body my shot isn’t that what you all say? So get off your high horse and that everybody do what they want to do. I certainly don’t care if you got the shot or not. Actually I hope you didn’t.

  10. These numbers don’t add up. It seems this writer is stretching and manipulating data to suit her purpose or she’s outright lying (she’s an ignorant antivaxxer)! Everyone who encounters the virus ‘gets’ it. The scientists know that. Vaccinated people just have the huge benefit and advantage of their immune systems recognizing and responding quickly to/attacking the invader which keeps most well and/or out of the hospital. At this point, MANY of Alaska’s unvaxxed have recently had Delta so have a recently acquired immunity. The vast majority of the vaxxed who are symptomatic are quite elderly so haven’t mounted a full immune response and were vaccinated in January and February so may have had their vaccine fade somewhat in efficacy. They were expected to get sick but the vaccine has kept the vast majority out of hospital. This data is highly misleading!!

    • With respect, readers MRAK know that this writer is vaccinated and got the booster on top of it. This writer is not anti-vax, but pro-freedom. – sd

      • That’s what everybody claims to be on here Suzanne. In the beginning It was fear driven by many, and for the other side they were still angry about the election results. So they turned the vaccine and governments mandates into a political decision with their health. I know a few people that didn’t get the shots that wish they had. Some of them died. Some people forget about all the people that died from this. They’ve got that survival rate tattooed inside their brain and like a horse with blinders in a race can only see straight ahead. The tunnel vision itself can be blinding.

        • No Greg. Many of us have been observing the corruption in government and the close relationship of pharma lobbyists and our representatives for time long before the election. We have seen the system attempt to stoke fear with a “pandemic” every couple years.
          Swine, Bird, Zika, etc.. Each time they try harder and harder to get more jabs into us. We do not resist because of politics, we resist because it threatens our way of life. To live free and be fully responsible for our own medical decisions.
          Yes, you may see some tired old repeated buzz words and such, but maybe consider that people like you are not listening to our warnings, so we will continue to use the weapons available to us.

          As far as people dying during this current “pandemic”. Yes, people die, daily. This is the cycle of life and death in this world. No amount of government intervention or medical chemicals are going to stop that. Your time will come. My time will come. Until that time comes, I will live free.

        • Greg, that was a bit of a cheap shot and an illogical leap.
          Many of us, yes, are angry about the election and it is exacerbated by the sting of having such a useless, destructive loser ensconced in the White House.
          But most of us were seeing that idiot Faucci for what he is very early. We were decrying the hysteria very early. We would be against the fascism of the mandate of a dangerous and useless clot shot regardless.
          If Trump were to back such unConstitutional tyranny (which he wouldn’t), he would’ve lost much support. This issue (the mandate) is a big enough issue that he would’ve gone from hero to villain with this one issue. Even if this clot shot were necessary or safe or effective (But then who would care if people chose to get it? I think flu shots are largely stupid, but I don’t give a tinker’s damn if people get them.) it would still be high treachery to coerce or force American citizens to get it.

    • Hold on a minute here.
      You wrote “Many of AK unvaxxed have recently had Delta, so they have….. immunity” This statement alone undermines your entire premise. If unvaxxed individuals were able to manage to acquire immunity without the help of the vaccine, why would they want a vaccine now? For that matter, why would most healthy individual need one, if a regular Covid infection gives them great immunity and they are still around and kicking?
      You also make the point of discovery we found early in this disease process, that elderly patients are more susceptible to the virus and despite the vaccine according to you are expected to get sick. This has nothing to do with their immune response, but more to do with the stress of an infection on an aging physical system.
      You claim “everyone who encounters covid ‘gets it'”. If the vaccine actually created adequate antibodies then the majority of cases here should really “not get it” yet they have enough of the virus load to present a positive test and are eligible for early treatment.

  11. All three members of my immediate family were fully vaccinated and then contracted the Wuhan Chinese virus, Indian edition. We all took the monoclonal, we all quarantined and are all fine. I received my “booster” the old fashioned way.

  12. But no word, no historical data, from any source, official or otherwise, on how many “breakthrough” episodes happened to people with natural immunity…
    Wonder why.

    • It’s reported all over the world, they aren’t called “breakthrough” cases but reinfection. The AK DHSS reported through the end of September that “A total of 1,581 SARS-CoV-2 reinfections were documented among Alaska residents since the beginning of the pandemic; 13 persons were reinfected twice (i.e., counted as a case 3 times).”

      • Wow! O said something I can agree with?
        Buy apocalypse insurance!
        (Actually, I think it’s free, but you get the idea.)

      • Were all those truly “reinfected”, Steve, or merely tested ‘positive’ via PCR analysis more than once? There is a big difference there, as we all know (although some, like you, deny it) that the PCR analysis, which is not truly a diagnostic test, significantly inflates the reported number of ‘cases’, and often leads to false positives.

        • Jeff,
          Why do you make a habit out of inventing things entirely out of whole cloth? I have never said anything about PCR tests and their accuracy, never. So while you jump around yelling at passerby’s you are missing an opportunity to try and have an actual conversation, one where you might find that you would learn a thing or two some time instead of simply repeating talking points.

  13. Your sample is biased towards people who use medical services. Vaccines aren’t force-fields…. And your conclusions are unwarranted and nonsensical.

  14. Happy to report that I have not taken any shots, jabs, boosters, pills, serums, placebos, or snake oil.
    Still alive.
    Still healthy.

    Proof that nothing works.


  15. Covid is Nasty! Unfortunately being a Coronavirus like Influenza and common cold, it’s not going away. The vaccines and boosters will only encourage the hardworking virus to mutate into a more resistant virus increasing the likelihood not only will the vaccinated and unvaccinated dying from a more nastier future covid virus.
    Good chance You and I will be reinfectrd again. I been hearing some residents got covid 3 times!
    Until that day arrives we need our Early treatments and early medicines like Monoclonal antibody, Ivemectin and HCQ, even a over the counter common covid19 flu cold syrup.

    I am glad I did get the covid19 All Naturally. Now! my body’s immune system has had exposure and experience fighting agianst the nasty little virus. I am Thankful I got it when Mayor Bronson and Anchorage Health department director made the Monoclonal Antibody clinic available, else I probably end up with long term Covid related health issues after my recovery.
    I say! For being unvaccinated I got over covid FAST with the Monoclonal Antibody treatment. But also I am not Fat! I hardly eat out! I hardly and rarely eat processed boxed and frozen foods, my meals and desserts are cooked from scratch, I take vitamins, and I daily walk, and I never put foreign substances into my system all my life( no alcohol and no drugs.) The Covid19 time is not a good time for anyone to have a history of poor diet, low exercise, no vitamin supplements, and alcohol and drug use including Cigarettes and Marijuana.
    Covid runs your body like a marathon race, and you need all the physical strength and Godly wisdom you have built up prior to your covid infection to reach the victory. To prevent longterm covid19 issues, you need the early treatment.

  16. With 160,000 (November 14th) fully vaccinated residents in the Anchorage Municipality and rising there will be some VB cases and the percent of such cases will rise as numbers of vaccinated folks rise. If everyone were vaccinated 100% of cases would be VB cases. If no one were vaccinated 100% of cases would be in the not-vaccinated and there would be no (zero, nada, 0) VB cases. Based on the findings of the original clinical trials it was expected (and no one tried to hide the fact) the mRNA vaccines would result in about 5% VB cases of lesser seriousness than a case in the not-vaccinated population. The J&J vaccine came out somewhat less effective. It has been seen the effectiveness has waned somewhat (but not to a very great extent) with time and as new variants have emerged. So, on the time frame of the clinical trials, it is expected that on the order of at least 5% of the fully vaccinated population will get a mild case of COVID-19; a much smaller percentage will get a serious case. At today’s numbers, in the Anchorage Municipality, that would suggest there could be , around 8000 cumulative VB cases or more and still be what is expected. The DHSS data is available for your own processing at https(colon slash slash) covid-19-csv-files-database-alaska-dhss(dot)hub(dot)arcgis(dot)com
    DHSS addresses the status of VB cases in its weekly and monthly reports available online (SD referenced the last two monthly reports earlier, I believe)

    Gotta go – more later maybe.

        • If we had accurate (no coverups, and now we see that Pfizer lied bigly about its safety in clinicals) numbers we might very well see that the clot shot is more deadly than the virus (the day ain’t over yet, nor the decade).
          However, even with low numbers, we know that these clot shots have killed more with bad reactions per 100,000 than all vaccines of the past 20 years combined. That should be a big deal. In any other time, these clot shots would’ve been pulled in the first couple of months.

    • Well according the DHSS 370,693 are fully vaccinated and as of November 6th there have been 21,175 vaccine breakthrough cases so there’s been a 5.7% vaccine breakthrough rate, why would they lie to us about such a thing? These vaccines don’t work at all!!! Oh right that means that 94.3% of those vaccinated haven’t caught covid after having been vaccinated. Makes you wonder what the numbers look like for the unvaccinated…
      Since we know that there are roughly 730,000 Alaskans and 370,693 have been vaccinated, that means about 359,000 haven’t been vaccinated. DHSS is reporting that there have been 141,249 total covid cases, let’s take the vaccinated out of the equation. That leaves about 359,000 Alaskans and 120,074 covid cases, so about 33% of those who are unvaccinated make up 85% of all covid cases in both vaccinated and unvaccinated Alaskans. Some people have had covid two or even three times and some were vaccinated after getting covid so these numbers aren’t exact but ballpark figures.
      Everyone should make their own decisions on this, but they should be informed. You can choose to not be vaccinated and subject yourself the the full force of the lab manufactured Chinese bioweapon (that might just be a naturally occurring virus) and face a 33% chance (as of now) of getting covid. Or you can chose to use a vaccine (there is a choice, not only in getting it but in which one you get) that was developed by advanced medicine that has shown you have a 5% chance of getting covid, and if you get covid your chances being hospitalized or dying are greatly reduced.

      • Steve,
        You are aware that chances of surviving c19 is 99.8 %. One and done and perhaps a life long immunity. NOBODY knows what the long-term effects of the jab will be. Short term effects, according to VAERS is terrible.
        My c19 infection was a six day event and 24 hours or so, very disconcerting. I began the early treatment program on the third day.
        First two days I had swollen and aching glands in my groin and didn’t realize I had covid. On the third day I woke to a terrible sore throat and guessed I had the Chinese flu. Three days later like a switch had been thrown, it was gone.
        I’m grateful that I’m not relying or believing that fauci and the jab will sustain my life.
        That lab manufactured vaccine was in part made by the same individuals that made the lab created bioweapon.

        • Reed, don’t count on lifelong immunity from your first encounter. Like so many aspects of this and other science, that chapter of the “The Book of SARS-CoV-2” is a work in progress but an early October ’21 article in “The Lancet” sheds a little light on it. You can find the article by title on the ‘net: “The durability of immunity against reinfection by
          SARS-CoV-2: a comparative evolutionary study”
          The punch line:
          “Findings: We obtained antibody optical density data for six human-infecting coronaviruses, extending from 128 days to
          28 years after infection between 1984 and 2020. These data provided a means to estimate profiles of the typical
          antibody decline and probabilities of reinfection over time under endemic conditions. Reinfection by SARS-CoV-2
          under endemic conditions would likely occur between 3 months and 5·1 years after peak antibody response, with a
          median of 16 months. This protection is less than half the duration revealed for the endemic coronaviruses circulating
          among humans (5–95% quantiles 15 months to 10 years for HCoV-OC43, 31 months to 12 years for HCoV-NL63, and
          16 months to 12 years for HCoV-229E). For SARS-CoV, the 5–95% quantiles were 4 months to 6 years, whereas the
          95% quantiles for MERS-CoV were inconsistent by dataset.”

          I would guess, though, reinfection illness could be less severe than the initial illness and act in some sense as a “booster.” BTW All or almost all regularly used vaccines are administered as an initial series followed by periodic boosters. Check it out for yourself.

        • Reed,
          You are aware that chances of surviving the vaccination is 99.9999999999%. A shot or two and perhaps a life long immunity. NOBODY knows what the long-term effects of Covid will be.
          I guess I trust western medicine more than I trust your CCP bioweapon. It’s certainly your choice to hope that the long term effects of the CCP bioweapon won’t amount to anything a year or five down the road. We already know that long haul covid is a serious issue affecting up to 60% of certain populations and nearly 40% of all who have had covid…and we’ve only just begun this journey.
          Good luck to those who trust the CCP to have their best interest in mind!

          • Steve, you know that nobody yet knows, and will not know for many years (if even then), what the true survival rate is or will be for those accepting the (non)vaccines for COVID. So your statement above is nothing more than an assertion of blind faith in a corrupt medical and political establishment. And it is for that blind trust you routinely display in the corrupt and illegitimate establishment power structure that I lack respect for you.

          • Jeff,
            “nobody yet knows, and will not know for many years (if even then)”
            That’s the point of what I wrote in response to ReedS comment, good job picking up on it, there’s hope for you yet!

          • Oh? Stevo?
            Did you know that 67.3% of statistics are made up right there on the spot?
            (Higher for you,of course)

          • Yeah you may be going to survive, but at what cost? Surely you must know by now that it screws up your heart and lungs and brain and kidneys. That damage is not repairable so while you may be alive, you may also be fubar for the rest of your life.

        • Those numbers are pure fabrication. The breakthrough rates in other countries are proven to be quite high. That is also confirmed by all of the countries with super high clot shot rates that haven’t shut off their borders are getting slammed with delta right now. Same with Vermont (only decent thing out of Vermont is syrup).
          The clot shot doesn’t work.
          (But don’t worry. I’m sure your 3rd and 4th and 5th boosters will do the trick. Anyone remember when boosters were required so damned rapid fire quickly with a vaccine that claimed 98% effectiveness? Ya. Me neither.)

  17. Clinical trials, Jere? Really?
    Average vaccine takes 10 to 15 years to perform “clinical trials” – this experimetnal gene therapy took 5 months – and now they want ot inject small children who have less than a 1 in a million chance of dying.
    You have way more faith in BigPharma, the WHO, the CDC, the Feds, SloJo, and let us not forget that paragon of ethics and truth telling – Puppy Torturer and minority children AIDS drug testing Fauci.
    Of course, you are a vaxxer – you will never sway from the internal narrative you’ve created for yourself – that’s how Mass Hysteria works right? Denialism is the cornerstone.
    The Sheeple ALWAYS follow propaganda – that’s why facism, totalitarianism, communism, maoism, and nazism worked.

    • Donewithit, you are in denial and deflecting. Just because you announce some view contrary to recorded fact doesn’t make it fact. By all means don’t get vaccinated. Enjoy repeated bouts of infection. Pray the first one doesn’t kill you, make you so sick you wish it had or join you up with the real long-haulers with serious possibly debilitating repercussions for months or for the rest of your life. The probability of that outcome is still being measured but it greatly exceeds death. Or maybe you’re already there? Brain fog is part of the LH spectrum.

  18. We never had a ” pandemic of the unvaccinated” in the United States, we had a pandemic of the untreated. Very early on our so called health experts decided to embark on a new & dangerous health protocol that had never been tried before – don’t treat the illness from the onset of diagnosis, even though there were promising therapeutics that decreased hospitalizations. It was a tragic and epic failure by these buffoons and now Covid is endemic!

    • That’s mostly BS. Very early on very ill people showed up in the hospitals and the professionals did their best to save their lives by treating a new respiratory illness by the best methods known at the time. Their efforts and the knowledge gained through clinical experience resulted in a significant decline, over time, in the case fatality rate but not so substantial a decline in impact on hospitals. I suspect you have no qualifications in science or experience to comment but please do correct me with verifiable evidence to the contrary if it exists.

      Covid is endemic in America because way too many people refused to take appropriate precautionary measures to stop spreading the causative virus around -no masking with effective, properly fitted masks, no social distancing etc. – widespread stupid denial of the threat, even denial of the existence of a threat, etc. We made our bed all by ourselves with a ration of help from real idiots in places of leadership. We have met the enemy and he is us!” Now we can only sit back and enjoy the ride or change our ways substantially.

      • Then what is Providence’s excuse now?
        They are still killing people.
        Jere, get off of the Fauci sauce.
        It’s fogging up your brain.

        • Matthew Myers: I think you mean people are still dying of COVID at Providence? Maybe true, may not be. Where is your data? What you need to provide evidence of is the case fatality rate of patients admitted to Providence with COVID over time. In particular, early in the pandemic and currently. I can’t find such data – please refer me to it. Whet we do know is some folks are staying home until they are on death’s door when they finally give in and somehow get to the hospital when it is too late. At least two examples have been reported in MRAK over the past few months. Can’t blame the hospital – they only have a small allotment of miracles to dish out.

          • I’m obviously talking about Providence not letting people’s own doctors provide the only safe, inexpensive, and effective medications.
            They would rather kill someone than let them have the miracle drugs ivermectin or HCQ.

      • With all due respect, you lament that people did not follow the “measures” as religiously as you would have liked. However I content that these measures prolonged and bread more variants by separating a mostly healthy population and locking them up. From the beginning it was clear that this affected mostly elderly individuals or those with underlying health issues. Instead of continuing normal life (which we did with the H1N1 and all other viruses in the past) and let this virus to run through the healthy population, for whom this posed a minimal risk and develop herd immunity early on, we segregated all and allowed the virus to get a foot hold in families sequestered at home. After almost 2 years of this and a high rate of vaccination, we are still not able to control this disease. And before you lament that so many people died…..this is supposedly a brand new disease, to expect that we have no deaths is irrational and I further content that with early herd immunity many would not have succumbed. I would also like to start counting these numbers by year not total for a more accurate and apple to apples comparison with other ailments that also cause the sufferer to pass.
        You are correct, we have met the enemy and it is the “Big Brother” “one size fits all” authoritarians, who ignore real science, in favor of controlling peoples lives, robbing them of their livelihood if they do not comply!

      • What they found out was the body’s immune system was attacking the virus too aggressively and that is what killed the people. They learned that steroids slowed this attack down and saved people. They were treating the symptoms blowing people’s lungs up with respirator set on maximum trying to oxygenate people’s blood. All they had to do was slow down the immune system and give it a chance to work had a reasonable rate instead of going full bore killing all the organs also.

  19. Meanwhile, it was discovered via a FOIA request that the CDC has no reports of a person who contracted and beat COVID relapsing, or catching any of the variants.
    Turns out that natural immunity really works.

    • Not sure that’s true. People get mutated forms after acquiring immunity.
      Natural immunity is 27 times better (Israeli study of over 800,000 people) than the clot shot and will greatly help out the second time if you get it twice, but natural immunity is not and never was a guarantee of not catching a virus twice.
      If is by far the best in every aspect (except for boosting ability to virtue signal), but it is not perfect as a guarantee.

  20. Matthew Meyers, If one doesn’t like the treatment s/he gets or will get at any medical facility, I’d say find another facility which will administer what s/he wants. Depending on the jurisdiction, apparently, that may require a court order to effect release but not to seek same is tacit acceptance of the protocol or standard of care available at the facility s/he has chosen to patronize. In the cases of the unproven drugs Ivermectin and HCQ one can dose oneself at home.

    • They are proven. Years and years and years.
      Safe. Effective. Inexpensive.
      Not like the dangerous and ineffective clot shot.

  21. Yes but we don’t know for how long. Nothing lasts forever. I’ve had three shots and the disease. My doctor got on my therapy starting on day three and I think that was the turning point. My son has had three shots now but he never even had the disease.

    • I was unable to respond unto a past post from you Greg, but I shall now, and that is touche’…

      That said, and most agreeably so, I offer you this…

      I honestly am happy that you have beaten down this virus through your own measures…and are alive because of said such measures…

      I am also honestly happy that I, through none of the measures that you have partaken within, within that I have never been tested, nor jabbed, and still enjoy a sentient and productive life, even though I have most assuredly been exposed unto Covid-19 within whence I worked for a particular medical facility within the very early days of this about to happen ‘pandemic’, my point being that that you have experienced the virus within a way that I have not, within that I was exposed, through that particular medical facility, the ‘disease’, as you call it, very, very early on, months before you, or the general public were even aware of it.

      Apparently, mine own immune system was, as Shrek most succinctly put it, scarier than anything within that forest, even though those around me were falling unto sickness, and that particular medical facility was experiencing overwhelming numbers of patients within its hallways, so much so, that they were diverting patients unto other medical facilities, and refusing patients within their own facilities…

      I have no idea as unto the causation of said relation unto that particular medical facilities, but I can, and did, make certain presumptions, based upon what I personally observed, and as such, based upon your relation within your treatment based upon your own experience within the shots you have partaken within, and the shots your son has partaken within, though he himself has not incurred the disease itself..

      I worry for your sons health within the future, based upon his allowance of an emergency approved injection into his body though he has not yet had the disease of which said experimental injection is somehow brought forth so as to protect

  22. Greg Forkner: Right on about growing up back in the day. I’m a bit older – we didn’t even have TV until my teen years! And we learned in school or didn’t go on to the next grade! Now-a-days and for some many years they pass ’em on even if they don’t know a thing about anything. I’ts happening right before my eyes right now.

  23. Even the EU is starting to figure out the danger of the ineffective clot shot.
    Up to Nov. 13, they have reported 1,163,356 serious adverse effect from the clot shots and 30,551 deaths from the clot shot. Now amplify that for the unreported ones.
    I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty bad for a “vaccine” that doesn’t even work well (if at all).
    Any other drug would’ve been pulled long ago with dangerous numbers like that. I guess that’s why Pfizer lied by a large margin about clinical trial deaths from their clot shot. Gee! I guess the FDA should ask that those records be sealed for decades. Oh wait. They just did. How are these things not huge stories?

    • Matthew Meyers.
      You neglect a few very important points to turn a report into propaganda. Who pays you to put this stuff out?.
      Here are a couple.
      1. About the EU reports ( from adrreports dot eu slash en slash covid19_message dot html)
      “Important information to consider before looking at ADR reports for the COVID-19 vaccines

      “The information on this website relates to suspected side effects, i.e. medical events that have been observed following the administration of

      the COVID-19 vaccines, but which are not necessarily related to or caused by the vaccine. These events may have been caused by another illness

      or be associated with another medicine taken by the patient at the same time.
      “The EMA’s scientific assessment takes into account many other factors, such as the patient’s medical history, the frequency of the suspected

      adverse reaction in the vaccinated population compared to the frequency in the general population and whether it is biologically plausible that

      the vaccine could have caused the event.
      “Only a detailed assessment of all available data allows for robust conclusions to be drawn on the benefits and risks of the COVID-19


      “Warning for cases with a fatal outcome
      “This website does not provide the total number of cases reported with a fatal outcome. It provides the number of cases reported as fatal for

      specific reactions groups (e.g. cardiac disorders) and for specific reactions (e.g. myocardial infarction). Since one individual case may contain

      more than one suspected side effect, the sum of the number of fatal cases per reaction group will always be higher than the total number of fatal

      “The number of cases in the website, including those reported with fatal outcome, which may have a variety of different causes, should be put

      in the context of the different vaccines’ exposure (numbers of given doses may vary significantly from one vaccine to another). Data about

      exposure is published by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (‘’).”

      2. The Eu countries have administered 615,401,445 vaccine shots through November 19 ( a few days after your report of “1,163,356 Adverse

      Drug Reactions [ADRs] and 30,551 Fatalities”) Therefore those “suspected” adverse events comprise 0.0189% ADRs and 0.005% fatalities

      and these are probably high. Really tiny numbers – much less than the results of getting the disease.

      • If you are going to attempt to correct me, learn some math. .2% does not equal your .0189%. But you are only off by a factor of 10.
        And your attempted Faucciite apology minimizing over 30,000 unneeded deaths (just in the EU) is sick. (Again, as with VAERS – never over reported. Always under reported.)
        If it were any other drug in any other climate, the dangerous and ineffective clot shot would’ve been shut down and people would be in jail. Instead the FDA wants to cover up for Pfizer for 55 years.
        Now go take remedial mathematics.

        • Yep, mud in my eye – proof reading error. 0.189 does round to 0.2. You got me there.
          But, do you really want to challenge me to a math quiz? Do you have any qualifications that would make me accept you really know any math?

          Your reading comprehension needs lubrication: You reported “Up to Nov. 13, they have reported 1,163,356 serious adverse effect (sic) from the clot shots and 30,551 deaths from the clot shot.” That statement, by no stretch of honesty, represents the adrreports’ representation of the website’s data (quoted above). In fact, it is a blatant lie. You just simply do not have any right to be lying to people on the internet. Why do you want to contribute to unneeded deaths? It is clear, as the science develops, vaccination against this virus is saving lives – we’ll see as the research is published. Again I ask: Who pays you to post this dangerous mis-information?

        • Jere, You can try to explain away these deadly numbers of the clot shot all you want. The dam is starting to break. Twist away like a good Faucci adherent. Twist all you like. It won’t work. The clot shots are deadly and ineffective.

        • New story out for this week. UK Health Security Agency admits that in the 50 and over crowd, they majority of China virus hospital deaths are from the fully ‘vaccinated’. I know your not very good at math, but that’s bad. Especially in a population that isn’t 100% ‘vaccinated’.
          If the vaccines work good, then why aren’t they working good?

          • More significant mis-representaion of published official data!

            For those who actually CAN read, the full report can be found here: https colon slash slash


            There one can find, in Table 6, entries by age of “Deaths within 60 days of positive COVID-10 test by date of death between week 42 and week

            45 2021” A little arithmetic will reveal that for all ages >= 50 the rate of such deaths among the unvaccinated is 2.75 times that for the

            vaccinated. There’s more but this addresses the age group MMeyers reported on.

            The report further elaborates on vaccination efficacy:
            “UKHSA previously reported on the number of hospitalisations directly averted by vaccination. In total, around 261,500 hospitalisations have

            been prevented in those aged 45 years and over up to 19 September 2021.
            “UKHSA and University of Cambridge MRC Biostatistics Unit previously reported on the direct and indirect impact of the vaccination

            programme on infections and mortality. Estimates suggest that 127,500 deaths and 24,144,000 infections have been prevented as a result of the

            COVID-19 vaccination programme, up to 24 September.”
            Why do you want to kill people, Matthew?

  24. So you’re saying that we’re back to this?
    Even the EU is starting to figure out the danger of the ineffective clot shot.
    Up to Nov. 13, they have reported 1,163,356 serious adverse effect from the clot shots and 30,551 deaths from the clot shot. Now amplify that for the unreported ones.
    I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty bad for a “vaccine” that doesn’t even work well (if at all).
    Any other drug would’ve been pulled long ago with dangerous numbers like that. I guess that’s why Pfizer lied by a large margin about clinical trial deaths from their clot shot. Gee! I guess the FDA should ask that those records be sealed for decades. Oh wait. They just did. But even still in yesterday’s news is the release of subpoenaed documents showing over 158,000 adverse reactions to just Pfizer’s clot shot in just the first few months of release – and that is what the corrupt FDA and lying Pfizer are admitting to. How are these things not huge stories?

  25. MM: Bull dukki

    You lie – Vaccinations are saving lives.
    What the EU reported was: (from recent weekly report on vaccines at

    There one can find, in Table 6, entries by age of “Deaths within 60 days of positive COVID-10 test by date of death between week 42 and week 45 2021” A little arithmetic will reveal that for all ages >= 50 the rate of such deaths among the unvaccinated is 2.75 times that for the vaccinated. It’s worse for younger age groups.

    The report further elaborates on vaccination efficacy:
    “UKHSA previously reported on the number of hospitalisations directly averted by vaccination. In total, around 261,500 hospitalisations have been prevented in those aged 45 years and over up to 19 September 2021.
    “UKHSA and University of Cambridge MRC Biostatistics Unit previously reported on the direct and indirect impact of the vaccination programme on infections and mortality. Estimates suggest that 127,500 deaths and 24,144,000 infections have been prevented as a result of the COVID-19 vaccination programme, up to 24 September.”

    In the USA: ALISON GALVANI: “Well, so it can be hard to appreciate the effectiveness of public health measures because successful measures lead to the absence of bad outcomes. So with modeling counterfactual scenarios, we are able to evaluate how much worse the pandemic would have been if it had not been for the vaccination campaign. So we found in our work with Eric that the vaccination campaign that was implemented has already saved well over 200,000 lives [in the US] and averted more than a million hospitalizations. It also blunted the repercussions of the more transmissible variants that have emerged, such as the Delta variant.” Alison Galvani, founding director of the Yale Center for Infectious Disease Modeling and Analysis, and Eric Schneider, M.D., senior vice president for policy and research at the Commonwealth Fund.

    Of course we all know internet pundits like you with no expertise in any pertinent field of study know more than educated and experienced researchers.

    Gotta wonder, though, why you want to kill people?

    And why SD let’s you post this crap when she believes people should be allowed to make their own choice. One would think out and out lies and misrepresentations would be off limits.

  26. Jere. You distort the conclusions.
    But that’s okay. The dam is breaking and all of this information is starting to come out rapid fire. In the next year the truth will be overwhelming and obvious. Why do you want to kill people?
    You still don’t directly address the over 1 million adverse effects from the clot shots and over 30,000 deaths from the clot shots?
    (And that’s just what they admit to.)
    I can’t wait till we get to our 4th and 5th boosters like Israel that only the gullible like you will take.
    Good luck. Sincerely.
    I hope your endless boosters of the dangerous and ineffective clot shot don’t kill you.
    Stay strong.

    • And by all means, make you own choice to take the dangerous and ineffective clot shot.
      Hey, if it works so well and is so safe, why does the Senile in Chief have to threaten people, marginalize them, take away civil rights, and try to take away their livelihoods (except the post office and congress) to coerce them and force them to get it?

  27. M² No lies from me. I quoted directly from a document you can’t read and gave the reference to it.

    Why do you want to kill people with false information?

    And, again, what are your qualifications to judge anyone’s math/statistics/virology or immunology abilities or findings – 6th grade math and 4th grade reading?

    Why do you want to kill people???

    • Says the guy that was off by a factor of 10 and didn’t notice.
      But we are still watching you not address the over 30,000 dead by the clot shot in Europe that they are admitting to.
      So if you are just going to repeat yourself… if it works so well and is so safe, why does the Senile in Chief have to threaten people, marginalize them, take away civil rights, and try to take away their livelihoods (except the post office and congress) to coerce them and force them to get it?

      • M² I did already address the obvious minuscule death risk associated with the vaccination shot reflected in the EU data you quoted. I will attempt to put that risk in perspective of the risk of the infection itself for you and anyone else who wants evidence based information to guide his/her decision, though I realize you don’t give a rat’s a$$ about that even though you did ask.

        BUT, I can’t do it now as we are confronted with daily need to clear a rather long driveway of regular snow accumulations or we won’t be able to get to the airport to seek the medical attention you are so convinced we will need soon which has about the same level of risk! So, bear with me and I’ll try and assemble apples to apples data to provide that perspective if/when we get a respite from the weather.

        As for Biden’s efforts and why: One simply has to look to the historical record of the use of vaccination in similar situations to find the answer.

        However, be fore-notified, if you persist in your junior high level lack of rational civil discourse I may just ignore you.

        Oh yes, thank you for confirming, by your repeated silence, you have no expertise by training, independent study, experience etc in any pertinent fields of study to be offering the advice you have been so freely posting here.

        I hope you had a pleasant “Turkey day” and it’s followed by pleasant and satisfying Christmas and new Years.

  28. I’m also also assuming that you have no training pertinent to assessing these vaccines?
    Take the comment about the Senile in Chief’s good intentions with getting everyone endlessly ‘vaxxed’ against their will because it is like former vaccines. This clot shot is not like former vaccines. It is much more dangerous and far less effective (unless you’re only comparing it to flu vaccines from last years strains and has 20% to 40% effectiveness on average ).
    But you do sidestep the main point which is that the clot shot has killed over 30,000 Europeans (that they admit to). That number is more deaths than all other vaccines of the past 20 years and climbing. Any vaccine other than the clot shot would’ve been scrapped and the lawsuits would’ve started with extreme prejudice and speed. And how is it that these clot shots avoid litigation?
    But hey! If there was something to see, the FDA would be trying to seal these records for 55 years.
    Oh ya! That’s also happening.
    Now what Dr. Malone has been predicting for the better part of a year is now happening.
    Too many ‘vaccinated’ with weak ‘vaccines’ is now causing more virulent China viruses that merely sidestep and actually are far, far more spread by the ‘vaccinated’.
    Meet Nu and Omicron variants.

    • M² As far as my training and experience are concerned – I have a PhD in physics, minor in Applied mathematics; work experience in numerous data analysis projects as a systems analyst in a University computer center, physical and eco /biological system modeling projects as part of a large international modeling project and an avocational COVID epidemic progression modeling effort early in 2020 as well as frequent examination of the progress of the USA and Alaska experience as reflected in the data.

      Your turn.

      I told you I’d get back to you on the death rate for EU Vaxxed victims later – at this point, I’d add: IF I can find the necessary data and IF it stops snowing so I can find time to do the work. Please be patient – and civil.

      If you’re concerned about those newly announced SARS-CoV-2 variants – wait until the bat flu and camel flu viruses get in bed together and we see a new version with R of 8 or so, maybe higher, and CFR of upwards of 40%. We can call it the “humpy bat flu.”

      • I looked to verify your claim, but could find no such Jere with your credentials.
        This scamdemic is highly politicized on both sides. The effective gaslighting is done by the left which controls the media and we know which side that they are pushing. There must be a way to see through the BS and track manufactured data that is obviously at odds with what is actually happening otherwise all that we have is anecdotal and a forensic reconstruction of what the data was years down the road.
        But if that were the case, the FDA and Pfizer would be trying to seal records for 55 years.
        Oh wait! They are!

        • M² “I looked to verify your claim, but could find no such Jere with your credentials.”

          I assure you I have been and have done what I said and there is verification of some of it on the ‘net. Some is buried in places probably never to be scanned and uploaded.

          I’d say your research capabilities are limited but do admit what is there is not easy to find.

          Yes, politicizing of what has been, off and on, a serious public health situation is unfortunate – to say the least.

          If you don’t trust any aspect of the available data, there is no reason for me to go to the effort to dig out, process and give to you what seems appropriate to your question? What various PH entities around the world have placed in their data bases etc is the best we have even with the apparent deficiencies and I find it interesting to play with it.

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