West High School mayhem was family fight


Up to 30 students in West High School were engaged in a brawl Monday that ended up putting that school and nearby Romig Middle School into “stay put” mode for several hours in the afternoon.

School officials reported there were no serious injuries, and a few minor injuries. Principal Svend Gustafson said there were no weapons involved.

Must Read Alaska sources said it was an inter-family brawl among of Polynesian students and that without the school safety officers, people may have been killed. It’s unclear if the students were of Samoan, Tongan, Hawaiian, or other islander heritage, and the officials did not refer to this aspect of the incident.

According to an eye witness, there was blood all over the hallways, which is one reason they didn’t let students go to their fourth-period classes. Police presence remained for several hours.

West High School, the oldest of ASD’s eight major high schools, has an enrollment of about 1,800 students, which means more than one out of every 100 students at the school was involved in the lunch hour fight, which started in the cafeteria. There are about 125 faculty members at the school.


  1. 3 years ago I stopped into the Carrs near that school and it was lunch time, this army of kids from West came in and just took what they wanted and walked out the door while employees just watched helplessly. So yes I’m not surprised. It was racist for the white supremist resource officers to interfere and they should be disciplined and be made to sit through a 3 day CRT session to understand their racism.

  2. Sorry to make light of this situation. Must have been the “snappy cheese sandwiches” which were a putrid tasting recipe cooked up by some dietary experts in the school cafeteria back in 1962. Several students stood outside with hand made signs saying “snappy cheese sandwiches BARF.” That was the extent of student mayhem then as I recall it. Snort!

    Today, in 2021, there are too many restrictions on how to curtail inappropriate behavior, lest we offend the “special people” responsible for it.

  3. Expulsion rocks. Cleans up the hall for kids with a goal. Future furniture movers don’t need past participles or derivatives lectures; let ’em embrace their calling.

    • Yup. Expel them. Then, since education is a “basic human right”, put them into a “school” for the violent……..in short, day jail for minors. This is necessary for the safety of the rest of our school pupils, and it keeps the violent from being truant and free to burgle homes while the productive are at work. After they turn 18, the criminal justice system will begin to seal their appropriate fate.

      • No. We as an American society have all these buzz words and catch phrases to fit every conflict in a perfect little box. Everything has a #movement don’t you know?

        In regards to the mask, I was making a wholesome suggestion of removing it so we can all take a nice deep breath and calm down.

  4. I just wish people would take time to raise their children. We were shamed for chewing gum in school and our Teacher did shame us in the ancient era of the 1960’s, a note home to our parents and us having to hand it over to them made us shaking in our shoes. Teacher’s don’t have that ammo anymore because every kid now is a blessed angel gracing this Earth and since they are made in the image of their parents, they can do no wrong. Ergo, the parents are perfect and the kid can do no wrong. I get the ego thing that parents have about their brats, but gee whiz at least train them to be civilized. You parent types are deluding yourself if you think your kid is perfect, quit defending and start looking at the facts. I worked with some people who were Hini’s for over ten years, they had a saying, that if you can’t control yourself then others will control you. Teach your children well before they end up in Prison. Everyone excuses bad behaviour up to a point, but there are limits, and you can’t be considered a child past 18 years of age. You parent types, get it together, yes I blame you for what your children do because you are legally liable.

  5. Eh Bra….never been to Hawaii? If you flip off a local Samoan over a driving beef expect a physical fight. That’s what goes on. Better to just smile and give em the shaka……?

  6. I sure hope the police didn’t try to do anything culturally inappropriate – like arrest anyone trying to maim or kill another person. Personally, I would send in Assemblymembers Constant and Rivera to sort things out and hand out lots of public money. I trust that everyone was wearing a mask.

  7. Oh yes, reminds me of the 1960s so clearly. The colors may change but the times don’t. As humans, we are prone to violence, it’s what we do. Look at what bro lives matter did last year. Look at what’s about to happen again in Kenosha Wisconsin. When they find Kyle innocent, they’ll burn the place down again. It doesn’t solve anything other than maybe a little self-satisfaction. But they’re not intelligent enough to realize that. When Al sharpton and Jesse Jackson come and sit in your court because three guys killed a black guy when he was seeing if he could steal something off a construction site, the more things change the more they stay the same.

    • A mother drives her minor son across state lines to pick up a semi-automatic weapon—is this the new parenting norm and/or the latest live version of GTA??
      Three men chase down a black man who they think intended to steal something—who the heck needs the police when justice is faster with vigilantes and kangaroo courts??
      Welcome to the USA, circa 2021!

      • Catherine, do you remember the 5 police officers killed in Dallas by BLM?
        Do you remeber the 35 people killed in the BLM and ANtifa riots, and the billions of dollars of property destruction and the looting, the last 1-1/2 years?
        Didn’t think so – must be a CNN watcher, right?
        Voted for SloJo and KamelToe, I bet?
        I’m def training my children in the use of small arms – we won’t be going to any of your gulags – believe that.

          • Trouser, good comment, except when confronted by really mean big people you better either quadruple tap or carry something bigger than a 9 mil.

        • DoneWithIt: Evidently, you don’t remember — or actually know — the facts of the Dallas incident, either.

          The shooter, Micah Johnson, was an Army Reserve Afghan War vet. He parked his SUV, with hazard lights flashing, in an area adjacent to the BLM protests. The vehicle was staged as a decoy to draw police attention. In fact, surviving cops on scene reported Johnson actually engaged other officers in conversation before the attack. How? He was outfitted similarly to 20 – 30 open-carry counter-protesters: He wore dark-colored tactical clothing, and came openly armed with a Saiga AK-74 and a Glock 19.

          The alleged reason for the attack was his supposed anger about the police shootings of lawfully armed Black men (Alton Sterling, Philando Castile). However, when he initially opened fire, he shot both police and protesters. The Dallas police ultimately ended the attack by using a bomb, delivered by robot, to kill a barricaded Johnson, at El Centro College in downtown Dallas.

      • Your first sentence is a complete lie but CNN tells you what to think, what to say, what to do, etc. SHEEP! But you are okay with it evidently. Buck up. We will push back HARD as hell if this BS continues.

      • GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!! And why are you equating two unrelated cases? Oh yeah you are a leftist NPC. Take the red pill and become a free thinker. We are here to help you.

        • KEVIN: Don’t you realize that YOU are the NPC? You just proved it by invoking the “Take the red pill and…” phrase. A phrase almost as abused by the Right Wing “cognoscenti” as the vernacular “woke.”

      • Kyle drove to his best friend’s house 30 minutes away in the town where he went to school, worked, and his father lives. Imagine if there was a “state line” between South Anchorage and Eagle River, that’s the distance involved. Suburb to suburb.

        There’s nothing illegal in all but a very few states, and nothing illegal in Federal law, about a 17 yr old owning or possessing a commonly owned rifle in an action type invented and commercially sold in the late 1800’s. “Semi-autos” are not new nor unusual technology, very little has substantively changed about them in coming up on 150 years. The AR design itself went on commercial sale in the 1960’s.

        This legal and moral non-issue “across state lines” thing is and was just the media looking for anything to taint the situation to support their narrative, and their demonizing of semi-auto firearms relies on ignorance and credulity in the listener.

    • GREG FORKNER: You didn’t bother to read any in-depth investigative reporting from national, regional, or local sources. Nor, apparently, did you bother to go online to view the actual video of Ahmad Arbry’s assassination made by the murderous thrill-seeking accomplice in the car. And, of course, you never bothered to go online to listen to the actual first 911 call made by one of the gunslinging lynchers. You know, where the 911 operator asks the itchy-fingered Night Rider THREE different times: “Is he doing something?” Whereafter, each time she asks, she is met with crickets. Why? Because, as a reserve police officer, he knew he couldn’t falsify 911 call information.

      In short, the assassination of Ahmad Arbry was a case of three evil, racist Southern rednecks cutting off and killing an innocent human being as if he were wild game. A young man who, by the way, grew up and lived WITH HIS PARENTS in the very neighborhood where he was lynched. Yes. He was LYNCHED.

  8. According to the mainstream media, white people are the only racists. All the other races are peaceful, non violent, hold hands and sing songs. Guaranteed this was Tongan vs. Samoan. This happens all the time in Juneau, it just never gets reported.

    • JIM COLLMAN: White society cannot claim Master of the Universe status
      without owning it crowning achievement: Racism. Racism is a White societal construct. White (members of so called Western “Civilization”) people established categories of race as a hierarchy of power: White as supreme race, with all “others” subordinate, at a minimum. Hence, White societies committed all major conquests, country and continent thefts; mass enslavement of millions of Africans, genocides, and “empire” building across the centuries. Therefore, while “others” can be labeled as “prejudiced,” or “bigoted,” only WHITE people can be RACIST. The spider is finally caught in its own web.

      • CRT is being propagated by mostly white persons. It is being offered as a supplication to the current minorities which will soon become the majority. Self-flagellation, in hopes of warding off retribution.
        It’s a wasted effort. Retribution will happen, in kind and quantity. Then today’s oppressed minorities will become the oppressing majority, the racists.
        Pushing CRT only makes the whites look fearful and weak. That’s why BLM and the rest of the violent minorities are acting out. They sense your desire for punishment..

  9. So it was an “inter-family brawl.” As if that somehow excuses things, makes it a sort of cultural thing. Since the family ethos is obviously very strong, perhaps these students could be educated at home, where they could take “brawl breaks” without disrupting the school day of non-brawlers.

  10. I love guns. But if you reach a point where you think you need them en masse, your war is already lost.

    Peace on Earth through the Prince of Peace.

    Free your spirit in the heavenly realms first. Everything makes perfect sense after that.

    Polynesians have some HD demonic principalities (violent ones) brooding over them and need the overwhelming force of HEAVEN to make them overcomers in Christ Jesus.

    “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.”



  11. Tribal wars should be moved to the Sullivan Arena where locals can attend and pay a fee for their watching enjoyment.

  12. I constantly hear that I should reject my white heritage and culture, and be more like the People of Color.
    Then I read stuff like this and wonder why?

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