The witch-hunt against doctors prescribing early treatment for Covid has begun

Medical professionals at an Anchorage Assembly meeting in September, 2021, testifying for greater restrictions on the public, including mask and vaccine mandates.

The hunt is on. A doctor in Anchorage has put out the word that she hopes others in her profession will follow to weed out doctors they don’t agree with.

Dr. Leslie Gonsette has written to the Providence Alaska Medical Executive Committee to say that she had contacted the Alaska State Medical Board to urge it to take action against certain physicians spreading “harmful misinformation.”

The State Medical Board meets on Nov. 19, 2021.

Gonsette said she is disturbed by those who don’t follow the mainstream medical information of “best practice, sound research and science,” which she said will lead to the “future safety of health care will be compromised.”

It appears from the email to the Providence MEC that Dr. Gonsette is targeting certain doctors who have been prescribing ivermectin as an early treatment for those who are infected by the Covid-19 virus.

The written testimony she provided will be a public document and Must Read Alaska has sent a public records request to obtain a copy of it.


    • She likely has stock in Pfizer. Also very ironic that while “Big pHarma” has done everything in their power to stifle affordable, tried snd true, and effective early treatments, they are now rolling out their own early treatments that they have developed, and will control and will cost two arms and three legs, at least. Of course FDA is all a’twitter and likely gushing over these miraculous breakthroughs!

    • Science:

      “In 2015, the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, in its only award for treatments of infectious diseases since six decades prior, honoured the discovery of ivermectin (IVM), a multifaceted drug deployed against some of the world’s most devastating tropical diseases. Since March 2020, when IVM was first used against a new global scourge, COVID-19, more than 20 randomized clinical trials (RCTs) have tracked such inpatient and outpatient treatments. Six of seven meta-analyses of IVM treatment RCTs reporting in 2021 found notable reductions in COVID-19 fatalities, with a mean 31% relative risk of mortality vs. controls. During mass IVM treatments in Peru, excess deaths fell by a mean of 74% over 30 days in its ten states with the most extensive treatments. Reductions in deaths correlated with the extent of IVM distributions in all 25 states with p < 0.002. Sharp reductions in morbidity using IVM were also observed in two animal models, of SARS-CoV-2 and a related betacoronavirus. The indicated biological mechanism of IVM, competitive binding with SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, is likely non-epitope specific, possibly yielding full efficacy against emerging viral mutant strains.”


  1. Is Dr. Leslie Gonsette’s middle name “Karen”? Maybe the State should ban travel to the state by anyone questioning “The Party Line”? As with most medications, the longer that they are in use the less effective they are in regards to their initial promotion. Several have been removed from the market even after full approval by the FDA for lesser complications. The “vaccines” , by studies, appear to lose effectiveness rather quickly. Long term effects are still uncertain. Should serious long term side-effects be discovered, how will the proponents of vaccination defend their actions? A major question is whether the literature has gone through appropriate peer review or been subject to peer censorship?

      • “Best practice, sound research and science” as defined by WHOM, Evan?
        Obviously, only by those who follow the ‘party line’ and the official narrative, correct?
        Hypocrisy, thy name is radical leftist.

        • Is sound research and science as avenues toward beneficial outcomes subject to definition by special interests?

          Conclusions from properly executed scientific method are not malleable.

          • “Conclusions from properly executed scientific method are not malleable.”
            No, but they certainly can be ignored, denounced, censored and propagandized against by those whose power and/or profit agendas those conclusions refute. As is happening today by many who blindly and/or maliciously push the establishment narrative, all facts and reason to the contrary.

          • Okay, so cite your sources, Skippy. So far the evidence says that ivermectin works. Not even the CDC can produce any study that says it is dangerous or doesn’t work. Try again. We’ll wait.

          • Tamra,
            It’s not the cdc but the NIH has reviewed not just one clinical trial but many, many, many clinical trials and found the use of Ivermectin in the use of treatment to be found wanting.
            Search for NIH Ivermectin table 2C or go to this website… ‘’

          • Sounds like dear doctor and others are breaking hipaa laws, on their March to vax righteousness. Just because they are a Doctor, doesn’t give them the right to research what other doctors prescribed.

          • Evan, empirical evidence is the yard stick by which we can determine ” best practice”.
            That being said one has to realize that the ” clot- Shot has been a disaster.
            “Alternative” medications “work pretty well wherever they are applied, excepting of course in the Fauci Fascist Corporation known as the USA Medical Conglomerate.

      • Evan, they can use all the buzzwords in their propaganda they want, but it does not change the fact that they are LYING. We as a people are seeing first hand that our local hospital protocol is not working. We also see that those who treat themselves with ‘unapproved’ methods are surviving better.
        If you want to be a slave to the system, go right ahead.
        However, I am not fooled by the illusion. I have PROVEN to myself that I have what I need to make it to the next stage in my life and it does NOT require your BS or the snake oil from the establishment.

      • Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan… sigh!
        Once someone is accurately figured out to be in the religion of Fauci, they really don’t have the common sense to be listened to about anything.

        • Science Matthew Meyers, not religion.

          Fauci and the CDC and the FDA are representative of our best critical thinking.

          You’re alternative sources of information are less reliable.

          • You are of the cult of Faucci. To those like you, no evidence will suffice. To those of us that have seen through the lies of the liar Fauci, no more evidence is necessary. You have been shown evidence on forms about this over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. You’re not teachable.

          • “Science” is merely an organized method of examining things to TRY to determine truth. Slavishly pronouncing that “science” has decreed something may or not be correct, but is indicative of someone worshipping at the altar of science, not ascertaining truth.

          • Please, Evan, cite a single study promoted or completed by the CDC or FDA that says that ivermectin is harmful or that it doesn’t work. You can keep saying the word “science” but there’s nothing there.

          • It’s amazing how so many don’t know that there are clinical trials on the use of Ivermectin for the treatment of covid, and that the vast majority of these trials have fatal flaws, showing that Ivermectin does not help, and/or they are found to be wanting.
            Search for NIH Ivermectin table 2C or go to this website… ‘’

          • Right it’s not a religion, it’s a cult and Fauci has been a tool since the 1980’s with the same playbook as he uses today. Puppies and black children used in experiments.All facts read the reports. Yeah real “Science” haha.

          • Incorrect, as Fauci is not a doctor- He and the government are benefiting financially and the bottom line…. last I checked we were a free country but not according to our corrupt government.

            And FYI- read information on Dr. Stella if you need validation for ivermectin and it’s benefits/ you realize there are 3-4 varieties of ivermectin( similar to the variations of penicillins). I find it interesting that the government disputes its validity to help with COVID yet Pfizer is making their own variation – of course with no “financial “ intent. There are many intelligent physicians who believe in ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine- funny providence is a catholic hospital- but it appears when money talks- morals ………apparently cease to exist.

            A question to ask yourself, are these institutions getting $$$ and do these drs reap any benefits?

        • I’d love to respond to your and other’s responses to my cutting and defensible claims, but the format of this website won’t allow that. Your loss.

        • Well, there certainly seems to be an enormous supply of denial and ignorance about.
          There’s this saying, “Facts are debatable; beliefs are rock solid.”
          Looks like a lot of people are solidly of the Rabbit Hole Believability persuasion.
          Nothing you can do, Evan. You’re dealing with hard core right wingers here. Their minds are made up. But keep on trying. Maybe you’ll salvage one or two somewhere down the line.

          • Well, here’s a fact: Fauci has been caught lying several times over the course of this pandemic, on masks, on whether or not NIH funded gain-of-function research, etc. If you choose to get your “facts” from a known liar, then there’s not much else I can say to you, except “Good luck with that.”

    • Gonsette and her ilk would’ve been right there with the Royal College of Surgeons strapping Ignaz Semmelweis into his straight jacket. People should spend five minutes researching the history of Ignaz Semmelweis. This isn’t the first time “mainstream medicine” has been dead wrong (pun intended). #washyourhands

  2. “First they came . . .” by Martin Niemoller

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    — Martin Niemöller

  3. All this talk of the majority always being right, mainstream this and that.. Don’t they know that a majority of the German people voted for Adolf Hitler? COVID is about killing uniqueness and individuality.

    • Trotting out the « German/Nazi/Yellow star » justification for anti-vaccine/mask mandates (otherwise known as « I don’t wanna »)….
      Stop this outrageously brainless, politically-oriented craziness!

      • You’re adorable.
        Before the Nazis rounded up the Jews they marginalized them, made of harder for them to feed themselves, took away rights, and outright lied about them.
        Heck, they would probably even withhold decent life saving my medication in a hospital that the party did not approve of.

      • Considering that the left calls ANYONE they do not like or wish to marginalize a Nazi…. that’s pretty rich!
        But when tactics that were used by the National Socialist Party, the Bolsheviks and Maoist are accurately described and named in current events, there is a great uproar from those very same lefties.
        I demand a stop to this politically motivated outrageous, brainless Covid/vax mandate craziness this instance!

    • Given what the media has done to Rittenhouse — judging him prior to knowing all the facts, and now even with the trial going, not reporting on the facts, but twisting their narrative to meet their original assumptions, I also thought of how the Germans were fooled by Hitler.

  4. Please, move to LA for the sake of all of us in Alaska. The “sound advice” they are following has led to the untimely deaths of many from being ventilated. All these people care about is their stature within the community. These are shallow excuses for human beings.

    • The ventilators are NOT killing people. The vast majority of those dying or on ventilators are those who are UNVACCINATED.

      • Why are you so hellbent to rob an individual of the choice to assess the risk they are taking? If one chooses to vax or not and then gets ill, that is THEIR choice and situation to handle, not yours, not the state’s. Especially considering that vaccinated individuals spread the virus just as much as non-vaccinated individuals. I get the impression you hate people like Evel Knievel, Bear Grylls and other adventurers, because they risk their lives for the thrill to see if it can be done. I think the same is true for the non-vaccinated. They make you feel uncomfortable because they reject “safe spaces” “experts” etc.and decide to take their chances…..

  5. Now that the truth has been revealed about the failed protocol the mainstream doctors are taking, they want to double down on it anyways. This only reveals that they are activists for their own beliefs rather than people who actually care about the health and wellbeing of others.
    I am happy I do not participate in the medical system in any way. Not even Tylenol.
    I am super healthy and have TONS of stamina.
    The system is going down and they are hanging on to a sinking ship.
    We The People, are our own life boats.

    Good bye medical mafia.

    • « The truth has been revealed about the failed protocol… »
      If you choose to spread disinformation, at least show the source(s) which back up what you spew!

      • How about you lead by example and show the sources that make you decide that CP is incorrect. That way we can have a substantive discussion. Being rude does not make you right.

      • The truth is apparent. You need only pay attention.

        Or not. The box you live in must be quite comfy.

        Want evidence? Follow the money. Ask yourself, with all the billions of dollars put into cancer awareness and treatment, why are more people developing cancer now than ever before?

        Ask yourself, if the covid vaccine was so safe and effective, why are we still in pandemic status even after all the promises that we would get back to normal? Spoiler alert, it is not effective for anything other than making you a slave to the system.

        I prove to myself daily that my choices are the healthiest ones, choices that include eliminating the system from my life.

        You are being lied to by very rich people who have everything to lose when the truth is revealed. They have the news, they have the entertainment industry and they have politicians all telling you that it is not theit fault that everything they try is failing. They blame you and me instead. This is deflection.

        Wake up Catherine.

  6. So one doctor is calling for punishment and censure for physicians who don’t share her diagnosis on patients she’s likely never seen?

    Guess she skipped medical ethics class. Or considered herself above it.

    I’ve heard people like Porcaro object vigorously over nazi comparisons, despite their obvious validity. Wonder if their mindsets will change when their doctors get punished or their treatments of choice are denied for partisan political reasons.

    Still clinging to the fiction Alaska is conservative?

    • We are already there. People are now second hand citizens with their livelihoods attacked if the don’t bow and get the clot shot. My son that just graduated can not go into the military as I did. He is part of the new untouchable class in America.
      Good soldiers all the way up to Delta and the Seals are full press coerced with threat of dishonorable discharge and lawsuits if they don’t bend the knee. I’d happily take any remf threatening a hero that has spent plenty of time down range (or any serviceman) out back and give him a ‘stern correction’ for this crap.

      • Matthew, old China Joe his badself has proclaimed that those who will not take the jab ” will pay the price”.
        In presidential speech this phrase is reserved for one’s enemy. Seems you and I are in a pickle here. The question is what are we going to do about this?

    • « …despite the obvious validity of Nazi comparisons… »
      Oh brother, another spewer of disinformation who flunked all their history courses!

  7. EVERY article I’ve read is missing critical data necessary to make informed decisions about masks or vaccines.
    At point of hospital intake the following data should be collected:
    1)  date/brand of last shot
    2)  date/brand of first shot
    3)  date/brand of booster shot
    4)  admitted to ICU or general?
    5)  volunteer auditability?
    The same data sans ICU/general should also be collected at point of vaccination and should be available in real-time.
    Both datasets should be auditable by the 4th estate.
    Federal dollars should be used to ensure data is collected correctly without becoming a profit center for for-profit hospitals.
    If medical experts can reasonably distinguish cases where primary cause of intake is something else that process should be formalized so everyone is capturing the same data.
    This data should be available as soon as Covid is confirmed and federal dollars should provide the necessary resources to ensure accurate testing occurs in less than 24 hours or some economically practical time window.
    IF sewer monitoring can be shown to have a reasonable degree of accuracy that data should be collected and reported daily. Otherwise capturing non-hospitalization infection rates is never going to be useful since it cannot be statistically accurate within any reasonable degree of error.
    The data above can then be used in apples to apples comparison as we decide on mask and/or vaccine mandates.
    So far the “professionals” have not bothered to collect and disseminate actionable data. The only solid data to date is that two weeks on a ventilator costs over 400 thousand dollars. The vax is around a thousand per shot, and the pill will be close to that.
    To make matters worse, the medical “Karens” are suppressing any voice different than what has become the politically correct one. Dr. Leslie Gonsette is but the tip of the iceberg.
    It’s no wonder the public believes that it’s all about big pharma’s outrageous profits, kickbacks, bribes, and hiding the real facts.

      • From this country? With a locking goose step ordered by big pharma?
        Not likely.
        While we’re on the subject, how about proof that the dangerous clot shot actually works?

        • You’re willingly blind. Your ego prevents you from ever admitting you made an error, like promoting trump or denying proven science. You are what’s known as a “mark” – an easily fooled anti-intellectual rube. Unfortunately, you are not an outlier.

          • Speaking of locking goose step…. Heeeeeeeeeeere’s Evan!
            Just because I don’t believe lies about Trump like Russia collusion (although the funny thing is Obama actually did and that’s fine) and lies like trump racism?
            Because I can look at the massive success of Trump in the economy, border, oil, etc, and I don’t deny it?
            So… because I’m not gullible to the DNC media like you? Because I’m not a Faucci the Liar religionists like you? Because I actually look at the science and actual studies and correlate it with my lying eyes? I’m a mark? A rube?
            You should look those definitions up again. Perhaps you looked up a list of antonyms.
            These clot shots are dangerous and ineffective.
            Ivermectin and HCQ are inexpensive and effective. This is obvious.
            Evan, you are the unteachable DNC rube.
            Marx and Engels would call you a useful idiot. I won’t.

      • But even still, people have found their ways around this medical fascism and successful China virus treatment in the anecdotal (where it is forced to) with Ivermectin and HCQ is boundless.

      • From the numerous patients who have taken it with successful results despite not being given the stamp of approval from bureaucrats.

  8. Excerpt – “At the time of writing, the UK’s 422 deaths and 8,077 known cases give an apparent death rate of 5 percent. This is often cited as a cause for concern, contrasted with the mortality rate of seasonal flu, which is estimated at about 0.1 percent. But we ought to look very carefully at the data. Are these figures really comparable?
    Most of the UK testing has been in hospitals, where there is a high concentration of patients susceptible to the effects of any infection. As anyone who has worked with sick people will know, any testing regime that is based only in hospitals will over-estimate the virulence of an infection. Also, we’re only dealing with those COVID-19 cases that have made people sick enough or worried enough to get tested. There will be many more unaware that they have the virus, with either no symptoms, or mild ones.
    That’s why, when Britain had 590 diagnosed cases, Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser, suggested that the real figure was probably between 5,000 and 10,000 cases, 10 to 20 times higher. If he’s right, the headline death rate due to this virus is likely to be 10 to 20 times lower, say 0.25 percent to 0.5 percent. That puts the COVID-19 mortality rate in the range associated with infections like flu.”
    John Lee is a recently retired professor of pathology and a former NHS consultant pathologist. The full article was originally published in The Spectator’s UK magazine.

  9. Excerpt – “The simplest way to judge whether we have an exceptionally lethal disease is to look at the death rates. Are more people dying than we would expect to die anyway in a given week or month? Statistically, we would expect about 51,000 to die in Britain this month. At the time of writing, 422 deaths are linked to COVID-19 — so 0.8 percent of that expected total. On a global basis, we’d expect 14 million to die over the first three months of the year. The world’s 18,944 coronavirus deaths represent 0.14 percent of that total. These figures might shoot up but they are, right now, lower than other infectious diseases that we live with (such as flu). Not figures that would, in and of themselves, cause drastic global reactions.
    Initial reported figures from China and Italy suggested a death rate of 5 percent to 15 percent, similar to Spanish flu. Given that cases were increasing exponentially, this raised the prospect of death rates that no healthcare system in the world would be able to cope with. The need to avoid this scenario is the justification for measures being implemented: the Spanish flu is believed to have infected about one in four of the world’s population between 1918 and 1920, or roughly 500 million people with 50 million deaths. We developed pandemic emergency plans, ready to snap into action in case this happened again.
    At the time of writing, the UK’s 422 deaths and 8,077 known cases give an apparent death rate of 5 percent. This is often cited as a cause for concern, contrasted with the mortality rate of seasonal flu, which is estimated at about 0.1 percent. But we ought to look very carefully at the data. Are these figures really comparable?
    Most of the UK testing has been in hospitals, where there is a high concentration of patients susceptible to the effects of any infection. As anyone who has worked with sick people will know, any testing regime that is based only in hospitals will over-estimate the virulence of an infection. Also, we’re only dealing with those COVID-19 cases that have made people sick enough or worried enough to get tested. There will be many more unaware that they have the virus, with either no symptoms, or mild ones.
    That’s why, when Britain had 590 diagnosed cases, Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser, suggested that the real figure was probably between 5,000 and 10,000 cases, 10 to 20 times higher. If he’s right, the headline death rate due to this virus is likely to be 10 to 20 times lower, say 0.25 percent to 0.5 percent. That puts the COVID-19 mortality rate in the range associated with infections like flu.
    John Lee is a recently retired professor of pathology and a former NHS consultant pathologist. The full article was originally published in The Spectator’s UK magazine.

    • An article from over a year and a half ago?
      We know the excess death totals for the last year and a half, why wouldn’t you look those numbers up?

      • Go ahead Steve-O, help us with some hard data, if you can find any. The only thing that has changed from 18 months ago is that more and more people are getting wise to the clot shot and the outrageous profits being made.
        The evidence out there is just that, out there. The powers that be are doing all they can to obscure the actual figures, so as to prolong their cash cow.
        Us Deplorables simply don’t have access to very much hard data, only that which leaks through, usually by someone in the know, who quickly gets cancelled.
        We are regulated to making our best guess, and prayers that we get it right. We’re in survival mode, fighting against organized crime that controls the information networks. We’re drawing to an inside straight, with the other 5 players against us.

        • Do you want excess deaths from the UK, for some strange unknown reason, or do you want excess death data from the US? Will you accept this information or will you simply ignore it in favor of whatever information suits your chosen narrative?

          • Well then, don’t talk about it, post whatever data you have. Make your case. Back up your position. Otherwise you’re just a nay sayer.

          • Jose,
            “United States reported 3,440,930 deaths of all ages for the year 2020. Expected deaths were 3,026,940. That is an increase of 413,990 deaths (+13.7%).
            To date, for the year 2021, United States reported 2,807,786 deaths of all ages for the year 2020. Expected deaths thus far, were 2,445,719. That is an increase of 362,067 deaths (+14.8%).” ‘’
            Even the conspiracy minded acknowledge that we are seeing excess deaths, it’s called the Depopulation Agenda.

          • Any hard data on what is causing the excess deaths? Maybe the clot shot is killing people? What? No hard data yet?

          • Jose,
            There’s plenty of hard data out there showing where the excess deaths are coming from, are you having trouble finding it cause I’m not. Maybe stop making conspiracy theory websites you first and only stop for information. Well, even some of those use hard data from time to time, so I’m not sure why you are having so many issues. Let me know if you require further assistance in your search.

      • Florida doing great. Vermont slammed with the China virus right now.
        Sounds like the clot shot and tyrannical remedies work super duper well.

        • Getting hammered, and yet their numbers are still better than our numbers while we are on the downslope of our recent surge…
          Pretty similar population sized states, roughly the same number of cases per day. We have almost 2.5 times as many currently hospitalized, we have 23 people on vents and they have 13 people in the ICU. We have had 2 times as many deaths and almost 3 times as many cases. If they are being hammered right now, how would you describe what has been happening in Alaska?
          And as previously mentioned once again the majority of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are among the unvaccinated.

          • Wrong again. The only decent, lasting, and safe immunity is natural.
            Breakthrough infections have been so deadly because the clot shot doesn’t work.
            As stated before, Ivermectin and HCQ definitely do.

          • josephdj / November 11, 2021

            “ A Department of Defense (DoD) program called “Project Salus”
            See below…………a comment you haven’t bothered to reply to, but no doubt have read.

  10. This isn’t just disagreement with Dr. Gonsette, this is disagreement with the vast majority of MDs, the AMA, the FDA, the CDC, and the entire scientific community. Treatments that are authorized as “best practice” are called that because they work, and, though not necessarily risk free, are the safest options we have to control sickness. Ivermectin is approved for human use to control several serious illnesses that plague third world countries and is approved for use here for a limited number of illnesses. For them, it is highly effective. It is NOT approved for use with Covid-19 because there is no scientific evidence it works, and it can have serious side effects. Same with hydroxychloroquine, despite what Trump says (remember, he is by far the most mendacious President in history), who isn’t a real doctor of anything.
    There are new medications being explored for treating Covid, and, along with monoclonal RNA treatment, are showing promise. They should not be considered the first line of defense. They can have side effects, and if the disease is not caught early enough, lose their effectiveness.
    By far the best way to control Covid and return to normal life is to get the vaccine. All medical evidence points to this, and it is irrefutable. Of course, if you are looking for a witch doctor to treat your Covid, by all means, go witch hunting. And good luck with that.

    • There you go with your approved talking points.

      I have already proven to myself that I survive the “worse pandemic in human history” without medical intervention.

      No shots. No doctors. No BS. Just self applied nutrition, water and will power.

      If you are too weak to fight this on your own, then by all means, depend on the system. Just don’t expect the rest of us to be as weak as you.

    • Homo, your opinion essentially is siding with the most official, government, main stream, loudest voice, badge wearers, politically influenced three letter agencies and Fauci followers, but that is not necessarily the right answer. All the above can be brought to unity under bureaucracy and a unifying message regurgitated ad nauseum. Essentially, you have been institutionalized to the point of having no ability to think outside the box, and to believe everything your preferred government tells you, unquestionably.
      There are thousands of doctors in this country and tens of thousands of doctors throughout the world that disagree with the main stream government medical professionals and their chorus line of heavily knee padded doctors and officials. Your first line of defense is disregard all alternatives and to what you are told by Fauci and his chin wipers because they stand on the same side of the wall of ideology that you do. You have been one of the most closed minded people on this blog because of your loyalty to the matrix. To be truly free, you must not be tethered to any political or philosophical ideology for it limits the parameters of thought. Having 100% faith in your government officials is a detrimental weakness.

      • “Your first line of defense is disregard all alternatives and to what you are told by Fauci and his chin wipers…”
        No. My first line of defense is to go with the best available information, that which is documentable and demonstrable. I do not believe in anecdotal evidence, personal testimonials, tendentious arguments for or against, or in having 100% faith in my government. I believe in reportable, repeatable data.
        It’s simple. And yet, at the same time it can be complicated. When the data change, I will reassess.
        Facts are debatable. Beliefs are rock solid. Don’t be rock dumb..

    • Homer, the fact that ivermectin has “not been approved” by some (establishment) body or authority means NOTHING in relation to its effectiveness, which HAS been proven by multiple programs using it successfully around the world. But go ahead, keep sticking your head in the sand while listening to CNN, MSNBC and Fauci — because they could NEVER be compromised or pushing an agenda of their own, no never!

      • Yes, it has been used successfully around the world, and to great effect, but NOT FOR COVID. That simple fact seems to have escaped you. Try taking ivermectin for your next anaphylactic shock event and see what happens.

        • Wrong with wrong sauce. Plenty of successful use here. Also,
          India and central Africa at least.
          Treating anaphylaxis with it? Oh!
          That’s too much of an idiotic straw man – even for you.

          • The mainstream press in the West didn’t report on the success of early treatment (which included Ivermectin) in India. Therefore, it never happened. That’s how it works.

    • As for Homo’s lame assertions, Ivermectin and HCQ have been used for respiratory viruses before to great success. They also are currently in any countries with any collective medical common sense.
      To those that can get ahold of it in this country, it seems to work exceptionally well here also. Again (because apparently Faucciites have goldfish memories), my brother had gone down hill with the China virus for a week. His O2 sats were in the 60’s off and on for two days. By the time I got him the hydroxychloroquine and antibiotics, he couldn’t get out of bed.
      12 hours later his O2 was back to nearly normal, he had made himself breakfast, and was washing the dishes. A week later he was fully back to normal.
      This Dr. Gosnell (or whatever Karen’s name is) is a dangerous quack.

      • Says Dr. Duck, based on one case, without any supporting evidence that his treatments made the difference. Anecdotal evidence is basically worthless. This is anecdotal evidence.

        • Idiotic assertion.
          If evidence is forced to be anecdotal, that is where it will be if it exists. And it does. Tons of it.

          • If it doesn’t have evidence to back it up, other than …12 hours later.. it’s anecdotal. That’s the definition of anecdotal. You don’t know if ivermectin helped or if it were a lucky coincidence. I’m happy for you brother, but you got nothin’.

    • And just how did Udder Pradesh province in India with some 240MM people with a vaccination rate of just 5.8% get COVID under control with Ivermectin ???? You say it doesn’t work against COVID ??? ask some Indians what they think

    • Homo, what serious side affects?Billions of doses of ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine used by humans. Tylenol has more side-effects. Often these drugs are used for long lengths of time. If used to minagate covid, its recommended to be used for about a weeks time. I haven’t seen a down side of taking either if taken in the recommended dose.

      • You’re right about Hydro and Iver being used successfully in humans, but they have not been used successfully for COVID. If they had been, they would be in wide use because they are cheap and plentiful. You jump to a conclusion based on inadequate information.

        • No Homo, it only works in India, Japan and in western Alaska. Ivermectin works quite well, IN THE FIRST 3 DAYS, it knocks the Fauci Chi- Com Engineered bioweapon on it’s ass. Symptoms go away quickly and recovery is faster. And it’s cheaper then dirt.
          Meaning that there isn’t any $ IN IT FOR PFIZER.
          But you seem to belive whatever Pfizer tells you anyway. BTW, look up Uttar Pradesh.

    • While I do agree with what you are saying here, don’t you think it odd that there were no immediate studies done on Ivermectin as a possible inexpensive early treatment? Other countries, such as India, have been using it effectively to treat Covid as they could not even get vaccines. It has worked. And the doctors here, going against status quo, and administering to patients, are also seeing good results. No one should be taking outside of medical supervision for sure.

      Just because big p’Harma’ has not jumped on it does not mean it is not viable. They can’t make any money with it why would they promote it? Our 22 year old niece was treated under doctor supervision with Ivermectin for Covid and it worked immediately. She was also put on azithromycin and used a nebulizer. In one week she was over Covid and without treatment likely could have ended up in the hospital.

      I am not anti vaccine. I am vaccinated, but also believe there are effective options that should not be held hostage by the money focused and politically driven sector of our medical communities. There are choices that should be also kept in the Covid arsenal.

      • Thanks for a thoughtful response. You’ve obviously thought about this and have some insight.
        There have been studies done on ivermectin, and they are inconclusive. It may have some effect, but it has not yet been determined. It appears that whatever effect it has is minimal, but it could become part of the arsenal used to treat Covid. Reports from India should be viewed cautiously. They may or may not be accurate.
        I’m glad your niece responded to treatment, but you must realize that ivermectin may not have been the effective agent. It could have been the azithromycin and the nebulizer, or perhaps those two with the ivermectin. She is a lucky girl.
        There are a couple of new treatments that are showing promise. I agree with your reservations about the influence of money in medicine. Unfortunately, that is what you get with for-profit health care. It can get to where it’s all about the money. But if something doesn’t get results, the money usually dries up.

    • “By far the best way to control Covid and return to normal life is to get the vaccine. All medical evidence points to this, and it is irrefutable. ”

      Says you who is not a doctor. This statement is not true because there is refutable evidence. Just because you don’t open your eyes to see it doesn’t mean the evidence does not exist.

      I have no vaxx, I’ve had rona twice and I haven’t died, not even once. My personal experience itself refutes your statement.

      • No offense, but I’m not sure taking the advice of someone who has had covid twice would be the most rational decision. According to most true believers having covid once provides complete 100% immunity, even though science (and you) tells us otherwise.

        • In the last month, who on any of these threads about the China virus has said that?!?!
          Lying about your opponent’s position and creating pathetic straw men never strengthens your argument (but yours are hopelessly weak anyway).
          We are only claiming (as do studies like the Israeli study of over 800,000 people) that natural immunity is 27 times better than the extremely short lived ‘immunity’ of that dangerous clot shot they call a vaccine.
          Nice try though.

          • That’s not what the data are showing in this country. It appears, at best, that having the vaccine and a bout of Covid might be the best protection, but that is still speculative.
            So, how ’bout you MM. Are you feeling lucky?

          • Not lucky or gullible enough to worry about this virus or to get the clot shot.
            But natural immunity is the only gold standard – which I almost certainly have considering that I have been extensively in the homes of three different people while they had the China virus and were successfully treating with HCQ, vitamins, and antibiotics. I wish it were easier to get Ivermectin. It works even better.

      • Well, first of all, one doesn’t need to be a doctor to understand that data prove the vaccine has been effective, and that data is out there for all to see. The vaccine aren’t perfect, but that doesn’t refute the fact that they are far more effective than doing nothing or taking hydroxychloroquine.
        The death rate from Covid is about 1% of all cases. That’s pretty low, but it is still 750,000 people who might not have died were it not for Covid. The odds are in your favor, but, to paraphrase a famous denier, “…are you feeling lucky, punk?”
        Your personal experience means nothing for the next guy. He may get lucky, he may not. Maybe for you, the third time will be the charm.

        • HCQ and Ivermectin are far more effective than the clot shot.
          But have fun with your 4th and 5th ‘boosters’.
          Good luck not getting clots, heart damage, capillary leakage, sterility, death, etc.
          Do you feel lucky?

          • Lucky, yes, but so far all of the above are pre-existing conditions for me, death excluded.
            Good luck to you with not getting heart damage, long Covid, sterility, death, etc., on your next bout with the virus. Maybe the third time won’t be the charm.

    • Homo, thanks for the missive, but before you cite the alphabet agencies above as being Gospel, you might want to do some research. For example, we’re you aware that an esteemed group of Scientists on the FDA board recently voted 16 against and only 2 for the release of Pfizers latest clot shot, or Jab number 3? Seems that the studies indicated that for each individual the jab might save, 2 would perish from it’s poisonous effect. Also the Director of Vaccine Research for FDA resigned , ostensibly over this issue. Not to worry though, your Man that great healer of all things social and medical China Joe Biden guaranteed that the jab would be released. Surely this comes as a great comfort to Pfizer stockholders.
      Oh, have you been looking at Pfizer profits? Seems it’s not just the Clot-Shot that has buoyed them but sales of their blood clotting and other heart medications have soared! To your health my friend!

      • Got some Neanderthal in you?
        They were smarter and stronger but still got outbred.
        The Betamax of humanity?
        You should sue for reparations.
        First Planet’s People.

      • Here’s the dope on the FDA and the Pfizer booster


        You can believe it or not. It’s the best information we have because it has been vetted.

    • The CDC approved ivermectin last July for treatment and testing for covid. See Table E about characteristics of anti viral agents in the CDC website. Pretty odd this is not common knowledge for all physicians and patients by now.

          • Evan is right. Ivermectin is in studies that, so far, have not shown it effective against Covid. It is not approved for use against Covid-19. This is verifiable everywhere.

        • Evan, neither has any of the poisonous cut shots been approved. But go ahead, take number 3, 4, 5, or 6 Boosters. Your immune system will be withered before then. BTW, you might want to put down the T.V. remote and actually research the success of Ivermectin from Japan to India to Africa in battling the Fauci Chi- Com bioweapon.
          Hoping you have some critical thinking capacity available.
          Best regards,

        • Please look up:
          NIH Covid treatment guidelines:
          Characteristic of Antiviral Agents that are APPROVED or under evaluation for the treatment of Covid 19. Table 2e lists the following drugs:

          Under Ivermectin you can find all the current and completed research studies regarding this drug.

    • The Trump line negates your whole long article. Obama was the first American president who was a traitor to the country….enter Trump!

    • Nonsense. The vaccines do not prevent Covid. Vaccines will not end the pandemic. They only mitigate symptoms. The medical evidence points to natural immunity, prophylactics and therapeutics as the path to normal life. That and ignoring the nonsensical Covid restrictions.

        • Except that the medical evidence doesn’t show this. What the medical evidence shows is that the vaccines are effective at controlling the virus, whether by ameliorating symptoms or conveying immunity.
          ‘Course, if you think the medical community is conspiring to falsify evidence, never mind.

  11. “Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place?” Evidentially a nurse, working with Covid patients, was first to make this statement.

    • I’m surprised a nurse wouldn’t know that cumulative exposure to a virus can, under certain circumstances, defeat the immunity provided by the vaccine. Everyone has his/her own immune response to the vaccine, some stronger, some weaker, and exposure to an unvaccinated person spreading virus is a risk to those persons with compromised immune systems. It doesn’t mean the vaccine doesn’t work, it means that it has a stronger effect in people with stronger immune systems. . Fortunately, we have data that indicate the chances of getting the virus and dying from it are exponentially decreased by being vaccinated. The vaccines aren’t 100% effective, but they are the best thing we have to fight virus at the present time.
      Once you have the virus symptomatically, the vaccine will not help you.

  12. Stated another way: It can be said that Dr. Gonsette is a FIRM believer that no matter what the circumstance, therapeutic remedies, particularly if they are ‘off-label’, should NEVER be used, in ANY instance. Anyone who does so, deserves to have their license taken from them. She maintains that she NEVER has done such a thing, NOR would she, EVER…

    Some Doctor.

  13. “ A Department of Defense (DoD) program called “Project Salus” analyzed data on 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries aged 65 or older and found that most COVID-19 hospitalizations are among fully vaccinated patients, with numbers increasing as the weeks pass. In cooperation with the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC), the study was presented by DoD partner Humetrix. Alarmingly, the data backs up what experts have predicted for months—that mass vaccination against COVID-19 will result in the mutation and strengthening of SARS-CoV-1, a phenomenon called Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE), thus driving up the rate of infection and spread of the virus.
    Project Salus data suggests that the majority of COVID-19 infections in study cohorts occur among those fully vaccinated, with outcomes worsening over time. Additionally, based on this analysis, individuals who have contracted and recovered from COVID-19 boast natural immunity, which offers the strongest protection against breakthrough infection.
    As Delta cases increase, the study data reveals that by August, 71% of all COVID-19 cases were in vaccinated individuals.
    Following the release of the Humetrix data, experts echoed what the information conveys, affirming:
    “These data, presented here, shatter the official Biden / Fauci narrative that falsely claims America is experiencing ‘a pandemic of the unvaccinated’. The data show that the pandemic actually appears to be accelerated by COVID-19 vaccines, while unvaccinated individuals are having far better outcomes than the vaccinated.”

    • Second or third time I’ve posted this, on different threads. To date there hasn’t been any rebuttal. Cat got your tongues?
      On person said that he would fact check it. Haven’t heard back from him. It’s been over two months.

        • In his 1786 Letters on Infidelity, George Horne writes that:
          “Pertness and ignorance may ask a question in three lines, which it will cost learning and ingenuity thirty pages to answer. When this is done, the same question shall be triumphantly asked again the next year, as if nothing had ever been written upon the subject. And as people in general, for one reason or another, like short objections better than long answers, in this mode of disputation (if it can be styled such) the odds must ever be against us; and we must be content with those for our friends who have honesty and erudition, candor and patience, to study both sides of the question.”

          • Which is why I so often amuse myself by stopping to the same level (my story, anyway).
            I often feel that (often substantiated by experience) any more would do no good anyway and I have already explained some of it elsewhere to the same people.

  14. She is a worthless, know-nothing Karen. If I had her as my doctor I would drop her immediately. She is dangerous. Ivermectin is on the World Health Organization‘s list of essential medicines. It has been safely used for years. Same thing with hydroxychloroquine.
    They are cheap, miraculous, and effective.

    • And proven ineffective against Covid. Taking without an MDs supervision is dangerous and foolish, as is taking any medication that is not approved for the specific disease being treated.

      • Once again, for those who are extremely, extremely, extremely thick between the ears.
        As for Homo’s lame assertions, Ivermectin and HCQ have been used for respiratory viruses before to great success. They also are currently in any countries with any collective medical common sense.
        To those that can get ahold of it in this country, it seems to work exceptionally well here also. Again (because apparently Faucciites have goldfish memories), my brother had gone down hill with the China virus for a week. His O2 sats were in the 60’s off and on for two days. By the time I got him the hydroxychloroquine and antibiotics, he couldn’t get out of bed.
        12 hours later his O2 was back to nearly normal, he had made himself breakfast, and was washing the dishes. A week later he was fully back to normal.
        This Dr. Gosnell (or whatever Karen’s name is) is a dangerous quack.

          • Logic not your strong suit?
            Rhetorical question (no answer required. I was being sardonic.)
            If evidence is true but anecdotal, does that make it false?
            If the Party forces evidence in a certain matter to be only anecdotal, where else should one find it?
            Anecdotal evidence that HCQ and Ivermectin is the beat way to handle the China virus is overwhelming.

        • There is no effective response to this person. He has seen the miracle and nothing is going to convince him that he doesn’t know the truth.
          Science, and to a lesser extent, medicine, deal with specifics. Mr. Myers seems to think that ivermectin, coupled with hydroxychloroquine and antibiotics cured his brother. So, was it the ivermectin, the hydro, or the antibios that cured him, all three, or maybe just two, and if Donald Trump had come in and done a witch doctor dance, would that have been the final, magical ingredient that spared his brother’s life.
          I’m having trouble with this scenario. O2 levels staying in the 60s require ventilation in Covid cases, and lacking that, morbidity is close to 100%. Was Mr. Myers’ brother diagnosed with Covid-did he test positive-or could it have been another respiratory infection that responded to the antibiotic?
          Medicine is complicated. The people who are on the front lines in pandemics like this are highly educated and experienced and know what they are talking about. They also know that they don’t know everything.
          Mr. Myers seems to have determined that he, in fact, does know everything.

          • Homo non-sapiens, are you the pot? Or the kettle in yhis situation?
            I have not seen it once. I have helped 3 people successfully treat with HCQ, antibiotics, and vitamins.
            Ivermectin is better, but I couldn’t get ahold of it. 2 of them probably would’ve died. Maybe all three (especially if they went to see Nurse Ratched at Providence).
            The beat treatment for China virus is Ivermectin. 2nd best is HCQ. Safe. Effective. Not like that damned worthless clot shot.
            Tons and tons of anecdotal evidence.

      • Covid vaccines are not “approved” for treating the specific disease of Covid either. So by your logic would they be foolish to take the vaccine as well? At least Ivermectin has been approved for at least something. Covid vaccines haven’t been approved yet to treat, well anything.

        • Sorry to barge in here again, but, yes, Covid vaccines are approved for use in preventing Covid. They are not a treatment for someone who has the disease. If you have Covid and are experiencing symptoms, the vax is not going to help you.

        • Patrocles. These two are right about this. Big pharma controlled FDA can approve just about anything.
          It’s dangerous and it doesn’t work, but the clot shot is approved.

      • If you ban doctors from prescribing effective drugs, then patients will have to take those drugs without doctor supervision.

      • “Taking…any medication that is not approved for the specific disease being treated [is dangerous and foolish].” No, it’s not, as I’ve explained elsewhere. It’s called “off-label use,” it’s common, it’s legal, and is every bit as safe as taking that same drug for “approved” uses. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have both been proven over decades of use to be safe, when taken at the appropriate dosages. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine may or may not be effective treatments for Covid, but they are absolutely not harmful drugs. If a patient isn’t responding well to “approved” treatments, then what harm is there in trying these two drugs? The patient has nothing to lose, which was kind of the point of the “hold harmless” laws. Why such a witch hunt against those who are using *APPROVED* drugs for an “off-label” use, in accordance with the “hold harmless” laws, for patients who have nothing to lose by trying?

        • Doctors strictly and mindlessly following the “approved” treatment protocols to keep themselves in the good graces of their corporate and govt masters are upset that they’re seeing worse outcomes than those who are willing to try a different path. Makes them look bad, and you know doctors and their egos….

  15. Robert A Schenker / May 26, 2021 – On different subject, but applicable here.
    Eccerpt – “It wasn’t until I came across a statement by Theodore Dalrymple, (pen name of Dr. Anthony Daniels, a Britisher) that I had an epiphany. Dalrymple explains that in his study of Communist Propaganda he came to the conclusion that its aim was not to persuade, convince or to inform. Its purpose was to humiliate and that the further it was from reality, the better.
    When you can force someone to remain silent in the face of such lies and even better for the Leftist, get them to repeat these obvious lies, they tend lose their sense of probity.
    To assent to such a lie is to cooperate with evil, and perhaps for some to become evil themselves. Having swallowed the lies above one becomes emasculated and unable to resist the next round of lies and therefore is easier to control.”
    Apparently, this is Dr. Leslie Gonsette’s goal, to force other voices to be silent.

    • Sounds like a precise description of Donald Trump, many of his followers, and his Russian handlers.
      Dr. Gonsette doesn’t necessarily want anyone to shut up, she doesn’t want them practicing bad medicine

      • She should be the one that is extricated from the medical community. Ivermectin is not a preferred method because it does not line to pockets of Big Pharma.

          • Nice try. Merck has a newer, more dangerous and more expensive treatment that is approved? Will be? Not sure.
            The safe, inexpensive, effective one is now Medica non Grata.

      • And shills like you probably don’t pay attention to the actual Putin stooge, Obama who was actually caught on video and a hot mic telling Medvedev he will have more latitude to help Russia after the next election.
        Such a hypocrite, Homo.

        • And the Grand Orange spilling military secrets to the Russian ambassador in the absence of any other American officials.

          • Still lying, I see.
            Your love, Shrillary is getting closer to being indicted on the Russia collusion hoax.

          • General Milley telling his Chinese counterpart that if America were to attack China, that he would warn them ahead of time.
            High treason is an acceptable act if it furthers the WOKE agenda?

      • Homo, seriously, your obsession with Donald Trump is not healthy.

        The juxtaposition of Trump being, through his actions, the ‘literal’ creator of the development of the vaccine that you so worship at the same time the ‘literal’ enemy of everything you stand for and believe in cannot be attained within any sane equitable answer, and yet you, apparently, continue to attempt, unto no avail….

        Upon one hand, you are praising Trump ( not by name, of course ) for an outcome you fully support, regarding the development of the vaccine, yet upon the other hand, you are dismissing Trump as the evil overlord, which exists within every other aspect of your existence….

        Well, which hand holds the truth?

        They cannot both hold the truth, at least not within the mind of one such as yourself, so one as I must wonder within your state of mind, or lack thereof….

      • Isn’t it interesting how the right wing and the left wing can lob the same water balloon.

        The core of it is, Who do you believe and why?

      • “Donald Trump …. and his Russian handlers”. Just curious but are you trolling or do you really believe such nonsense?

  16. It would be interesting to have Dr. Gonsette medical practice be peer reviewed to see if her medical judgment always exhibits the “best practice, sound research and science,” and is up to the standards she believes is required for her patients. It reminds me of the fact that no airline brags that they are safer than their competitors or examines their operations to see if their safety standards are worthy.

    I wonder if Dr. Gonsette deigned to participate in the recent Anchorage symposium? The symposium included world class doctors who are much smarter than Dr. Gonsette, who have far more clinical experience in treating Covid, and who possess medical degrees from the best universities and certifications that far exceed that of Dr. Gonsette. It would be sad if she did not attend. If I were Dr. Gonsette’s patient, I would question her judgment in not being medically interested enough to listen to other medical evidence in the treatment of Covid. This means that the Dr. Gonsette can hardly provide the “informed consent”.to her patients that she is ethically required to give. That would terminate any relationship I would have with Dr. Gonsette if I were her patient. So now she is taking on the role of active suppression of information she does not agree with. Her steadfast loyalty to the doctrine of vax for everyone at all costs is disintegrating daily as more world-wide evidence rolls in about the prudence of universal vax. It will be more and more difficult for Dr. Gonsette to be relied upon for good judgment.

  17. Who thought it would come to this: woke doctors ratting each other out.
    Trump Derangement Disorder seems to have a long-lasting effect in the medical business. My doors are open to medical doctors and I can help them get over TDD through my psychiatric practice. And I accept most insurance coverage, even some Obama Care.

  18. The same sound medical advice and best practices that brought us the opioid addiction that has destroyed millions of lives and we are still trying to deal with today. No thanks.

    • Proof that some doctors can and do engage in malpractice, like those specially chosen to attend Mayor Bronson’s by-invitation-only event. Those ducks do not have any traction in the real medical world, so they have to come to whatever outpost they can to spread their misinformation.
      It would be interesting to hear a debate between Dr. Gonsette, Anthony Fauci, and Michael Osterholm vs. the likes of Bronson’s sadly discredited picks. But the real doctors are too busy for such foolishness. Maybe Drs. House, Kildare, and Ben Casey are available.

      • Homo, Those doctors are world renowned (probably not as renowned as you, I’m sure). They are courageous (probably not as courageous as you, I’m sure). They are accomplished (probably not as accomplished as you, I’m sure).

      • I do not know why, but for some reason I am getting a strong Constant vibe from these posts….

        Or perhaps a weak Dunbar vibe….


      • Let’s see…who am I going to trust? A panel of certified, credentialed doctors who came to Anchorage to share the results of their research within their fields of expertise, or a random Neanderthal on the Internet? Oh, sorry, homo erectus, not Neanderthal. My bad.

    • In support of the doctors saving lives with Ivermectin and HCQ, I hope. Otherwise you are a dangerous fool who would be complicit in the deaths of those who could be treated by inexpensive, effective, proven miracle drugs.

  19. So, do the hospitals still get $40k per person on a ventilator and $300k per Covid death?

    How much money do the hospitals stand to rake in for Covid patients and deaths?

    I believe that’s a huge motivator here.

  20. Dr. Gonsette, is a member of the Alaskan Hospitalist Group, headed by Dr. Tim Bateman. I’ve now found another practice to avoid. I seek clear-thinking, open-minded practitioners to serve me. We don’t need the thought control of communism or neo-fascism imported from Europe to guide the science of health care. Let doctors practice according to their best understanding of the evidence, instead of imposing partisan, governmentally sanctioned “truth” upon them.

  21. Dr. Gonsette is the medical director at Solara Skin and Laser, hardly someone that should be giving COVID advice. It’s on their website. Dr. Tim Bateman no longer lives in Alaska – he is now in Oregon. So, based on that – why are we listening to either of them?

    • ’cause cancel culture gets everybodys’ dander up – nothing is settled except that Gonsett has a big mouth and a nasty disposition.

  22. Our body our choice period. I appreciate the Dr.s who are prescribing the Ivermectin. This person and others can take there jackets and cram them. I am so disappointed we are still forcing crap mask mandates and companies and hospitals forcing this emergency use bs gene therapy shot, Gates even came out and said they do not work but lets keep pushing. Hey Idiots you gonna try brothels here that will trade service for the shot like in europe. what the hell happen to us here. AG investigate the assembly for doing a coup on our Mayor.

    • It’s not your choice when your doctor faces license revocation, or worse if they prescribe something to treat you that is not supported by science. If you want to treat yourself with sub-standard methods, that’s your choice. But doctors are not bound to take your advice, as someone with zero medical training and no responsibility to the community.

      • Nope. I only trust the fully credentialed CDC.
        When they ran horrible experiments on the Tuskegee airmen heroes, that was so long ago. Nobody remembers.
        Ivermectin and HCQ are the only effective, safe medicines to deal with the China virus.

  23. Once upon a time medical “best practice” included *NOT* washing hands or changing into fresh scrubs between patients, using leeches to get the “bad blood” out of ill patients, etc. As the saying goes, “The best way to counter a bad idea is with a better one.” Science and reason flourish in an environment where questioning and open discourse are allowed and encouraged, not where those who question the status quo are censored and villified.

    • Wait… wait…
      You’re telling me that science can advance when the status quo or the powers that be are challenged?!?!

      • Apparently that’s Susanne Downing’s calling in life. May Yahweh pass by and leave a blessing behind for her.

    • Indeed. Boards tasked with licensing medical professionals are bound by best practices, that is the result of experts studying and publishing their data for their peers to review and adopt or reject. In this case, early treatment methods that are not studied or not supported by industry professionals are not allowed to be used by state licensed professionals. It has nothing to do with censorship. It is literally how we do things to promote best practices that save lives and prevent medical malpractice.

      • Nope. I only trust the fully credentialed CDC.
        When they ran horrible experiments on the Tuskegee airmen heroes, that was so long ago. Nobody remembers.
        Ivermectin and HCQ are the only effective, safe medicines to deal with the China virus.
        So there ya go.

      • Wrong. Research “off-label use” of medications. If a medicine has been approved for some use, then a doctor absolutely can prescribe it for another use; it happens all the time. This is often done because, once a drug has been deemed “safe and effective” for one use, it is often not worth a pharmaceutical company’s time and expense to prove that it is effective for other uses, as well (and it’s already been deemed safe, so no need to prove that again). Also, lack of evidence that a drug is effective is NOT the same as evidence that a drug isn’t effective. So, let’s apply that to the current situation: Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have already been deemed “safe and effective” for other uses, and they are both relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, pharmaceutical companies have a huge investment in the jabs, so why are any of them going to spend $$$$$ to prove either of those cheap drugs are effective against Covid when there is money to be made on the jab AND when “off-label use” is already allowed by law?

        • Over 7 billion jabs, at a thousand per= 7 trillion bucks. Big pharma’s motive.

          Over 400 thousand per two weeks on a ventilator, whether the patient lives or dies. Medico’s motive.

          Patent rights to the vax. Fauci’s motive.

          Chinese “art investors” buying Hunter’s “by numbers” paintings. Biden’s motive.

  24. I am amazed at how many put their faith in doctors as infallible when doctors have done some of the most inhumane and egregious things to patients over the centuries up to the present. Just the fact that many if not most agree with gender reassignment and the killing of unborn babies should tell you that they just “go with the flow” of whatever the AMA espouses.
    As for the homo and the singher… they just live for your attention folks. Your feedback to their posts is apparently what they wake up for every day. Feeding trolls is wasted time.

    • “Feeding trolls is wasted time.” Counter-point, just something to consider: I firmly believe that the best way to counter a bad idea is with a better one. I may not be able to change the minds of Homo and the Singher (love that, by the way), but maybe I can prevent someone else from being mislead by their foolishness.

  25. What happened to my body my choice?

    It’s telling the bulk of the people supporting this doctor on her quest to interfere with other doctor/patient relationships rarely use data or established medical ethics to back up their objections. They use political talking points and insults.

    We were a free people, once. And we got scared and gave it away.

  26. Something that gets very lost in the Covidian hysteria.

    Your obligation as a patient to ask informed questions as you take an active role in YOUR OWN HEALTHCARE.

    I never just go along with doctor’s recommendations. I ask questions and learn the most common pros and cons.

    End of the day, it’s my life, my body, my responsibility. Anyone who takes any meds or gets ant procedures without being involved in the decision process is as big a fool as the Covidians. Use the brain Hod have you.

    Covidians are nothing more than Socialists using a different tool to control you. They want to make every decision for you-they know better after all. We can’t be allowed to make our own choices. Heretics.

    Covidians are zealots and fear mongers, not people who deal in facts. A sane person can’t convince a Covidian there might be alternatives the Covidians don’t approve of any more than you can convince the nutcase street preacher his fanaticism is flawed. COVID has passed far beyond science to become one of the 10 Commandments of the left.

    These people will happily burn down society if society disagrees. Don’t believe me? Ask Portland.

  27. There are myriad points that can be argued in this debate. I will only discuss a very basic one. A group of “pharma-conformist” doctors seeks to persuade the assembly to sanction non-conforming doctors. In their pre-game huddle they all agree to wear white frocks to enhance their credibility in the assembly chambers….. shamelessly contrived optics. This tactic is nothing more than a ruse targeting the public audience they perceive as too unsophisticated to see through it. If their argument was valid it would not need to be supported by costumes designed to impress listeners (a form of logical fallacy).
    I got news for these tyrant doctors. The average person may not be brilliant; but they are by no means stupid either. We see you for what you are. A classic fail.

    • My re-review of the article prompts me to amend my comment above. If the photo of doctors wearing white frocks is depicting them in a venue other than the assembly chambers then I hereby amend my comment to apply to whatever (obviously public) venue it occurred.

  28. Disappointed that we continue to have MD’s that do not dig deep on worldwide research and widespread positive studies on HCQ and Ivermectin and instead follow the mainstream media and Federal Bureaucrats. Repurposing drugs is a normal practice.

  29. Anyone who is against early treatment of Covid with off label therapeutics such as Ivermectin are flat earther, anti-science frauds. There is ample evidence of their efficacy out there. This “doctor” appears to be another shill for Big Pharma!

  30. Regarding the trolls who have inflamed so many with this topic today.
    *********Ignore them*********
    When you respond, they win, not because they are right, but because they now have exerted control over the situation.
    The facts are all out there and are available to all who look. Remember though, look at everything in an unbiased manner. Then the truth will shine brightly.
    Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty but the pig enjoys it…

  31. From the screenshot in the article:

    “Your written comments will be provided to the board prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting on Nov 19, 2021.

    A public comment period will be provided at that meeting for those who would like to offer verbal input to the board; given the anticipated level of participation, the chair may limit the length of time allotted for individual comments.

    Pre-registration will be required for all persons wishing to speak during the public comment period.”

    STATE MEDICAL BOARD Teleconference/Videoconference Meeting

    STATE MEDICAL BOARD, November 18-19, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. Teleconference/Videoconference to discuss board business. If you are interested in attending by telephone or via zoom, please email [email protected] or call (907) 465-6243 for more information before 12:00 p.m. on November 17, 2021.

    Individuals or groups of people with disabilities who require special accommodations, auxiliary aids or service, or alternative communication formats, call the Director of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing, (907) 465-2538. Please provide advance notice in order for the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development to accommodate your needs.


    Please register to provide comment to this Board by 12:00 noon Nov 17, 2021. We cannot let the same people who state that the vaccine is the only “treatment” for a virus force license revocation from the medical providers MORE interested in helping us than the bottom line of a few 1%’ers at Providence and big Pharma.

    By the way, even Mr. Bill Gates publicly stated that the mRNA vaccines are not working as expected. ‘’

  32. I have always had issues with scientific consensus. Science by definition explores and researches. Science challenges the status quo and looks for better understanding of the world around us. Scientific consensus whether from the church (We decree that all planets revolve around the earth), bigots (other races are inferior to us) or the state via an elite scientific group stifles and halts progress. Consensus requires adherence to the decided status quo and views not aligned with the official version need to be suppressed to uphold the belief. In the process Dr. Gonsette violates the very first tenet of here profession “First do no harm”. In light of the mediocre at best performance of the vaccines, her attempt to silence other physicians, stops progress in treatment of this virus and will cost patient lives. I remember the discovery of the AIDS virus, research and treatment options were pursued and nothing was off the table. Today AIDS is no longer the death sentence it was back in then. Yet Covid is not afforded the same effort in research and drugs studies for alternative drugs are not supported or suppressed. More and more one gets the impression that the state does not wish this to end.
    The standards and best practices are a minimum not a limitation as physicians have always searched for the best treatment for their individual patients. Ignoring certain medications, because they are not the governments preferred method borders on malpractice.

  33. This is literally what state license boards are for. If a bridge engineer starts designing to non-industry standards, do you write an article about how that engineer should be given the freedom to endanger the public and still keep their state board issued license?

    • So.
      And I would mention your stunning lack of logic, but I don’t have time to explain the concept of logic to you.

    • We are not talking wild mushroom extract with eye of newt from the Amazon jungle here, but medications that have been FDA approved and in the formulary for many years. These medications have been prescribed in the past for inflammatory processes. This isn’t a reach or snake oil. We are dealing with establish drugs here. If physicians were poisoning their patients (with the aforementioned eye of newt extract), you would have a point, but their success with these established medications speaks for itself.

      • AFH: nice word shifting. “Inflammatory processes” pretends to equate the effects of parasitic inflammation with viral. The two pests are biologically very different and respond to ivermectin differently.

        • Evan, as I understand it, the body’s inflammatory process or immune response if you like, is the same regardless of causality. If you have an irritant/intruder the body reacts with inflammation (swelling, pain, heat, loss of function, increased secretions etc.) by suppressing the inflammation to my understanding, you avoid the cascading effect of a hyperactive auto-immune response, also know as a cytokine storm, which appears in most cases to be responsible for the severe illness in Covid patients.

        • Oh Evan, your constant disdain for facts is maddening.
          Ivermectin is a proven antiviral. Even leftist organizations like NIH and WHO tout it as such.

    • Your problem is that the complainant is attempting to use an arm of the State of Alaska to suppress all alternative treatments for COVID and punish anyone who prescribes an early intervention treatment.

      Your second problem is that there are NO industry standards for COVID, as EVERYONE – government, public health, media and Big Tech – have been lying about treatments and recommended approaches for the last 2 years. At worst, the use of Ivermectin / vitamins simply doesn’t work, not unlike the vax these days. At best, we save people’s lives.

      If you want to sic the state Medical Board on anyone, you ought to start with Providence, Alaska Regional and local pharmacists who refuse to use Ivermectin legally prescribed. There is federal law on this called the Right to Try, passed in 2018 that puts ALL these clowns in no small legal peril for refusing to treat as requested. Cheers –

      • Alex: take as much of the horse paste as you want but don’t expect medically trained and licensed providers to offer it. They have a duty to do no harm or it’s semantic corollary- do stuff that works.

        • Oh Evan, your constant disdain for facts is maddening.
          Ivermectin is a proven antiviral. Even leftist organizations like NIH and WHO tout it as such.
          It is on WHO’s list of essential medications (not even as a paste).
          It is safe, inexpensive, and effective – very unlike the clot shot.

        • You don’t care much for truth and accuracy, do you? No one is saying “take horse paste.” They are saying to take a medication *APPROVED FOR HUMANS* long before Covid-19 was a thing. As for “do no harm,” Ivermectin is *incredibly safe* when taken within the recommended dosing ranges. The fact that you are spouting demonstrably false nonsense in a vain attempt to support someone trying to combat “misinformation” would be hilarious, were it not so tragic.

    • Look up NIH Table 2e. Characteristic of antiviral agents. Ivermectin is saving millions of lives around the world.

    • No reputable engineer ever designs to non-industry standards. They would immediately lose their license if they did so. Your argument is a red herring.

    • josephdj / November 14, 2021

      No reputable engineer ever designs to non-industry standards. They would immediately lose their license if they did so. Your argument is a red herring.

      This had gotten displaced in the comments. So I copy and paste.

    • If by foolishness you mean suppressing inexpensive, safe, lifesaving drugs like Ivermectin and HCQ in favor of the dangerous but ineffective clot shot?
      By all means.
      I agree with you.

      • And I’m sure the medical board would love to hear all of our opinions.
        Let’s absolutely inundate their inbox.
        (Let’s sign them all – “Karen”)
        I’ll grab some popcorn.

  34. Apparently since she is so informed, she is not informed of the fact that two Pharmaceutical companies are in process of creating their version of Ivermectin for Covid 19 treatment…..sounds like she needs to be under investigation herself for violating her oath of “Do no Harm”…..or is she informed and has an ulterior motive which is causing her to do harm……and raise the cost of medical care with an expensive version of Ivermectin….

  35. This is the equivalent of the Catholic Church threatening to execute Galileo because he was spreading “misinformation” that was in opposition to the mainstream popular view. What the heck! What if the mainstream is wrong and the “misinformation” is actually correct?

    Science and medicine is not decided by consensus of opinion. It is decided by facts and research. If the science shows Ivermectin and HCQ work, then they work. Mainstream consensus is irrelevant.

    • Just a slight correction. Your history on Galileo is way off. Not your fault, probably. It is popular.
      BTW, heliocentrism was known already. It was discovered by a priest along with scores and scores of other important scientific discoveries.
      Galileo was not threatened with execution. He was placed under house arrest with a friend in a nice place until he recanted. The problem was not with the science, but with where Galileo took the science into the interpretation and wrong rejection of the book of Genesis. (Heliocentric theory as Galileo believed is actually wrong also.)
      For the time and the practices of the day, St. Robert Bellarmine was very pro science and quite broad minded.
      He actually put it to Galileo that if he could prove what he was saying, the church would change how it interpreted sacred scripture.
      Just sayin.
      But I agree on the witch hunt against good, lifesaving medicines like Ivermectin and HCQ.

  36. The medical ruling class say masks prevent Covid. But the scientific research shows they don’t. So forgive me if I am a little skeptical of what types of medicine these bureaucrats say are good or bad. They have a history of being wrong. So I’ll take a doctor who follows the science over what the bureaucrats say any day.

  37. IVERMECTIN IS A POISON THAT KILLS LIVING PARASITES/ORGANISMS! It does nothing against non-living things like viruses!! Except low-level poison the host and possibly inhibit recovery! Those who get better with it would have recovered anyway, probably better and faster without it!!! She’s absolutely right!!

    • Ha!
      Let me guess.
      Who should we believe?
      Or our lying eyes?
      Ivermectin is and has been for years a miracle drug as an antiviral.
      It has saved countless lives in this country and elsewhere from those suffering from the China virus – many of whom would’ve died. The same is also true of (almost as good) HCQ – which saved my brother’s life just this last September.

    • So Esthera, where did you get your medical degree? Considering that this medication has been around a long time, your poisoning scenario makes no sense. Also if per your statement, these patients recover anyway the why do we need a vaccine? Could it be that the Covid survival rate is actually excellent and all of these crazy measures are more hype than substantive? (Considering that the vaccine doesn’t prevent infection or transmission, and despite mask mandates and lock-down the virus is still here and spreading). So no the good doctor is NOT right, employing an anti-inflammatory drug to reduce the impact of the virus as an early intervention makes sense and blind adherence to the party line does not change that.

  38. Ivermectin is NOT used for viruses! It’s used to kill parasites! Lice, fleas, river blindness, leishmaniasis…parasites all. Many in my family have medical degrees. Mine is in biology, chemistry, and geology, as in natural sciences. I taught sciences and mathematics. My daughter is an ER doctor. Ivermectin is a mild poison that isn’t strong enough to hurt large mammals like people and horses, in appropriate doses, but will kill the parasites in or on those mammals. Viruses are not technically alive so can’t be poisoned. To date, the only effective killer of viruses in mammals is immune response. The vaccine stimulates immune response in mammals that have a working immune system to respond quickly when the organism/person encounters that virus again. It stops the virus before it can take hold and make you sick if your immune system is working right. If your immune system isn’t working quite right you may get sick anyway, but usually not as sick as someone who isn’t vaccinated at all. Ivermectin just poisons you enough to give you diarrhea to clean out the intestinal parasites/critters it kills in your gut and is oozed out through your sweat and other body fluids to kill parasites on your body but it will NOT kill/destroy viruses in your nose and lungs!! At best it does nothing. At worst it weakens you further because you’re sick with Covid-19! Taking it for a virus is even more inane and ignorant than thinking borax (a chemical used in paint and pesticides) will detox and remove a vaccine that started working before you got to your car!!

    • Nobody said that Ivermectin kills anything. It treats any Cytokine Storm that may develop. It reduces a Cytokine Storm. You know, the immune response when it becomes too active and does more harm than good.

    • Esthera, thank you for a detailed and rational response. I am well aware of the chief function of Ivermectin. The NIH does classify it as an antiviral.
      Here is how I see it and this is just my opinion and what I have read:
      Anytime you take a drug systemically, the chemicals contained in said drug interact with the cells and chemical processes, affecting not only the desired system, but your entire body. There are a myriad of drugs that are used for one thing, but over time it is observed that they also affect another ailments. This is quite common.
      You speak of poison. As with all medications dosage here is the key. I would like to point out that there are medications that are truly nasty, chemotherapy agents (mostly of yesteryear) among them, but their effectiveness outweighed their aggressiveness.
      You are correct that we have no effective means to kill viruses, which is why symptom control has become important. When you get the cold (also a virus) you take medication to reduce your fever, suppress your cough, so you can sleep and rest, giving your body time to fight off this infectious intruder and create antibodies.
      The vaccine may give your body a head start in that department, but in the end your natural immune response is needed to defeat it. Given that the normal testing and approval process for vaccines from what I have read, is in the 5 year range, I understand that people are hesitant to take it. We have no long term data on this vaccine. We have long term data on Ivermectin. Again without an effective way to combat viruses symptom control becomes paramount.
      From your writing I get the impression that you personally are afraid that Ivermectin will become an accepted treatment option and if you get sick someone may foist it on you (or else). Since you see it as a poison, I can imagine that you are not willing to give it a try. You have that choice and it will be respected. It is after all a free country.
      Yet ironically and somewhat hypocritically you insist that all be vaccinated or else….maybe you should extent the same courtesy to those, hesitant to take the brand new vaccine without a tract record and instead opt for a medication that has shown some promise, and where medication properties are well established.

  39. Why are we bickering here?
    If you look at this as a medical matter, then we need to look at a few facts. Human bodies are not bridges (sorry John) they do not always follow the laws of physics/medical science. Let’s say you have high blood pressure and your doc prescribes a pill that works for 95% of people. For some reason it doesn’t for you. Now you and your doc go searching for a combination that keeps your pressure in an acceptable range, but it may include medications that technically are not a blood pressure remedy….I bet that Dr. Gonsette has done this more times that she can count. That’s called good medicine.
    Here is a disease we know very little about and doctors are trying what works for their patients. In light of the mediocre performance of the vaccine, which has turned out to be a less effective flu vaccine, that requires a new inoculation each season, it is a reasonable response. Doctors are turning to other medications to not necessarily combat the virus, but limit it’s effects on the body and show some success with already approved drugs. This in a normal medical matter would be greatly celebrated and research expanded.
    Enter political ideology: Public opinion is focused on this disease, hyped to make it appear to be a death sentence if one contracts it (despite a decent survival rate of 98%) and create enough chaos for people to look for an “expert” to give them advice to simply survive. All power shifts to said “Expert” and people submit to measures they would normally reject. In order for this situation to be continued to be exploited by the “Expert”, medical success in treatment, must be suppressed and maligned. Those who are not on board need to be coerced and threatened to fall in line or else. A patient’s free determination of the type of healthcare they wish to pursue ends. They are hounded by people, who are dominated by fear or are arrogantly assuming that only their world view has any merit and they are entitled to dictate the lives of others of “lesser” opinions.
    This has nothing to do with medicine, as better treatment is not celebrated, but rejected wholesale and its purveyors demonized. It is a pure and raw power grab ….
    and THAT ladies and gentlemen is what we are bickering about here!

  40. The Summit was to provide information for those concerned about early treatment for Covid and the various options available. I thought the summit was welcomed by the community and well received by many medical professionals. A rhinovirus infection left untreated may result in impacted sinuses, or serious lung congestion, that, if left untreated – could result in death. The current Covid virus infection has similar characteristics, if treated early in the replication phase, the infection is easier to overcome, and the patient studies show that early treatment saves lives. Ignoring a viral respiratory infection of any type is foolish and irresponsible. Suggesting the community refrain from seeking early diagnosis and treatment, until they are bedridden and need assistance to breath, could result in the crisis feared at the beginning of this lockdown. At that time, without the hysterical Novel pronouncement, there were 52 available medications that would be effective in the treatment of this viral infection. There were two mentioned, and those two have been vilified since, despite the awards and effectiveness history. There are still 52 medications that could be prescribed for early treatment of this viral infection. The political cancel culture is out of bounds. If multiple patients were dying as a result of a treatment protocol, the concern brought to the attention of the licensing board would be justified. In fact, the successful early treatment results seem to be the topic of concern, instead of a path forward.

  41. Bring out the witch hunt because very soon all those who are on the CARES Act tit will be exposed for the frauds they are in the government deception.

  42. What started out as a fight against the pandemic to save the people has turned into a fight against the people to save the pandemic.

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