Did parents know what the sex-ed curriculum really was teaching when they signed the consent form?



Anchorage schools have not only taken over sex education for parents, they are teaching wokeism, gender neutrality, “pick your pronoun,” “change your name,” and techniques needed to be successful in sexual proclivity. 

In full transparency, they will provide a parental consent form that seems pretty benign.  

However, the description of the Academic Plan and Learning Outcomes is not informative to parents. Here is the form that informs parents of the curriculum and the learning outcomes:

This form meets the intent of the state law to get parental approval. Once the permission slip is signed by the parent, the school district is off the hook.   

The learning outcomes are vague and do not reflect what is being taught in the classroom. The permission form is misleading to parents. An argument can be made it is deceiving.

Based on the learning outcomes above, most any parent would sign the permission form. That is exactly the objective of the the Anchorage School District, which prides itself on its “transparency” and “accountability” principles.

The school district has stepped in as the surrogate parents in teaching sex education.

As noted in a previous article, the Anchorage School District is pairing boys and girls to ask extremely intimate and sordid questions of each other in a “speed dating” exercise.

Here is a second example of the questions the boy-girl pairs are to ask each other:

These questions are from a book, “100 Questions You Would Never Ask Your Parents” by Elizabeth Henderson and Nancy Armstrong, which is being used to teach sex education to Anchorage high school students.

What learning objective is aligned with question #41: “With all the condoms out there, how can I know which one to pick?”

There are also several questions about unprotected sex and pregnancy. Do these questions lead the student to Planned Parenthood rather than a conversation with their parent? After signing the permission slip, are these the type of questions you as a parent thought would be covered?  

This sexual movement is not limited to Alaska. It is happening in many schools throughout the nation. A poster in an Eau Claire, Wisconsin high school classroom portrays the school as “I’m Your Mom Now.”

This refers to the gender fluid, transgender, LGBQT+ effort to groom students to question their biological sex.

As noted in an earlier story, the Anchorage School District also intends to keep parents in the dark when a middle or high school student decides to change genders. It’s not just Anchorage.

According to The Federalist, teachers in San Francisco held a meeting in which a question came up as to how to handle a parent who asks teachers to use her child’s given name and biologically correct pronouns. One teacher conveyed an experience in which a parent stated to her, “I know you were using a different name than my child’s given name at birth and the pronouns we gave them, and I’m respectfully asking that you use the name and the pronouns that we gave them.”

The teacher proudly described her defiant reply, “So, in my classroom, I will refer to your child by whatever name and pronouns that they’ve told me they feel most comfortable with.”

Without a focus on the 3 Rs, more parents will be looking for other places to educate their children. More students will be leaving the public education system. If so, the public education system only has itself to blame.  

David Boyle is an education writer for Must Read Alaska.


  1. David Boyle doesn’t know the answers to several of these questions, which explains his indignation that a 17 year old will know more than him.

    • And? A 17 year old should not need to know the answers to many of those questions. I have been happily married over 40 years, have produced children, and still have a great sex life. I certainly don’t know the answers to many of those questions and I don’t think I have missed anything. We taught our own children what they needed to know about sex, and now they are happily married, normal healthy adults. So why are such questions and information being put before children? Really a bit twisted and deluded, and if you think that is great, then I have sympathy for you. Our teenagers would be far better served learning to write a good paper and preparing for careers.

  2. My ONLY experience with ASD sex Ed:kindergarten 2019, Denali Montessori. It’s 8:30 am. I receive an auto-text from ASD informing me that my kid will receive sex ed today, and that it’s my right to remove my kid from this curriculum, and also my right to see the curriculum.

    I walk in to the health teachers office and say, “I’m here to see the curriculum you’re administering to kindergarteners today.” She says, “I don’t think I’m allowed to show you that.”

    Me: Oh really? Here’s the text from ASD. I’m going to need to see the curriculum.

    Her: OH! I guess I didn’t realize… here’s a summary of the slides.

    Me: No I’m going to look at the slides themselves.

    H: Well I’m not really prepared to show you.

    M: You’re showing these to kindergarteners in half an hour, but you’re not prepared?

    H: That’s not what I meant.

    M: This text says you need to show me. Now.

    H: oh… alright. But I’m not the presenter. The presenter isn’t here yet.

    M: who is the presenter?

    H: a representative from AWAIC.

    M: that’s who is teaching this curriculum? Why a womens shelter?

    H: because they have the contract to develop the curriculum and teach the course.

    M: I’ll go get my kid and take him to the zoo today. Thanks for the info.

    And just in case readers don’t know: AWAIC’s largest donor is PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF ALASKA.

    Thus, at least in 2019, PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF ALASKA was teaching your kids’ kindergarten “health” courses, with one degree of plausible deniability because they hide behind AWAIC.

    Watch out for your children. They are coming for them!!!!!

    • State law requires the schools to provide any parent the curriculum and parents must be notified at least 2 weeks before a sex-ed class is conducted. Stand up for your rights, parents! Dee Cee you can Fb msg me.

  3. Take your children out of these schools. They are grooming them for accepting the current agenda of the LGBTQ to make everyone tolerate their insanity.
    Juniors and Seniors in high school are not going to want to speed date another student questions about how big a penis is too big and is it normal for my breasts to be different sizes. My God wake up!!
    At no time is this acceptable even in a high school world! These all are questions that need to be answered by a Dr or the parents. No inbetween school teaching debauchery.
    If any parent accepts this garbage they are part of the problem.
    Yeah and the stupid poster, “If your parents don’t accept your identity, I will be your Mom” needs to go. Your identity is your natural GENDER period. If that is on a school wall it needs to come down.
    It’s like there is no law anymore to protect kids from freak teachers wanting to get their rocks off watching these questions being asked. It’s pornographic!

  4. Always, always, always read anything the school system sends home before signing it.

    They are not your friends. They hate you, your values, and want to politically (if not sexually) groom your children.

    You’re the parents. Act like it. Don’t just sign and send, read it. All. If you don’t like it don’t sign and confront the school administration. Raise hell at the school board.

    I’m not referring to Anchorage public. It’s a lost cause and Mat Su isn’t far behind. I’m talking about wherever you send your kids once you get them out of the abomination of Anchorage public education.

    If you love your kids, pull them out of public school yesterday. If you leave them, you’re either on board with the agenda or contributing to the abuse of your child.

  5. This is by design. These policies, coupled with leftist induced mass immigration, will ensure there is not a scrap of fair skin left in America except in small virtuous circles of those who keep to Jesus’ and the founding fathers teachings. The fake news wants to hide it, but MRAK and other impartial sources are spreading the truth.

    • “Fair skin” has nothing to do with this debacle. Also, Christians aren’t the only ones who lead moral lives. In fact, I know many, many so-called Christians who are the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever met. I’m wondering if you meant to say, instead of “leftist induced mass immigration”, you possibly meant “leftist induced mass hysteria”? Because that would have been correct. These evil, perverted leftists need to be taken to an inescapable island and left there to thrive or fail, far from decent society.

    • Now, you’re just sick!
      You wiped out the natives,
      Stole their land and indoctrinated their children into some middle eastern cult. So, now you project…must be your guilty concscience.

  6. Such wickedness. So harmful. Harmful intent within the democratic party. I can’t believe anyone can in good conscience vote for them ever again.

  7. Please read “Irreversible Damage” by Abigail Shrier, whether you have children in public school or not. Our children are under attack. This book will help you understand the subtle and not so subtle ways the family unit is broken and our children harmed.

  8. I figured out why all the pedo stuff all of a sudden! They got one of their own in charge with# creepy mc kiddisniffer nstalled in the White House the first open MAP Minor Attracted President

  9. Is there suddenly a huge pedo epidemic in schools, or are the Republicans so stupid and pointless, that this is literally the best thing they could come up with as a campaign strategy? I vote for the latter, just like I voted for Mary Peltola. Boom, in your face! Haha!

  10. Imagine, just for a moment, that when YOU were in kindergarten, the teacher said, “No one should touch your genitals except you and your doctor. If someone does this, ask your parents or a trusted adult for help.” Would this have changed your sexuality? Because that’s in the curriculum.

    Imagine, just for a moment, that when YOU were in grade school, the teacher said, “Some families have two dads, and that’s ok.” Would this have changed your sexuality?

    Imagine, just for a moment, that when YOU were in middle school, the teacher said, “Some people choose to live their lives, and dress, as if they were the opposite gender they were born with. If you’re one of those people, that’s ok.” Would this have changed your sexuality?

    Would discovering that some broad shouldered woman in your neighborhood might have been born a man really have changed whether you’re attracted to girls or boys? I REALLY doubt that.

    Ask yourself, honestly, is there ANYTHING a teacher could have said to you in your youth that would’ve changed whether you’re attracted to girls or boys? Probably not, right? The only way this information would’ve had any affect on you would be if you ALREADY were attracted to the same gender and MAYBE this information would’ve made you feel like you didn’t have to hide this or lie about it. And is THAT really a bad thing?

    • Imagine, just for a moment, that when YOU, Bob, were in high school, and the teacher said that communism is just a different way of governing, and that’s ok, would that have changed your American patriotism? Probably not. But it does matter, because it’s not the truth. When the teacher says, “It’s okay,” to all the above things you mentioned, then that is inducing an acceptance of what is not the truth. So, is teaching falsehood really not a bad thing? It instills confusion in young minds, who naturally seek truth.

      The truth we need to teach is that we live in a binary world. We breathe in and out. We have a left and a right leg. We have two eyes, two ears, two nostrils. We have oxygen and carbon dioxide. We have day and night. We have protons and electrons. We have stamen and pistil. We have positive ions and negative ions. We have invisible and visible qualities. We have mind and body. We have bulls and cows. We have salmon with eggs sacs and salmon with sperm sacs. We have husbands and wives. We have boys and girls. We have male and female. We live in a binary world. And it’s verified by science.

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