Interior Republicans: Uniquely independent


Interior Republicans in Fairbanks, Districts 31-36, have organized separately from the Alaska Republican Party, creating their own group, and renting a temporary headquarters to last through Nov. 15. This move to create a separate operating group is so they can provide resources to people interested in running for local and state offices, to provide central location for meetings and to get candidate information out to the public.

Their location, at 59 College Road, across from Costco, is also the place to distribute candidate signs and information for conservative candidates. They will be engaged in get-out-the-vote activities for all Interior conservative candidate.

The group, Interior Republicans has also launched a robust website with candidate information and local event listings to help influence voters on “ranking red” in the November general election. The group is also holding election watch parties, and had Gov. Mike Dunleavy hold a meet-and-greet at the Interior Republicans offices. The Dunleavy campaign and numerous other candidates have rented space in the offices. At this point, the group has not hired staff, but is maintaining the offices with volunteer help.

“Donations are being accepted to help us keep the doors open,” said Cheryl Markwood, the founder of the group and longtime Republican activist. “After the November election, we hope to keep Interior Republicans active in recruiting candidates and providing education for more strategic political planning for the upcoming elections in 2023 and 2024.

The group sees itself as another resource, not replacing the Alaska Republican Party, which is based in Anchorage.

“We’re providing services that the arm of the Republican Party cannot fulfill,” she said.


    • No. Go check Click’s registration at the Democrat’s Headquarters. He’s an old Lefty transplant and votes with the Democrats.

      • Bishop is a union stooge. Senate leadership likes him because he will agree with them regardless of the outcome. No thinking required. Thinking would be beyond Bishop’s abilities, which are few.

  1. There is clearly a political realignment occurring in America. We haven’t seen anything like this since the end of Whigs and the birth or Republicans.

    The “progressives” (actually regressives) have little use for the Democrats and are pushing it hard to full socialism.

    Most conservatives are sick of traditional republicans and are pushing hard for a genuinely Conservative party.

    Like them or hate them, the rise of Trump and Bernie Sanders speaks to the disillusionment most voters have.

    People like McConnel, Princess, Mansion, Sinema will find themselves homeless very soon. So will most independents.

    College educated Karens, childless wokes, and unions are headed fast to the left.

    People with kids, blue collar workers, and middle management types are headed right. Regardless of skin, preference, religion.

    It’s gonna be an interesting, bumpy road ahead. The America we know now may not be the America we get at its end. Frankly, considering what we’ve been getting since Bush 41- that may not be a bad thing.

    • Good assessment. The scary thing about that is that, of all the groups named, progressives are the ones that see this as a crusade, or more aptly put, a “Jihad”, and so will stop at nothing to secure power. Lying and cheating are virtues in most of the political world, but to this group they are holy sanctified weaponry. Add to that a group of elites who’ll use any fringe group and let slip any dogs of war, or chaos they can, to hang on to power, and it’s a dangerous time for the average American who just wants to raise a family or run a business.

    • TMA –

      A different take.

      How about the 80% of the people in the middle, who don’t have a hard ideological alignment with the MAGA take no prisoners folks or the far left anti-fossil fuel, race centered agendas, and overtly socialist (Bernie) camps, just want a reasonable candidate who is electable.

      I think this mid-term election is going to show a lot. A lot of the trump backed candidates are losing ground. I hope I’m wrong, but I see a real chance based on our congressional election here, Pennsylvania, and arizona, that we may, in fact, not capture the Senate as predicted, and may not even get control of the house. Again, I hope I’m wrong…

      Neither Pelota or Biden “won” their elections – Palin and President Trump lost. Both have huge unfavorable ratings, that, IMO, cost them (and us) the elections. At least Trump had a good presidential record to run on, but I believe that his personality turned enough people against him. Palin didn’t have any record to run on, other than harassing former in-laws, driving a few major oil industry players out of the state, and a failed VP bid. Her personality appeals to some, but obviously not to most. Gotta say, even to vote her as a second choice in RCV, a lot of us had to hold our noses.

      We need truly conservative candidates, but ones that are electable. I know a lot of people are angry, and like the “punch them commies in the face” mentality espoused by a Palin or a Trump, but pretty soon, we’re going to have to look at ourcomes, and see that those people aren’t electable.

    • Today’s union leaders waste their time basking in the reflected glow from the east coast elites and west coast glitterati, and have totally forgotten who they actually represent.

  2. Is this group taking a side in the Palin-Begich saga that seems to be tearing apart the Republican Party? It says Dunleavy will/has office space there, so does that mean Pierce is out? Will Murkowski be working with this group or is she banned? From the outside, it sounds like there is a deep-seated split forming within the Alaska Republican Party.

    • Closed primaries took care of that in the past. RCV allows Democrats to choose Republican candidates.

      • Closed primaries gave us Joe Miller in the general election and how did that fare? Such an extremist that Murkowski won her infamous write-in campaign. When the extreme side of the party gets to put forward the nomination, it can fail dramatically. Then it can be an even bigger mess if they’re elected to office—how much have Green, Gaetz, or Boebart accomplished (besides making a name/spectacle of themselves and their office)? Lots of sound bites and no policy.

  3. Nice to see people organizing for their cause but….we will soon have 87,000 newly minted IRS agents. Their mission will be to go after groups like this. Keep good records of all monetary transactions. The other problem is splitting the Republicans, RCV was invented for situations like this.

  4. I like this a lot. I wish the Republican party in Anchorage was working harder at the grassroots to make sure the assembly members and state congress members aren’t running unopposed or against the likes of Nick Danger. Sorry Nick. I don’t know much about you, but your brand isn’t going to win elections, despite you having perhaps admirable courage. Mr. Danger.

    I was shocked to see that my ballot had only the choice between Harriet Drummond and Zack Fields for my district. This constant belief that everything is futile is very self defeating. Conservatives need to quit running to the hills. Many blue collar union-loving Democrats love Lisa Murkowski because she isn’t totally woke and isn’t so progressive that she puts her preferred pronouns next to her name and whatnot. And almost everyone on either side is tired of the polarization. Harriet Drummond and Zack Fields do not have strong character and are extremely polarizing. There is a gap to be filled and conservatives can get moderates on the left to vote for them just by simply being civil and polite and a calming force, but without compromising conservative values and integrity like Lisa does. But most of all, there are plenty of conservatives still in Anchorage that should vote that are not voting only because they don’t like paying attention to politics in general, especially now.

    We all know guys that are blue collar guys that we work with that can’t stand what’s happening to America and Anchorage, but don’t know much about politics, especially when it comes to local politics. We should all be encouraging those people to vote. There are many that don’t vote because they don’t trust anyone that is a politician and sense they don’t pay attention, they don’t want to take part in putting someone in office that is crooked. But that kind of attitude is only going to make our homeless problem worse, make crime go up, and make our schools more woke, just to name a few things.

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