Americans expect beefed up IRS to target political opponents, audit lower and middle class workers



More Americans believe the latest legislation to hire 87,000 Internal Revenue Service agents is part of a plan to audit middle and lower class Americans and small businesses than to target corporations and wealthy Americans, according to a new poll.

Convention of States Action, along with the Trafalgar group, released the poll that found that “52.1 percent of voters say that the new 87,000 IRS employees, approved by President [Joe] Biden’s legislation, will be used to audit middle-class Americans, low-income earners, and small businesses; or to target the political opponents of those in power.”

The poll comes after Democrats passed the Inflation Reduction Act, legislation that allocated $80 billion in additional taxpayer funds to the IRS.

Overall, 33% of those surveyed said the new IRS employees will be used “to audit middle class Americans and small businesses” while 31.6% said they will be used “to audit wealthy Americans and large corporations.”

Another 15.9% said the auditors will be used “to target the political opponents of those in power.”

“We wanted to understand whether or not voters believe that the true purpose of hiring 87,000 new IRS agents is to focus on – the Biden Administration has been claiming – ’large corporate and high-net-worth taxpayers’ or whether something else is afoot,” said Mark Meckler, president of the Convention of States Action. “Democrats believe that this is the case, and that what they’ve been told by their leaders is accurate. Independents and Republicans strongly believe the country is being lied to, and that this new IRS is going to target either everyday Americans, or those who are political opponents of the federal bureaucracy.”

“We have volunteers in every state, and this matches what we are hearing from the grassroots,” Meckler added.

Another recent poll found that most Americans don’t expect the Inflation Reduction Act to actually reduce inflation.

As The Center Square previously reported, a Morning Consult/Politico poll released earlier this month found that only 24% of those surveyed think the bill will actually reduce inflation while 34% said it will make inflation worse.


  1. It is. Perhaps not for the reasons cited.
    Take a look at where the money really is. Per Statista, 10.1 million households make more than $200,000 a year. That is household income, all earners reporting.
    On the other hand, 61.9 million households earned between $25K and $100K.
    That is out of 122+ million households in the US.
    The bulk of the money is going to come from the middle class and those earning the least. Because there are so many more of them. Of course the IRS needs to audit and enforce tax laws on the lowest earners. There is billions of dollars there that are being ignored because “rich” people.

  2. Stolen elections have consequences.
    I guess America is being fundamentally changed like he said it would.
    Trump gave us a reprieve. Now the progressives are going full YOLO.
    Kind of like the city council. They’re running the same playbook.

  3. Janet Yellen has made it clear that the top priorities are improved service to clear up the 6 month backlog in service requests. About 43,000 of the new hires will be customer service. The next will be increased audits of high income earners and corporations. The middle income audits have always been for way out of balance expenses vs income. The IRS has always had about 2,,700 armed employees, that will not change.

  4. Of course they will. There’s no other purpose for than many agents. With they way DC spends money, the must confiscate every cent from everyone not politically connected.

    The US government is not your friend. They see you as medieval serfs to serve your betters.

    Don’t look toward republicans. They are guilty as sin, too. They just want to use your money differently than the Democrats. But they still want it all.

    We fought a revolution over far, far less. I’m concerned we may need to do so again. Chairman Biden has already said the citizens can’t stand against the US military.

  5. I’m an average person and would never need to give up a penny if audited. What are all of you so worried about?

    Law and Order, Law and Order!! – except where paying your taxes is concerned, I guess.

    • This is possibly the stupidest comment I’ve ever seen here. Sorry, but it’s true.

      Have you ever been audited? Can you account for every cent for over 7 years? Do you have the money to fight the IRS in court if you disagree?
      Do you know the IRS does not have to presume you innocent? Have you ever heard of Lois Lerner?

      Unbelievably stupid comment.

      • Unfortunately your comment is even more stupid! If you can’t account for your income or expenses, how does it make its way on your tax return?

  6. And remember the recruitment says you get to carry a gun and break into houses or where ever you think you have permission to.

  7. We’re 1930’s Germany. Here comes the SS and Gestapo. Do as you’re told and have your papers ready (maybe there’ll be a smartphone app). I’ve heard rumors of a new and very vigorous vaccine booster campaign again too.

    • Jim:

      We already live in a society where we do as we are told and have your papers ready. Its called driving. Or traveling overseas. Or applying for a loan. Nothing new, nothing horribly invasive. And its a good thing. Its called governance, public safety and accountability.

      • Lucinda, the concept of “liberty” is clearly far outside your grasp — as is anything relating to history, political reality, or really much of anything else, aside from arrogant and ignorant moral posturing, and parroting the propaganda and talking points of a corrupt and evil ruling class whose willing sycophant you obviously are.

    • Good news, since Trump was not re-elected, we don’t have to worry about the resurrection of a Nazi like regime!

  8. 87,000 brand-new gun-toting National Treasury Employees Union thugs, accountable to no one for how they choose to enforce tax-collection policy…
    And choose they will; nothing prevents these lethal amateurs from enforcing tax code as punitively as they wish on Americans who aren’t politically connected or union-affiliated.
    But… it might be fun to watchem run snatch and grab ops in the barrios and the ‘hoods… you know, round up drug dealers, pimps, human traffickers, burglary rings, gangbangers, forcem at gunpoint to pay their fair share.
    Who knows? Maybe this could work.

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