Awkward: Final count for special election for Congress to be revealed same time as AOGA candidate forum


Update: Alaska Oil and Gas Association has changed the timeframe for the congressional candidate forum to end at 3:45 pm on Wednesday in order to avoid the awkward timeframe for candidates.

A candidate forum for Alaska’s congressional election is one of the highlights of the Alaska Oil and Gas Association’s conference on Wednesday, Aug. 31. From 3-4:30 pm three candidates on the General Election ballot will answer questions before the energy industry leaders at the Dena’ina Center, at a conference that is an annual event.

But during that conference, the Division of Elections has announced it will be tabulating the ballot choices for the final winner in the special election to temporarily replace Congressman Don Young, who died March 18.

The process of counting the second Begich votes should not take long once the computer is set to calculate the second round of voter choices.

That means that Mary Peltola, the Democrat, and Sarah Palin, the Republican, will find out if the voters for Republican Nick Begich have made one of them a winner of the ranked choice voting. With the chippy relationship between Palin and Begich, it’s possible that some of his voters may have declined to rank Palin second. They may have ranked no one second, or may have even ranked Peltola, or a random write-in like Donald Duck.

But whomever they ranked should be known within minutes after the Division of Election begins the process at 4 pm on Thursday. And that makes it likely that Peltola and Palin, along with Begich, will be on stage with a microphone in front of them when the announcement is made.

The voters’ decisions in the special general election determined the temporary seat; that person will be sworn in within days and will serve until the end of the regular general election and swearing in of the new class of congressmen in January. The regular election has four people proceeding to the general election ballot in November, including Begich, Libertarian Chris Bye, Sarah Palin, and Mary Peltola.


  1. I was wondering why they did not publish their preliminary results in the raw.
    There is no reason not to have done so.

  2. Ok, let me bring more sense to that…
    Why couldn’t we see the hard numbers as they developed?
    There was no play-by-play, no this guy is ahead, now that guy is…

  3. I can damn well guarantee you that no one by the name of Palin, other that the egomaniac herself, voted for Sarah.

  4. Palin is almost certain to win. There would have to be a LOT of Begich votes that either voted Peltola or didn’t put down Palin for second choice. Most Begich and Palin voters would have held their nose and voted the other for second…not Petola.

    • It turns out, only half of us Begich voters picked Palin second. 29% picked Peltola, which sounds suspicious. They must have been liberals who thought Begich as a liberal too.

  5. I do not trust any election system where the tabulations are decided by algorithms and designed by some unnamed nerds. Every election under this system is suspect.

  6. Chippy relationship? Between Begich and Palin?

    I don’t see it.

    What I do see is a a few in the Alaska Conservative media and on air radio personalities that have done everything possible to pit conservative voters against each other.

  7. This Article mentions at the beginning that today will the tabulation but then states later it is on Thursday? Could this be clarified? Thank you!

  8. If dark horse Peltola does win, have your airsickness at at the ready for the “love fest” when drunkNancy swears her in.

  9. What is it about counting ballots that necessitated the need for “programmable” machines with algorithms to spend weeks tabulating a simple task, which citizen volunteers used to perform in three hours?

  10. The elections are a joke now. I’m sure whoever they predetermined to win will magically get the votes.

  11. My guess is Peltola wins. This entirely due to Palin jumping into the fray late in the game following the passing of Don Young. Nick Begich worked for and was mentored by Don Young who recognized that he (Begich) could be very effective as the person representing Alaska in the House. I have spent considerable time with and around Nick Begich and support him 100%. No particular axe to grind with Sarah Palin, but I simply see Begich as a far more qualified candidate. I know the Peltola clan having spent a number of years working out of Bethel. They are pretty hard core left wing socialists since that is what works in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta. I have many friends out there but they do not represent the rest of Alaska. Alaska natives constitute about 14% of our population, they of course will largely support Peltola in the November general election. I know that the price of stove oil and gasoline is through the roof in bush Alaska. Do any of these folks realize how that happened? Compare Trump Whitehouse fuel prices to Biden fuel prices and you folks in the bush still vote Democrat? Hello!

    • It also helps that Palin is a joke if a candidate, qualified for nothing. I’m sure we all know she’d quit her position as soon as her next “reality” tv show beckons. Unless they’re looking to replace Flo from those insurance commercials first.

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