More evidence that the Trevor Project, active in Anchorage municipal counseling laws, is grooming children in its chat room with sex talk about fetishes, hiding from parents



A mother seeking resources for her formerly transgender child unearthed explicit sexual conversations between adults and minors in online chatrooms hosted by the Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization which focuses on transgender youth and mental health, National Review reported.

The Brooklyn mother, who is identified only as Rachel, discovered the chatroom while seeking resources for detransitioners — people who regret transitioning to the opposite gender — for her son after he socially transitioned as a preteen, according to National Review.

The chatrooms instead included conversations about various fetishes related to animals, fecal matter and bondage, and adults pushing minors to identify as trans and hide their transitions from their parents, the mother’s screenshots reportedly revealed.

The Trevor Project helped the Anchorage Assembly push through an ordinance banning counselors from helping children overcome gender confusion. The website the organization runs was featured in Must Read Alaska’s story on the effort in 2020. Trevor Space, the chat room, features tools to help kids hide their online chat history from their parents.

The Anchorage Assembly contracted with the Trevor Project to provide legal counsel and other services to the liberal majority of the Anchorage Assembly during the contentious 2020 debate over whether local government should curb First Amendment rights of counselors. Must Read Alaska made public records requests for documents relating to the legal advise it was being given by the Trevor Project, but the Assembly has claimed attorney-client privilege, even though there was no legal contract with the D.C. organization.

The history of blocking the First Amendment rights of counselors is in stark contrast with the counseling the group is giving gender-confused children on the same topic it’s prohibiting counselors from discussing in Anchorage.

National Review reports that one youth wrote in the chat room: “I still feel more masc and more fem on days, but it doesn’t matter what I’m feeling I will always prefer to be a girl. Does that make me trans or am I still genderfluid? Help I don’t know.”

An adult in the chat room answered the question: “If I had to guess based on your post, I’d say it sounds pretty trans.”

Users discussed explicit sexual topics in the chatrooms, such as one conversation about “the weirdest sexual thing you know” in which people described numerous fetishes including drinking bodily fluids, according to National Review, in its story behind a subscription paywall.

“So I woke up this morning with a huge urge to masturbate, even though I knew I couldn’t, and it would hurt me if I did, I went and did it anyway,” one user who was listed as an adult male wrote, according to NR. “And it felt awful, the sensations I felt, the kind of orgasm I had, it was all male, and it just completely shattered my womanhood and served as a cruel reminder of the female sensations I can’t hope to feel because of the male body I was born in.”

Another adult described pursuing nullification surgery, in which external genitals are removed in order to help a patient appear “nonbinary.”

The Trevor Project advertises itself as a youth mental health organization, but it is also a vocal opponent of laws limiting children’s access to cross-sex medical interventions and has published research promoting these interventions for youths by suggesting they can reduce mental health risks associated with being transgender.

The reporting for this story comes largely from The Daily Caller News Foundation.


  1. It would seem that the attorney-client privilege wouldn’t apply since it may be that the Trevor Project is a consultant rather than a legal representative. Aside from that, doesn’t the public have a right to know who is guiding the legislative process and what information that the Assembly is using to base its legislation on?

  2. Most kids are not born transgender, like most things, they are taught. Still can’t believe this is happening, its so sick and cruel. When our child protection laws were drafted, they never anticipated this.

  3. Surprised? I’m not.

    The Politburo is determined to own your kids and reshape them in their image.

  4. To every parent of a transgender child:
    Your child is not transgender.
    Your child is impressionable. And, you are an abuser.

  5. Joe Biden is the Big Guy Groomer of children. Even his own daughter, Ashley. Read her diary. Absolutely sick and repulsive. Only the Democrats know how to put pedophiles into the White House.

  6. Wow, I’m surprised I haven’t heard anything about the Trevor project before. I’ve also never heard of Senior Contributer. Is she a he or visversa. Suzanne, your outdoing yourself.

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