Alaska School Activities Association bans transgenders from competing against girls in high school sports


The Alaska School Activities Association has decided to enact a bylaw change that bans transgender athletes from competing in girls athletics competitions. The policy is in line with what transpired with the State Board of Education in August, when it passed a regulation that says essentially the same thing.

The vote was 5-3 in favor of the new rule, which is in response to the Board of Education’s new regulation.

Transgender male-to-females are increasingly taking over female sports across America, and Alaska is one of several states that have faced the challenge, primarily in track and field events, where boys can compete more successfully if they just say they are girls and compete in the girls’ category.

The radical Anchorage School District was first out of the gate with a response:

“We are disappointed in ASAA’s decision today. Our hope was this matter would have been tabled. We will be reviewing the decision and the impacts it will have on our students,” said MJ Thim, chief of communications, publications, and external affairs.

Margo Bellamy, president of the Anchorage School Board was incensed in her testimony to the organization:

“There is no historical record in the state of Alaska that provides any data to suggest that Trans-girl athletes pose a widespread threat, unfair competitive circumstances or risk to student safety. AASA should not be setting policy or interfering with local ordinances or local district policies. This Bylaw change will cause school districts to discriminate based on gender/sex and force districts to either comply, with unreasonable and harmful requirements, or seek alternatives for noncompliance,” Bellamy said.

“The mission of the Anchorage School District, is ‘Educating All Students for Success in Life’.  This mission embraces ALL of our students’ differences, unique needs, diverse backgrounds and experiences.  This Bylaw is the exact opposite of our mission and the nondiscrimination policies that ensure a safe, inclusive and respectful learning and work environment for ALL!  Our schools are and must remain safe and nurturing places for our students and our families, this bylaw change will disrupt this priority and cause an under current of hate and fear. I implore you to not pass this bylaw!,” Bellamy wrote to the association.

Anchorage Superintendent Jharrett Bryantt was also unwilling to defend girls sports and had testified against the policy.

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  1. Nip it in the bud now. Bellamy’s comment about “no historical evidence” is ludicrous. Of course there isn’t as this is all recent insanity. Men are men and women are women and that cannot be changed. Women’s sports should be protected. Thank you ASAA.

  2. Blah Blah Blah Bellamy BRRYYAANNTT
    Absolutely none of my families children will ever set foot in a public run school with those two clowns running the circus.
    They just exposed both of their idiotic ideas regarding the safety and personal protection for ALL childeren condemned to ASD education.
    They both need to go out and pound sand in the inlet when the tide is out.
    It is truly pathetic that they even draw a paycheck!

  3. Now all the known democrats we know will go to their social medias crying racism. They still need to learn what Elvis Presley’s song was talking about such a person “you ain’t nothing but a hound dog crying all the time.” That’s about a Nag or a complainer. Then this one “oh they said you were high class, but that was a lie.” A nagging/complaining woman and man who trots like they know better than all around them. The complaining democrat parents and single professional friends not able to recognize they be complaining later how their own daughters and family’s daughters can’t bring a trophies and metals home because a transgender man took it.

    • That “Elvis” song was written and released by Big Mama Thornton in 1952, 4 years before he recorded it. She performed it with the Johnny Otis Band, it was a smash hit and about her first husband who cheated, didn’t work and always begged for her back. Sheeeeesh.

  4. The Anchorage school board might try cracking open a SCIENCE book.

    That they consider themselves educators tells you all you need to know about them and what they are doing to children in this town.

  5. Now if the Boys will stand up for themselves when a girl thinks she can play alongside them. That’s how all this gender confusion got its jump is a girl thinking she can play on an all boy team with the best of them. Truth is she is a distraction to the boys concentration and focused who majority of the boys will perform lesser than his strength and endurance level to accommodate her so she don’t get badly hurt, and he not appear to be a jerk cause he treated her like one of the boys. Grandpa was right girls also don’t belong on the same playing field with boys.

    • Your Grandpa was wrong.. Girls do belong on the same playing field in a coed sport.. many villages couldn’t have a team if girls didn’t compete with them. Some are better than boys too.

      • Field hockey in the lower 48th went coed because of small student bodies. the communities supported the coeding until the girls were being pummeled by the boys..go figure. Coed individual non-contact sports i.e., bowling, maybe, but coeding physical contact sports is definitely beyond the pale and not in the best interest of the female athletes. On the flip side, if grade schools, high schools and college female athletes insist on competing in physical contact sports with males then why can’t males compete openly with female’s regardless of sex identity label? Remember, you cannot have it both ways.

  6. Dang. Weren’t we all looking forward to the woke day when a State Finals swimmer steps up to the edge of the pool, tucks ‘their’ weenie, dives full-force into the pool, and splashes to a new State Girls Record?

  7. MJ Thim, Margo Bellamy and the dancing duo of Felix Rivera and Chris Constant are demented, maniacal and just plain unhinged in their ill-advised position of forcing male and female athletes to compete against each other.
    These folks along with many other like-minded fools need to relocate to another community that supports this type of activity. They would be so much happier to spread their joy.
    We no longer require any of their services in our community.

  8. Well, thank you AASA! For finally showing some common sense. There are, after all, only two genders no matter what the mentally ill LGBTQ wants you to believe.

  9. This may surprise you all (yes, you too Jefferson), but I wholeheartedly agree with this decision. The point of athletic competition is to find the best performer within a cohort with similar abilities. That’s why kid’s sports are segmented by age, why we have both amateur and professional sports, and why we separate male and female competition. Now, if a guy wants to transition to female, he/she/they can transition a lot of things, but size, muscle mass, height, and other characteristics that improve athletic abilities are generally not amongst them. Allowing a genetically male individual to compete against women is just basically unfair in most sports.

    One good solution to all of this is to create “open” categories for competition, where anyone who thinks they can cut the mustard can compete against each other.

    So, you see, not all of us who are left of center fall under the “radical, leftist, extremist” label so often pinned to us here on MRAK. The world is more complicated than that, even if Fox and CNN (and MRAK?) don’t want you to believe it.

    Oh, and guys, unless you’ve gone under the knife – yes, in that way, you can stay out of the women’s changing rooms as well.


    • Whidbey:
      First of all, you are correct, for exactly the right reasons. It is funny how the folks that demand zero discrimination ever in all situations will suddenly decide it is OK to rank people based on physical abilities when it comes to sports. Now, apply the same logic across the board please.
      Relax Dude. There is no reason for this rant. If you cannot handle a bit of “trash talking” from the conservatives on MRAK, might I recommend heading elsewhere. Sorry, but if you get grouped in with the radical leftist extremists, it is likely because your comments align with them more often than not. Perhaps a few more comments like the above? Might convince us that you are more than leftists talking points.
      Seriously. Relax.

    • Well said WTD.
      An interesting side note here, the Swim World Cup to be held in Berlin received zero entries for their “open” category and has closed that entry option. It seems that if the guys in swimsuits have to compete against other guys in swimsuits, it is no longer worth competing.

  10. A win for girls and young women, but for how long? A 5-3 vote is too close in this mind boggling transgender insanity. A person who advocates for men being women over actual women has zero credibility because they want us to ignore reality. Plastic surgery doesn’t change your age, lightening or darkening your skin doesn’t make you a different race, and taking hormones does not change your sex. It is undeniably obvious that boys have a clear advantage over girls in athletics and it is finally being acknowledged by sports programs across the world.

  11. This is not about transgenders. it is not about right.
    It is about competition.
    There is a reason why boxing has weight classes. It is not because the officiating body hates smaller people. it is because they recognize weight has a direct correlation with a competitor’s ability to throw and take a punch.
    So… how is this different? Why is this different?

    • Competition is mean. It has winners and losers. It’s also (see the Soviet Union) a great way to control people.

      At the end of the day, this is about exerting control over the serfs (us). Nothing else.

      • More accurately, competition is discriminatory.
        It discriminates between the competitors by identifying the ones that are better, by timing the performance, or counting score.
        In a world where any form of discrimination is bad, having one individual identified as better than another one is outright evil. And, in the mind of the leftists, that means the system that allows it must be evil, therefore, must be destroyed.
        And what better way to destroy it than make it a mockery of itself? All people will refuse to participate, thus ending an “evil” system.

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