State Board of Education to meet Thursday on transgender athletics



The Alaska Board of Education will hold a meeting on Thursday, Aug. 31 to discuss a proposed regulation that deals with transgenders competing in girls’ athletics in Alaska schools. The meeting will be held via Zoom at 1 pm.  

The State Board had already set aside time earlier this summer to take public written testimony and the board heard oral testimony at its last meeting.

In a March 16 board resolution many of the members went on record in favor of restricting girls’ sports to only girls.

This resolution was titled “Resolution to Preserve Opportunity for Student Athletes While Balancing Competitive Fairness, Inclusion and Safety for All Who Compete.”

Here are the pertinent items addressed by the board:

1.  Provide a girls’ division with participation based on a student’s sex at birth

2. Provide a division for students who identify with either sex or gender; and

3. Provide a process for appeal for all students

The proposed policy has set aside a division for transgender students, so it doesn’t discriminate on the basis of one’s self-identified sex.  

Dr. Deena Bishop, Education commissioner, and Susan Sonneborn, assistant attorney general, will be present to brief the board. Only 30 minutes have been set aside for the meeting.

This is a listen-only meeting, and no public comment will be taken as the board has already received public comments.

Here is the Zoom link:

To call in and listen, dial: 1-253-215-8782.

You can find the Board of Education meeting here:

David Boyle is the education writer for Must Read Alaska.


  1. Pretty sure these words have been spoken but if you need to be reminded, “Elections have consequences”. And if we had school age children they would be home schooled.

    • Agree. But remember, this is about changing the culture piece-by-piece. In a few years, people will look aroung and say, “What happened to America?”.

      • David sad to tell you, they already do ask that question.
        Read an article about some guy, who got all upset because he was being “misgendered” (he claims to be a girl) and demanded that the person misgendering him should go to jail and compared it to murder. What a bully! The insane aren’t tolerant or accepting and have become the very reactionaries, they claim other to be.

  2. If this ridulousness is to stop, the adults have to take charge.
    And, by adults, I mean the school girls who are participating in these sports.
    If a male decides to compete as a female, no one should protest, complain, or otherwise notice it. However, at the actual competition, all of the girls should refuse to participate. Line up on the starting blocks, and when the starter gun fires, only the dude takes off. All the girls should turn around and go back to the locker rooms. If participating is a requirement for a scholarship, just jump into the pool and doggy paddle, or do the 40 yard mosey. Whatever it takes to turn this absurdity into a real mockery.
    Nothing else seems to be making the point.
    If a guy is participating against girls, he will win. End of story. No amount of hormones will change the muscular and skeletal differences. (Sorry feminists, women are not equal to men in this regard. Deal with it.)

    Allowing men to participate in women sports has already destroyed women’s sports. Non-participation is not going to harm it worse.
    And, non-participation is probably the only thing that will make a difference at this point.

    • It only takes one event where they turn and head to the locker room to give boldness to the rest of the girls of all sports.
      WHO will be the first? They will be legend.

  3. “Competitive fairness” is non-existent between the sexes. It does not matter how much hormonal injection a male gets, he will always outperform a female.

  4. There is a way without the governments rules and overreach. Start sport league’s where you can invite who you want to participate. Private sports leagues would not have any unwanted rules forced on them by government. The facilities are for public use just like the homeless camps. If the homeless can live on public property then we can use public property to play private sports.

  5. Don’t see many trans men wanting to compete against trans women. Could it because it wouldn’t be a fair competition

    • Wouldn’t that be not seeing trans women wanting to compete against men. trans-women athletes when not competing want to be a seen as a man however if she is a competitive athlete will sign up under her female birth gender to compete against other females instead of competing with her gender change.

  6. While you can change a Stallion into a Gelding no matter how hard you try he’ll never be a mare. Put a man in with my daughter and I guarantee he’ll become a Gelding

  7. This is a mental illness issue and women’s and girls activities should not be punished because of some liberal nuts and lawyers.

  8. No matter how you paint it, change signage, decorate, or obscure it, we can still tell it’s a Pizza Hut.
    Transgenders are no different.

  9. Sick agenda is to destroy humanity one small cut at a time. Destroy food, water and air. Destroy families and small businesses. WEF – you will own nothing and be happy!

    Time for everyone to say NO! Mass formation psychosis in education or indoctrination must end! Time for Gov. Dunleavy to stand tall and say enough is enough. State of Alaska should not be paying the bills to destroy Alaska children.

  10. Rip off the band aid here, protect girls sports in Alaska. It’s time to formally create co-ed divisional opportunities for every high school sport. If coaches step up, then great. If kids sign up, then great. We need to move Alaska beyond this issue.

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