David Boyle: Sen. Tobin likens protection of girls to burning a cross on someone’s lawn



Now’s the time to protect girls’ sports for biological girls. The State Board of Education has issued a proposed regulation to prohibit transgender males-to-females from participating in girls’ sports activities.

You don’t have to be a parent, grandparent, uncle, or aunt to participate in the public comment period, which ends soon. You only have to be an Alaskan resident to save girls’ sports.

You can help by providing your comments to support girls in K12 sports. Your comment doesn’t have to be long or complex. You can merely say, “I support the proposed regulation as published.” 

Or you can personalize it with your child’s experiences in sports. How has K-12 sports helped your child succeed in school?  Has your child learned to act as a team?  Has your child’s participation in sports helped improve her academics?  And has your child learned how to better interact socially with fellow students?

There are some who oppose this regulation. These include the ACLU-AK, Planned Parenthood of Alaska, and some notable state legislators.

Sen. Loki Tobin is leading the charge to allow transgender “females” to participate in K12 girls’ sports. It seems as if she wants to kill girls’ sports.

Here is one of her tweets comparing those who support keeping girls’ sports for only biological girls. Note the comparison to the Ku Klux Klan (a radical group which was formed by the Democratic Party following the end of the Civil War):

When did girls’ sports become a race issue? It’s apparent when the Left dislikes something, they attack by using race or some “phobia” to demean the messenger. Sen.Tobin has also allied with Planned Parenthood of Alaska to push for transgender females participation in girls’ sports:

Planned Parenthood of Alaska has a preformatted letter that its supporters can send to the State Board of Education.

Planned Parenthood says that not allowing transgender females to participate in girls’ sports will “profoundly violate all students’ privacy by forcing educators and coaches to identify and separate transgender youth from their peers.”

Planned Parenthood does not mention the privacy of the biological females in locker rooms.

Sen. Tobin sent an admonishing letter to James Fields, Chair of the State Board of Education and Early Development. Tobin wrote:

“Instead, the proposed regulations will override the thoughtful and often extremely personal input of parents, guardians, teachers, and administrators in favor of inserting government bureaucracy into the process”. 

The irony is that she believes teachers and administrators, who are government bureaucrats, should play an equally important role in the decision to allow transgender females to participate in biological girls’ sports.  

In her letter, Sen. Tobin further asks, “Will the state be sanctioning nonprofit volunteers and school activity directors to check genitals?”

This refers to the proposed regulation which would require the ASAA (Alaska Schools Activities Association) to restrict participation in girls’ sports to only those who were female at birth.

She has taken that statement and amplified it to literally pulling down children’s pants.  Sad.  

Even if you do not have any girls participating in sports activities, it is important that your voice be heard.  Otherwise, this may be the death knell for K12 girls’ sports.

You can email your comments to Janell Andrews at [email protected]

But hurry!  You only have till 4:30, July 21st to provide comments.  And keep it simple.

Here is a link to the proposed regulation change (https://aws.state.ak.us/OnlinePublicNotices/Notices/View.aspx?id=211543).

Alaska Board of Education resolution: Preserve opportunity, safety, fairness for all athletes

David Boyle is the Must Read Alaska education writer.


  1. War mongers would like a clash over this item so as to present present further hostility toward the countrymen. Girls need to have their own restrooms free from testosterone inspired behavior.

  2. When Kaitlen Jenner argued against transgenders in women’s sports unless they transitioned before puberty she was canceled by the progressives. Who would know more about sports and transgenders?

  3. People like Sen. Tobin have convinced me that common sense is no longer common. The only way to change this despicable downward spiral towards complete moral depravity is to remove such people from power. They will continue winning elections if good candidates don’t come forward. Truth has not changed; right and wrong have not changed; but a generation of university-educated buffoons have been trained to seek and obtain positions of power, and they’ve subsequently injected an IV line of insanity directly into this nation’s veins. God help us all.

  4. What’s Tobin’s reply gonna be when the conservatives and other people who care about their childrens privacy pull their kids out of government run in the ground schools?
    My kids grand kids will never be in circus run government run indoctrination centers.

  5. Here we go again. The author patronizes the pretenders. He uses the term “biological girls” which implies there are other types of girls as well. Therefore, he should logically agree to all such kinds of girls competing together. After all, he has implied they are all girls of one type or another.
    Stop using euphemisms supporting nonsense. The true and accurate description of a so-called transgender woman is actually a homosexual man. No offense–its just fact.

    • Thanks for your comment. I did not imply there are different types of girls. “Biological girls” refers to those humans that have XX chromosomes. But really thanks for paying attention to this culture war.

  6. If you think for one minute it’s okay for a Tran guy Becoming a woman and wants to be involved in a real womans sports. But we have to remember that women wanted into men’s sports? Many years ago. Solution — have their own league? We do it for special Olympics. Why, shouldn’t the transgender do it for their own special group?

    • You are so right. All the trans people have to do is start their own league. Of course, it would also be really good if they would stop pushing their ways on the rest of us. Just saying. But your comment is very reasonable.

  7. Can’t we deal with this at the sports physical stage? Like when they go in to get the mandatory physical the doctor notes which genitalia the youth has, checks the correct box, and the physical is only valid for sports for that gender? If the doctors don’t comply we can cancel their licenses or give a little jail time/fine.

  8. So, we need to listen to a black chic with a Viking name telling us what a gay guy is.

  9. Use your favorite search engine and seek out a piece by Heather Mac Donald in City Journal. The title of the piece is: A Battle for our Cultural Survival.
    Bottom line: The leftists are in a culture war with established norms in this country. Their tactic is to engineer a disruption to long standing social practices, forcing everyone to accept whatever new norm they define, than they find another societal norm to destroy, and on and on. Whenever they can, the declare the new normal was the normal forever, and anyone who disagrees is a hater, bigot, or other -ist.
    Please take the time to read it, it is very insightful.

    • Agree, an excellent article by Heather MacDonald. We are engaged in a cultural war begun by the Left and associated Marxists. That’s why it is vital to ACT to protect our children, families, and our Nation. You can help by sending your comment supporting the State Board of Education’s regulation limiting girls’ sports to only biological girls (XX chromosomes). I would also suggest that for those with kids in K12 schools have their kids identify as a trans and use the staff’s ladies restrooms. Put pressure on the staff and see the results.

  10. The Bible says: In the beginning God created MALE and Female nothing in between, twisted perverts can’t change what God established

  11. Even as a new 18 year old voter in 1972 I knew Democrats were bad people and never voted for one. Today Democrats are just flat-out evil.

  12. It’s funny how the leftists use words that are geared to make them think that by adding a familiar term, like “girl”, that suddenly a boy has had his entire cellular structure altered to be composed of “XX” chromosomes. When these people land in Juneau’s airport and wish to rent a car, the legislature should insist that the state will only reimburse the cost of “transcars”. These are bicycles that identify as motor vehicles. Maybe after a few hearty bike rides from the airport to the Capitol during a nice Juneau rainstorm (or snowstorm), will provide some unique insights into their logic that reality doesn’t change by assigning spurious titles.

  13. It would help to stop using the term “biological girl.” It implies non-biological girls exist, which is a patronizing, fantastical, and false, notion. There are only girls or boys; no adjectives needed. Everyone remains the sex they are born as regardless of how they modify their body or physiology.

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