Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy endorses Bronson, as Forrest Dunbar endorses LaFrance


Gov. Mike Dunleavy added his name to the growing list of major endorsements for Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson, the campaign announced on Friday. Earlier this week, former Mayor Dan Sullivan and U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan joined the Bronson list of endorsers.

“Dave Bronson has been a key partner in driving Alaska’s economic prosperity,” Dunleavy said. “Together, we’ve streamlined city and state operations, creating a more efficient government that better serves our citizens. By working together, we have encouraged economic growth and investment in Anchorage. Dave’s leadership is crucial for our continued success. I endorse him for reelection and encourage Anchorage voters to return their ballots by April 2.”

“It is an honor to be endorsed by Gov. Dunleavy,” Mayor Dave Bronson. “We have worked well with the governor and his team over the last three years to ensure the State of Alaska and the Municipality of Anchorage operate as partners, delivering government services more efficiently and being responsive to citizens. I look forward to our continued collaboration and thank Governor Dunleavy for the endorsement.” 

New to politics, Bronson ran for mayor in 2021, beating the campaign veteran Democrat Forrest Dunbar. Bronson had run for office only once before that race and had been a commercial pilot for his career, as well as a member of the U.S. Air Force. But with hardly any name recognition, he beat someone with a household name — Dunbar had run for Congress against U.S. Congressman Don Young, and had then run and twice won a seat on the Anchorage Assembly, where he championed all-things Democrat.

Dunbar, who blamed his loss on the intensity that people were feeling about the Covid pandemic, has endorsed Suzanne LaFrance for mayor. LaFrance championed lockdowns in Anchorage during Covid.

Anchorage voters must have their ballots returned by 8 p.m. on April 2.

In order to win outright, Bronson will need 45% of the vote. If he comes up short, the top two vote getters will be in a runoff, which will require another round of ballots to be mailed out to voters and another short-but-intense campaign, with ballots mailed May 6 and needing to be voted and returned by the May 14 runoff deadline.


  1. I would agree, should have endorsed a month ago, not sure I would stand in front of an Alaska Air jet for this endorsement. Alaska is on my Do Not Fly List

  2. Elvi Gray Jackson beat Dave Bronson in an Assembly race in 2011

  3. LGBTQ+ endorsement for LaFrance. I’ll be voting for Bronson. A no-brainer. He’s the only candidate with any common sense.

    • Rick. Bronson is a low IQ commoner trying to appear as a thoughtful leader. He was good at something, I forget what in his past life before he mucked up Anchorage – riverboat captain on the Yukon? /s

      He has a nice demeanor, he’s good looking and I don’t doubt he is %100 pro Anchorage, but he just doesn’t have the smarts.

      • “Commoner”?

        How dare serfs want a voice in their government?

        “Low IQ”? And you know this how? He’s clearly smarter than most, he’s not a liberal.

        The condescension is strong in you. As is the stupid.

        Go home child. Your crayons miss you.

      • And you could pass an aptitude test to fly a fighter plane…… or a kite for that matter?
        He must get the free ADN at your doorstep daily? Either that or you Copy and paste FOR them.

      • VC-You are Wrong and offensive with your attitude. There is a perspective other than your own opinion on who has the intellect issues and who “mucked up Anchorage” that you should pay attention to.

        • Valley chapel’s comment is very typical of a liberal or Left-wing Democrat. If they disagree, they go after their opponent’s IQ or some other attribute about a person’s mental acuity or appearance. It’s the easiest way to gaslight or project against their political enemy. I would challenge Valley’s own IQ as being below room temperature. Another DEI, LGBTQ idiot who has been brainwashed and is useful only to their Marxist puppeteer.

      • Bronson is a commoner? What does that even mean? LaFrance is royalty? As in a Royal Flush. Democrat logic on full display.

  4. Rest assured, LaFrance will win. I hope her and the Assembly hammer that municipality with an enormous tax hike (I prefer sales but according to progressives that’s “regressive”) which should get more out of property owners; but, most importantly I so desire and wish Anchorage to be just deluged with the worst, record setting snowfall for 24/25 where it’ll showcase just how well she thinks she can manage street maintenance.

  5. Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy endorses Bronson, as Forrest Dunbar and Murky Murkowski endorses LaFrance.
    Anyone surprised?


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