Anchorage election turnout: 16% with five days to go; Bronson surges in campaign contributions

Mayor Dave Bronson

As of the close of Thursday’s business day, 32,967 ballots have been processed at the Anchorage Election Office. Those are ballots that have been received and logged into the system. That is 3,466 more than the Wednesday total, as the countdown is well underway for the 8 p.m. deadline on April 2.

The election office mailed out 206,200 ballots to Anchorage voters in mid-March. With nearly 33,000 ballots in, the turnout in this year’s election is now at 16%.

For comparison, in 2022, some 70,639 ballots were cast by the end of the election cycle for a turnout of about 30%. In 2021, 75,441 ballots were voted, for a turnout of nearly 32%

In the 24-hour reports required by the Alaska Public Offices Commission, Mayor Dave Bronson has raised another $11,000 since Monday, while Democrat-endorsed Suzanne LaFrance has raised $500, Bill Popp has raised $500 and Democrat Chris Tuck reported no contributions.

You can watch the live video feed of the election central processing center on YouTube at this link.


    • Yes and I hope they finally wake up to what they got.
      Those that don’t get involved in our rights and freedoms need to feel the results of stupidity.

  1. I think the Conservative base is going to come through, given the amount bad press and people’s opinions of the Left and It’s Agenda.

  2. Send this broad back to Paris.
    The pampered population of France would love her as she covers their streets w/ the dysfunctional.

    • There are 2 vote centers, Loussac Library and downtown city hall to get a ballot and VOTE IN PERSON or better yet, use the ballot you received in the mail and take it in person to vote and place it in the ballot machine yourself. The people attending, can also verify your signature if you sign it in person showing YOUR VOTE registeration card. They have been opened for a a couple of weeks already.(approx)

  3. Bronson is going to lose. Democrats / Progressives are and have been organized for a while now. They do much more than just sit and play keyboard warrior. Anchorage will be totally blue by the end of next week. Enjoy it as I’ve heard that it’ll be utopia.

  4. 2022:32%

    This whole Vote by Mail nonsense was put together, ostensibly, to INCREASE voter participation. So far it’s working here as it’s “worked” in other jurisdictions, namely, reduced voter turnout and higher rates of challenged and rejected ballots. Go figure, Chris C.

  5. People who justifiably distrust what government officials report about anything else will blindly trust what government officials report about voting.
    Strange, no?

  6. Do you really trust the US Mail ? “The election office mailed out 206,200 ballots to Anchorage voters in mid-March.” where is the chain of custody in the US Mail ? No one personally is responsible for those ballots once mailed going either direction….prove me wrong? Going postal at election time is not when but how is anyone checking or responsible in the US post office? The inspector General can’t be at all post offices in Anchorage or elsewhere… People please wake up.


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