Anchorage elections: ballots coming in at faster rate than in 2021, with five days to go


Of the 206,200 registered voters in Anchorage who received ballots, 29,472 have voted in the April 2 municipal election, where conservative have a chance of keeping a conservative mayor for one more term and flipping three school board seats to members who won’t push leftist ideology in the classrooms of Anchorage. That is a turnout, so far, of 14.29% with five days left to vote. The number includes ballots received by the Anchorage Municipal Election Office by March 27.

The ballots received to date exceeds those of the same timeframe during the 2021 mayoral election by about 7.5%.

In addition to candidates, there are also $133 million in bonds on the ballot. These are spending measures the liberal Anchorage Assembly and the liberal Anchorage School Board are asking for, including the $400,000-each public potties that would require property taxpayers to build around the city, if Proposition 8 passes. It’s a Portland idea that Anchorage residents are being asked to adopt and pay for.

The liberal school board is asking for $62 million to spend, including $19 million to replace Inlet View Elementary at a time when many realize the district needs to close schools and consolidate campuses as parents have taken their children out of the district altogether. In 2022 voters said no to building a new Inlet View School.

The liberal Assembly is not only asking for tens of millions in taxpayer-borrowing for projects, but is asking for more power over mayoral duties, including taking over the role of approving the chief medical officer for the city.

The Assembly ruled Anchorage with an iron fist during the Covid pandemic but Mayor Dave Bronson’s chief medical officer did not fall for the Covid propaganda and cautioned people to use their common sense. Thus, the Assembly wants that power with Proposition 2 so that medical propaganda can return to directing Anchorage city policies.

The ballots must be in the secure drop boxes by 8 pm on April 2, or be postmarked by that day. Anyone mailing their ballots on April 2 should get the postmaster to hand cancel the stamp on the envelope to ensure the ballot is counted.

School board candidates:

School Board – Seat E

Higgins, Pat​ – liberal incumbent

Schuster, Kay 

School Board – Seat F

Wilson, Dora – liberal incumbent

Frank, Angela

School Board – Seat G

Jacobs, Carl – liberal incumbent

Pohland, Chelsea

Eagle River voters will be replacing Assemblyman Kevin Cross, who is leaving the Assembly early. The only candidate on the ballot is Mark Littlefield.

There are numerous road service area seats on the ballot, but only one is contested.

The voting centers opened up Monday for in-person voting.

Anchorage vote center locations

City Hall 
All municipal ballots are available at 632 West 6th Avenue, Room # 105

Loussac Library 

All municipal ballots are available. at ​3600 Denali Street, First Floor 

Eagle River Town Center

Only Chugiak-Eagle River ballots are available at 12001 Business Boulevard, Community Room #170 (same building as the library)

Vote center hours

Weekdays, March 25 – April 1, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Saturday, March 30, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Election Day, April 2, 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.


    • How does the IRS feel about you abusing your non profit religious exemption to lobby for conservative political candidates ? Asking for a friend.

    • Barb’s last chance to cheat for her friends before turning over the reigns to her replacement, another commie assembly commie that will continue cheating we the people of our votes.
      Vote like you are the third monkey in line for the Ark and its raining.
      We are in for the fight for our lives if these commies continue and any of you sit this vote out.
      Stop voting for the school board incumbents, this year we can finally rid ourselves of some of these EVIL decision makers. They make horrid decisions for our kids n grandkids.

  1. Thanks for the update Suzanne. All of the bond propositions are Portland ideas as well as the school board incumbents.
    NAY on all on both sides of the ballot.

  2. MRAK failed to mention that the Hillside is asking fixed income City residents to pay for improving their roads for Chugach Park access. Park users and adjoining property owners should pay for roads they use, not senior citizens. Vote No on 9

      • Well….Frank in his conclusion is correct, but as with all bonds every property owner pays for these bonds, not just fixed income folks.
        So if you don’t want your property taxes to go through the roof, vote no on bonds.

    • And, how is that different than any other bond on any other ballot in any other election?
      One group is asking the whole to pay for something they want, that benefits them, but not the Muni as a whole?

  3. Song to celebrate voting for election!


    • You know that Suzie LePew is going to win, come Hell or high water.

      It’s not who votes that matters, it’s who COUNTS the votes (or creates them, as need be).

      • Dont worry, Barb is at the ready to disqualify all our ballots…..
        Cheating is in place and our evil, vile COMMIE Assy members have directed barb to only count lefty commie ballots for lefty commie thugs.
        Evil has taken over alaska….

  4. The Dem’s must be nervous about “The France” and decided to start stuffing the ballot “boxes” early this year.

  5. Ballots coming in at a faster rate means nothing for any one candidate.
    It could just as easily be the IBEW and the rest of their socialist ilk flooding the ballot boxes as it could be conservatives sick and tired of the leftist BS that is going on.

  6. Thanks for the clarification on the school board candidates. As usual, few know them by name recognition. Still think the ballot should at least indicate the incumbent candidate so voters can easily see not to keeping the same mistakes time after time. The rest is easy, no new taxes.

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