Breakthrough for Bronson: U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan endorses him for mayor


U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, who has represented Alaska for 10 years, has endorsed Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson in his bid for reelection. The Anchorage municipal election ends on April 2.

“I’ve always worked well with Mayor Dave Bronson, including on key issues like rebuilding the Port of Alaska, working to address affordable housing, strengthening our Alaska-based military, and revitalizing our local economy. We have unfinished business and I hope you’ll join me in voting to re-elect Mayor Bronson for a second term,” Sullivan said.

The endorsement comes two days after former Mayor Dan Sullivan announced his endorsement of Bronson, who first ran for elected office in 2021 and blocked Democrat Forrest Dunbar from becoming Anchorage’s mayor.

The two Sullivans, who are not related, have solid reputations among Anchorage conservative voters.

This is the kind of campaign news that readers might see in other daily newspapers covering races in cities across America, but in Anchorage, endorsements of Bronson have been ignored by the mainstream media.

Since Bronson was first elected, the media has pushed out headline after headline attacking Bronson, parroting the accusations lodged against him by the liberal Anchorage Assembly, which mayoral candidate Suzanne LaFrance led as chair up until she resigned to try to run Bronson off.

LaFrance has used those media headlines in her campaign to try to show how Bronson has fallen short, but what it actually shows is how much the media has been gunning for Bronson since Day One and is covertly pushing to have the Democratic Party control both the Mayor’s Office and the Assembly. LaFrance has also had help from the dark-money group 907 Initiative and its campaign arm 907 Action.

LaFrance may be losing steam, however. Bronson has a $100,000 campaign cash advantage over LaFrance, who is endorsed by the Alaska Democratic Party and the powerful (Alaska Center for the Environment.)

That cash advantage Bronson has built may help his team as they work to get out the vote among the segment of Anchorage voters who have been too busy to get their ballots completed and mailed or placed in drop boxes.

Find your place to vote in person at this link.

View who is on the ballot at this link.


  1. Your endorsement of Bronson is a tad late, Senator Sullivan. But we are glad you are finally on board.

    We need adult leadership in Anchorage to counterbalance the crazies of the Assembly whose sole mission is to destroy Bronson for daring to win in the first place. The reality is that Anchorage controls the vitality of much of the Alaskan economy. It’s vital that we have a business oriented mayor. Bronson is trying to overhaul a deteriorating port but is fought tooth and nail by the crazies on the Assembly. Solution? Stop voting for the crazies who are really democrats and their donors. That would help Anchorage immensely.

  2. Well, that falls right into the dollar short and a day late file.
    Seriously, why not wait until after April 2nd to endorse a candidate?
    Bronson needed this weeks ago.

  3. That’s another red flag about Lafrance and the campaign leaders she trusts when she and them can’t manage their own campaign funds. Since she can’t even budget her own campaign funds then why should Democrats trust her over the muni budget knowing how to spend it wisely.

  4. With less than 15% of eligible voters casting a ballot you’ve got to question just how concerned the average Anchorage herd member can be about the future of the municipality. Maybe they’re all planning to sell out and move to a smaller community to ruin with their sheeplike apathy. We’re seeing it here in Bush Alaska with fake residents buying their vacation homes here, declaring themselves Alaskan residents and voting themselves into control of local government. Of course at season’s end they all go home to their spouses who stay in their true domiciles in the Lower 48. The mostly stoned, drugged or drunk local population are too apathetic to even attend meetings to oppose ideas that will eventually gentrify them right out of town. Maybe they’ll end up in Anchorage to take advantage of the generous social welfare opportunities. After all, herd animals are most comfortable in a big herd where the low statistical probability of getting singled out fools them into thinking that there’s safety in numbers. Americans, as a population, are just order takers doing whatever they’re told by any figure of authority because that’s how we’ve all been socialized. Most never even question why they’re so obedient. The worst get angry, even hostile when you’re not obedient like them. 1930s Germany had nothing on our current population!

    • They live their happy lives oblivious to events around themselves. They have little or no idea how economics, government or any of the other things in life work. If you say “Adam Smith” they more likely think of a ball player than “The Wealth Of Nations.” And when things go sour, they will immediately blame someone else, likely Trump, and hold their hands out for someone better than themselves to rescue them. And one day the rest of us will say no, much like the five wise virgins (Matthew 25:1-13).


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