Election: Bronson gets Mayor Dan Sullivan endorsement, raises $66,000 in three weeks, has $161,000 cash on hand with seven days to go

Mayor Dave and Deb Bronson

As of Tuesday, March 26, some 22,252 Anchorage voters have cast ballots in the municipal election, according to the city’s election division. That’s more than 5,000 voting in the past four days. There’s just one week left for Anchorage voters to get their ballots mailed or dropped in the secure drop boxes around town.

On Tuesday, Mayor Dave Bronson’s campaigned announced that it’s gathering steam with the endorsement of former Mayor Dan Sullivan, who served for two terms, from 2009 to 2015.

Bronson’s campaign reported $66,063 in raised funds over the past three weeks and is sitting on $161,071 for the final get-out-the-vote push.

He is running for a second term against former Assembly chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance, Chris Tuck, Bill Popp, and a handful of other candidates, all of them representing left-of-center politics.

The Bronson three-week donation report shows that 349 individuals donated to his campaign, and 226 of those donations were of $100 or less, showing strong regular-voter appeal.

“Our campaign is powered by the people of Anchorage, and we’re humbled by the outpouring of support,” Bronson said. “The diversity and volume of donations we’ve received tell us our message of accountable, responsive government is resonating with voters across the spectrum. From small-dollar donors contributing what they can to larger investments in our shared vision, every donation is a vote of confidence in our journey toward a more prosperous Anchorage.”

Bronson said he was grateful for the support he has seen growing daily for his reelection.

“Together, we are paving the way for a future where Anchorage grows and thrives, guided by servant leadership that values integrity, accountability, and respect for every citizen,” Bronson said.


  1. Let me encourage readers here if I can earn only 25,000 annually taking home 23,000. Then let that be an Anchorage to Anchorage voters how much more we can give. I started out donating 25.00/month since November with an extra 50.00 earlier this month. It’s what I think I can give and keeping myself financially responsible to myself without playing the big woman and giving it all away leaving myself a pauper. Maybe one day I can be fortunate enough to give 100.00 a month to a candidate like Bronson.
    The challenge is Alaskans learning how to set money aside, spending less on individual and family needs, so we can give just as equally with our money as our state is known to give our time volunteering to campaigns, non profits, and social causes.

  2. Starting our giving 25.00 per supporter may not seem like much of a contribution. If it’s added to 80,000 supporters each giving 25.00 then multiply that its 2 million. Doubling it if those are automatic monthly donations during a 12 month campaign season. Then candidates won’t be tempted by the sponsors writing big checks to buy an election.

    • Jen, it’s people like you who DO make a difference! Thank you for being responsible, informed citizen!

  3. Win or lose, poor Mayor Bronson won’t be dismissed or retired from community leadership. The GOP will find another position for him. He just a disaster to Democrats however he isn’t a disaster for Alaska Republicans.

  4. I am not thrilled about Sullivan endorsing him – now I am wondering if there is some not-so-good stuff going on behind closed doors. Makes me wonder who voted for Bronson based on Sullivan’s endorsement?

    • Well on the other hand/choice there is always the Queen of Covid who insisted on forced lockdowns all across Anchorage Bowl and supported ASD in closing of the schools and recommending children be confined to the rich learning environment of their basement and had security remove the citizens from Her presence who attended ASSembly meetings disagreeing with the dictators ruling.

      I am quite sure she is constantly endorsed by her fellow comrades Chris Constant Felix Reviera Forrest Dunbar(the gifts that keeps giving) and the ever so popular former Mayor Austin Quinn Davidson who was elected by a near unanimous vote (by the ASSembly) to complete the term of the greatest Mayor Anchorage has ever elected…the infamous atty Ethan Berkowitz from San Fransisco.

      • Mayor Bronson has had my support since day one. If I lived in Anchorage, I’d be voting for him. I just am not impressed with Sullivan – he flip-flops too much. Sullivan is either working undercover for the white hats OR he is a traitor and just pushes some good in hopes of not being hung.

  5. Realistically, how much of a chance does he have? Last time it was damn close and required a heavy dose of Bronson and co watching the sausage being made. It also helped Dunbar assumed he would be coronated and was a lazy campaigner.

    Seems the politburo closed every possible loophole and is actually working this time. Plus old friend Barb Jones.

  6. Bronson is no dummy. He will be able to sort through all the BS. We Conservatives are fortunate to have him on our side. He is no shrinking violet for sure.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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