Interior delegation writes: Fairbanks school board President Brandy Harty should step down


Alaska Interior delegation members have sent a letter to the Fairbanks North Star Borough School Board to express their disapproval of Board President Brandy Harty, who started or repeated a rumor into the public record during a school board meeting, in which she implied that Interior Republicans had accepted bribes in exchange for their votes.

Senator Robert Myers, Sen. Mike Shower, and Representatives Will Stapp, Mike Cronk, Frank Tomaszewski, Kevin McCabe, and Mike Prax signed the letter that asked Harty to apologize for accusing them of misdeeds, when all they did was to uphold the veto of the governor on a massive education spending bill.

Sobbing and wiping her eyes during last week’s school board meeting, Board President Brandy Harty, who has a reputation for crying as a public expression of her angst, accused Rep. Frank Tomaszewski, Rep. Mike Cronk, and Sen. Robb Myers of taking $70,000 campaign contributions in exchange for their no votes on the veto override.

“Education funding has been a sensitive issue within the Fairbanks North Star Borough. We understand that potential school closures within the community have brought emotions to a boil. However, recent actions have been extremely disappointing,” the letter said.

“Board President Brandy Harty’s action of passing on a rumor on the record at a public meeting that certain state representatives had accepted bribes in exchange for their vote to uphold the Governor’s veto of a bill related to school funding is unbecoming of a school board president (if not outright slanderous) and reflects poorly on the leadership of the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District,” the legislators said in the letter.

“Therefore, we, the undersigned members of the Interior Delegation of the Alaska State Legislature, call on Board member Brandy Harty to issue a public apology to Representative Frank Tomaszewski, Representative Mike Cronk, and Senator Robert Myers. We also call on her to step down from her position as School Board President.”


  1. A good start. But will she?

    Anyone prone to crying when in trouble has no business leading education. She’s supposed to be the adult. Allegedly.

      • Reminds me of some of the commentary on here, who wear their heart on there sleeve. You are going to be a public official, you better have a thick hide.

      • With all due respect Greg, soft-hearted implies compassion and empathy for your fellow earth traveler. I watched the video and there was not a shred of any of that or acceptance of the facts, as they now are. She presented as feeling personally affronted by the legislature’s vote.
        Mrs. Harty uses tears as a weapon, to shame her detractors and manipulate others to get her way. These are public proceedings, not Dr. Phil’s couch or the Jerry Springer show and sniffling and crying have no place here, especially when we are talking taxpayer hard earned cash and slander of others.

  2. I’m still not understanding why the school board didn’t choose an adult for school board president.

    • I was wondering the same about ASD’s choice with the very dynamic duo of Bellamy/Bryantt team leading ASDs public funded pyramid education system with the staunch support of Higgins, Holleman, Jacobs, Wilson, Lessens all marching in lockstep waiting for the next Covidian lockdowns so they can all collect full paychecks and spend the serfs money on expensive vacations/retreats with the NEA (America’s largest union).

      Why should Fairbanks vote any different than Anchorage voters?….3 letters UAF

  3. Good. Harty needs to be held accountable for her slander. She also does not seem to possess the level of maturity required for her position.

    • Lawsuits against her are in the works. Malicious defamation against politicians is actionable. She might as well have called the Conservative legislators pedophiles. Same difference. She’s going to get it, good.

  4. Good riddance she needs to go. Thats a serious accusation as well as whoever started that attack in our legislature. Very stupid thing to do. The general public is over this nonsense. If you’re going to accuse someone you better have facts. If she refuses to resign I’d hold back school funding. 2 can play at this game.

  5. What a big cry baby Brandy. Throw a big fit and lose your temper? Insult, demean and slander our elected officials at public meetings?
    Probably not the best example for our youth. Where where her parents? If she can not even take care of herself properly, how can she ever take care of anyone else?

  6. But just like Republicans come supporting their leadership I pretty sure Fairbanks Democrats will be supporting her and patting her on the back. Consoling and encouraging her to carry on that Republicans of Fairbanks are the problem. Its natural. Republicans and Democrats since they split are not supposed to be the same party and we should look as different as oil and water.

  7. Brandy Harty should not be on the FNS School Board. She needs to resign immediately and publicly apologize to the Republican legislators who she falsely accused of taking bribes if the school board is to retain any credibility within the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

  8. If the word “hysterical” literally means “thinking with the uterus”, can we assume that school board president Harty was being posterical here?

  9. Does anyone else remember the days when an adult, not to mention an office holder, would have been deeply embarrassed, and shamed, for crying in public like a little child?
    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    • I do. But I’m old enough to remember that commercial.

      There was a time in this country, in my lifetime, where people in positions of authority were expected to at least act like adults in public. But again, I’m old.

  10. Brandy should “step down” for slandering politicians
    …while her counterparts on the Anchorage School Board bail out the Teamsters union and rule that contracts over a million must given only to union shops?

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