Where did Fairbanks school board president get the idea 3 legislators had been bribed with $70,000?


When Fairbanks School Board President Brandy Harty shared on the record the rumor she heard about Fairbanks lawmakers being bribed with $70,000 in campaign contributions, it stunned conservatives around the state. Where did she hear that rumor?

It may have been in the newsletter of Rep. Zack Fields, who represents downtown Anchorage and who is formerly a union organizer.

“In pressuring Republicans to flip-flop and oppose a bill they previously supported, Dunleavy threatened to campaign and spend $70,000 per race against any Republicans who voted to override the veto,” Fields wrote. The Alaska Beacon wrote that he got the idea from a Republican lawmaker.

Harty twisted it 180 degrees, and named Sen. Robert Myers, Rep. Frank Tomaszewski, and Rep. Mike Cronk, specifically saying into the microphone and on the record that the rumor was they had been promised $70,000 in campaign contributions in exchange for their vote against overriding a veto on an education spending bill, Senate Bill 140.

She then asked reporters in the room not to write about it. The Fairbanks News-Miner did her bidding and did not write about it.

She said, “I hope it was worth it.”

By inference, Harty was not only accusing the three lawmakers from the Interior, but all other Alaska lawmakers who sided with the governor on his veto override.

Conservatives in Fairbanks are weighing their options, including discussing whether they will file an ethics complaint against Harty for accusing lawmakers of a felony. But there is no actual consequence if such a complaint were filed; the only recourse Fairbanks has is to launch a recall of Harty.

People in Fairbanks are saying Harty is planning to run for the Legislature against Rep. Tomaszewski, since she has been bashing him loudly and repeatedly in public.


  1. Are you sure it isn’t Harpy instead of Harty? She has issues and shouldn’t be in any position on the school board. But then again, looking at Anchorage’s school board, maybe being mentally unbalanced is a secret requirement.

  2. I would not even listen to that video of her. Talk about stirring up the pot to cause trouble. I sure hope that those reps bring lawsuits against her!

    • Agreed that was malicious. The moment she said “rumors” they should have muted her mic and requested she only speak on facts. Who in their right mind??

  3. Hmmm(???)
    … “the only recourse Fairbanks has is to launch a recall of Harty”
    … “file an ethics complaint against Harty for accusing lawmakers of a felony”
    I’m guessing that if one stretches the imagination, one could get real creative and effective with current conditions: icy roads, icy parking lots, icy sidewalks, frozen lakes and rivers. Problems can be solved efficiently – effectively when you don’t have to conform to “Marquess of Queensberry Rules!”

  4. On the other hand, Rep Rauscher from Sutton in the MatSu borough and a neighbor of Dunleavy stopped the bill and turned it on its intended face. So, Fields may be right. We all know that Dunleavy is a governor that practices fraud, waste and abuse. Trust one thing, the bearer of that particular vote wii be found out if he is a part of the threat. There is more to the story behind the bill.

  5. Isn’t Zack Fields good friends with Kelly Merrick & Union Boss Joey Merrick? Any connections here? Just asking.

  6. I’ll tell you what when you go on record as a public official you well better have the facts not rumor. Good god is she that stupid. ??? We already know Zack is. Legislators should not be broadcasting misinformation. He should be sanctioned tomorrow. Dunleavy would not threaten anyone.

  7. With leftists “Feelings” are all that matters. Sob on Ms. Harty. The FNSB School District has a multi-million dollar deficit this year. I call that pure mis management. Never mind that the Alaska legislature will confiscate at least 3/4 of every child’s PFD this year again to pay for our state’s bloated budget.

  8. “……..Conservatives in Fairbanks are weighing their options, including discussing whether they will file an ethics complaint against Harty for accusing lawmakers of a felony………”
    File it. This is how Andre MacLeod began the war on Palin. An ethics complaint will drag Fields into the mud. It will stir them in and coat them in ugly, which is exactly what is needed, and how they wage political warfare against conservatives.

  9. “…….The Alaska Beacon wrote that he got the idea from a Republican lawmaker……..”
    Mr. James Brooks of the Alaska Beacon, to be specific. Mr. Brooks “……..is a longtime Alaska reporter, having previously worked at the Anchorage Daily News, Juneau Empire, Kodiak Mirror and Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. A graduate of Virginia Tech……..”, and a possible tool of Mr. Fields.

  10. I’m not supporting Stapp anymore either. He broke with fellow conservatives in Fairbanks and now apparently supports wokeism and LGBTQ in public schools. A snake Republican along with Lisa Murkowski. Actually, more of a Kawasaki Democrat.
    Goodbye, Stapp.

  11. Truly does not matter where she got the idea, she should have kept her mouth shut! Now we can get her iff the Board where she never should have been in the first place.

  12. I’ve worked heavy labor a good bit of my life. There are many, many intellectual ways to frame all of this up in reasoned analysis, but the old boy in me favors the analogy of jerking a few people up by the chain, and putting an end to this manipulating b.s. . So- the end of it is some alleged statement from our Governor? Well, well, well….you know how rumors go. I read enough of Zack’s ” news letter” to find the specific reference. Reading much more only pumped the blood to my head. Basically, it’s all the fault of those nasty others who are manipulating things. Nasty people. But not us, the enlightened ones. Just give us the money. I’ll just flat spell it out- most all of this crap incubates in the minds of Democrats and their opportunistic surrogates. The sewer of societal problems that these mentalities breed is a common denominator. Good God look at the unprecedented crisis looming in our country as a whole. Democrats running things- mostly into ruin at every level – viciously blaming everyone but themselves for the manifest problems and accusing others of the very treachery they engage in. I have not heard of any apology from this woman, who slung manure at some of the most straight up legislators we have. It would be laughable but for the dirty implications of it, as it is. If I was in charge in some way, her desk would probably have been cleaned out by now. Last note- this event has hardened me completely to considering more ” funding”. Pound sand. Some of us are totally fed up.

  13. No public official should ever publish on the record in any form a “rumor”. Harpy, you just sowed the seeds of the next campaign against you.

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