Jamie Allard: Chugiak Eagle River, it’s time for us to show up and vote for Bronson



It wasn’t that long ago that the Municipality of Anchorage was run not only by a radical Assembly, but by an even more radical mayor. Three years ago, we dodged that bullet when Chugiak Eagle River showed up to vote and steered the Municipality of Anchorage away from its trajectory of becoming another west coast San Francisco disaster.

But we are not out of the woods yet! This week we have another election to focus on, and it matters more than ever.

Chugiak Eagle River, we are 30,000 votes. That’s equal to all the ballots received by the Anchorage election office thus far. Our votes can help prevent the municipality from backsliding into the tyranny of the previous administration.

I’m proud to endorse Mayor Dave Bronson for a second term in office. When I was on the Assembly, I saw how the political operatives and the media worked to defeat our conservative values. They’ve done the same thing to Mayor Bronson.

You’ve likely seen the “incompetence has a price tag” smear campaign funded by the leftist 907 Initiative, but who has really cost the city more, Mayor Bronson or the Assembly?

Bronson’s 2024 budget proposal came in $12 million dollars under the tax cap, while the Assembly and Suzanne LaFrance continue to raise taxes by adjusting the property tax mil rate on your homes or accepting and implementing an alcohol tax that didn’t meet the voting threshold required by the city charter.

Maybe you are thinking, “What’s the point? Aren’t we going to bifurcate and create our own borough?” That plan, spearheaded by Eaglexit, may be necessary, especially if the Anchorage Assembly and the Anchorage School District continue down their path of destruction. But until then, too much is at stake for us to not take this election seriously.

Chugiak Eagle River needs the freedom to uphold the conservative values of our people. As a neighborhood, we take pride in the strength of our public safety. Families choose Chugiak Eagle River for our safer streets and better schools. We need a limited government that gets out of the way of the market while preserving our family values. We need fiscal responsibility that doesn’t overburden us with exorbitant taxes, we need sustainable revenues and dedicated infrastructure to grow our community.

A mayor like Suzanne LaFrance will punish our conservative district and inflict her progressive ideologies in tandem with the super majority on the Assembly.  She voted in lock step with the 9-2 majority to increase spending and taxes, shut down Mayor Bronson’s sheltering plans, implemented plastic bag bans, inflicted Covid tyranny upon the city for years, recklessly spend millions of Covid Relief Funds on pet projects, funding her Assembly buddies and she voted to keep the public out of public testimony.

This is our opportunity to send a message to both the Anchorage Assembly and the Anchorage School Board that we want a more balanced approach. It’s our chance to stand up for the things we care about: our quality of life, effective education for our children, and safe neighborhoods.

Dave Bronson is the ideal mayoral candidate for our community. He prioritizes the Don Young Port of Alaska modernization project to bolster our economy, securing a record $270 million for its advancement. Despite assembly opposition, he’s made significant strides in addressing homelessness by facilitating affordable housing initiatives, Dave has also bolstered public safety with downtown foot patrols and the largest pay raise in history for Anchorage Police Officers. We need his fiscal responsibility and resilience to restrain a runaway assembly. 

The Anchorage Assembly consistently obstructs Mayor Bronson’s efforts to advance our city. They halted progress on critical projects, such as the navigation center for the homeless, even interrupting construction midway. Additionally, their expansion of subpoena powers has turned voluntary citizen involvement in our local government into mandatory participation rather than a choice.

Moreover, their opposition to renaming the Port of Alaska after Don Young demonstrates their tendency to politicize every initiative by the mayor, hindering the city’s development. Through the opposition, Mayor Bronson continues to fight for Anchorage and is the only thing that stands in the way of single-party rule. 

It is said the world is run by people who show up. It’s time for Chugiak Eagle River to show up and vote. Our community is a beacon for the rest of Anchorage. Whether we stay with Anchorage, or go our own way, our vote must count today.

Voting this weekend is good practice for our upcoming primary and general election season – and for our future vote on creating our own borough — so let’s dig out those ballots, vote like our lives depend on it, and let’s set a new standard for civic pride.

Join me on April 2 in voting for Dave Bronson for another three years of effective leadership!

Rep. Jamie Allard serves in the Alaska Legislature on behalf of Chugiak-Eagle River residents and is a U.S. Army veteran.


  1. Anchorage Conservatives, moderates, and Christians are depending on Eagleriver-Chugiak to pull Bronson over the finish, since the Anchorage still have some issues. They better do their part while they are still part of the Municipality despite Eagleexit.

  2. OK, let’s all take a pledge not to complain about government unless we have voted. I voted straight up Conservative and No on all Bonds, voted Bronson for Mayor and 2 of the 3 seats for school board not voting on the one seat because they were both liberals.
    So There 😉

  3. Great summary. A LaFrance administration will do nothing but make Anchorage a duplicate of what the Biden administration has done to the US.

    • No, Jim, it would be even worse than that: a Suzie LaPew administration, along with a Marxist supermajority on the municipal assembly, would take Anchorage full-bore into the worst of the statist dysfunctional insanity that prevails in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. THAT is precisely what these Left Coast carpetbaggers want for Anchorage, and for Alaska.

  4. Man, I miss Jamie on the Assembly as she kept the gender-neutral aliens accountable for their other-worldly governance. As for this mayoral election and Mayor Bronson, my fear is that the progz have effectively nuked him, much to my chagrin. As for LaFrance, I have a first hand source who endured sitting on a board with her and referred to Ms. LaFrance as batsh-t crazy. Her marionettes are the other members to the left of normal. As in the past, the Dems circle their masses like Musk Ox and vote united, even when they’re all completely wrong. Bill Popp “may” be the surprise winner. I’m still praying for Bronson to pull it out.

  5. So it’s all the assembly’s fault my property taxes went up. Pretty sure I read a statement by Bronson telling me it was him who raised the value of my house. I do appreciate that you put all the blame on the assemble. Both had a role this time. Sorry. He’s is chronic disappointment. It’s his job to figure out how to stop gouging us with property taxes, to be able to find middle ground and even push a sales tax. Anything to keep the property assessments from increasing. That’s why I voted for him. That’s what he promised and that’s what he didn’t deliver on. He had gotten very little done and the roads suck. So basically we should vote for him because we live in ER and somehow the great unknown will be worse then the junk in front of us now with him?

  6. Council Of Foreign Relations is the real power behind all elections and politicians! They deside who wins!
    Rig elections, control everything said, etc.

  7. Allard says, “ We need a limited government that gets out of the way.”

    Jamie do you mean the military at JBER? How about the federal $ for highway construction that Dunleavy almost got cancelled because he believed in cutting DOT to the point that it f’d up the federal applications? State and Feds enforce food cleanliness regulations. Are you against that? And Eagle River police and troopers are part of the government that you want out of the way.

    Maybe you make a statement like that cuz you know your poorly educated constituents will eat it up.

    • In case you aren’t paying attention, Dunleavy isn’t running for mayor.

      I’m surprised you didn’t work Trump in there somehow.

      Focus. I know it’s hard, but try.

    • We do need limited government. All the excess spending that libs love to do would never happen if it was their own money. PM Thatcher said it best, “Liberals love to spend other people’s money”.

    • Ah, I detect the distinct stink and arrogance of a retired state or municipal employee from among the colony of them in upper Eklutna Valley.

      Rick Sinnott, is that you?

    • EVS it seems you slept through civics class.
      Our founders wrote the constitution to specifically LIMIT government to certain functions (common defense, interstate commerce, protect rights of citizens established in the bill of rights etc). The state of AK constitution and the Municipal charter run in a similar vein of defined functions and limits.
      You are all over the place from Dunleavy (interstate commerce see above), military (common defense see above) to food safety regulations, which the Muni health department enforces….
      It should be noted that Eagle River does not have its own police force as we are part of the municipality.
      So do you have ANY comment on this municipal elections (since your handle implies that you actually live here) and an opinion on the candidates? We would like to hear it.

  8. Thanks for the reminder, Jamie. How easy for the assembly to shift the blame on Bronson when they have gone out of their way to make his life miserable. None of the other candidates have any better chance of making positive changes either unless they are locksteped with the assembly and their corruption. The big outside money is being saved for the runoff and it will be ugly once again.

  9. I agree with you, Jamie, although I am a life long alaskan (born and lived here for 78years) and live in Anchorage, . I watch the assembly meetings on tv and I was so
    horrified by how LaFrance conducted and treated citizens who attended. It is not much better with the currant assembly. We need to get some more conservatives on the assembly.
    Thank you for all you do for this community along with others who no longer serve on the assembly.

  10. They have changed were voting machine counting is done to completely overseas!
    Biden Administration
    Last election it was only part overseas.


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