Forrest Dunbar is running for mayor against Must Read Alaska and Save Anchorage?


A fundraising letter to residents in the Geneva Woods neighborhood makes it sound like Democrat candidate Forrest Dunbar thinks his opponent in the mayor’s race is actually Must Read Alaska.

Dunbar asks his recipients to pitch in $50, $100, or $200 to support his vision for Alaska, which is “bold, proactive, and fact-based leadership.”

“Our far-right opponents have embraced conspiratorial, anti-science rhetoric that would have us ignore COVID rather than face it head on. They support the toxic partisanship of Save Anchorage and Must Read Alaska,” he continues. And worse, his “far-right opponents” hold events where people do not wear masks, which “threaten our hard-won progress toward re-starting our economy.”

Dunbar goes on to say that his campaign has outraised every other candidate by tens of thousands of dollars, “And we’re the only campaign to earn the endorsement and support of the Alaska Center and more than a dozen labor unions, including the AFL-CIO and the Anchorage Education Association.”

Residents of Geneva Woods have been united against the policies promoted by Dunbar, including the purchase of the nearby Golden Lion Hotel for use as a homeless and drug-and-alcohol center.

Dunbar is arguably the farthest left of over a dozen mayoral candidates appearing on the ballot that will be sent to voters in the municipality on March 15. The conservatives with the most visible and financial support who are running for office include Mike Robbins, Dave Bronson, and Bill Evans. The election ends April 6.

Must Read Alaska is a publication and that “keeps the mainstream media on their toes” by telling the other side of the story than the one the liberal media chooses to report. The publication’s Facebook page reached 1.2 million Facebook users last month, and the website averages 20,000 visitors a day. Newsletters published by Must Read Alaska reach 13,000 email addresses in Alaska eight times a week.

Save Anchorage is a Facebook group dedicated to better government in Anchorage, which formed about the time that the Anchorage Assembly decided to buy four properties for its homeless industrial complex plan. It has nearly 9,000 members.

The two organizations are not connected, although one can read the media’s portrayal of them as associated at the Anchorage Press.


  1. Sadly MRAK has become the best dependable news outlet remaining, sometimes as much for the comments as the articles. Keep up the good work, you scare them.

      • Perhaps, but it is very sad to me that the ‘mainstream’ media in this state fails to make a pretense of impartial reporting, selling progressive talking points instead of objective news, leaving Suzanne to dedicate herself to revealing the malfeasance. For opinions, instead of ‘media’ I read MRAK comments and am thankful to hear from even (especially) those with whom I disagree. I am sad at our state of affairs and very thankful for MRAK and hope that I helped keep the lights on.

        • I’m with you. We used to get our news all together and see the opposing viewpoints together and at least see where each other are coming from. Now we have different dimensions and the truth about Dunbar is not going to be heard by the people that need to hear it and they will indeed believe readers of MRAK are “far-right”, “covid deniers”, and “conspiracy theorists”.

          • The purchase of media vis a via CA and the unelected “mayoral” temp and people who desire to not represent true Alaska views need to get politically uprooted as soon as possible.

  2. Feels like far left liberals can’t face the actual truth and have to resort to name calling and shaming tactics. All anti-American, anti-family, anti-liberty politicians must be voted out! If there is a recall against a politician there is probably a reason for it! Truth will set us free.

    • Progressives are separated from reality living in their own fantasy world-Jennifer Granholm, energy secretary, truly believes that her car runs on sunshine and the magic wand just poofs the tires and grease from thin air. Name calling is their last resort in a lost argument. Sadly they come in large numbers supplemented by those too lazy to study the facts.

  3. During a time when economic prosperity was a given, Alaskans could afford to have special needs types infesting local government.

    Now that economic prosperity is behind us and the most predictable aspect of our future is that Alaska will go through a period of rightsizing, the last thing we can afford to have in local (or other) government would be a handful of elected clerks that have demonstrated irresponsible checkbook handling.. Worse yet, those among them that have appropriated money inappropriately with an eye toward squandering it on parasitic segments of society are not re-electable.

    When you look through the Geneva Woods subdivision you see hard working and successful families several of whom have done their best to invest in themselves and their families. To assume that any of them would like to re-elect a goofball that has voted to lower their property values permanently and endanger their children by introducing to their beautiful neighborhood a bunch of drug addled societal vermin is confirmation that Dunbar is not simply intellectually challenged; he’s the last person you’d want tasked with making responsible choices that might apply to you.

    That the same individual would desecrate his vocational post by making a number of disrespectful comments about the nature of the country he serves underscores that he should be relieved of that responsibility as well.

    Run Forrest, run. Really. Go away.

  4. We have seen in 2 short months what a mess Biden’s Government has created. Gas prices up 54 cents a gallon, hordes of illegals crossing the border and being given free medical treatment.
    We do not want or need the likes of Dunbar, Rivera or the current incumbent. Vote for a true Republican

  5. If the unions are supporting this idiot, I’m ashamed to be a union member. He is the most incompetent leftist anti-American candidate ever running in ANC. You would have to be some kind of stupid to support the same BS that the assembly is pushing.

  6. I agree with the above comments and the article. Dunbar is showing his ignorance and demagoguery – read that out of touch with reality. Fear mongering must stop. What ever happened to common sense and respecting freedom? The alt-left will stop at nothing, and that includes Dunbar.

  7. No sad about it. Must Read Alaska is the Standard in Alaska that all others are measured against.

  8. Dunbar would not know facts if it slapped him in the face. Anchorage does not need a little snot-nosed boy. We need someone who will lead and let the private sector build the great economy.

  9. Shots fired. Good luck Dunbar. When the truth won’t help you win, you have to go with slander. Good luck with that. If it actually works, it’s because you have duped Anchorage and because there are just too many partisan useful left idiots in this town. What can your opponents use against you? Nothing but facts about closed assembly meetings, pay raises, cares act money not going to help people and businesses impacted by covid, email scandals, not following city rules on the books, and the list goes on.

    He’s raised money, but how is he doing in the polls? Are there any polls that are anything close to reality? Just by looking at signs in town, it doesn’t look good for him, but Bronson, Evans, or Robbins need to eventually drop out and endorse the front runner. If Dunbar wins because those guys split the majority, we need to reform the Anchorage mayor election process so it gets whittled down to 2 or 3 for the final election and stop the stupid mail in voting. I would love to support that regardless. If conservatives are serious about “saving anchorage”, that is a really good stride in the right direction.

    • Dave Bronson is 100% Conservative.
      Takes his Oath of Office seriously!
      Doing what is best for all Municipality Citizens is his Personal Agenda.
      Is not owned by any Special Interest Groups.
      Dave Bronson will Definitely Save Anchorage with the Conservative Vote.

  10. Dunbar and his crackpot followers sound erriely like that of the Rajneeshees cult in central Oregon in the mid-1980’s. Looking for political power and control for their radical Left-wing agendas. And using brain-washing and cult-like tactics to achieve it. Sickos,…….ALL.

  11. Forrest Dunbar needs to stop reading Must Read Alaska and step away from his social media tools. Obviously he is a MRAK and Social media lurker and he is irked by the complaints.
    We need leaders who Concentrate more Rebuilding Anchorage and using both the Left and Far Right minded peoples still here to continue building Anchorage, what the passing away Anchorage leaders left behind. We are all on the same team, we just see things differently.
    That’s one more reason leaders of my generation need to get themselves off social media tools. They put all their talent in lurking, talking, and criticizing on social media tools instead of building their communities. Leave the social media tools to the residents who have more time to spend on social media. Leaders shouldn’t have the time continuously posting new posts every two hours even every 30 minutes. That more likely speaks for itself why Alaska isn’t building anything new — it’s leaders are too busy using social media. Its a good absence passing away Alaskan leaders had no internet social media tools when Alaska was a territory and new state, they’d get no work done except bickering through a third-party tool.

  12. Question for young Master Forrest and his cheerleaders: Upon which scientific basis did the Assembly and Mayor steal over 60% of the CARES Act funds intended to help out small businesses? Please show your work. I’ll wait.

    Other observation is that grants of CARES Act money to local non-profits who support where you are wanting go look an awful lot like simple bribes. But that’s just me and your mileage may vary. Once again, please show your work. I’ll wait.

    Final question: How can you possibly support, uphold and defend a document that you publicly described as racist, the US Constitution that you have taken an oath to support and defend at least four times in your military and civilian career? Cheers –

  13. Damn Suzanne, does that mean you filed with APOC as a candidate? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    This means he is running scared. Good!

      • Donald J. Trump himself would campaign for Suzanne if she ran against Lisa Murkowski. I’m calling on Suzanne to run for the US Senate in 2022. To WIN!!

        • If that was the case, and I assure you it is not, then I would reign over a kingdom of rotten scoundrels, because Alaska’s news media has the lowest standards for integrity I’ve ever seen. But thanks, I’ll straighten my crown now. – sd

          • At least you have a place to wear your crown about, Suzanne. The other media outlets………nothing to hold their crown in place.

  14. I simply asked this moron just how he was going to pay for all of his dreams on his r/alaska reddit post. I just simply asked his exact plan on revenue. All I got was crickets. Typical leftist moron – promise the population all sorts of dreamy crap and not honest about the method of payment. I guarantee he gets elected Anchorage will get higher taxation in one form or another.

  15. So this left wing punk has taken more bribes he refers to as donations. He lacks any integrity and takes a government paycheck while trashing the constitution he has sworn to uphold. When someone disagrees with his stupid policies, he calls them names because he can’t win the debate on facts. You have participated in the theft of CARES Act funds and diverted funds earmarked to help small business to your socialist agenda. You are an embarrassment Forrest Gump.

  16. Only political signs I see for this dope are ones that are illegally placed in right a ways along our roads, apparently he and the dopes that support him seem to think the laws don’t apply to him.

  17. Dunbar publicly rejected the US Constitution as an outdated article and he should be kicked out of the Guard and off the assembly for it.

  18. If Dunbar has indeed collected the “tens of thousands” that he says that he has, one can probably connect the dots rather quickly and realize that said cash is coming from the same pot that Al Gross dipped into. Never makes sense why labor unions, that should be concerned with natural resource development and a strong economy, vote for leftists 95% of the time (probably more like 98%). Must have something to do with their reps’ backroom negotiations with the sitting mayor and assembly. Ah, to have had a paid negotiator to sit in on my yearly merit increases at my former employer.

    • Look at where the money goes. Does Trumpka live like the common man? Hoffa? No, the unions, founded to help working people against corporate bullying, have become just another arm of the socialist/democratic machine to keep the apparatchiks and nomenklaturas in the power and gravy through extorting their members. My family is union and I would have ended up there, but my eyes opened to the corruption and abuse (shunning) of any who do not strictly hold the union line and I ran. A working person voting for a democrat is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. But even when confronted with the truth too many lockstep to the slaughterhouse and vote to keep their masters over themselves. Five decades I’ve tried to understand and it still escapes me..

    • “… dunbar goes on to say that his campaign has outraised every other candidate by tens of thousands of dollars …”
      No doubt, support from under the soros/lincoln-project umbrella.

  19. Remember Anchorage you get,what you wish for.
    If you think it’s been bad the last year.
    If forest gets in, Lockdowns forever.
    Wear your diaper, face covering, mask whatever you want to call it.
    Be afraid be Very afraid.

  20. Well, dear pundits, I don’t see any of you out there running for Mayor. Raging at your keyboards achieves nothing. If you’re so dissatisfied, ante up, file your papers, and get yourselves elected.

    • Yo Dog… there are a number of right wing candidates familiar with and to MRAK and it’s not necessary that all of us register as candidates.

      Wake up. Coffee’s on. Come have a cup. Don’t forget; if you wear a splash of red today and never say anything people will assume you’re smart.

    • There are several good candidates already running for Mayor. Evans, Bronson, and Robbins would all be better choices than Dunbar. I’m supporting Evans because his experience will let him hit the ground running against an Assembly that will have its way with someone who has to learn on the job. I know he’ll put together a good team of public servants who know how to get things done.

  21. So Dunbar is Mr. Covid huh, going to attack it straight on! Is this why the Democrats are allowing thousands to cross our southern border without testing or masks? Well, they are all potential new voters so if a few need to be sacrificed so be it (kind of like Cuomo with the nursing homes). Also, if a few children die in overcrowded SUVs driven by Coyotes that’s okay too.

  22. Conspiratory anti-science my behind. Anti-liberal party line is more like it. He’s such a twerp.

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