Zaletel enjoys use of fire department backdrop for her sign-waving campaign, with balloons tied to city truck!


Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel managed to get a fire truck parked right behind her at her sign-waving event on Friday evening at the corner of Northern Lights Blvd. and Seward Highway. The campaign appeared to have tied balloons to the front of the fire truck.

If city equipment has been positioned to give an appearance of support to a campaign, it would be misuse of taxpayer-funded assets.

Zaletel has the backing of the unions. She is being challenged by Kathy Henslee for a midtown seat on the Assembly.

It’s not a direct endorsement, but it’s a shady look for the fire department and for Zaletel to have a fire truck parked at the end of a parking lot, with no particular purpose other than to give her campaign gaggle some nice color in the background.


    • Sadly, today’s Municipal, ASD, and state employees serve the union and not their communities.
      Prove me wrong unions.

    • According to the Anchorage Fire Department, that truck is owned by the AFD union. And, I was informed that the union can do whatever it wants to do with its property. I think this situation reflects very badly on the Muni and the fire men and women. AFD should avoid partisan displays and this looks like one.

  1. That is extremely inappropriate. Zaletel’s legacy is shutting down businesses (but not pot shops of course) and raising taxes on property owners which also impacts renters. One might think she’s trying to make more people homeless so she can manage them. Follow the money.

  2. Kathy Henslee is going to defeat her, even with the cheating.
    This is a sad, desperate attempt.
    Say goodbye to the 9.

  3. A picture is worth a thousand words. This women along with the other leftists in the assembly will gradually transform Anchorage into a big homeless shelter mess like Seattle and San Francisco at property owners expense. And they are only getting warmed up. I’m now making the agonizing decision to move from the city I grew up in. These socialist increases in property taxes with immensely poor decisions such as the Sullivan arena and the school board constantly dreaming up more school bonds EVERY year is breaking people. Our bloody municipal taxes now are helping the schools necessities. Where is all that bond money that mysteriously keeps getting voted for by mail-in ballots & machine counting really going ? Vote out every school board member except Dave Donnelly.

  4. That fire truck was only there as a precaution, due to the fire department being so concerned about the potential for an unplanned conflagration in NutMeg’s clothing — because, you know, “liar, liar, pants on fire”.

  5. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery one mega size
    fire truck Reminds me of mckenna bros entire truck fleet sent out for bronson. That was an overwhelming memorable sight. Considering the union can only get one i guess most of the firefighters/emt follow rules not to dispatch its fleet for a

  6. Typical union tactic. It comes from the crooked union bosses, not the firemen themselves, who are probably Conservative Republicans. Another great report and investigative find by Suzanne. Once again, she knows how to hunt!

  7. That may be the fire truck that the Firefighters Union was given or sold to the Union by Mayor Sullivan, especially if the Firefighters Union is supporting her.

  8. The engine was purchased by the firefighter’s union and is maintained and insured by them and does not have any city insignia on it so that is a non issue. However, many city workers do not agree with the candidates their unions endorse.

    • Don’t get me wrong Zaletel and Dunbar have not served the residents or employees of Anchorage well and should be replaced.

  9. I think it’s time that the union workers stood up to the unions and told them that they do not desire this type of representation, legal or not. I am very proud of our firefighters and know for a fact that they are capable of making their own choices and do not approve of their union bosses making idiots of them. Maybe the union should donate their surplus truck to a needy community instead of misrepresenting the folks that they are supposed to be representing. Firefighters are generally not communists, rather mostly a very patriotic group.

  10. One of my assembly reps, Weddleton, has the backing of the second most whiney union in the city, the AFD. (The first being the Anchorage Education Association/NEA) For south Anchorage… please get out and vote for Randy Sulte so we can break the back of the progressives that are ruling over Anchorage. We received a mailer today from Weddleton listing “conservatives” who are behind his campaign. None of them are conservative. Not even close. Weddleton is Constant’s bit-h and proves it EVERY time that he votes. He also openly endorsed, via an ADN editorial, Forrest Dunbar. What the…?!!!?? Who would want a weak, sniveling rep on the Assembly? Not me. Jamie Allard has a bigger pair than John Weddleton. As far as LaFrance… same result minus the brain.

  11. That’s a safety hazard! Someone needs helps and that’s a decommissioned?
    Fire trucks! Too help ppl? Need help?

    That’s messed up!

  12. Too bad there was no firetruck when the Wicked Witch of the West was melting down. “What a world, what a world”. ==== said she — Yes, Elvira Gulch was an early woke do-gooder too. Remember her on the bike with Toto in her basket. My Lord — IF I wasn’t a Christian women, I would tell her what I really think of her.

  13. That is NOT an AFD truck!
    Look at the symbols and colors on it and compare to AFD apparatus. Totally differient.
    Quit jumping to conclusions without facts. You are sounding like liberals
    who spew ideas that have no basis in facts.

    • Bob, I agree that this is not an AFD truck (since it isn’t pink!). However you are missing the point. Any reasonably alert individual drives by the sign-wavers and at the same time sees, what looks like a fire truck in the background, will even subconsciously make a connection here. While overtly one can argue that it was accidenta, the subliminal message here is loud and clear and sneaky to boot!

    • So let’s see if I have this straight, Bob. Meg Zaletel is using a fake fire truck to prop up her campaign for Assembly. The unions have a fake truck to trick voters. OK, got it. Fake truck, great look, Meg. Somehow that’s even worse than having a real one.

    • AFH I totally agree with you that it does represent a bad light. My only point was it isn’t a AFD truck. I also have since been able to verify that it is a union truck. Poor choice in my opinion by the union since it puts them in a bad light which then reflects back on the city and AFD itself.
      Moose As I said to AFH my only point in the original post was that the truck was not an Official AFD truck. I never said I supported Zaletel or whoever supplied the truck. Finding out it really was the union was disappointing.
      Suzanne My apologies as my post dissappeared for awhile and thought it had been taken down. In that case I was the one who jumped to conclusions. Totally my bad and I do apologize.

  14. Sorry to see Suzanne is now censoring responses here. Just posted its not an AFD truck and that people are jumping to conclusions.

  15. Fake fire truck clearly in the sightline of sign waving supporters for Zalatel- hum….
    Congrats for creating a dishonest photo op while highlighting yet another strong reason to be anti gov. union. Serious ANCHORAGE VOTERS will not be fooled.
    If you doubt me…Riddle me this – how many Anchorage City employees live in the valley – can’t vote in this election but constantly push for their money bag choices?

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