Jesse Bjorkman files for Senate, raising speculation that Kenai’s Sen. Peter Micciche may be out this cycle


A member of the Kenai Borough Assembly has filed for Alaska Senate for Senate Seat D, previously known as Senate Seat O.

Jesse Bjorkman, a personal friend to Senate President Peter Micciche of Kenai, has put his name on the list at the Alaska Public Offices Commission and has publicly stated he wants to give Kenai Peninsula voters someone else to vote for other than Tuckerman Babcock, who has already filed for the seat.

Babcock is from the Soldotna area and has statewide name recognition, having served as the former chairman of the Alaska Republican Party. Bjorkman is a teacher from Nikiski, with less name recognition but union backing.

Senate President Peter Micciche has not said whether he is going to stay in the race, but he has filed. Micciche assumed office in 2013. His current term ends in January 2023.

Bjorkman was a proponent of Ballot Measure 2, the initiative that brought in ranked choice voting to Alaska, and which has now created a challenging election cycle, since the death of Congressman Don Young.

Last year, Bjorkman said that he felt a “large increase in male energy” from having taken a Covid vaccine and so encouraged everyone to get vaccinated, as seen in this video from a Kenai Assembly meeting:

A National Education Association member, he was also featured in the New York Times for his work teaching his students how to butcher wild game such as moose.


  1. I don’t care what Party you typically vote for… If this guy supported prop 2 Rank Choice Voting he is not fit for anything, let alone run for office. He’s free to hold his opinion, but NO ONE should vote for him.

  2. Yup, union guy, doesn’t much seem to believe that the government has screwed people over repeatedly, approves vaccine… bunch of stuff that would make me choose Babcock over him.

    • It definitely is. ha..ha.. He says his covid shot cause a burst of “male”Energy.. His brain must be warped. The Kenai Borough has had Charlie Pierce, I don’t see him any where on the top end of the ballot.

  3. “Hi, I’m Jesse Bjorkman, and I approved this message”

    Voice-over: “Paid for by the elect Jesse Bjorkman campaign”

  4. Guess he hadn’t had unexpected ed or other clot issues at that time. Being it was a experimental shot it looks like he wanted others to join his trial. Wonder if he still feels so great or how long his excitement will last? Hopefully years to come. His life insurance policy may now be void and he might want to check.

  5. Wow, sounds like strike 3.

    1. Promotes the death Jab with false claims and no data.
    2. Member of the NEA.
    3. Union backing.

    Keep this guy far away from a Senate seat, he is owned!

  6. Fallacy of false cause. (Every time I sneeze the phone rings; therefore sneezing causes the phone to ring.) Increase in energy may be caused by increased alertness due to concern for safety of others and falsely attributed to experimental injections. This is not a job for well meaning simpletons. It is a job for clear thinking residents with real knowledge of the actual, literal US Constitution verbiage and actual deep respect for the republic form of government. Everybody read up on the old documents. Start Constitution clubs. Meet at the libraries.

  7. It will be interesting to see how Senate District D responds to an outsider from the Valley moving to Kenai to gaina Conservative Senate seat

  8. The guy has zero knowledge of politics, looks like a kid and I’m sorry we do not need anymore of these types in office. A woke idiot thinking he got some “Male energy” from an experimental shot. No, what you are feeling sir is your insides turning into junk because you poisoned yourself. Last person Kenai needs is this!

  9. The RINOS are organized. They have candidates in every race. Add in Dominion and the Prop 2 Fraud, and conservatives are finished.

  10. Anyone that supported Ballot Measure 2 (Rank Choice Voting) should have NO future in Alaska politics!

  11. Excellent, please don’t be a Peter Micciche type senator. Juneau is a mess and it’s all the fault of the traitorous Rinos. Micciche is a go-along guy!

  12. I don’t to hurt feelings (prematurely) but we’ve noticed our educations are “insufficient”. We have not been taught the US Constitution. Assume you don’t know it. So you will not defend it. You want to get along with everybody. Wrong move. That what brought Alaska and America to this point. Get James Madison’s reading list by the time he was ten. Then comment on it.

  13. So, if I get the jab, I will feel better. Sounds like solid advice. And if I vote by mail, it will be a fair election. And even more fair with prop 2. And he is friends with who ? Wow.

  14. This is a man who berated a well known thyroid specialist from Texas on The Birds Eye View radio show because he was ant-vax.He Had local pharmacist on his radio show bashing ivermectin.Promotes Dr Ann Zink’s work.Yet he is against mandates? I am sure he would push vaccine passports.As far as voting there are enough comments that discredits this mole.

  15. RED ALERT TO ALL ALASKANS! This just in from the Gateway Pundit,


    We must stop the Steal in Alaska, they are doing this to keep their hold on the reigns of power and steal the election for Murkowski and corrupt Juneau politicians. This is the same playbook used in the lower 48 battleground states to steal the 2020 election. Alaskans must put extreme pressure on Dunleavy to END mail in voting, use of the Dominion Machines (Rep. Eastman said the state will purchase 150 more vote stealing machines) and institute signature verification. Alaskan’s will need to use the playbook of Virginia to hold local election officials accountable for obvious fraud and illegal activities. We need more poll watchers and must demand transparency. Don’t allow the left to take away your votes and neuter freedom!

  16. One more crackpot union thug all in for election fraud…
    You’d think Alaska would run short of these imbeciles, preferably sooner than later.

  17. Great, a choice between an establishment-beholden RINO, or a Covidian Democrat in Republican drag.
    With ‘friends’ like these, who needs enemas?

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