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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Zack attack: Rep. Fields confirms unvaccinated people don’t matter

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In a series of messages on Twitter, Rep. Zack Fields of Anchorage has come up with a new strategy sure to please his base: He says that Must Read Alaska is cashing in on death. Why?

Fields was remarking on a t-shirt at the MRAK online store that says “Unvaccinated Lives Matter,” a nod to those who have not gotten the Covid-19 vaccine for their own private reasons, whether health, religious, or skepticism.

Fields, who was caught drinking beer and leg-wrestling, unmasked, in the Alaska Capitol campus earlier this year with Rep. Kelly Merrick and Rep. Sara Rasmussen, is also asking Gov. Mike Dunleavy to declare another statewide emergency over Covid, and has requested a statewide mask mandate from the governor.

Must Read Alaska has been telling the stories of Alaskans who are losing their jobs because they do not want to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

Read the series:

Read: Part 1: Nurse losing job, after her medical exemption refused

Read: Part II: Pharmacist losing job

Part III: Southcentral Foundation employee losing job Oct. 15 over shot refusal

Part IV: Dozens of Alaskans come forward to tell their stories of being fired for not getting the shot

Part V: Military man being administratively discharged over vaccine

Part VI: Alaska Regional nurse says she’s seeing too many blood clot hospitalizations

Like Anchorage Democrat Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar, who wants Must Read Alaska shut down, Fields has expressed the interest in eliminating conservative news from Must Read Alaska, writing, “Until @GovDunleavy reaches the people sending us this (who are in his base) who are being fed misinformation by this website and people like Suzanne Downing, the case count will grow and unnecessary deaths will continue to increase.”

Must Read Alaska exists on the donations of readers who support an alternative to the mainstream media narrative.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • They may not shut it down, yet, but they sure send a lot of trolls.

    • The only organization that could shut this down is WordPress, and even then Suzanne could just find a different platform to run on. And as far as the trolls, they can come over and get a taste of what it’s like to be a conservative on twitter as we either ignore them or dogpile them while still having way more decency than I have seen from many outspoken leftists on social media.

  • Zack Fields looks like he has the body of a boy who hadn’t reached puberty. Any facial hair must be from testosterone injections. Seriously, his whole self looks uncomfortable and unnatural.

    • You see it too? I wondered why he looked like a sweaty, meth addicted pedo who cuts his own bangs.

      • And just what does a pedo look like? You seem to have a lot of experience at this sort of thing. Didn’t your mom ever teach you to not judge a book by its cover?

      • Zack’s shrill whiny voice really disturbs me.

        • Them/they maybe in transition, please be thoughtful with your comments. 🙄

    • And yet he seems to be “caucusing” nightly with two of his favorite RINOs, Merrick and Rasmussen

  • People who do not want to be jabbed for their own personal/health/ religious reasons are coming to MRAK to be able to have an outlet where they are not shot down for their stance. I, for one, have long ago formed my own conclusions about the jab and am not being persuaded by anything I read here. In case Rep Fields did not read of a study which concluded those least likely to take the jab are those holding PhD’s. We are not a dumb bunch. Stop treading on our liberties and go get some leg-wrestling practice.

    • Aahaahaha!! Epic response!!

      • Haha. I second that.

    • Was that a racist comment? Being in Alaska, you surely must know that leg wrestling is one of the events in the native youth Olympics.

      • Your troll comments have zero effect on the readers of MRAK. Scuttle off to MSNBC comrade.

        • That’s a shame, I was hoping that it would whip up you folks into actually doing something instead of just complaining on this blog. Talk has always been dirt cheap. Lack of action is common and if you can get past that, it can be the beginning of real change. Good luck.

          • Hmmm, the people did stand up, they Elected Dave Bronson, Mayor. Go away troll

          • Greg, Gothe once said that there was nothing so frightening as Ignorance in Action. That quote could well describe you Greg. Good luck to you in the future with your health choices!

          • Truly a comment showing how full of yourself you are. Sorry Greg. That’s harsh of me to say, but you need that kick in the pants. You have been an eager and willing participant. I’ll give you that much, but not much more. I hope you realize that all of your efforts are pointless unless you open your mind to realize that you have a lot to learn from us and how to accurately comprehend our perspective, because pretty much every time you totally missed the meaning and the logic behind our comments just so you could browbeat. I 100% agree and believe in having a dialogue and discourse which is on its last legs in this day and age, but it’s pointless if you don’t care to learn anything about somebody’s perspective and relate when you can. Sometimes you did that, but it was pretty rare and you really do have a lot to learn and need to find some humility. That sounds arrogant, but its not arrogant if it is true, and I sincerely believe it to be true. Good luck. You are an interesting cat, I’ll give you that too. And I prefer you over the ultra arrogant preachy godless dog that ironically likes to preach his lack of religion as if it is a religion we should all accept. I sincerely wish you the best of luck and I think you will enjoy the break as much as we will. 🙂

  • Why have two FDA officials recently resigned? Asking for a friend?

    Thousands of doctors and nurses are choosing to leave their employers rather than taking the jab. Even those with cognitive dissonance must even start asking themselves, why is that?

    Before you violate someone’s Constitutional Rights make sure you ask yourself are you prepared to face the consequences? Before you coerce, bribe, bully or force mandates for an experiment upon others which violates the Nuremberg Code make sure you ask yourself are you prepared to face the consequences?

    Ethical doctors that follow their Hippocratic Oath will not recommend the jab that does more harm than good. Before you override someone’s bonafide exemption, are you prepared to face the consequences of that decision? The more threats of mandates with tight timelines and tightening censorship only prove the truth is getting out to quickly and the plan is falling apart. Hold the line. Connect the dots. Do your research. The truth will set us all free from this tyranny.

    Quoting from the COV19 – The Spartacus Letter – (search for it quickly as it contains a lot of useful information).

    “To those who are participating in this disgusting farce without any understanding of what they are doing, we have one word for you. STOP. You are causing irreparable harm to your country and to your fellow citizens.

    To those who may be reading this warning and have full knowledge and understanding of what they are doing and how it will unjustly harm millions of innocent people, we have a few more words…Damn you to hell. You will not destroy America and the Free World, and you will not have your New World Order. We will make certain of that.”

    • Dear ATS, you nailed it. It is so clear to us that seek the truth. The participants in this charade are either young, idealistic, unconstitutionally-communist educated dreamers that don’t understand the ramifications of forcing these mandates on us, or they are willing participants in this power-grab, and they are rushing it through because they can’t stop the flood of information that contradicts their false narrative they claim to be fact. Your comment was well written.

      • Nope no matter how many times you guys say it’s a power grab, it’s nothing more than just trying to stay alive. Keep the taxpayers healthy.

        • Really? Where was the outrage over illegal drugs for more than than the last half-century?
          Killed many millions more than Covid.

          • To respond to your question, the Reagans did a pretty good job of fighting drugs. Remember Nancy’s just say no? I think Ronald Reagan brought the cartel to its knees back then.

    • Well Said!

    • Isn’t it interesting how the Spartacus letter could have been written by a pro vaccine person like me* and it would be just as relevant and powerful?

      *. Except for the new world bit

      • You wish, Jealous Jenny.

    • You are awesome for finding the Spartacus letter thank you! Im sure this won’t be out available much longer I hope more people read it. The guy knows something with all the info he provided… Definitely Something sinister is up.

    • HEAR, HEAR!

    • It’s easier to fool a fool than to convince them they have been fooled. But, the truth always prevails in the long run. In God We Trust.

  • The trio as lost Rivera, as he is sitting quiet and I think not wanting anymore unwanted MRAK publicity on himself, Constant and Dunbar gained Fields all taking turns which one can be the most shocking.

    • After Fields which one will be next? Dunbar or Constant? Last time Dunbar and Constant competed agianst one another which one can record the best video of Lafrance and Allard private conversation. I think Constant is next one we will hear from, unless Rasmussen suddenly jumps in with her own unpredictable shocker.

  • He’s a Loser! Arrogant Liberal. Who takes him seriously? Flash in the pan, and the flash has expired.

  • Anchorage loves it’s fascism.

    I keep saying, and people keep denying that the unvaccinated are the news 1930s German Jews.

    People are being forced out of jobs, the Governor on NY wants to deny unemployment to people who won’t comply, the airlines are barring people from travel. Now you have Zack openly acknowledging the caste system. Some people’s lives matter-those he disapproves of don’t.

    Wake the hell up Alaska. History shows, repeatedly, this end really badly.

  • I cannot get a vaccine. Any vaccine. I had a serious reaction to a flu shot during the H1N1 pandemic, and reported it at that time. My doctor then, and several subsequent health care professionals, have all told me not to get another vaccine. I ended up in the hospital last time. I had $10K in medical bills I had to pay out of pocket. It took me 3 months to recover, that time. I’ve been told my next reaction could be much worse.

    I’m actually not anti-vax. If I felt I could safely receive the COVID vaccine, I would take it. But I have a real and valid concern that I would be harmed seriously by the vaccine, so I have opted to remain unvaccinated.

    I feel like those on the left would rather I got the jab and suffered severe injury or even death from it. Does my life not matter? Why can’t these politicians respect freedom of choice?

    • I am deeply troubled that you can’t get the vaccine. A federal judge in South Carolina recently ruled that a school district had to keep its mask mandate because two kids attending that school have asthma and can’t wear masks. They are considered part of the ADA movement. As such, this girl has to stay masked because these kids can’t be. It is their disability that they have asthma. So that’s one reason why people should be masked because some people can’t be and just like you people should take the vaccine because you can’t. The need of the few outweigh the need of the many, to put it in Star Trek terminology. Otherwise what good are we as a society, you just want to throw away the few people or say well their mom did something while she was pregnant and screwed that kid up and it’s going to be her fault why should the rest of us have to pay a price? But that just shows you how greedy and uncaring they are. Pretty much the most despicable people in society.

      • Forkner, you consistently twist that quote to suit your own utopian philosophy. The correct quote is “the needs of the MANY outweigh the few”. It has always been that way, long before Star Trek, in any scenario that strives for humanity’s continued existence.

        • But don’t you remember that Kirk changed it for use when the needs of Spock outweighed the needs of the many? That’s what I was referring to.

    • Have you thought about seeking out a doctor that is part of the FLCCC alliance? covid19criticalcare. com They are doctors that are actually pursuing treatment options and even prophylaxis. I’m pretty confident that ivermectin works and is safe if a doctor says you don’t have any of the rare conditions that would make it not safe. That’s my personal opinion of course. But India is very confident that it is what allowed them to get their numbers to go back way down. India is suing the WHO because they discouraged it and the Indian government followed their advice and not too long after, their case numbers skyrocketed .
      Anyway, if you haven’t already, I suggest at least checking out that website. They have tons of testimonials and data on that site. And if you decide to pursue ivermectin, I highly suggest you do it before you need it. I also suggest using the list of doctors they have to get it because I have heard of some doctors price gouging. I used the doc that can prescribe in Alaska and is based out of Austin, TX. It cost $58 for what I need but it took me 3 weeks to track down a pharmacy that would supply it and you need to take it quickly after showing symptoms for it to be effective. So if you want to try it, you have to already have it on hand, and you should pursue it sooner rather than later. And if you decide the case numbers are too high and you want to go see a movie or whatever, you can use it as prophylaxis with a very small dose and they don’t know how long exactly it lasts, but for possibly weeks it will greatly reduce your chances of getting infected. And they advise what supplements you should take to help your immune system to be prepped to prevent severe symptoms. A study found that 85% of people with severe covid had vitamin D deficiency. Sorry if you have heard this all before. I just know if you go to a local doctor, many of them will just tell you to wear a mask and stay away, and if they are worth anything they may tell you to take vitamin D3 and zinc and fit and healthy and well rested.
      I agree too by the way, whole heartedly. I don’t think anybody should be forced to get a vaccine ever and I’m not saying that because I’m anti-vax. I have pretty much all of the common vaccinations and so do my kids. If people receive honest data and the vaccines are safe, most everyone will get them if they are eligible. It’s like telling someone that the food they are eating has been sitting in the fridge for awhile. They don’t hesitate and spit it out. We are wired that way very instinctually. And if your kid doesn’t want to eat something, forcing it down their throat isn’t going to make them like it. It will do the opposite. In my opinion, if people need to be forced to take a vaccine, something is up. And if they are hesitant because they believe false information, correct that information by being honest and not sugar coating things like a slimey used car salesmen like they have been. Don’t make it mandatory. That’s not only inhumane, it just looks incredibly shady and will cause people to be reluctant.

  • That’s rich coming from a politician. Talk about people who are causing irreparable harm to the country. You and your socialist buddies are bent on trashing this country. Better look in a mirror, you silly little boy.

    • I’m not a socialist but right now I’m willing to take all the free stuff they want to throw my way after paying taxes my entire life. And thanks for the little boy comment. I haven’t been called a little and over 60 years when I was wearing those green jeans we used to get it Pennys in a size husky.

  • Dear Zack, go find a microscope, take a drop of your vaccinated blood, put it on a slide and take a look. You’ll figure out the next question to ask all by yourself

    • And what would that be? Are you a virologist or a hematologist? I’m not. I doubt you are so I’m just wondering what is the answer to my question? And please provide facts and not just hearsay and rumors and crap you’ve read on the internet or watched on CNN. Please do that.

  • What a fascist!!!
    Totalitarianism in our great State of Alaska needs to be stopped!
    Push back Patriots!

  • Remember at the start of the Chinese flu how they were all talking about herd immunity?
    Now? Crickets.
    Doesn’t fit their narrative today.
    Follow the power AND money.

    • We could have gotten herd immunity if everybody had gotten their vaccine when they were asked to. But now the mutations have started and there’s no stopping them. You had the opportunity for herd immunity and you blew it.

      • Current outbreak proves the fallacy of that statement. When sufficient have natural immunity (whether jabbed or not), it will end. Save the shot for those who truly need it.

      • 100% vaccination is not the goal of herd immunity, Gregory. Enough with your Fauci echo chamber, knee pad wearing, zipper hustling to be the 4th Reichs informant/ propagandist. You have more than earned the position and your uniform and bullhorn are in the mail.

      • How would you know? are you a virologist or a hematologist? I’m not. I doubt you are so I’m just wondering what is the answer to my question? and please provide facts and not just hearsay and rumors and crap you’ve read on the internet or watched on CNN. Please do that.

      • That is a lie. Herd immunity does not come through vaccination. Herd immunity is the survival of the fittest, in which natural immunity is achieved by the herd. How did they achieve herd immunity during the bubonic plague there Greggy? No jabs back then…..

    • Remember when it was 30 days to lessen the pressure on the hospitals. Then is was 90 days. Remember when 6 ft social distancing and public floor markings were the solution. Or maybe just shutting down the economy and hiding in your homes was the fix. Then it was wait for the expedited arrival of the vaccine. Then it was if the 50% got vaccinated we would have herd immunity. Then it was, “oh my, we have “deadlier” variants. Then it was 100% vaccine mandate will completely stop all the hospitals from being overrun with COVID cases.
      Same thing with climate hoax. First it was global warming, the earth has 20 years before total destruction. Then it was global cooling, we have 20 years till we are swallowed up by icebergs. Then it was global climate crisis because we can’t really define it but you only have 20 years before the planet irreversibly begins self destruction. And all of this is your fault so stop whatever it is your doing and hide in your homes. Stop driving your car, stop eating meat, stop using plastic, stop using paper, stop having babies, stop being FREE!
      All FEAR MONGERING so the elites continue to gain power and the sheep stay pointed towards the slaughter house while trembling in fear to think otherwise, while many argue against their own survival because they refuse to believe what they are seeing.

      • Actually all that stuff you mentioned worked all through the summer. Numbers were down we were headed the right way and then all you people said I ain’t getting no damn shot it ain’t necessary look it’s going away. And then it mutated and all hell broke loose again.

        • No science in it Gregory. The virus ran its course weather you cowered in your home or rioted with unmasked hundreds all nut to butt in Portland till o’dark 30 or any the other leftest metropolis gunning for destruction. There’s no avoiding the virus and you are proof of that. Just because you are of the higher probability age group doesn’t mean you have the right to scare, misinform or mandate those who stand little chance of death from the Vid. Your life style and your age are your considerations alone. One size don’t fit all and one action don’t fit all. We are not products of a high production machine. I know a 76 year old that can run a marathon and is in better shape than most 30 years olds and I also know a 50 year old that can barely get out of a chair except to buy more booze. The fifty year old had the Vid and almost croaked. The 76 year old, if he had, he didn’t know it. The vaccine is not a cookie cutter solution. What it does is take the decision making away, when mandated, from people who are in charge of their own life.

        • Hey Gregg, the latest is that the delta variant mutated from those who are vaccinated. So to make it really simple for you, when people take the annual flu shot, one is actively infecting themselves with the flu. What do you think happens when one takes the Covid jab, one is infecting themselves with Covid. Hello McFly, do you get it yet?

  • Show me a hollow chested, pipecleaner armed, lank-haired male and I’ll show you someone who dreams of being Comrade Strelnikov cruising the countryside in his armored train accompanied by a brigade of Cossacks looking to extirpate all the guys who got the pretty girls. (h/t Dr. Zhivago)

    • Art I would not be casting the first stones that someone’s appearance if I were you. Have you looked in the mirror lately? When people get to be our age, it’s not for the faint of heart.

  • Normal people are over this mask mandate foolishness and people who’ve taken the effort to learn more about mRNA therapies are never going to freely offer up their bodies to medical research.
    The thinking behind the mRNA jabs was solid…identify what the Covid virus uses to infect our cells (the spike protein) and then create something that induces your own body to produce just that part of the virus to provoke an immune response.
    Then when the real virus invades your body has defenses already in place.
    Sure, they already knew that the spike protein could cause problems if it were to run rampant through your body but a cursory review of the medical journals from back then reveals that the health authorities were certain that the effects of the mRNA jab would be confined to the injection site and, maybe, the lymphatic system.
    They assumed that the spike proteins would not gain entry into your cardiovascular system.
    But they were wrong and more recent medical journal articles admit that now.
    The same sources that told us not to worry are now telling us that they were catastrophically wrong and that the spike protein is showing up everywhere and causing significant harm to your cardiovascular system, associated organs and even your brain.
    This isn’t speculation…it’s all right in peer reviewed medical journals.
    You’ll find a lot of it coming from the CDC…just go look.
    The FDA allowed the longer term testing to be skipped so that these mRNA mistakes could be rushed to market…Trump’s big miracle, rolling out the all important “vaccine” to save us from a virus that most need a test to find out they have happened because they didn’t adequately test the product before using it on us.
    WE’RE the test!
    The mRNA jabs appear to actually help reduce the severity of infections in the at-risk population but the trade off is accepting the still unquantified but definitely present risk of the spike proteins.
    The people pushing this jab know that the spike proteins cause cardiovascular disease in otherwise healthy people and it’s beginning to show that the risk from the jab far outweighs the benefits for almost everyone except the old and infirm.
    The real question is why aren’t they openly admitting that and stopping these dangerous injections?

  • I have a hard time taking seriously any politician who has not yet gone through puberty, much less one as ‘woke’, intolerant, hateful and authoritarian-minded as this pathetic excuse for a human being.

  • Z. Fields: “Get a grip. Take a hike. Pound sand.”

  • I think re-education is in order for Suzi and her minions.

    • Do you mean like the education you received, that sucked intelligence, common sense, skepticism, autonomy, patriotism and your soul from your body? Gullibility and sheepish obedience looks good on you though.

      • I was thinking more like a gulag, where sarcasm is not permitted, comrade.

  • Now there’s a great place to get your medical advice. A young, scared tool with little life experience and no medical education. Whip that bird mask out and show us how it fits there, boy.
    Now… I will grant style points for the effort to mimic Don Young with the dorky string tie. Welcome to 1936 cowboy dancehall fashion.
    Don’t like reading this? Then stop acting like a child and ask yourself; what exactly are these strong leadership skills that you’ve heard others speak of? Hint: It’s not anything we’re accustomed to seeing from you yet. Consider making a genuine effort.

    • What is really surprising is that the Laborers Union would support such a girlish candidate. Back in the day when I was in their Union toughness, intelligence and a manful demeanor accounted for much. Why, come to think of it, even the Women Laborers would have mopped the floor with this Fop.

  • You selling this shirt is kind of a sad money grab.

    • If you think Suzanne is making a bunch of money from selling a $15.00 t-shirt, then Derek, you have a long and rewarding career ahead of you as a fairground carney. Good luck son. 😅😅😅😅

  • Oh Suzanne, Dunbar and Fields are so full of hoo hah that they can’t see the forrest (pun intended) for the trees. They think they are so smart and we, the deplorables, are so dumb, but I assure you it is the other way around and their time in office is soon ending! Anchorage has begun to finally wake up and the rest of the state with it. Soon Dunbar/Fields, SOON!!!!

    • No they haven’t. They’re the same liberal squallers that migrated up from the Left Coast looking for a better place to defy authority, live the same life that hippies sought after in the 60s. People came up to homestead and not have to answer to anyone, hide from the law, be had draft dodger, pay no taxes or care about society. Nothing has changed it’s the same people two and three generations later.

  • Zack the Hack really believes in free speech I see… Zack should be cancelled? Nah, he is a gift to any Republican running for his seat. He is free to make a fool of himself with his mouth as well as his hypocritically mask-less drunk games. Thanks for sticking with this Suzanne.

    • Did you say he should be canceled? You may have just pulled the curtain back a little bit comrade and exposed yourself.

  • I just talked to a friend today, vaccinated in April. Miserably sick and got her Covid results back this morning positive. She is looking into antibody infusion as she needs to be able to continue working from home. Of all of my friends and family members recently diagnosed with Covid about half are vaccinated. But we are not allowed to know how many of the positive results posted daily are vaccinated people, nor are we allowed to know how many of the infected are in their second round of Covid. Why does DHSS and CDC not want the public to have this information?

    I would agree that being vaccinated does lessen the severity for most people. I actually would agree that the vaccine might even be safer than getting Covid for many people, especially those with metabolic issues. But to force a vaccine on those who still have natural immunity or anyone who absolutely does not want it is wrong. It is not yet a proven vaccine. We are all part of the research and that is fine, I really have no issue with that, but if we are forced to be part of the research, then, absolutely note. Being a research subject should be voluntary. And PS, I am vaccinated, but vehemently against any mandates.

    • She’s running right on the end of her coverage from her vaccine since she’s approaching 6 months later. Israel found out that it’s effectiveness is waning after 6 to 8 months. That’s on the original covid, the mutated versions are only slowed down by the vaccine. The good news is she can get that therapy if it’s within the first two or three days. And even better news is she now has some immunity but she still should associate you get the booster when you’re available for it. I got my third last week and I feel fine with that in my back pocket and knowing that I have recovered from the illness itself.

      • 6-8 months you say, Gregory. Well science has proven that natural immunity last a life time. And when the next variant comes out, the body will fight it again and have more life time immunity. And we will continue the forever cycle of life as we have been with the flu virus when there wasn’t any fear mongering and leveraging of your freedoms.

  • What is so repugnant is seeing how so many people have lost their minds to the covid scamdemic.
    Looking back two years before this psy-0ps experiment, most people would laugh at the idea of changing the very psyche on an individual just by a suggestion or fear from another.

    Now we see just how easy the weak minded people really are and they embrace pseudo-science over reality and can not see how they have fallen into the pit that they themselves led themselves into. No one allowed it but themselves.
    I am sorry, but for those of the sheeples, do not expect me to be as blind and in pain, for you are the one(s) that have put society in a tail spin and are looking to destroy any other life that does not fit the scamdemic narrative.

  • Mr Fields should just put on a SCBA and he will be fine. Wear it all day all the time. Fully protected.

  • These fascists have no concept of freedom.

  • Silly little boy with Oedipus complex. Who actually votes for this juvenile? A pos with a severe mental disorder.

    • I often wondered about that. He does strike me as a bit of a momma’s boy, but now the Oedipus question makes it all the more plausible. Leg wrestling with two married woman seems akin to a yearning to be pampered by his own momma. Kind of sick!

    • Rich downtown liberals. That’s who. Seems like even they could vote for somebody better, but nobody runs.

      • Fields is a punk kid with no life experience. The voters put him into his seat as a joke on everyone. What’s up with his tie? Is he trying to look like Senator Bishop from up in Fairbanks? He needs to get a full shave to look like that idiot.

        • Funny! Good one, Web. LOL….

      • That is because few normal people, people who are not sociopaths with a burning desire to rule over others, seek such positions of power in the first place. Power draws sociopaths like a flame draws a moth.

        • PS: Suzanne, please edit my previous post, and substitute “would seek” for the grammatically incorrect “do not seek”.

        • I know what you meant. You are very correct, but that’s why it should be considered a civic duty rather than a chance to “win”. We have this situation because reasonable people have become too complacent and lazy. But luckily I think this all might be a big wake up call and reasonable people will decide to run, but the leftist will come out with their pitchforks and they will dig and dig and inflate whatever they can find and be shocked and appalled and we have to defend against that and ADN, KTOO and the like. If Bronson can win, we can clean up the assembly too. People just need to run.

  • Zack Fields can go to —-.
    I’ll never submit my body autonomy to the State. NEVER.
    What ever happened to natural immunity?
    This flu bug has a survival rate of 99.97% if yiu are under 70 yo.
    The nazis dehumanized the Jews by calling them dirty disease spreaders. They were denied health care, access to public venues and education. We all know how that ended.

  • I was surprised to see an article on Alaska’s News Source indicating that natural immunity does matter. They even went into some detail about it.

  • Anyone doubt this kid wouldn’t send another human being to a gas chamber? I keep saying these people are cultists, sociopaths, sadists not liberals. They got dosed with so much socialist training in college they don’t even know how totalitarian they are. They don’t care ‘why’ something is, they just want to know ‘how’ to do something. ‘How’ do I gain power? Not why? Or what for? Just how. Literally all these sociopaths know is what they’ve been told…by communist professors. Seize power and change the world to your liking. Who cares what people think! They are beneath you, they never went to college. Now we are seeing it happen. Or…maybe we should wait a little longer? Let’s see what happens, eh? Maybe it’s divisive people like me who advocate simply fighting back just by recapturing the language who are the problem. There are not ‘birthing people’. Boys cannot be girls. Men cannot have babies. CRT is racist. SAY IT OUT LOUD REPUBLICAN BOYS AND GIRLS! Publicly call them far left? Socialists? Communists?! Extremists? No…we wouldn’t want to upset them! They might call us names. These sleeper cells of collegiate radicalism found their moment. You have to admire them. They never give up. They fight. They don’t care what you think. They just drop another bomb on your head right after the last one. Well good luck RINOs and the cowardly politicians too afraid to stand up to them who think these are just ‘cultural issues’. Go whimper about the biased media as they force a mask on your face. Let’s see how you live with these ars*holes in power.

  • Has anybody decided to not get the jab because of information they have read on MRAK? Does anybody that has been vaccinated feel like MRAK makes them feel unwelcome or shunned? I think the only people that don’t like how MRAK approaches the vaccines are people that want every single person vaccinated even if it requires coercion and mandates. To that person I say good, I’m glad you feel uncomfortable. Including you Zack Fields. Keep going Suzanne.
    Hey everyone that constantly comments. If you aren’t donating, you really should be, even if it is just $4/month.

    • I have been prodding folks for free. Trying to get the off the couch. No payment neccessary.

  • If you have ever seen Parks and Rec, he really reminds me of “Jeremy Jamm”

  • Apparently Zack has never heard the warning: “Never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel”

  • What qualifies these clowns to decide what is “misinformation”???
    It’s actually a rhetorical question, because we know that “misinformation” is any hard facts that do not support the radical totalitarian agenda…..

    • BINGO!

  • Which is worse?

    Rep. Fields comments OR Rep. Vance and the anti-Vaxers saying not enough people are dying to justify vaccination?

  • MustReadAlaska must be doing things right to now be the whipping dog for the leftists. You’ve arrived!

    • Yep. Are you mad enough yet people to do something about it,?

  • Zack’s disrespect shows he is the one that doesn’t matter. Vote him out!

  • Zack does not matter !

  • The legislature stole the PFD now they want our rights.

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