Party Capitol: Beer pong, leg wrestling, and a terse memo from Legislative Affairs


Legislators brought in some of their friends to the Capitol’s Terry Miller Building last week after hours, for a raucous game of ping pong, beer pong, leg wrestling, and general frat-party stuff.

All of it was against the rules for the Capitol, which does not allow alcohol on campus. Nor are members of the public allowed in the Capitol’s three buildings — the Capitol itself, the Thomas Stewart Building, and the Terry Miller Building. They shut to the public due to Covid.

The party came to light after janitors arrived on the scene to find a beer-y mess, salsa spilled around, and asked Capitol Security to review the security tapes to see who had left the room in that condition.

Said to be on the tape in the party were Rep. Sara Rasmussen, Rep. Kelly Merrick, Rep. Zack Fields, along with Hilcorp Legislative Liaison Luke Miller, Dunleavy Deputy Chief of Staff Tyson Gallagher, House Majority Press Secretary Austin Baird, and blogger Jeff Landfield. There may have been others. Some legislators have requested to see copies of the tape, but building security generally does not allow it.

There are problems with this scene, Capitol observers say: Members of the public are locked out of the building, but some members, including a Hilcorp executive, were allowed in for the purpose of partying.

Another problem is that the Terry Miller Building has been set up for business, a place where meetings could be conducted if the Capitol had to socially distance due to Covid.

“Alaskans’ Capitol is not open to Alaskans but this kind of bullsh*t is happening? Not cool,” said one Capitol observer.

A memo was then issued on Thursday by Legislative Affairs Executive Director Jessica Geary restating the rules for the Terry Miller Building:


  1. What? You expect anything less from our elites? Rules only apply to the ‘little people.’ Heads should roll and the rest should resign in shame. But they won’t.

  2. Sounds like an episode for my previous idea of another Alaskan reality show. Cast members, are our representatives flung together in dark, dreary, winter Juneau. Proceeds would go to the Alaskan budget shortfall, of course.
    Hope the others aren’t jealous, but Zack appears to be floating to the top for leading role. Seems to be a man of the people, some people anyway. And what’s with legs and Zack anyways? This time its leg wrestling!

  3. Bwahahaha, classic Alaska.
    Nothing will happen, except maybe a reminder about how this all President Trump’s fault.

  4. Same Zack Fields who recruited Sara and Kelly away from the Republican caucus? Same Zack Fields who made the crack about Sara’s great legs? Same slovenly blogger who took a selfie in Sara’s hot tub? Sounds like we have a beer caucus in Juneau. Dumb, dumber, dumbest.

  5. There’s so much wrong with this scene, I don’t know where to begin.

    Attractive legislator sexually objectified by another legislator on the floor is then found playing beer pong with him and leg wrestling.
    Legislators drinking with controversial “loose” blogger in a manner that provides said blogger with leverage.
    Fraternizing with an oil lobbyist in a restricted legislative area only.
    Violating any remaining self-imposed virus rules.
    On the dime during legislative session, per diem.

  6. I’d blame them, but we elected these clowns. These are our chosen legislators because we like a confident voice or a nice face. Budget? Bills? Brains? Boring!

    We are getting fleeced Alaska (by people completely unqualified for the jobs they have been elected to do) and we are blind to it.

  7. “Daily reminders in life that our littles are watching and copying everything we do…”

    Rep. Sara Rasmussen, March 25, 2021

  8. The Govenor is directly responsible for the actions of eveyone of these disgusting individuals who ignore the will of the people. It is a clear picture of t hff e Dunleavy administrations control.
    Dunleavy’s administration is an absolute joke!!!

  9. Did you expect anything less? Honestly?

    These people give less than a damn about any of us, except how dependable we are to vote like sheep at election time. We’re hurting, they’ve partying.

    If I were Rasmussen’s husband I’d have some serious questions for my wife regarding her relationship with Zack Fields. Curious how almost every time news comes out regarding sleazy legislative behavior, Fields is hip deep in it.

    Once upon a time I was naive enough to say Sara should be tossed out on her backside for how she betrayed her district. Not anymore. They’d just get another Rodger Holland type who would talk big during the election, only to go conspicuously silent once in office.

    Those who can need to get out of here to Idaho, Texas, Wyoming where common sense still stands a chance.

  10. Imagine a free and sovereign Alaska where the people had the ability to act upon issues like this. I’m not talking about anarchist mobs, but a process that would immediately put public servants in jail for violating their oaths of office and allow for a special vote to fill said spot. Alaska of all places could do it. The scene described is the result of a government that doesn’t hold itself to its own standards, has no respect for the rule of law and has no respect for its constituents. North to Freedom.

  11. It would be a good experience for them all to see themselves all disciplined and demoted from their jobs. Everyone of them has a job where they are public servants, yet they don’t even know the meaning of service. They aren’t ready for being anyone’s leader. Those janitors have a better understanding of public service than any of these seven.

  12. One of these fellows is said to claim having a pair of panties from one of the two ladies (or maybe one pair that both wore as these ladies are close and may have exchanged panties during this party). There is a husband in Eagle River and a husband in Anchorage that should think about coming to Juneau on a wife retrieval mission. I hope constituents are amused.

  13. Far be it from me to defend the Governor, but the only one of the named participants Gov. Dunleavy has any authority over is his Deputy COS, who should have his head examined for being with that crowd. The Governor doesn’t even have any authority over that building.

    I know people in the rest of the State think that Juneau is a place to hide; it isn’t. You CANNOT hide in Juneau. The ADN’s “The Ear” column is no more but the walls in Juneau still have ears and eyes. I had a bit of a sporty reputation when I lived and worked there, but I wouldn’t have been caught dead at an after hours party with a couple of attractive, and married, female legislators.

  14. Dems have perfected their strategy to peel off the RINOs. Lie cheat and steal elections, and if that doesn’t work, bribe legislators with committee chairmanships, and if that doesn’t work, roll out the “Zack Fields” treatment. Seems to work like a charm !

  15. Art Chance, don’t you think it’s quite a coincidence that both “attractive and married” legislators defected from the Republican caucus and joined the Dem?

  16. Apparently Zack Fields’ apologies to Sarah Rasmussen must have been a doozy, since they are leg wrestling and playing beer pong. I wonder how her husband feels about this?

  17. I’m pretty sure this is normal behavior in Juneau – out of sight, out of mind.
    Always has been, and will be. (recall the ‘good old boys club’)
    What happens to people when they go to Juneau to do the ‘business’ of our State?
    The same thing that happens to people who go to Washington to do the ‘business’ of our State and Nation.
    Pardon me, but after my personal experience with their rules that ‘we the people’ have been forced to adhere to (under the sentiment of good for all) and the possible extension of the (under the sentiment of good for all) $$COVID$$ rules, their behavior is blatantly in your face: good for me and not for thee.
    I have a severe disease: I am sick with skepticism (disbeliever, doubter, doubting Thomas, questioner, unbeliever) about representatives ‘representing’ the business of the State.
    I am sure, however, that they will find ways to whitewash this behavior.

  18. NAV, BS to your comment! As to the Deputy Chief of Staff Tyson Gallagher, I fully expect he will be told to clear his desk.
    Jeff Landfield there? No surprise!

  19. Fields, Rasmussen (she’s a major disappointment. I had higher hopes for her), and Merrick act like children. They will probably get nothing more than a slap on the hand and Fields can smirk at us through his Teflon stare of elite superiority. Turncoat Republicans make me sick. Turncoat Dems make me sick as well. I have more respect for Bernie Sanders than Rasmussen and Merrick together. Never, ever, do you doubt what Bernie stands for. I completely disagree with him, but at least you know where he stands and what he is and will always be. These trojan horses have got to go!!
    I pulled a shift in Juneau for 11 years and like Art Chance mentions, Juneau is one big snow globe. You are trapped against a mountain and there is absolutely nowhere to hide. We know where a lot of bodies are buried. I clearly remember “back in the day” when there were “Foster’s Fridays” (Think Rep.Richard – machine gun – Foster from Nome and father of Neal Foster) at the Capitol building. I participated in a few. Hand carts loaded with cases of beer, etc. were wheeled in. Guitars were out (think Robin Taylor), music, singing, smoking, and a lot of drinking and “ahem” other stuff. These were actually a lot of fun, but thinking back, quite inappropriate. It was the 1980’s and no social media to narc you out the second you did something. I’m sure there are polaroids out there that will pop up someday. A good reason I will NEVER run for any type of office.
    The 1980’s are long gone and many of the representatives weren’t even born. Reminds me of how old I am getting.

  20. Imagine the media and House leadership outrage had Rep. Kurka or Eastman brought Pat Martin in to discuss legislation. There would be censures and demands for resignation or recall. Unbelievable hypocrisy!

  21. @Jon Alderson. My “reply” isn’t working. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Merrick defected; she’s married to a union business manager. When I represented State management in dealing with its unionized employees, I didn’t greet my wife, a unionized State supervisor, with “guess what I did at work today, dear.” It wasn’t easy being the one person who worked for the Department of Administration that she had ready access to.

    I’ve met Rasmussen a time or two but don’t really know her. She appeared before a group I participate in and I wasn’t especially impressed.

  22. Were they all wearing their masks and staying 6’ away from each other or do they get to ignore those rules also. Wasn’t someone just thrown out from the a Senate hearing from taking his mask off? Rules for the but not for me? What really irritates me is them using this as their Party Room. Good example they are setting and now we know what they do while we pay them to be there.

  23. Governor dunleavy won the leg wrestling
    After all he has the longest legs of all his competitors and he’s known for his stand tall motto
    I’m glad these leaders aren’t board and are finding ways to enhance their relationships with each other in order to help serve us better
    What a bunch bull shah it

  24. Yikes. Can we chalk it up to ridiculous Covid lock downs? ?

    And Nav, how is the governor responsible? Not following. Is your comment just a bit of humor? Is the governor also responsible for your behavior? Just wondering. He does appear to have really long arms.

  25. Police complaint time. Ask to have them arrested and fined and impeached. ASAP. Sick of illegal group behavior. Who is seargeant at Arms? We mean business.

  26. You all laughed when I said: “Lawlesslature”.

    Still laughing?

    Or just feeling left out ’cause you weren’t invited to the party?

  27. Isn’t landfield on Rasmussen’s staff now?

    I wonder if the “Landmine”’s gossip columnist will be reporting this?

  28. Leg wrestling? Is that what it’s called now?
    Good for them, thumbing their noses at China flu hysteria. Too bad more of their colleagues didn’t join them…
    At least they remembered to grab all the drug paraphenalia or the janitors would’ve said something… or sold it.
    Oh well… no expectations, no disappointments, right?

  29. The more things change the more they stay the same. And history tells us that there will be not an iota of suffering for those taking part.

  30. Get a hotel room, dummies.. and use your own personal credit card… and don’t write it off as a business expense…. post it on Facebook so your spouse’s and kid’s can be so proud of you…

  31. I’m on pins and needles to find out who won the leg wrestling match to see if Hilcorp get another tax cut ??

  32. This is pretty tame stuff for the legislature. Since the 1970’s the after hours legislative session has always been the equivalent of a high school summer camp. Panty raids, gossip, cliques, wild drinking, cool kids picking on the not so cool kids, flirting, one night hookups, strippers and much more are commonplace.

    Sorry spouses, your elected partners may be calling home to tell you how busy they are but after hours is a frat party. All ways has been.

    Nothing in this article is surprising. Irritating yes, but surprising? No way.

  33. 1. Erak…..Yes someone needs to leak the video of this “get your freak on” party.
    2. I wouldn’t doubt if drugs were involved too, they’re in the right area for it, and seem the type.
    3. I knew that they were all footsie partners. She giggled a little too much behind her mask on the floor while Fields did his thang, and with both of them having Covid at the same time.
    4. Rasmussen is appearing more and more like the ditzy blonde in the room. Merrick evidently needs some of that Fields attention too. Guess they must be in the process of getting that little girls club rolling.
    No respect loss here, because I never had respect for them in the first place for their past actions, however, they did show that they could sink even lower.

  34. Business as usual after-hours bad behavior at the Capitol. They just got caught. Kelly M. won’t be getting my vote when she comes up for election again.

  35. They say politics make strange bedfellows. There are a couple of legislators who will be sleeping in their own beds after the next election.

  36. Rep Rasmussen apologized and ask for forgiveness, in so many words saying nothing to see here. She did this on the House Floor this morning.

    Rep Eastman asked that the Security Videos be released to the Public so that any Rumors and stories going around good be judged by the People. Rep Eastman asked this in this morning’s House Session.

  37. Now we find out the difference between ‘must’, ‘shall’, and ‘may’ again. Which ones apply to ‘who’ and ‘when’.

  38. Hahaha these are your “leaders”.
    These government clowns shouldn’t be in charge of watching paint dry.
    Yet there will be no real repercussions.

  39. Coons:

    Your so far out of touch as to what really goes on behind the scene’s in Juneau your statement escalates your idiosyncrasy or your individual hypersensitiveness to the fact that its do as I say in the capitol not as I do.

    Drink some more Kool aid.

  40. Hilcorp has a gas leak in the inlet and its lobbyist is partying with leggies in Juneau. Optics much? Who hires these —hats?

  41. Eastman was right to ask for the videos to be released to the public. We paid for the party and for the clean up. Fine them each $1000 and remove them from committees. Disgusting behavior by adults who have a credit card to get a room.

  42. I wonder how we get the message to our legislators, that we elected them to do the people’s work. I am sick and tired of the immaturity our representatives exhibit. While the State is struggling with such important financial issues, our elected representatives are more interested in playing grab ass and having a good time! Thank goodness for the few serious conservatives, keeping some semblance of maturity and professionalism in the land of liberal lunacy!

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