Muni blunders its way to the end of Election Day, hands out wrong sample ballot to dozens


With long lines of voters and not enough staff, people waiting in line at the Loussac Library were being handed sample ballots on Tuesday by election workers making the effort to help them get educated on the ballot they would face once they got inside the voting area.

The sample ballot was a generic version that did not contain the “Recall Rivera” question. The Municipality only printed one sample ballot for Anchorage.

Assemblyman Felix Rivera is facing recall in the midtown area of Anchorage.

10,000 people voted in District 4 in the last election out of the approximately 50,000 who could vote. Anyone in line from that district would not know they did not have the correct ballot, unless they were already familiar with the question.

“If the only ballot being handed out doesn’t have the recall question on it, how is that right? You’re disenfranchising people,” said Russell Biggs, one of the Recall Rivera organizers. “District 4 voters deserve a correct sample ballot.”

Also, dozens of people in line at the Loussac Library said they had not been mailed a ballot to their home.


  1. If they can’t cheat they can’t win. One person, one legal verified vote. The sham elections have to change!

  2. First we have calls of voter fraud because voter turn out was down,
    now we have calls of voter fraud cause voter turn out is strong
    a frog on a lily pad
    hest not swim

  3. Of course they cheated – that’s how commies get elected, and keep power afterward. I smell a lawsuit…

  4. Jeff, it’s sad and incomprehensible that you would think voter fraud only has one form. I guess as long as it serves your purpose you don’t really care…at least it seems that way.

  5. Can you imagine a world where a major blunder went the other way?……
    Where the recall were to be placed on ballots that weren’t in its majesty’s jurisdiction

  6. This is another reason we don’t put a Democrat in charge, Democrats can’t get the job done well. A Democrat cuts too many corners and we are left facing a bigger mess than the original mess. hahahaha

  7. I am so sick of election fraud orchestrated by the political left and its ‘shadowy government’. We witnessed it in the general election, and now we are seeing it in local municipalities as well. As conservatives, we are just going to have to separate from the political left and form our own sovereign government where the conservative voice and values of life, truth, justice, and freedom from socialism and the wicked ‘cancel culture ‘ can exist.

    Anchorage is lost to the wicked ideology of the left, and I pity it’s truly conservative citizens who must live through the hell which is coming.

  8. On the Channel 2 news broadcast at 6 pm this evening, clear video is shown of a woman depositing four or five ballots in the Muni drop-box. We no longer have fair elections; we now have exercises in vote-harvesting.

  9. Looks like Felix wins again….. there are a ton of people in his district, just not enough who care….? Good, good may the lockdowns reign eternal.

  10. In person voting with id needs to happen. Mail in voting and “in person” that took place this year is not only ridiculous but also an easy target for fraud. You can’t even board a plane or order a drink at a bar without id why should we be able to vote without it?

  11. Thank you for reporting what we knew was inevitable “ just a minor mistake “ in an election that should have happened last year. Which will likely bring the results that the MOA Assembly wanted not what the people of Anchorage voted for. This “mistake”makes one wonder why people don’t bother voting! More crooks and thief’s stealing the will of the voters…. blah, blah, blah! I’m done with voting in the USA a new third world city. Not the All American City I once knew and loved!

  12. I voted downtown, because I work there and the usual polling station in my neighborhood for the general election isn’t used for muni elections. People in same boat may account for some (most?) of the increase in voter counts downtown. More people are working downtown than were in November of 2020, and fewer neighborhoods have their own local polling stations.

  13. This was deliberate corruption and if not mistaken last I checked it’s a felony to tamper with elections, this is a clear case of ballot tampering!!! Time someone is held accountable!!!!

  14. The State AG needs to step in and take over the Election. If this rampant fraud continues Anchorage will be done. I see the Municipality being the the 3rd largest populous center and the Mat-Su being the largest.

  15. Too many conservative have fallen for the BIG LIE. It has caused many conservatives to always blame their lack of reasonable platform for their failure at the ballot box for their lose.

    For some reason many conservative want to blame their failures to convince everyone else on everything but themselves.

    If you win the election then all is well, if you lose than it is because the other side cheated.

    Like I have said many times it is always someone else’s fault in Trumpland.

  16. Many people probably deposited more than one ballot in the Dropbox. That is 0 evidence of voter fraud as many of us deposited the votes from our whole family in the Box.
    Some of us actually voted in person AND deposited ballots in the Dropbox from other family members.

  17. It is no surprise that Constant’s district would be stuffing the ballot boxes. I would like to see the envelopes from that district.

  18. We need Jovan Pulitzer to get here and GO OVER ALL THE ELECTION(s)… Past and present. Show out the lies… MACHINES??? Like AZ, WI, MI, etc?
    Take a stand Alaska, we need INTEGRITY

  19. Jeff – there is indeed voter fraud and it has nothing to do with voter turnout. Mail in ballots are the perfect vehicle for fraud and it really does not take the proverbial rocket scientist to figure that out. The Anchorage voter lists are well known to be a mess and have not been purged in years. People have been receiving ballots that no longer reside in Anchorage, dead people are receiving ballots —— are all of these erroneous ballots burned or shredded? Highly doubt. Then what about all the people that did not intend to vote, hence their, legitimate, names are sitting on the voter register just ripe to be checked off as having voted…… it is a mess and sort of ironic that the huge left swing in Anchorage ramped up with the advent of the dubious mail in system.

    Lastly simply what is described above is essentially voter fraud as the president election is grievously mis-managed.

  20. Suzanne is there anyway to add an edit function to posting? Auto correct (auto-error) does indeed jump in even after very careful thumb pecking. In my post above ‘presidential’ was typed as ‘current’. That ‘auto correct’ change seems a tad odd….and I did not catch until I hit post. In fact it seems it changed when I hit post as I had reread my post carefully.

  21. Agree completely Robert Rubey. It is just too easy for this to occur so why would the un-principled not take advantage.

  22. 185% voter turnout, huh? It appears that organized crime is alive and well in Anchorage. It will be interesting if the Division of Elections will comment on that. I believe that MRAK reported that paid ballot harvesters were flown into Anchorage for last November’s election. Could have happened again this time around or, they trained their local nare-do-wells to take care of it.

  23. Yes, there was a fouled up mess at the library.. Furthermore, especially for those who lived in the 4th District with the special RECALL on Riviera, you should have taken your mailed ballot, filled it out at home and personally placed it into the locked ballot box within the library.. and not have to stand in line.. Last Sat, I took my mailed ballot, filled it out BEFORE I left and personally hand-placed it in the City Hall ballot locked box.. That in itself DOES NOT EXCUSE THE POORLY PREPARED LOUSSAC LIBRARY WORKERS in not having enough District 4 ballots with the recall measure.

  24. To paraphrase Joseph Stalin: It doesn’t matter who votes; what matters is who counts the votes. The polls have been closed for 16 hours and few results have been announced. This election is being to develop a foul odor.

  25. Commie dem corruption of elections in play again. You aren’t suppose to leave before job is done and not having staff if pretty poor planning. I don’t trust any election commie dems run.

  26. I live in Ketchikan but I was watching channel 2 I saw the lady put in 5 ballots too . I didn’t vote in your election but I saw it and looks like the same problem again .

  27. Looks like the majority of Anchorage residents don’t care how screwed up their government gets.

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