Enthusiasm high, lines long, and not enough staff-per-voter on Anchorage Election Day


Over 100 voters were in line at the Loussac Library in Anchorage today, as people poured into vote before the 8 pm deadline. Some people reported they stood in line for an hour, although one person said they had been waiting for an hour and a half.

A few people left the Loussac and headed to City Hall downtown because the lines were shorter, only about six people deep.

At one point, workers at the election desks at the Loussac called for reinforcements from the municipal Election Division to help process voters faster. There were only about eight voting stations open, but just five of them were being used at any time because of the slow processing time.

As for who is voting, conservative voters were coming out in droves as of Monday’s count. Over 43,000 people had voted by Monday night and the Republican-leaning votes had a 8.1 percent advantage over Democrat-leaning votes, according to the Must Read Alaska Election Integrity Desk. In recent days, the conservative votes have roared ahead, according to our statistician.

Voters in Anchorage are choosing a new mayor out of 15 candidates, and are picking four school board members. Some voters in Anchorage will be deciding whether to kick Assemblyman Felix Rivera off the Assembly through a recall question. There are bond measures, too, to decide.

After the polls close, Must Read Alaska will continue reporting results with a live blog throughout the evening. Check back for more.


  1. Yes get off your lazy butts and vote at the polls like we use too.
    Absentee ballots can be mailed to you with ID if you can’t get out.

    Plus yes, you have to have an ID to vote at the polls too, end of story.
    So we’re not taking away your right to vote. We’re trying to stop the cheating going on in Anchorage and across America.
    If you don’t Vote then you have no say in the election, Shut Up

    Wait, are the Democrats passing out water too?
    There’s not enough polling places set up. From Eklutna to Girdwood.
    It’s all about the cheating mail in vote.

  2. When do we get the results?
    Have they already counted the mail and drop-box votes received prior?

  3. Seems like the city could have left a few more options for those of us that prefer to vote in person. All of the normal polling locations were conveniently closed, like Fred Myers ( now Kroger), who tries to herd everyone through the self-checkout by not having adequate cashiers. Hope everyone still votes.

  4. Chris Nyman, they’ve already counted the votes, and know the results. They just have to wait for the polls to close. :-O

  5. Most likely. And the activist leftys working at MOA are working their magic as we opine here. The entire mail-in ballot thing is a farce prone to massive election fraud.

  6. Why is the Muni delaying the announcement of the vote count? Some results were shown online at 8:42 p.m. and now nearly two hours later … nothing! Rather than provide updates, is Barbara Jones planning to trickle this information out over the next few days?

  7. Apparently Barbara Jones, the person in charge, will only update the election results once a day at about 5:00 p.m.. Apparently she prefer to drag this thing out as long as possible. Or maybe she is looking for extra votes for the candidates she supports? Or maybe she doesn’t want to work up a sweat? It looks bad. My opinion of her has diminished significantly over the last two years. We deserve much better.

  8. Votes must be ‘found’ for the preferred candidate before the counting can stop, like LBJ, 1948, Al Franken, 2008, and countless more pretty much exclusively progressives (including Gabby Ledoux).

  9. The municipality can’t release vote totals until they know how many ballots they need to fabricate to insure the election results are what the lefties want.

  10. They are using COVID to choke the conservative vote. Giving us 3 locations because they know we vote in person. And we fall for it again and again too afraid to call it suppression – which is what it is.

    Time for the men in our community to start acting like men and speak up when they have the chance. Instead they are choking, too afraid to be called names. Their grandfathers who took bullets for them in Anzio and Guadalcanal are looking down in shame upon them.

  11. This is very heartening and what I hoped would happen. Now let’s pray all those conservative votes are indeed counted snd no erroneous votes get funneled in….. sadly the broken system is still broken.

  12. Look at all the face diaper wearers waiting to be fed by their mother just to vote them to keep doing the same thing being subjected to mind control. Burn the mask and stop the social lunacy.

  13. I believe your comment is referred to as projection in psychology. Projectionism is the only form of communication for a Marxist leftist Pinko these days. Good job Comrade! You are falling in line perfectly. Just keep projecting and repeating what your masters say so you stay on that Marxist slave plantation pretending to be intellectual and free. You tell those Trumpsters what to think, how to live, and what to believe. Then they can eventually become just like you, a mindless propaganda spewing Pinko! 🙂

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