Voting Day: Anchorage has until 8 pm Tuesday to choose its destiny


Tuesday, April 6 is Anchorage’s last chance to change the direction of Alaska’s largest city, or to keep it going on the same path. Voters have until 8 pm to drop their ballots in a drop box, scattered in 18 places around the city. They may also vote in person at one of three locations. Mailed ballots must have today’s postmark on them, so you’ll need to have them hand-cancelled to be certain they are counted. That means just dropping them in a mailbox is not a guarantee.

On the ballot there is a chance to pick new leadership in a mayor, and there are 15 on the ballot. Voters in one part of Anchorage will have the chance to recall Anchorage Assembly chairman Felix Rivera. Voters can also change the direction of the school district by voting in four school board members. And there’s the borrowing question: How much will the bonds cost residents of Anchorage in their property tax (and therefore their rent) bills?

Vote In Person at an Anchorage Vote Center

If you did not receive a ballot or if you simply prefer to vote in person, bring your ID with you to one of the voting centers until 8 pm:   

City Hall,  632 West 6th Avenue, Room #155

All Municipal ballots will be available at this location.

Eagle River Town Center, 12001 Business Boulevard, Community Room #170 (same building as the library)

Only Eagle River-Chugiak ballots will be at this location.

Loussac Library, 3600 Denali Street, 1st Floor, Assembly Chambers

All Municipal ballots will be available at this location.

Vote by fax or email:  This option is no longer available, as the deadline was Monday to request the ballot.

Vote a Special Needs Ballot:  Voters who are elderly, have a disability, are hospitalized, are sick, or have a positive Covid-19 test, may vote a Special Needs Ballot. Voters should call the Voter Hotline at 907-243-8683 to request a Special Needs Ballot to be delivered to them and Election Officials will deliver a ballot to the voter, allow the voter to vote in privacy, and return the ballot to the Election Center. 

Secure Ballot Drop Boxes: These are open until 8 pm on Election Day. Voters in line at a secure drop box by 8 pm will be allowed to drop off their ballots. Voters can call the Voter Hotline at 907-243-8683 or search the online map of Secure Ballot Drop Box and Anchorage Vote Center Locations to find the location of the closest secure drop box.  

Voter Questions:  Get help with voting questions by visiting, or calling the Voter Hotline at 907-243-8683.

Confused by your ballot? Civic leader Bernadette Wilson explains in this video how she voted and why, going through every question on the ballot.


  1. Headline says Wednesday but thebfirst line of the article says Tuesday. Confusing…please clarify or correct.

  2. It will be interesting to see how many people actually vote in this one, since the overall conversation in anchorage is about how sick and tired most people are of the current condition of our fair city.
    No on all bonds from me, COVID act money and stimulus money can pay for those services instead of hobo hotels.

  3. I told election workers at city hall that we hadn’t received any mail-in ballots at our house for this election, and asked whether there was any avenue to officially report that and any value in doing so. A lady behind the tables said she’d been hearing that a lot, but the thing to do was just vote the ballot in person. I asked them if the in-person ballot takes precedence over any mailed-in ballot and more than one individual behind the tables piped up and said yes, the in-persons take precedence. Take that for what it’s worth.

  4. Come on Conservatives! Get to the polls. It may be your last chance to clean-up this huge mess in Anchorage.
    Thank you, Suzanne. You are the Paul Revere of Alaska.

  5. Anchorage, if you do not hold the elections commission accountable and ask to see chain of custody receipts for the drop boxes, you will be ripped off! Trust but verify, trust but verify everything!

  6. Love Bernadette’s video.
    People need to be hand guided to vote. Crazy right
    You Go Girl!!

  7. What a joke. So evidently all voting, even in person is ‘technically’ mail in voting. Add to that it will ‘take several days for results to trickle in’ – this from Alaska News Source. Why would anyone put up with that? Astoundingly unacceptable. Praying Anchorage gets one of the candidates (Bronson or Robbins) that actually have a brain.

  8. Doesn’t look like Felix is getting recalled at this time……I guess what he’s been doing is okay.

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