World Aquatics announces ‘open category’ for transgender athletes


World Aquatics, the preeminent global swimming federation that administers water competitions and qualifiers for the International Olympic Committee, is ready to incorporate an “open category” for transgender athletes. The organization’s governing body initially disclosed the proposal in June 2022.

In an address during World Aquatics’ General Congress in Fukuoka, Japan, federation president Husain Al-Musallam confirmed the open category, although he didn’t disclose any specific timeline or details.

World Aquatics, previously known as FINA, last year banned transgender athletes from participating in high-profile events such as the Olympics and world championships in order to maintain fairness in women’s swimming competitions.

“It was very important that we protected fair competition for our female athletes,” Al-Musallam said during his announcement. “But you have heard me say many times there should be no discrimination. Nobody should be excluded from our competitions.”

The new category is a response to World Swimming Coaches Association, which advocated for a separate division to address the physiological dominance of male over female athletes and to uphold competitive fairness.

The controversy around transgender athletes, especially biological men competing in women’s sports, has only become more contentious as men increasingly take over women’s competitions, while taking hormones and claiming to be women.

Lia Thomas, a male collegiate swimmer with the University of Pennsylvania, has amped himself up on hormones to present as a woman and he competed in the women’s division after having competed for three season’s in the men’s division. He went on to dominate NCAA women’s 500-yard freestyle.

World Aquatics’ decision aligns with those from other sports governing bodies that are beginning to take a stand for fairness.

The World Boxing Council now bans transgender athletes from participating in women’s boxing. World Athletics, the governing body for track, field and running competitions, no longer allows transgender women who went through male puberty to compete in women’s events at international competitions.


  1. Everyone reading this knows these are men with mental illness. You submit to the system making it continue because you are scared of being called mean words by the people pushing it on society.

  2. Common sense has finally made a come back!
    Now maybe it will creep into our worthless assembly members too!

  3. How is the “Open” category going to be any different than the “Men’s” category?
    Is a single person assigned female at conception going to sign up to compete in the “open” category?

  4. Yessss! For God’s sake give them their own category so they can compete, because these are men NOT women! NOT WOMEN!!!

  5. By making this determination and policy change, the swimming organization is thereby admitting prior competitions were unfair to women. Accordingly, it should retroactively strip the trophies and titles won unfairly and restore them to the rightful winners. Its only fair.

  6. I’ve often wondered what personal defect compels a 6’4” man to compete against physically inferior women.

    His issues run far, far deeper than his “gender identity”.

    • Leftists and children (sorry to repeat myself) want to win, they desire the praise, etc.. and they are more than willing to cheat to make it happen. It does not matter how they got the trophy, they GOT the trophy.

  7. I’m sick of all this crap. Boys are boys and girls are girls this 1/10th of 1 percent can pound sand. What the hell are we doing even having a conversation about this nonsense. The entire country is falling apart and this is an absolute waste of discussion. It’s called a distraction piece by the corrupt major media. Watch over your shoulder when they start transmitting this crap.

  8. So what if a bio male tran insists on being a women? How will they be forced to the open division without their feelings getting hurt … which of course is a crime against humanity? Open divisions for trans should be offered only in the Special Olympics.

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