Tim Barto: The passion of the transgender movement



Transgenderism is now at the forefront of the nation’s consciousness, or at least it’s in the forefront of the nation’s news cycle.

Perhaps more appropriately, it’s at the forefront of a movement by the radical left to overthrow the foundational mores of our country and western civilization as a whole.

Many of us have quit using phrases such as “How much worse can it get?” or “Now I’ve heard it all,” because the responses we keep getting back are, respectively, “Much worse,” and “No you haven’t.”

Like the old baseball adage that you should not speak out loud about a pitcher throwing a no-hitter, expressing thoughts that we’ve reached the limits of bizarreness may bring about the automatic jinx of the next opposing batter getting a base hit. In the case of our changing mores, it’s the next heretofore unbelievable action by the transgender movement. 

Consider the recent story of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball organization inviting, uninviting, then re-inviting the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to the team’s LGBTQ+ Pride event.

Setting aside the very valid argument that Major League Baseball should be about promoting the game of baseball instead of alienating their historical fanbase and making it uncomfortable for most parents to take their children to see a ballgame, the Dodgers’ front office felt such immense pressure from the rainbow mob that they not only re-invited but apologized to a group that mocks not just Catholic nuns but all of Christianity.

At first glance, it may seem that the Dodgers did not learn from the horrendous public relations mistakes made by Anheuser-Busch when its Bud Light marketing team openly endorsed biological-male-turned-teenage-girl-impersonator Dylan Mulvaney.

However, maybe the Dodgers did learn something. The Anheuser-Busch/Bud Light (AB/BL) folks realized they insulted their consumer base – essentially, sports-watching men from middle America, whom they could justifiably expect would soon abandon their boycott, just as they did with Nike and the National Football League.

An acknowledgment by AB/BL of the mistake would likely have satiated a crowd that essentially just wants an inexpensive light beer without any attached social statements or alternative lifestyles messaging.

But the AB/BL team also realized that such an apology would generate an alternate firestorm from the transgender crowd, and that would be an even greater fiasco. 

Why? Because the alphabet appropriator base is unashamed and unabashed. They are convinced their side is correct, and any deviation from their point of view amounts to intolerable intolerance. It’s an angry, misguided bunch, but they are extraordinarily passionate about their positions: transwomen are women; gender is a social construct; young children can determine if they are a boy or girl; sex transition surgery is a right that should be paid for by the collective taxpayers; drag queen story hour is harmless fun.

Just a few short years ago, these positions would have been deemed so outrageous they would not have received any serious dialogue or debate, but times have changed, and done so at an incredibly fast pace.

President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. Hillary Clinton spoke out against gay marriage, as did President Obama, although they’ve both changed their positions (“evolved,” they called them) in the 2012-2014 time period.

Feminists argued for and staunchly defended Title IX, the federal law that insured equal opportunity for girls and women to compete in sports, but today many feminists are supporting the inclusion of biological males in female sports competitions. 

On a more local level, during the recently ended 2023 legislative session, the testimonials against Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s parental rights legislation (SB96) and for Senator Gray-Jackson’s sex education bill (SB43) included far more people from the alternative lifestyle crowd than the traditional majority. 

The fanaticism of the LGBT+ movement, and the transgender part of that in particular, is fueled by support from the teachers’ unions, public school systems, government institutions, major media outlets, and the entertainment industry:

  • Sports network ESPN honored biological male swimmer Lia Thomas during Women’s History Month for Thomas’ participation as a female college swimmer
  • President Biden appointed biological male Rachel Levine to the rank of four-star Admiral in the Public Health Service. USA Today went on to honor Levine as one of their Women of the Year
  • Sam Brinton, a dress-stealing-and-wearing biological male, was appointed by President Biden as a Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Department of Energy
  • The state of Michigan honored transgender male Owen Bondono as its Teacher of the Year in 2020
  • Time magazine selected transgender actor Michaela Jae Rodriguez as one of its Women of the Year in 2022
  • Sports Illustrated magazine selected transgender singer Kim Petras, a biological male, as one of their cover models for their 2023 swimsuit edition. 

So, is the transgender movement a phase that will go the way of Occupy Wall Street and BLM? Does it have legs enough that 20 years from now we will look upon it as just another transition that changed society forever, or will the pendulum begin to swing in the other direction? 

Tim Barto is a biological male who has been married to the same woman for 33 years. Together they have five children. He’s also vice president of Alaska Family Council, and he is unable to answer the two questions that ended this column.


  1. It will burn out, eventually, as all fads do. But it’s gonna do a lot of damage on the way.

    • And, this one will take a lot longer to burn out.
      To date, the leftists have yet to identify a better tool for crybulling themselves into control.
      Until rational thinking individuals start ignoring them, pushing back, and ridiculing them, nothing will change. But, aside from the occasional thing here and there… nothing.

        • you cannot change the mind of progressive religious zealots. they wield the power in society today and they have faith that their way of thinking brought them to the pinnacle of power and now they must punish the non-believers and excommunicate them from polite society for their conviction are pure and to even question their righteous beliefs is tantamount to violence.

          • Wow, where do you live? That is quite the exaggeration that doesn’t match reality… kind of like the mental illness of transgenderism.

            You don’t get to dictate how we think, feel, or decipher our faith.

            We don’t have to accept perversion, pedophiles, or mentally ill fantasies.

            It is the non-hetro movement that clearly, proactively, and militantly pushing your sickness on the %99.95 of us.

            Claiming we hate you as you slap us across the face, censor us, yell at us, call us disgusting names, and target our children…no, it is really clear who is being driven by anger and hate… just read how you wrote about Christians… you are a bigotted bloviating hypocrite.

            You are trying to make us an enemy to try and bully us… that is gaslighting… aka… narcissism.

        • Maureen, pointing out truth should not be confused with ridicule. This Mass psychosis needs to be confronted and those of us who do not wish to go down the path of this deviant insanity should not be silenced.

          I generally agree with you that one can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar however there are times when you must for the sake of survival take a harsher stand. One cannot reason with madness any more than you can a charming Bear or a swarm of Hornets.

          • The irony is, the Alphabet gang used honey until they had a firm hold on certain aspects of society.

            Then they went full sledgehammer.

            Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia summed it up perfectly. Evil preaches tolerance until it is in power, then works to silence good.

    • Masked. It will not “burn out” like a fad. Rather, it is part of a trend of increasing moral decline and corruption within our culture similar to that described by E Gibbon in the “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.” If this republic is to be saved it will be by men, like you and me, following in the footsteps of those who sacrificed before us to defend the constitutional principals that made our nation so great. And, when I say great, I mean the best nation ever conceived and built in the history of mankind. I implore all good men to stand firm.

  2. In a way, it’s genius.

    Want to take over a society? Destroy it first. Make day night, say boys can be girls, and threaten the lives and livelihoods of anyone brave enough to object

    • Why do you think Marx was such a proponent of “Critical Theory?”
      There would be no way to get people to accept socialism unless they were taught to only see the negatives of capitalism/free markets. Focus on the negatives, do nothing but criticize, and you can destroy it.s
      Cloward Piven basically said the same thing.
      And, that tactic works for children. Do not like it? Destroy it. Do they have a plan to rebuild? Nope. Destroying it is more important.

    • It’s basic Sun Tzu strategy. Destroy your enemy BEFORE the military battle begins.

  3. Newton’s Third Law of Motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

    Trust the science?

  4. Hard to believe a couple of oddly dressed girls or boys constitute rebranding the youth of today! Get a grip and quit the crap!

    • But that is the exact problem. It’s NOT just a couple of oddly dressed girls or boys. This group shows up in state after state and city after city.

  5. I give most of this crap the Bubba test. Bubba is a pretty good guy, he gets along with most everybody, but there is a limit to what he will tolerate. Bubba doesn’t take kindly to those who mess with kids, and these “trans” folks do, all of the time. Bubba doesn’t take kindly to corporations who look down on him and abuse him. He will simply quit buying what you sell if you push this nonsense in his face 24-7-365. The Bubba test tells me that the “trans” clowns will soon be a thing of the past, subject to more ridicule due to their quest for power. Bubba is a reliable indicator of how this country is likely to go.

      • How many of these do you want, cman? There’s photos of drags rolling around on library carpet with kids in towns all over. County fairs with strip shows with kids offering tips, Would you like links?
        “KHOU 11 – HOUSTON — A registered child sex offender has been reading to children at Houston Public Library as part of its Drag Queen Storytime. A media spokesperson for the library confirmed one of the program’s drag queens, Tatiana Mala Nina, is Alberto Garza, a 32-year-old child sex offender. In 2008, he was convicted of assaulting an 8-year-old boy.”
        Are you stupid or a liar?

      • How do trans people “mess with kids?” Must we really spell it out for you? Who wants their daughter to become a stripper? Or their son to prance on a public stage pretending to be a female stripper? How do drug dealers mess with kids? Their strategy is to first compromise the child’s conscience to eventually brainwashing them into believing wrong things are okay. Eventually, the child becomes another disciple willing to fight for the wrong thing.

  6. Mr. Barto seems to be obsessed with homosexuals and trans people. Is there something he’s not telling us? And why is there a footnote at the end of this article stating that he is a “biological male” and that he’s been married to the same woman for 33 years? I’ve been married to my wife for 13 years but that fact alone wouldn’t add any gravitas to any argument I might have.

    Here’s a suggestion for you Mr. Barto, why don’t you simply mind your own business? More self-serving idiocy from the MRAK echo chamber.

    • LQGBT+ activists seem to be obsessed with other people’s kids. Here’s a suggestion for you cman: why don’t YOU simply mind your own business? – M.John

    • Why are you so invested in allowing the mentally ill access to small children?
      Is it payback for something that your uncle did to you? Late at night, hand under the covers, just our little secret, wink, wink?

      White knight for them if you must, but seems to be a very strange hill to die on.

      Some of us can remember all they way to back to 2022, the monkeypox outbreak.
      Immediately media started with the gaslighting, “Its not the gays spreading it! Really!”
      Until the science demonstrated otherwise.
      Then cases began showing up in young children and pet dogs that were adopted by gay couples.
      Oddly, that was right about when mainstream reporting ceased and the WHO quietly changed the name of the disease. Weird coincidence.

  7. It’s simple: If all of these trans/gay/drag/etc people were advocating for adults, we could all have a good argument and then go on our way. But every time these subjects come up, kids are brought into the equation. It’s not the trans/gay/drag/etc subject that causes such a visceral reaction from the public, it’s involving minors, ANY minors, that causes the most severe backlash.

  8. I can answer the first question, Tim: no.

    Homosexuality is by its nature predatory and as such, seeks to corrupt. Given a platform (the MSM, major corporations, the CCP, etc), it will simply gain more power, seeking to spread its corruption. In the end, I think we need to be willing to stand and fight in every arena to protect the innocence, bodily integrity, and welfare of our children. They are the real targets of the rainbow mafia.

    St. Charles Lawanga, pray for us!

    • Are you implying Heterosexuality is not preditory? Ha!

      Sexuality is about connecting, with consent. Kids can’t consent.

      • By nature, heterosexuality is not predatory.

        Using “sexuality” to mean “whatever you do with your sex organs,” truncates our understanding of the human person.

        The sexual act was designed by God to be both unitive and procreative. The sex organs, just like all other organs of the body, were given to us by God for a specific purpose.

        If I saw someone stuffing mashed potatoes into his ear, believing he could thereby feed himself, it would behoove me to educate him regarding the different purposes for which he was given a mouth and ears, lest he injure himself. The same analogy can be applied to other senses and organs of the body. It is important to educate others on what we are, why we have the parts we have, and how God has designed us and desires is to live.

        He did give us a few instruction manuals.

      • How is heterosexuality predatory? If you think it is, then how would sex between any other combination of adults be different?

  9. As my good friend, in out private correspondence, observed: “Leftists are now using transgenderism as one more political issue to divide people, and dividing people helps to reinforce the Left-vs-Right dichotomy, which they feel works in their favor. The Democrats have been playing that game for decades now, and they accelerated it greatly during the Obama administration, playing on “racism” (of all things with a black president!), and they liked the results. So, maybe transgenderism is just the latest. Pretty soon it will be goat- and turkey-‘fu..rs.’ And the ‘educated elite’ will not only go along with it, they’ll eat it up as quickly as it’s dished out. American society is so sick in so many ways—mentally, emotionally, physically, and soon financially.”

    • Alexander, very true Sir, well written, thank you for your summation.

      This latest craze follows the format noted by Daniel’s , wherein Commie Propaganda is directed towards getting the individual to repeat an unnatural lie. The bigger the better, ( like men can have babies) doing so causes the individual to lose their sense of probity and become a liar. Liars are easier to control.

  10. “Alphabet appropriator base” – priceless!
    The entire subject is absurd. There is NO SUCH THING as “transgenderism”. I have read most, if not all studies claiming to prove it’s existence. Every single one ends with some weak conclusion about the vague possibility of different neural patterns or development in “transgender” individuals. Not coincidentally, nearly all such studies were done by people who are transgender activists. Transgenderism (Gender Dysphoria) is a psychiatric condition. We should be showing compassion towards those who suffer from it by helping them find their way back to reality, not encouraging them in their delusions. – M.John

    • M.John There have been hundreds of scientific studies on transgenderism, transsexualism, gender dysphoria, and/or gender identity disorder that date back to the early 20th century. Your claim to have read “most, if not all studies claiming to prove it’s [sic] existence” cannot possibly be true since many of those studies are not accessible to lay audiences who do not have access to comprehensive university library holdings that include archival records of the studies. Your claim that the studies are written by “transgender activists” is patently false. Further, transgenderism is NOT the same as gender dysphoria as you falsely claim, and transgenderism is not considered to be a psychiatric condition in the latest DSM. Repeating lies over and over and over again do not transform them into facts and you should stop.

      • SA, Obviously, I’m referring to studies available to the general public. “transgenderism” is a term invented by the leftist activists who took control over the content of the DSM some time around 2013. Up until that point, the condition was in fact known as gender dysphoria, and was not considered normal in any way. Please read the “evidence” and reasons for the changes in the DSM. They are extremely flimsy. I don’t need secret “comprehensive library holdings” to make that determination. If those “holdings held any water. they would have been made available to the public a long time ago. – M.John

  11. Since when is severe mental illness passion. This is being orchestrated by someone Nationally, that’s totally obvious , the numbers are few, but they clearly have been organized to spread this sickness nationally by some group, the way to stop this is to meet it head in and expose the head of the snake, and it’s connected to education in all aspects. Obama,Sorros, and several others would be my first suspects. This was planned years ago, now their working their plan!

  12. Personal liberty and freedom are the foundation of Democracy. AFC and Barto trying to marginalize a minority for power is straight out of the Mein Kampf playbook

    • You are correct there Frank. Personal liberty and freedom. (Actually, isn’t that the same thing???)
      So, where is the personal liberty when a baker says they do not want the business of baking a cake for an event that goes against their religious beliefs?
      If you really examined the similarities between the leftists tactics (and the LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER movement is full on leftist) and those of the Nazis, you will find a lot more similarities than you will with the right/conservatives.
      But, why let reality get in the way of a good narrative.

      • Think carefully CBM. If I don’t want to serve a certain class of people, let’s say politicians, should I be compelled to do so? Should my religious beliefs even be a factor? Am I allowed to be prejudiced? Am I constitutionally allowed to be hateful? What is liberty?

        • Let me be clear here.
          There is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits you from being prejudiced. You are most certainly allowed your biases, prejudices, and every other human trait. Discrimination IS human nature. Bummer if that bothers anyone.
          And, I fully support your business turning away whatever business you do not want. Please do so. If you do not want to serve politicians, please tell them to shop elsewhere. There is a business right down the street that is more than happy to take their money.
          The problem is not the business turning away a customer. That is not a violation of any liberty, personal or civil.
          It is the public demanding they serve a customer against their will. That is where liberty is threatened. And, it is the “customer” knowingly and deliberately selecting a business they know does not want to serve them, and demanding service. All the while, bypassing dozens of other similar businesses that are willing to sell to them. That is bullying.

          • Very well said. Thank you for bringing common sense and reasoning… both in short supply.

          • CBM, You are very articulate. However, your points are fundamentally in error. Our congress and judiciary say your choice to deny service to certain classes of people violates their liberty. Thereby you are compelled by law to serve them. See the Fair Housing Act, public accommodation laws, etc. To be clear, its obviously morally reprehensible to be hateful to any class of people. However, having our government prohibit you from being so is a perversion of our constitution.

    • That is a straight up lie, Frank. This ‘minority’, as you put it, is attempting to change, not just laws, but what is considered normal or right in public society. And they are attempting this by force. No, they are not carrying weapons, but their weapon of choice is the legal system. If any one of us stood up and argued with them publicly we would be drug into court where we would be pursued by lawyers well paid by unknown sources, until we go broke and cannot fight back. Then, at that point we start losing our businesses and homes.

      So who is it, really, that is taking a play right out of ‘Mien Kampf’?

    • weren’t you in favor of lockdowns and mask mandates??? when fascism came to Anchorage it was from california wrapped in a rainbow flag wearing a mask trying to stick a needle in my arm

  13. It appears to me that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have already attained all the power. Rachel Levine and Sam Brinton are living the dream at the top of the heap.

  14. It’s gonna take a Rosa Parks moment to seriously derail this train.

    Someone who has the personality and presence to say enough, and survive the attacks which will follow.

    • Nope. One is not enough. We all need to speak up, and bravely face the attacks. If you stand up for the Truth, you will not be alone. You’ll be on the winning team, even if it costs you your life.

      Holy Martyrs of Rome, pray for us!

  15. Cman the key words in Mr Barto’s last statement is he is married with FIVE CHILDREN. Him having said that proves he IS simply minding his own business which is trying to raise his family without the threat of sick minded individuals who want to act out their perverted sexual fantasies in public. There are places these sick individuals can act out the lewd behavior they desire where minors are not allowed but due to their mental defects they prefer to perform in public under the umbrella of “personal liberty and freedom” in front of children. There are laws that protect the public from urinating/defecating in public as well as masterbating/sexual acts in public. If anyone wants to call it personal liberty and freedom perhaps the moon would be a great place to perform. The chidrens park in Soldotna on sunday afternoon is NOT the time or place!

  16. To Tim Barto,

    Above, you identify yourself as a “biological male.” You also call the cast of characters impersonating women “biological males.” Surely you must realize all males are biological males; the adjective is actually unnecessary. Moreover, using the term “biological male” is misleading because it implies the object, being a female impersonator, is not fully male. However, we know that is untrue. Dylan Mulvaney, Sam Brinton, and Kim Petras are just as male as you and I are. Please stop using the adjective “biological.” By doing so, you are pandering to the nonsense. Just say “male” with no adjectives.

  17. I 100% agree & would argue another factor is at play reguarding the trans movement. Follow the money. Hundreds of millions are being made by the mental manipulation or & butchering of children to transition them. A lifetime of required medical care for transitioning patients means a lifetime of profits for the medical profession. We’ve gone from a medical philosophy of 1st do no harm to “show me the money” & a patient cured is a customer lost.

  18. Wayne Douglas, I believe that if you think about it, the study of Biology exactly proves your point, that being that all creatures are divided into either Male or Female. Perhaps Barto by invoking Biological Male was only applying belt and suspenders to his argument?

    • Robert, he may have intended to add “belt and suspenders to his argument.” However, he, like you and so may others, unwittingly weaken your arguments by grammatically implying there are two categories of male. Its precisely what the actors want everyone to believe. That is, they contend they are not real males–rather, they are merely biological males who are actually women; and, you better agree.
      Stop patronizing them with the adjective “biological.” Stop it.

  19. An interesting interview on this subject: Unfortunately no rewind available; these guys speak very quickly, so you’ll want to pay close attention.


    While Klavan and Knowles do not discuss this book review, I found it interesting and you might gain some insight on both authors should you read it. ‘https://claremontreviewofbooks.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Knowles.pdf

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