Target, Bud Light, now North Face? Transgender and drag queen marketing leading to stocks slipping


North Face, the Denver clothing company founded in 1966 to supply hardcore mountain climbers, has joined the hardcore transgender marketing trend.

In advance of Pride Month, the company rolled out a video ad featuring a grotesquely styled man in women’s apparel, makeup, and hair — something that was off-brand for the rugged look for which the company was once known.

In the commercial, drag queen ‘Pattie Gonia’ [a reference to competitor Patagonia] tells the viewers, “come out… in nature with us!” and says he is a “real life homosexual.”

He doesn’t look ready for nature.

Shares of North Face’s parent company, VF Corp, dropped sharply on Wednesday, the day after the “come out” pride ad was rolled out.

The company has an entire line of rainbow clothing in its online catalog.

Similarly taking stock hits are retailer giant Target, which has an in-your-face entryway display marketing gay and transgender apparel, accessories, confectionaries, and toys for all ages. Target stock dropped 2.84% on Thursday, and slid over 10% in the past five days.

Target has changed its displays in some southern states after the heavy gay-trans marketing at front entryways drew strong objections from customers, but in Anchorage, the displays are still the first thing people see when they come in the door.

Anheuser-Busch stock continues to suffer, even as the beer-drinking months approach. After the company identified Bud Light as a transgender favorite, it’s having a hard time giving away the product, and although the company stock is holding steady for the year, it’s taken a huge hit since it rolled out its Dylan Mulvaney transgender campaign in April.

According to MarketBeat, shares of Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV have been given a consensus rating of “hold” by the 14 brokerages covering the company. Two investment analysts rated the stock with a sell, four have assigned a hold, and six have given a buy recommendation to the company. The average 12-month target price among brokers that have issued ratings on the stock in the last year is $64.60. Currently, the price on Thursday midday was $56.81.


  1. This is all starting to seem very intentional. Put some wokester in charge of marketing and let them go. It’s becoming more common with the goal of finding which companies will conform to ESG and DEI and who won’t.

    • Yeah, I think it was Tim Pool on his videos saying corporations embraced the pride marketing because it enhances their ESG scores and they might find it hard to get financing from banks if they don’t bend the knee to the woke agenda. Now they’re starting to find out from the Bud Light fiasco that getting financing doesn’t matter when you don’t have customers.

  2. I’m sure North Face has been sold a couple times since ‘66’ and now is in the hands of liberal ‘save the earth’ entrepreneurs who have little in common with the founders. Look for REI to follow this sick trend next!!

    • With REI’s Headquarter in Seattle, I expect them to fall for the garbage. Just like NF gave up real outdoor wear, so has REI. They’ve been gradually caving/ed into the Yuppie garbage too..I walked thru REI last night and all the so-called hiking shoes were plastic garbage with extremely high $$$$. made somewhere other then USA, I bet.

      • Well then for goodness sakes don’t go to Andy’s Ace Hardware-China stickers on the bottom of most of their stuff. And Walmart, and Fred’s (selling salmon from China) and about everyplace else.

    • REI has been doing that for ages. Granted, no drag queens advertising yet, but take a look at their shops. “Outside with Pride” “Women can enjoy the outdoors too!” Etc… they are full of woke BS.

  3. NF gave up on real outdoor wear long ago. Yuppie garbage. Cheap poorly made in another country clothing that you can get without NF printed on it for 75% less. Let the alphabet mentally inept crowd have it.

    Whats next, Columbia…same, even Filson has bailed on the idea of quality clothing.

  4. It’s fascinating to watch these corporate lemmings run off the same cliff.

    What is incomprehensible to me is why big corporations have given the marketing departments to children.

  5. Not sure this outfit is suitable for ANY outdoorsy activity more strenuous than dancing on stage at the park in Soldotna. Fishing would be out of the question and I foresee a run in those pantyhose, while climbing… least with these colors he will be easy to spot, should he fall out if his pack raft.
    Okay all joking aside in my experience North Face has become a trendy clothing choice for city dwellers wanting to give a rugged vibe without actually having to get their hands dirty. So that demographic will think this is hip.
    Again truth in advertising on display, fake woman advertising outdoors gear for outdoors pretenders.

  6. This is wonderful. Let’s keep it up.

    Hopefully we are a year or two away from June once again being a month for brides and not celebrations of sexual deviance.

  7. I have a couple jackets from North Face. I bought them second hand years ago so it won’t bother me at all to put them in my fire pit this weekend.

  8. This is quite wonderful news!!!! LETS KEEP THE PRESSURE ON! We Conserve Americans are NOT supporting these disgusting products!

  9. Any business that does this deserves to go broke! They need to stay out of this nonsense and say no to all of it! These people are disgusting, immature and immoral. Boycott any business that promotes a mental disorder!

  10. I will be buying from someone else and be burning my north farce clothing. We consumers need to keep banding together and make these company’s go broke. We can win if we do not buy from them so pass it along. If we can’t get someone elected then we still have the financial power to make them pay. No bud lite no north farce no target no bed bath no daily rag and anything else that goes woke.

  11. If their stores employees aren’t concerned they should be. I would be for
    my job. if my corporate employer went rainbow cuckoo. Since we servea a variety of
    guests most who’d not be comfortable, it too “loud”

    • Target removed some things from Pride displays not due to threat of boycott, but threats of physical violence to staff working there.

      • Is that why 67% of Americans should pay reparations to 13% after the minority threatens a racial civil war?

      • Actually Maureen, I think Target here is threading the needle. They see their stock tank and know that the vast majority of the general public is not amused, yet they don’t want to upset the snowflake Pride people. So claiming that they are concerned for the safety of their employees gives them a way out. It removes the merchandises from the “in your face” location to a less obvious one, while maintaining the display for the Pride crowd.
        As an aside I could only find one instance of verbal sparring between a customer and an employee and it was sad how rude the employee was to this person.

      • Have not seen any reports of threats to Target employees. Can you point us to a reliable source?

        • ‘


          • Thanks Maureen, looked up the street article and found it to be lacking in information, only vague references as far back as Covid. Very little detail to be had in that article, mostly innuendo. Could not read the Bloomberg story as it appears to be behind a paywall.
            Words mean things here and the attempt to characterize customers reactions as “Right-wing Extremists” say more about the writer’s attitude/point of view, than what actually happened. Target clearly misjudged the general consensus of “sell clothes and stay out of politics” by promoting their agenda. Now that people are telling them that they overstepped, they paint it as an extremist movement in a face-saving attempt to extricate themselves from the mess they made. It is clear that one persons “activist” is another person’s “extremist”. BTW I noticed that you did not condemn the destruction and vandalism at the ER and Emmonak churches. I suppose those are your kind of “activists” and my kind of “extremists” (LA Dodgers honor anti-catholic,….)

  12. This not the time employers claim bankruptcy for my sisters and brothers in the service trade. These jobs are filling up, if not full. God’s answering my prayer, he’s getting more anchorage people to see the value behind working.also the covid money ran out.

  13. “The North Face has always believed the outdoors should be a welcoming, equitable and safe place for all. We are honored and grateful to support partners like Pattie Gonia who help make this vision a reality. The Summer of Pride series, now in its second year, has helped foster a more accessible and welcoming environment for individuals from all backgrounds to gather and experience the joy of the outdoors,” a spokesperson for the company said.”
    What a bunch of contrived hooey! Are gay people really this insecure that they can not decide on outdoor gear without having a gay person model it for them? Please! North Face with this statement is acting as if hiking trails and climbing venues, waterways are only open to a select few…spreading falsehoods to promote this agenda is despicable.
    I can assure you that mother nature DOES NOT CARE if you are of a perceived special class while hiking, biking or enjoying water sports etc. Another reason to just say “no” to north face.

    • It is crybulling.
      Seriously, when I chat with people outdoors, I do not care who they sleep with, what they identify as, skin color, or shoe size. They are outside hiking, fishing, hunting. That is what matters.
      This “I do not feel safe outdoors.” crap is BS. It is just a way to invent discrimination where none really exists.

  14. Amazing how many Pedophiles have been hired in the marketing departments in these company’s in the last decade, much of this it started in the obama era, and now it’s really showing and getting completely out of control, these people are sick sick people , severely mentally Ill. I Went in a target once with a gift card about 8 years ago , thaught at the time it had a weird set up, used the card and never went back lol, but something seemed very strange about it. Now we find out it appears to be a Pedophiles play land! What a sick World!

  15. I can’t imagine meeting that in the woods and I have to wonder how much money (or drugs) was offered for this gig. I’m sad for him.

    • You would not see him dressed like that in the woods. I do not care how big of an activist you are, there is a matter of safety and comfort. If in fact you do see him dressed like that outdoors, he is doing to it elicit a reaction.

  16. I once heard that the best looking women in the world were Thai men. If that’s true why would TNF have chosen this mustached bridge troll?

  17. Suzanne
    Please remove this sick image from the front page, it’s been there for days and has turned my stomach.

    • Oh my. Aren’t we a delicate little flower.

      It’s news, buddy. It’s not like a book you pick out for your own reading pleasure.

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