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Alaska Target stores skip over Memorial Day, go straight for Pride Month themes at entryways

A visit to two Target stores in Alaska show that Pride Month is already here, as least for the LGBTQ-promoting marketers who create store experiences.

Prominent displays of transgender-themed apparel, including breast-binding bathing suit tops and penis-binding bathing suit bottoms, are at the front of the stores, the first things shoppers see when they come through the door. The rainbow flag is accompanied with a transgender flag, lesbian flag, but not an American flag in sight. The flags Target sells are made in China.

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On Tuesday, Fox News reported that some Target stores in southern states were forced by the corporation management to move LGBTQ Pride merchandise away from the front of their stores after customer “outrage.” The stores were given 36 hours to get the displays to the back of the stores. The company wants to avoid getting boycotted the way Bud Light has been boycotted after its partnership with transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney.

Target stores have skipped over Memorial Day and gone straight for gay. There are no American flags to be seen in the entryway displays. Instead, it’s all rainbows and transgender flags. Pride month is in June, and Target has been a leader in the LGBTQ+ celebrations, and was also one of the first major stores to allow men to use women’s bathrooms.

In the display, there are items for men, women, gender indeterminant, and children. There are mugs, cards, purses, sweatshirts and more with gay, queer, and transgender themes.

“A Target insider told Fox News Digital that many locations, mostly in rural areas of the South, have relocated Pride sections to avoid the kind of backlash Bud Light has received in recent weeks after using a transgender influencer in a promotional campaign,” Fox reports.

But Alaska Target stores did not get that memo, although there were no shoppers in that section during a store visit on Tuesday.

A visit to a Fred Meyer store in Anchorage on Tuesday was markedly different.

The first items that shoppers see in the Fred Meyer non-grocery entryway is an American flag bunting in front of barbecue-themed items, and American flag cowboy hats, and some American flags. Memorial Day is the federal holiday honoring those who sacrificed their lives for America in wartime. It will be observed May 29 this year, and is typically a day for family get-togethers, and flag placing on the graves of the fallen.

Target made the news last week when it was discovered that one of the designers for its Pride Month collection also has a Satan-inspired line of clothing.

Alaska has three Target stores — two in Anchorage and one in Wasilla. California, however, has over 200 Target stores, one tenth of the over 2,000 Target stores nationwide.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Boycott like Bud Light. My grandfather, father and husband were in the military. Memorial Day is a time for remembering those who fought and died for our country. Not going to support a company who does not honor those who have sacrificed for our country. Thank you to all Military personnel and Veterans who have given up so much.

        • “Maureen” is not worth your righteous emotion. They are a useful idiot or are working for a corporate/alphabet agency running multiple accounts across media. Their purpose is to sow anger and dissent, while parroting the state narrative. I very rarely read them (or others like them as there are several here.)

          I’m sorry your uncle died in the bloom of their life.

          • Micah6v8 – I read your comments, much as my views are different from yours.

            Fire-explaining the ability to find support of the fallen on Memorial Day every day at Target is not disrespectful.

          • I noticed a reply “Maureen”. I want to let you know I did not read it. You deserve to be ignored and shunned. I hope others do so as well.

      • Old Left: We will boycott conservative businesses and openly use government power to afflict them.
        Old Right: We don’t care about your political views – we just want free markets, the best service, and the lowest price!

        New Left: We will boycott conservative businesses and openly use government power to afflict them.
        New (Alt) Right: We will boycott leftist businesses and openly use government power to afflict them.

        Socialists need to experience the hard fist of arbitrary government if we are ever going to return to a political system where both major parties truly value individual freedom.

        • “Socialism is a social and economic doctrine that calls for public rather than private ownership or control of property and natural resources. “

          PS After years of the left boycotting, moderates & the right are finally boycotting back.

        • Dog can’t get to a tree to pee. Go back to the litter box. You and Maureen’s comments are so far foolish they show what an lack of good education does.

      • How simplistic of you. I have come to expect this childlike level of understanding, so why am I surprised?
        The issue is not whether they sell American flags. And, since you apparently do not understand that, either you are deliberately avoiding the justification for Penny’s comment, or you are stupid.
        I bet your leftist/statist childlike mind would be outraged if a major retailer refused to put any PRIDE Month merchandise in their stores, and instead focused on Memorial day and 4th of July. Oh… sure the store sells pride related stuff… somewhere in the shop… and you have to ask an employee where it is. And having someone say “what is your issue? They sell it.” will do nothing to assuage your outrage.

    • Agree. Foolish corporate virtue signaling over an important time of remembrance. Add in that it is also the ‘grooming’ of children all so they can make their store appear edgy and ‘inclusive’. Pretty sad. I won’t set foot in there until they make an inventory change.

    • Then maybe let them have a say instead of speaking for veterans? I’m a veteran, and I believe target should be free to advertise whatever they want. I know right where to find flags and can walk straight past their gay display because it is not relevant to my life.

      My question is, who is being hurt? I don’t understand the outrage when there is no victim.

      • She can speak on behalf of vets, we are the families that supported and loved our vets when they came home and cried when we buried our dead.

        The fact they are targeting children doesn’t bother you?

        The fact they are skipping Memorial Day to display pedophile displays doesn’t bother you?


  2. Why honor the people who died serving this nation when you can socially engineer it instead?

    Virtue signaling at its most base.

    • Wait, what? But Target is advertising Memorial Day sales events all over the place. Deals on new BBQ grills and military discounts… Is anyone here actually leaving their house and looking at all the advertisements for memorial day?

      • I really dont care target emblazons their chinese prisoner made products with rainbows or American flags but it don’t really look like theyre promoting memorial day as much as pride in the pics provided above.(could be biased but i doubt it)

        It’d also be nice if they left children out of a highly sexualized culture

        I also wonder if people of the left would be up in arms and pearl clutching if they promoted say a line of Christian products as much as they promote their lgbtqiaapptalfgfds stuff, I bet they would.

        • Barnes and Noble began a Christianity visability campaign at my local bookstore. I notice it to management when I go there, and avoid those sections personally if I go there at all.

      • OK, reading comprehension is not your strong point, is it?
        The issue is not advertising, or even carrying a product. It is the full frontal assault of Transgenderism/PRIDE/LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER+++ as you walk into the store, but you have to go to the far corner of the store to see the Memorial Day displays. Had Target just provided equal coverage to both, no one would have noticed.

  3. I’m glad people are reporting on this. I usually do Drive Up, so I haven’t seen the inside of a Target store in a while. I’ll shop elsewhere now. I do my best not to support the downfall of society.

  4. This is America today. The LBGTQ freaks have been given preference over our military heros who have defended this nation. America is being destroyed right before our eyes. Corporate managers are allowing it because many at the top are LGBTQ themselves. The media is driving it because people at the top are LGBTQ themselves. And LBGTQ politicians are championing it because many are also LBGTQ. The rest, are afraid to repel LGBTQ because they will be called “homophobes.”
    Homosexuals MUST be repelled. Our country’s survival depends on it. Reverse transformation…..NOW.

    • Yes, please do boycott Anchorage. For the love of god keep all the valley people you can out of Anchorage, we don’t want you here. We don’t want your money, your politics, or religion. The Matsu needs to stick to the backwoods that the rest of society rejected them to.

  5. Don’t forget to stock up on targets “women’s” swimsuits with room to tuck your junk!

    Be sure to try it on in the women’s room before you buy. Just in case the “woman” in question was born lucky with more to tuck.

    Can’t have that hanging out of “her” clothes.

  6. Please remember the rainbow started as God’s covenant with man to never again flood the earth. We need to take back the rainbow from the group that is currently misusing it.

    • Amen Jeff, we gotta repel these nuts and not allow their sick bs to ruin a beautiful work of nature…. God will take care of it.

    • Yes the fact that they have co-opted the beautiful rainbow as a symbol of sexual perversion shows who the source of their evil is.

  7. Ignore the people that sacrificed for the security of our country. Then replace that celebration with items like ‘tuck friendly’ bathing suits.

    I guess the next time china sends spy balloons over our bases, instead of calling out a military response, we should call up some drag queens?

  8. I am STILL waiting for somebody, anybody, to explain what there is about being homosexual that justifies feeling “pride”, and that justifies public glorification of it.

    Do heterosexuals feel “pride” in their sexuality? How can one feel ‘pride’ about ANYTHING that is not an achievement, or the result of long years of hard work, but that is merely an accident of birth, as the MHA (Militant Homosexual Army) claims to be the case?

    Anyone? Lucinda? Maureen? Whidbey? Cman? Frankly Rancid?
    Come on, this type of thing is definitely in your ball park.

      • No crickets. Frankly, I don’t buy it either in the same way that I don’t take pride in being straight. It just “is”. We are what we are, and gayness is a real thing.

        But thanks for the taunt, anyways.

      • And part of the reason we don’t always reply is that we don’t spend all of our tine sitting in front of our computer commenting on MRAK stories, as you apparently do.

    • Jeff: It’s called Pride to oppose the social stigma and shame other people assign to sexual orientations they do not agree with. i.e. “I’m proud to be me, despite what you may think.”

      Whidbey: You don’t need to feel pride to be straight because no one tells you not to. No one calls you sick, sick in the head, a pedophile, or that you must be repelled. You haven’t been knocked down so you don’t need to feel proud to stand up for yourself.

      Maybe as a group we take June and ignore what bothers us a chill out for awhile. Maybe we all would feel a bit better after a break.

      • I tried to ignore all the pride stuff. It chases me down. It does not leave me alone. I cannot turn on a TV, look at a website, or walk down the street without some business or individual pushing pride on me.
        And my employer, seriously. I get e-mails several times a day talking about how important it is we celebrate Pride, etc… It is not enough for me to be OK with it, you live your live, I will live mine, but during June… Nope, I MUST celebrate. Loudly, and for the entire month. Otherwise, I am a bigot.

  9. I don’t go there, so I can’t boycott……

    Years ago, my Daughter and I went to their “Grand Opening”. The prices that “Special Day” were higher than other stores’ regular prices. Never went again.

  10. Another store I get to boycott,, at this rate I won’t be shopping anywhere. No Disneyland, no Facebook, no Starbucks..,save all that money for inflation!!

  11. Boycotting Target will be easy as long as there are alternatives. Fortunately, we have a few. I am personally happy to concede the alphabet people to them. In my experience the LGBwhatever crowd will be far more difficult to serve and therefore less profitable. I actually wish these folks no harm but, OTOH, am not interested in subsidizing them. Maybe Target can serve their remaining customers free Bud Light.

  12. Do not give your money to those who would seek to oppress you through the state or corporate interests. This includes businesses over the month of June. If you see this in a business do not give them your business. Let them know about it.

    Fifteen years ago this was about >

    “We just want to live quiet lives of dignity. All we ask is tolerance.”

    Now it is >

    “We will use the state and other powerful interests to force you to celebrate. Say the words out loud or we will alert the men with guns who we pay. We will also educate your children to our ‘values’. After all they are everyone’s children.” (meaning our potential play things)

    • The leftists have yet to find a better tool to crybully their way into controlling the population.
      The only response needs to be ignoring their tantrums, boycotting those who cave in, and ridiculing them whenever necessary.

  13. Here is their new slogan: Target, where the groomers go.

    I am not ok with pedophilia attire and flags, so I will not be going there.

    Remember these are the people who want to take our kids and grandkids and mutilate their mind, emotions, and bodies. That is if they don’t get to murder them 1st in the womb.

    This is not a conspiracy, nor embellishments. This is the reality we are facing in our own community.

    If an adult wants to be trans, go right ahead, no one cares enough to bother. But to specifically “target” chidren… this is not normal or natural.

    Remember we have struggled to comprehend how old civilizations used to burn their children alive and slaughter them to their gods, sell them as slaves.

    Well, here we are.

    Those dispalys are their attempt to groom and gaslight us all.

    Keep praying, going to public meetings and speak peaceablybut strong, and speaking with your dollars.

    More importantly, be a present, loving, mentoring, involved parent and be patient if your child is showing signs of this conditioning.

    We will win this with peace by following the above principles. We can win the culture war.

    • We as a nation, between abortion and this madness, have joined the very worst in history. May God have mercy on our souls, as we are a nation now under His judgement. It is no wonder that it is so awful these days.

      We must repent.

    • Fred Meyer celebrated pride month last year with recommended products that support LGTQ+ causes. Can’t shop there either. Three Bears definitely employs some younger folk that are pretty outwardly LGTBQ+ so clearly they approve of giving them money.

      Nowhere is safe. We are planning on growing our own food this summer. In the meantime before we can be set up for it, we have just been making sure to lower our groceries to the bear minimum and we are matching dollar for dollar spent on groceries to tithe to offset the sin, and also to DeSantis campaign to help for the future.

  14. I respect everyone’s shopping choice. I don’t like, but also don’t care if they are advertising to adults for adult sizes and fashion.

    The line where I will not shop Target is them targeting children. Non-hetrosexuals identity is based soley on who they have sex with… not age appropriate for underage kids.

  15. Nothing new – marketing for more sales like Christmas stuff up after Halloween sales come down. Valentines up right after new years and Easter right up after 2/14….

  16. They are marketing to the 1% or less. It’s curious they want to be this inflammatory. The transgender numbers are 1/10th of 1% according to our government. Who is advising these woke clowns on sales. It’s clear to me that if 10% quit shopping there it could ruin target and whatever other businesses that want to play this insanity.

    • The issue is not sales. They are not chasing a minimal percentage of the population.
      They ARE chasing a high ESG score. Various organizations have corporate rankings based on a company’s environmental, social, and governance. Leftists and the “woke” will purchase from the companies with higher scores, and ignore the ones with lower scores.
      While the “trans” part of LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER+ represents only about .01% of the population, the idiots who think woke is more important than sales represents a much larger percentage. And Target, Anheuser-Busch, Starbucks, etc… are terrified of losing that large percentage of sales. Heck, even Ford is in on it. Have you seen the ad with the F-150 decorated up as a pride flag?

  17. For Memorial Day let’s not hate our fellow Americans for any reason. Everyone else does hate us evidently. Let’s skip that procedure.

    • I don’t see anywhere people are hating people. There are adults and parents who recognize the non-hetrosexual lifestyles being targeted at children as a line we won’t cross.

      Whether atheist or creationist… non-hetrosexual lifestyles are not natural or healthy… we do not have to accept the non-hetro movement or its message… especially for our children.

      It isn’t hate to not feel comfortable with non-hetrosexuals getting to say and do what they want to us our our children.

      The root problem is that non-hetros stake their whole identity on who or what they have sex with… not healthy, not OK for kids to be targeted with.

      • You do realize that the definition of heterosexuality speaks specifically to sexual attraction, too, right?

        Yours is a stab at satire, right… ?

  18. Tolerance. Ever heard the word before? Empathy? Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? I don’t know why Jack wants to be called Jill but it doesn’t harm me anymore than going in public and seeing obese people, drunk people, ugly people, old people or people that dress different. Worry about yourself. I have read more stories of preachers abusing little boys than I have drag queens. Sometimes there are male cousins who would rather play with Barbies than baseball. Why do you care? To keep kids safe? That can’t be, you are to busy trying to put a gun in their hand or take away their right to bodily autonomy. Live and let live. The same people that cry about disrespecting the military are the same ones cheering the “patriots” on January 6th. Hippocrates. Guess what, my great grandfather was in WW1, grandfather was a medic in WW2 and fortunately my dad was sent to AK instead of Vietnam. Doesn’t give me the right to hate or pass judgement. They served so EVERYONE has freedom. You have the freedom to shop wherever you want because of the fallen. But unlike votes, you can’t suppress the way people spend money and capitalism is all about the dollar. Worry about yourself. Try being constructive. It has been a long time since I have heard good ideas. Try thinking of something other than “the radical left blah blah” because you are losing independent minds. People who work hard but maybe different don’t want to deal with all your baggage. They just want to be free too

  19. 1. Pedophilia is not a Constitutional right like defending yourself.

    2. No one is trying to give a kindergartener a gun, they are tryingng to normalize sexual content that is way too old for them and grooms them into unnatural and unhealthy sexual lifestyles.

    3. Freedom and liberty do not allow you to prey on children, shoot police, or censor people, nor forces people to be quiet when predators and communists are afoot.

    4. Your low thinking emotionalism, massive exaggerations, and sophmoric reasoning really is demonstrative if your self-ignorance and does NOT represent us undeclared and Independents.

    5. It looks like you just copied and pasted your bloviating from MSNBC.


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