Target adds ‘pride’ clothing from Satan-promoting LGBTQ designer


Target is getting its merchandise ready for Pride Month in June. In addition to carrying bathing suits for males that allows them to tuck their penises in such a way that they avoid looking like males, the company is bringing on a line of clothing designed by a British designer, who says his company is inspired by Satan.

Abprallen is providing an apparel line to Target, but has other clothing and pins available at its website with images of pentagrams, horned skulls, and references to Satan.

“Perhaps the range I’m most pleased with at Apbrallen is my pastel goth pride collection. It started with the pin on the left – Satan Respects Pronouns. I love the juxtaposition of a pastel colour palette and spooky, gothic imagery. I’ve been drawn to creepy stuff since I was a child and there’s something so magical, pleasing, and fun about pastel colours,” the artist writes on his website. “Satan Respects Pronouns is a fun way to show your Price – a lot of LGBT people have found that Christianity hasn’t always been the most welcoming to them and find solace and humour in the idea that Satan would.”

“Satan respects pronouns,” proclaims one T-shirt from the company.

Target has been highlighting Pride Month for many years, and now targets children with its collections.

“Target donated $250,000 donation to GLSEN to advance its mission of creating affirming, accessible and antiracist spaces for LGBTQIA+ students. (This marks our 11th year of partnership, with a total of $2.1 million in support to date.) We’re also awarding a grant to PrideLive, a New York City nonprofit creating a Stonewall National Monument Education & Visitor’s Center at the NYC Stonewall Inn,” Target wrote on its website.

GLSEN is a political advocacy group that recently pushed against a new Florida law that bans the sexual chemical-hormonal “transition” of children and sexual surgical mutilation of children in Florida, and also opposes any laws preventing male athletes from competing as females.


  1. “Satan respects pronouns,” proclaims one T-shirt from the company”
    Now there is truth in advertising!
    Ironically since Christianity is despised by this particular crowd, having the antagonist of God’s endorsement is particularly hilarious, as it is still part and parcel of the religious tenet.

    • True. Satan respects confusion, chaos, lies, darkness, evil, child mutilation and sacrifice, murder, etc etc etc. given he is the ‘father’ of all that is antithetical to God.

  2. Totally not even hiding it anymore.

    Which way will you choose?

    link ~ Bob Dylan “Gotta Serve Somebody”


          • You don’t like the t-shirt and think it is evil. Big whoop. Don’t buy it. Don’t shop there. Encourage people like you to avoid/boycott Target.

            Speak with you pocket books.

            Who cares? No one is forcing you to buy or wear that shirt or ones like it.

            You think it is “evil” but there are many people in this state and country who do not think it is “evil”

            Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether they are a “far left radical extremist” or a far right religious extremist like yourself

  3. Of course they do. They kickstarted this mess by opening the bathrooms to whoever was interested.

    The attack on the structures of society continues. Unless the right suddenly gains a spine and says enough, it will continue until we are pushed out of society.

    • Also just out of curiosity, how does “pride” have anything to do with being homosexual?
      Are heterosexuals “proud” of their sexuality?

      • Pride started with men who were homosexual in the early seventies who were professional and who purpose it was to educate the extended community on their sexuality and experience; not to hold parades with the emphasis on sexual orientation and display. They were real men such Bankers and finished carpenters along with wonderful women who were elegant and classy not like you see today. They had PRiIDE. Unfortunately it has been denigrated today but there are many gay people who are still living a responsible and respectful lifestyle and not afraid to be proud in a way that we can all be proud of them.

        • Regular clothes. I don’t see the need to advertise my political beliefs on my chest. Doing otherwise looks pathetic.

          • I stopped going to target when they decided to let fake women use the women’s restrooms. I will not patronize perv stores

          • The left, right, middle, and fringe are all EQUALLY toxic and evil. Also, note to Target, if people do not want an agenda peddled in front of their faces, then maybe you should, oh, NOT sell LGBTQ promoting merchandise in your stores? This whole incident is like the evil doing bullies thinking that kicking a sleeping dog, or poking a sleeping bear with a stick is a good idea…news flash, the dog or bear will have enough of you and they will eventually maul you.

  4. Let these Godless freaks sink like a stone from boycotts! Target is out of their minds if they think this crap will fly!
    God Almighty will deal with them… While they cry and scream for justice. Make them go Bankrupt! Do not shop there!

  5. Buckle up! This is only part of the preliminaries: the party ain’t yet to begun. They are on the loose and wouldn’t be stuffed back into the closet! Within a single generation they’ll have commandeered the Grand Ol’ Party and will have repainted it bright red!

    • Edit: “They are on the loose and won’t be stuffed back into the closet!”

    • Nope…all of the parties, and humankind, will fall, and because people will not learn the correct lessons from human history. Also, the LGBTQ crowd need to understand the validity of Pogo and his famous quote because the LGBTQ crowd is ironically their own worst enemy. The LGBTQ movement is not unlike a zombie outbreak…once the uninfected are eliminated, then they will consume themselves, not unlike the legendary Ourobouros snake of myths and legends.

  6. What’s wrong with promoting Satan? He’s just as worthy of promotion as any other myth like Muhammad or Jesus, right? Does the 1st Amendment only protect something that’s popular or normative?

    • Ah, the inevitable 5th grade response.

      Don’t be dense. Don’t troll. Don’t be a dense troll.

      The First Amendment is not in play here. You’d know that if you actually learned about the Constitution.

      I am fascinated how your personal insecurities compel you to snark faith instead of even attempting to engage with it.

      You expose yourself as someone incapable of making cogent points, much less defending them if you somehow did.

      There’s a saying you might take to heart. Better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you a fool than opening it, proving them right.

      • deep down he’s probably just still rebelling and angry that mom and dad who made him go to church.

      • Why would I want to engage with the irrational, which is what faith/religion is. Religion has had its way for thousands of years and now that its precepts are being questioned, some like you cant help but be triggered. The 1st Amendment is absolutely in play here because this is all about free speech and freedom FROM religion. We live in a country with a godless, secular Constitution. You may not like this reality but it is indeed reality.

        • In short: you got nothing so you opt for a time tested mix of topic evasion and word salad.

          And you have zero grasp of the Constitution, especially the First Amendment. I’ll give you a hint: you are so far off you may as well be orbiting Uranus.

          I’ve given you far too much time.

        • Biblical consequences allow a family structure to exist. The lack of divorces keeps $70,000 extraction from intergenerational family wealth and asset piles from flowing to social workers, courts, lawyers breaking up family divorce cottage industries from becoming too fat and sassy. How fat and sassy are those industries in Alaska. Are they hindering you $ in any way? Also, the adherance to principles in the good book keeps young females from being used as dirty towels used by every passing gentleman which can cause her to be a more reliable person etc. For starters. If gentlemen took care to obey spiritual laws like they obey the law of gravity they could enjoy actual liberty if they could stop entities from extruding endless, worthless corporate bylaws for themselves. For starters.

        • “Congress shall make no laws respecting the establishment of religion OR prohibit the free exercise thereof…..”
          Your reality has been debunked more than a few times. Clearly you are unaware of the historical precedence that lead to this statement.
          Nobody is making you belief in anything. That you are insecure in your own convictions (that there is no God), is not a religious person’s problem. You wish to shut others up so you are not confronted with the alternative EVER! People have squabbled over religion over the millennia, you are certainly not unique in that. Interestingly it endures and continues to have millions of followers!
          As for the 1st amendment issue:
          What you wear on a t-shirt isn’t covered, as the 1st amendment covers political speech, that the government or its agents can not suppress. If your interpretations were accurate then people, who say stuff on social media that is objectionable to their employer could not be fired, yet it happens all the time.

        • It’s freedom OF religion cman, not FROM religion. Twisting words to fit your agenda is a bad look but is SOP for the progressive left.

    • If you really want to wear a T-shirt that announces a general message of
      “Evil (Satan)=Pride/Pronouns” go right ahead, we won’t stop you. Go ahead assert your 1st amendment right.

    • If you wish to celebrate the dark lord, that’s your choice and it is your life, but don’t expect me to acknowledge, support or join your worship of evil, which is really what you want, isn’t it?

      • I have no interest in promoting Satan, which is just another myth made up by people to control other people. However, Satan isn’t any worse than the evil doctrine promoted by Christianity; that of vicarious redemption by human sacrifice. I don’t care what anyone else wants to believe as long as they don’t try to force it on me. I don’t think anyone is forcing these t-shirts on you, are they?

        • “I don’t care what anyone else wants to believe as long as they don’t try to force it on me”
          Maybe you should live by your own standard, as you are clearly determined to force people to leave their faith at the door, as not to infringe on your set of world views. Why not just smile say “that’s nice” and move on? Yet you are determined to convince all and sundry that you are correct and they are in someway delusional. Move on Cman

          • How about just smile and say, “that’s nice, “ to those wearing the satan shirts?

            Why would cman say that with the point cman makes, I get the decernment regarding Christianity.

          • Because cman doesn’t just have a personal non belief, he actively denigrates others that have religious beliefs. I’ve met several people that did not believe in God. Most of them were just people that had views that differed greatly from mine. But people like cman are not happy unless they can try put down ANYONE that has a differing view than his. If it was a matter of cman’s crowd simply stating their own views and letting us have ours, we could all just move on with life. But, since he brings war on my beliefs, I will fight back.

          • Oh, hi Maureen. It would not be a religious topic comment section without you. Frankly, cman or anyone else can wear what they like and I routinely say “that’s nice” and move on.
            That does not mean I can not find it in poor taste or prophetic to have the dark lord of all evil associated with the LGBT crowd. As for cman it clearly appears he can not leave his favorite toy of lording it over religious folks how much more superior he is.

    • “And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.”

      Luke 4:6 KJV

  7. Edit: “They are on the loose and won’t be stuffed back into the closet!”

  8. All this did not start with the Pride parades. It started when we were convinced to outlaw “hate speech.” We did not realize that someone has to designate what “hate speech” is, and that the designation can change with whoever defines it. Although it usually starts with something we can all agree with, it doesn’t take long to become someone’s way of shutting up those in disagreement with them. These people are now the forerunners of a new woke civilization that will destroy democracy by cancelling anyone who disagrees with them. So now we have to keep our mouths shut about LGBTQ activities being paraded around or we are designated as “homophobic.” Yes the attack is on the religions that do not agree with this behavior, including Christianity and Islam which both condemn this behavior.y As for Target, it just lost another customer.

    • There’s no such thing as hate speech in this country. SCOTUS has long since ruled on that. Not only do I refuse to be censored, but more importantly, I refuse to be a censor. Sadly, there are few in the MAGA crowd that feel this way, nor are there many in the woke left that feel this way.

      I enjoy coming to this site because I usually see opinions that I disagree with almost in full measure. That’s the only way I can known the validity of my own opinions.

      • the government doesn’t need you to be a censor they have the tech companies on speed dial for that. it’s a great 1A work around

  9. Instead of boycotting things you don’t like, buycott from people who have similar values.

    Vote with your dollars.

  10. My Walmart now has a big homosexual display of rainbow stuff. I called them and deleted my account. I will NEVER shop there again.

    • Reality check says if you refuse to patronize any business doing the pride thing, you’re not gonna be buying anything for anyone.

      Choose your battle more carefully.

      • Reality check says you’re wrong, there are millions of businesses not propagandizing homosexuality, which is about 2-3 percent of the population, unlike what’s on TV which I quit watching 15 years ago but I hear is heavily homo. That’s hilarious that your telling me to keep shopping at Walmart which sells mainly Chinese Communist slave goods.

        • What the hell are you babbling about? You must be an Alaska public school grad with reading comprehension skills this poor.

          First, I never told you to keep shopping at Target.

          Second, your TV habits or lack thereof are of interest to nobody outside of you.

          Third, there are mountains in the Tracy Arm which are not as dense as you chose to be.

          It would be fun to go through your house and take everything from woke companies. You’d probably be left naked, cold, and mute.

          If you want to go cold turkey on your shopping, frankly, you’re screwed. You better buy from natives and Amish. Almost everything else is made in whole or part in China.

          That includes most meds you might be taking.

          My point, despite your inability to understand it, is if you try to go no woke across the board, you’re gonna find very, very little to choose from.

          Better to assess your life, your needs, and choose effectively where you don’t trade with. Do the most strategic good while not cutting your own throat.

          But you do you, boo.

          • Kind of easy to push your buttons isn’t it. How’s your blood pressure, have you had a checkup lately?

          • The laughing may begin with me, but by the time that things are over, I will be the only one that is laughing, as those that dare laugh, mock, and ridicule myself will no longer be doing so in their lives, or doing much anything else for that matter. You laugh at me for being different. I laugh at you all for being the same.

  11. The road to Hell
    is wide and curvy. You won’t want to be there seperated from All that God gave us here and his goodness his creations. I’d miss God’s songbirds.
    These people who “hate” .. God, they don’t know him

  12. I noticed the Wasilla Target had a huge “queer” display up front by the registers I got what I needed and left. Pretty sure I won’t shop Target again . Go Woke, Go Broke.

  13. One of my many questions here is what was the mindset of the person who green lit this?

    Was it to get publicity for tweaking Christians (also Muslims and Jews) or did some marketing report say these will actually move in bulk?

    Especially after watching Bud Light attempt consumer suicide.

  14. “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

    Revelations 12:9 KJV

  15. As Matt Walsh pithily pointed out, they’re calling our bluff…if we did it to Bud Light, we need to reject every brand that would sacrifice women, children, conscience, and reason to the foul grips of Satan. Nike, Build-a-Bear, Adidas, Jack Daniels, etc.

    I reject Satan. And all his empty promises.

  16. All humans have 3 parts – mind, body & spirit. When you don’t take care of the spiritual part with the right stuff (whatever your definition of that may be), it will be filled with ANYTHING else. There are a lot of religions masquerading these days: environmentalism, belief in government by the left, for instance. Lots of things are faith-based and not Christian these days. Cheers –

  17. The funniest part of all this: Satan doesn’t respect anything. Including pronouns.

  18. I knew something was up with the designers fake mustache.Her work is predictable boring.Boycott.

    We the people have much more power than we think!!! When we STOP shopping at these stores and stay strong in our decisions, that’s when the franchise’s will start re-thinking their loyalty!!! This is where the rubber meets the road!!!

    • Never! We are clawing back our country! This is the first step of our fight against the Woke mob. Next we put women back in the homes, raising the children as they were designed to do. And then we stop mixing the races, America must be a pure nation! But this is where we need to draw the line first!

      • LOL nice try!
        Impersonating a conservative much? Too bad you can’t pull it off, just repeating stereotypes you have been reading on your lefty blogs.
        That being said “Welcome”!

  20. Actually the simple solution is NOT to buy the merchandise that you object to. This is all a bottom line issue for the retailers not a political/social engineering one. LGBT is “in vogue” right this minute and so they want to cash in on that trend. When at the end of the year they are stuck with loads of devil worshiping pride stuff, they will reassess. This is an easy protest as there are many other options available, a message Bud Light learned the hard way.

  21. Jeffery Dahmer and Charles Manson were also fascinated with satanic worship and performed satanic rituals from time to time. I am curious how peacefully their souls are resting or have their souls come back as CEO’s for Target? I would like to sit in on these management meetings and listen to what is being said behind closed doors and what certain individual motives are? Makes me wonder how successful this satanic related marketing idea works out for them and how many LGTBQ+ individuals buy into this sham. It certainly sheds a different shade of light on the movement from rainbow colors to something more sinister which is what I think the entire idea is to begin with.

    By introducing the satanic look they are able to capture a much bigger audience and influence a much larger sector of deranged youth which is ultimately their goal as well as a much larger $$$$ sales number which has been proven to be the ultimate goal of their entire “empire” regardless of social impact. They just simply dont care about struggling family issues or what the results of their “target” becomes. The more they can contribute to the array of cults the more dollars in their pockets.

  22. Does Target have a Bridal Section? I don’t think so. Too bad. Equal time and all. Say, brides like to tidy themselves up as much as possible for the acquisition of a permanent lifetime mate for some (unknown by many) reason now (having etiology denied by Christ deniers). Per se.

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