Tim Barto: Nice guys don’t have to finish last



Leo Durocher was a fiercely competitive baseball lifer whose autobiography was titled, Nice Guys Finish Last. Despite being dubbed “the All American Out” by Yankee roommate Babe Ruth, Durocher had a decent career as a Major Leaguer and was a key member of the fiery and bawdry St. Louis Cardinals’ world championship team known as “The Gashouse Gang.” His passion for the game and determination to win at all costs earned him a promotion to player-manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers at the age of 33, after which he went on to manage in the big leagues for 24 seasons. 

When repeatedly asked to give an example of how badly he wanted to win, Leo “The Lip” finally produced a very Durocheresque example:  If he was playing third base and his mother was a baserunner rounding third with the winning run, he would trip her. Critics be damned. The important thing was to come out on top. 

In today’s political climate there is one group of people who seem to adhere to Leo’s mantra that nice guys finish last: the political left. Their manifesto dictates an unalterable dedication to passing and promoting their agenda; whether it’s redistributing wealth, demanding abortion at any time for any reason, or promoting genital mutilation in the name of gender identity, the left plays to win. And they’re really good at it.

Just look at the current legislative session. Promises were made by the left side of the aisle that they would not introduce controversial social legislation, but those promises were broken early on when the following bills were filed during the 33rd Legislature: 

  • SB43 would mandate sex education for public school students beginning in kindergarten and give schools a way to bypass parental notification when it comes to teaching children highly divisive sex education topics like how to “safely” engage in both heterosexual and homosexual sexual activities.
  • HB17 opens the door for abortion pills to be made available to minors and dismisses the conscious protections of faith-based business owners who would be opposed to providing abortifacients to their employees.
  • HB43 would prevent individuals with unwanted same sex or gender identity issues from seeking the counseling they are wanting.

What of the Republicans – those who allege to be conservative in their values? Firstly, they ceded power to the Democrats in the Senate, forming a coalition majority despite having won a majority of Republican seats (11 of 20). The House Republicans, also having won a majority of seats (21 of 40), withstood a similar attempt at control but elected a true conservative in Cathy Tilton as speaker. 

But what has happened to conservative bills being introduced in the Senate, or far left bills being introduced in the House? The Senate conservatives abided by the “no controversial social bills” agreement and have not introduced any socially conservative legislation, despite the actions taken by liberal senators to introduce very contentious, socially charged legislation. The House has allowed the contraceptive bill (HB17) to be heard and referred out of committee.

An argument can certainly be made that the Republicans are maintaining their integrity by allowing socially liberal bills to be heard while not introducing socially conservative bills, but being the nice guys in this scenario ignores the damage being done by the left. When in charge, the Democrats do not allow conservative bills to be forwarded. When the Republicans allow liberal bills to be heard and referred out of committee, it takes time away from hearing legislation that advances the cause of Faith, family, and freedom. 

The left is knowingly, willfully, and quite intentionally taking advantage of the nice guys. Does this mean the right needs to be mean-spirited and vengeful? Absolutely not, but it does mean they must be tough and stand their ground. Democrat Senators Tobi Loken, Jesse Kiehl, and Elvi Gray-Jackson are some of the most congenial people you could meet. They comport themselves with good manners and kindness. We can do the same while advancing the causes of parental rights, common sense, and moral decency. 

It’s a constant source of frustration, and at times a dilemma, but the price of being too nice and allowing the win-at-all-costs Left the courtesies they would never grant conservatives is a losing strategy. Jim Minnery at Alaska Family Council shares this dilemma.

Jim, his lovely wife, Kim, and other part time staff over the years have been working determinedly for a decade and a half to advance Christian values in Alaska. They want to win for common sense, parental rights, family values, and moral decency. And while they do not condone tripping mothers on the basepaths, they stand their ground and seek wins for what is right. It is my honor to have been asked to come alongside them in this task. 

Tim Barto is the new Vice President of Operations for Alaska Family Council, and a fan of Leo Durocher . . . which, he believes, are not mutually exclusive. 


  1. Flaws in this concept.

    -Republicans have integrity. Their behavior says otherwise.

    -Republicans oppose what the left is doing. Their behavior says otherwise.

    -Republicans can be tough if necessary. Since when?

    -Jesse Keihl is congenital. Conservatives in Juneau beg to disagree.

    -Republicans expected the left to honor any kind of gentleman’s agreement. That says everything one needs to know about the stupidity of Republicans.

    Instead of Leo, try the Teddy Roosevelt approach. Speak softly and carry a big stick. The left might actually act like honorable people if they had a genuine fear of consequences.

    The GOP, with a couple notable exceptions, is truly the party of Mike Dunleavy. Spineless, ineffective, useless, and scared of its own shadow.

  2. There’s a book called “no more mr nice guy”. Every conservative should give it a read. Nice is generally “ I won’t stick up for myself, because I’m afraid of confrontation. But I’ll react by getting frustrated about it later”. That’s not nice. This article l is the first example I’ve seen of someone catching on. Thanks for the good writing and thoughts.

  3. There has never been a time like we are currently embroiled in my lifetime and I find it most unfortunate that the US Constitution has been trampled by a judiciary that fails to uphold the constitution when these affronts make it to the courts. The author is absolutely correct, it has never been wrong to stand up for what you believe in in the US until the recent cry for Democracy became the battle cry of the left. Meanwhile, those on the right refuse to call them out on the falsity of such a premise. The US is a Constitutional Republic, NOT a Democracy and the sooner people begin to push back on the mob rule approach of the left, the sooner we can attempt to unwind this destructive watch that is ticking toward the doom of our freedoms.

  4. The radical left keeps pushing, and winning, their agendas over those not part of the radical left, simply because it is easy to win when one has no morals, no scruples, no sense of justice or fair play, and is willing to do WHATEVER it takes to win, no matter how unethical or even how illegal.
    How does the those opposing them counter this advantage that the totalitarians have?

  5. Tim- Interesting common connections Democrat Senators Tobi Loken, Jesse Kiehl, and Elvi Gray-Jackson and Jim Minnery, all four of these nice folks would gladly accept authoritarian rule from their own party. Further they would essentially lead or herd people into the Lesser of Evils mindset; Freedom and Liberty be damned. As far as HB43 I have two major concerns:
    1: I am unaware of one public elementry school exceed 80% of students being able read or do math. Any extra time should be devoted to this.
    2: K-6 should be a time of protective innocence not a gradual increase of sexual practices.

    I would encourage the readers to watch AK Department of Education Mandatory Trng regarding Mandatory Reporting of Sexual Abuse located here: ‘https://education.alaska.gov/elearning/childabuse

    If the stats are correct and i tend to think they are, WE have a problem here in AK. And WE need to be the solution.

    SD probably won’t allow much more but there are solutions.

  6. With the exception of one person that I know, it’s been my experience that nice guys do finish last most of the time unless they are extremely cagey, or lucky. All things being equal, they’re usually isn’t any substitute for being dastardly versus nice.

  7. “Standing athwart history, yelling stop ” is a losing strategy. You are either winning or losing the culture and the society. I hope we collectively put it in gear and do what needs to be done to protect our children, to protect or culture, and to create the best conditions for our society to thrive. Playing defense is a loser. We must do much more then “be tough and stand their ground.” Where is the vision? Where is the backbone? If we do not lead others will and have. And lead us right off the cliff they are.

  8. It should amaze me that anyone would still promote conversion therapy. If this nonsense is going to be allowed, then how about conversion therapy for those that have heterosexual urges but want to be homosexual? Would it be OK to “treat” someone with such desires?

    • > how about conversion therapy for those that have heterosexual urges

      Teaching deviance is not a kind act. Deviance is usually attached to past trauma that has turned into fetish. Most “conversion” therapy is focused on healing from the past trauma, so as to live a happy and fulfilled life which deviant behavior is in direct contrast. How about we help people to be better and instead of cheer-leading them into sinking into their base instincts like some type of animal.

    • C(ommunist)man, why should anyone want to convert those who are healthy and normal into those with mental illness and who are abnormal? Talk about false equivalency!
      You radical leftists do not have five functioning logic synapses between the lot of you.

      • And you cannot seem to respond to any of my posts without including an insult/ad hominem. That’s a sign of someone with a weak argument or none at all. Gay people don’t “choose” to be gay anymore than a black person chooses to be black. Homosexuality isn’t a mental disorder and to claim that shows some serious ignorance. It was long ago taken out the DSM to reflect this reality.

        • I disagree, C(ommunist)man. Same-sex attraction is obviously a mental illness, as is all other sexual deviancies. That is why it was recognized as such by every professional psychiatry association until the 1970s, when it became political expedient to back away from the logic of their former position.
          You radical leftists are always under the fatal delusion that your desires and wishes can define reality, but you are wrong, wrong, wrong in that belief. You have collectively never progressed intellectually beyond the toddler stage. And that is not an ad hominem attack, it is simply reality — the same reality that you desperately and idiotically try to deny.

          • How brave of you to anonymously attack someone online without even knowing them. Very sad. Why you seem to care how other people live their lives when it has zero impact on your own is beyond me. How about you live and let live, or is that not an option for you?

          • Jefferson. How about specifically defining which sexual practices are deviant and which are not. Feel free to draw on your own experience if there is any.

  9. It is great to see Tim Barto working with Jim Minnery. Congratulations Tim and great article!
    Conservatives will never make consistent meaningful progress until they become united. The left unite on anything goes – the right must find what they can stand behind at all costs then stand. Conservatives are the ones who are always asked to move from the right – the only ones who are willing to move – and they do it every time. Thank God for the 20 in the US House who STOOD!

  10. In my deLings with Elvi Gray-Jackson i found her a foul mouthed ingrate.
    Degraded my Judiasm, showed her antisemitism in her language and behaviour.
    She is foul along with the rest of the d3moncrats, bullies every one.
    Grow a spine republicans, fight back by standing up for us and dont let any more of these maddening and atrocious bills out. DUNLEAVY – you better veto these!

  11. Conservatives do not need to resort to being rude or foul mouthed or even just plain mean to get ahead. We just need to get a backbone. Dealing with leftists is like dealing with a toddler. When you tell a toddler that it’s time to go to bed, you know that they will whine and throw a tantrum. It’s inevitable. So you simply show them that despite their bad behavior, they will still be going to bed at the appropriate time. An adult doesn’t allow the toddler their way just because of their tantrum and an adult does not need to resort to yelling or bad behavior on their own part.
    So the next time a lefty pushes for something contrary to good public policy, the conservatives just need to state that is not going to happen. You know there will be a tantrum on line, on radio, and in the press, so calmly explain that it STILL is not going to happen and for the following reasons.
    Unfortunately, most conservatives seem to think the worst thing for them to behold is a tantrum from a lefty. C’mon people! It’s a badge of honor! After all, the scariest thing would be to introduce a new policy and have the lefties agree with you.

    • That’s interesting Paul. Some on here resort to name calling and mudslinging on a daily basis and wear it as their badge of honor. You folks know who you are. My child never once kicked and screamed and threw a fit when it was bedtime, rather they started rubbing their eyes with their fists telling me they were getting tired and it was time. They never threw themselves down in the checkout line at Walmart kicking and screaming and wanting a candy bar. I can’t even imagine that happens but yet I’ve seen it many times and I just shake my head. The problem is the parenting. I was sitting in my parked car the other day and a woman had a little screaming kid in her shopping cart when they went by me. She was threatening to do all sorts of things to that kid if he didn’t shut up. This is the kind of behavior that doesn’t have a positive result. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

  12. Alaska is not the largest state. Alaska is the smallest state in the the United States with the largest foreign/federal parasite.

  13. A friend of mine is the nicest guy I know. Literally help old ladies in Freddy nice. More than once he’s stepped in to save tourists from local lowlife.

    He’s also the strongest, most ruthless, meanest SOB in Southeast.

    If crossed. And only if crossed.

    Why is he rarely crossed? People know if pushed hard enough, he hits back a hell of a lot harder.

    The point being. He has a well established reputation of not being someone to deal unscrupulously with. Backed up by practical application. Said reputation is something the AK GOP doesn’t have.

  14. Of what use is “nice”, Tim, against enemies whose raison d’etre is killing babies, mutilating children, perverting children, destroying America’s borders, language, culture, and history, turning America into a Mexican suburb?
    Great Referee’s gonna step in, make ’em be nice because… well, nice is good?
    They’re cute and cuddly, look like us and really mean well so we oughta give ’em a big hug, maybe a child or two to mutilate?
    Be nice to the pronoun-challenged darlings so they won’t get upset throw screaming fits, pass laws and taxes against decent folk?
    And your lot, Tim, so nice were they… not a word, nothing when a fraudulent h yphenated-mayor closed their Constitutionally protected churches?
    Might our “nice” be more compelling to the other side, Tim, when offered from a perspective which suggests beyond reasonable doubt our “not-nice” is the stuff of their worst nightmares?
    No right or wrong answer, Tim… if the issue’s all about who wins the contest between their ideology and our interests, what do you suggest for those mindful of Luke 6:27?

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