Alex Gimarc: Sen. Lisa Murkowski beclowns herself on Trump



Alaska’s senior U.S. senator took to Twitter (X) midweek in full-throated support of the four newest indictments of former President Donald Trump. Blowback was immediate and harsh both on Twitter and here in MRAK.  

Sen. Lisa Murkowski is in her happy place, a world where Trump is about to get his, and she couldn’t be more pleased or sanctimonious. Sadly, the damage to the body politic by the indictments and her support for it will be significant.  

Lisa tweeted the following:

“In early 2021, I voted to impeach former President Trump based on clear evidence that he attempted to overturn the 2020 election after losing it. Additional evidence presented since then, including by the January 6 Commission, has only reinforced that the former President played a key role in instigating the riots, resulting in physical violence and desecration of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. I encourage everyone to read the indictment, to understand the very serious allegations being made in this case.”

There has been no formal press release from her office on this round of indictments like there was in June on the classified documents indictments.  

Her comments are borderline amazing.  Let’s take a look at what she says and apparently believes.

She starts off proudly reminding readers of her vote to impeach Citizen Donald Trump in Feb 2021 weeks after he left office. 

Note that Congress does not have the authority to impeach, try or convict anyone after they are out of office, yet Lisa wears this profoundly unconstitutional act like a badge of honor. 

Don’t forget the other aspects: Trump not being allowed to defend himself or present any contrary evidence before either house of Congress in this.

She then goes on to state there is clear evidence that he attempted to overturn the 2020 election after losing it. 

Trump was questioning the results, something elections losers have been doing since Andrew Jackson lost the presidency in the Corrupt Bargain of 1824.  Nearly 200 years later and we are doing the same thing, yet in Lisa’s world, these questions are somehow a new and awful thing.  

She then mentions evidence. Sadly, there was no evidence presented either in support of or in opposition to the 2020 results. Why? Not a single court took the case. They were all thrown out, usually due to lack of standing and poor timing (too early or too late). No court case equals no evidence. It simply doesn’t exist. Lisa thinks it does.  

As it turns out, the courts are not the place to decide this. Congress is the place, which is why Trump was trying to force Congress to do its job.Congress — Lisa included — refused, which is a choice. It was the wrong choice, but a choice nonetheless.  

Lisa talks about additional evidence presented including that of the Jan. 6 Commission, yet she appears to be completely oblivious to the fact that nobody on the Trump team was allowed to present any alternative evidence to the commission. 

Indeed, unlike the normal House Committee, it didn’t have a functional minority, with all minority nominees rejected by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Committee was singularly uninterested in FBI informants embedded in the crowd, why National Guard troops weren’t called up, why the Capital Police were told to allow protesters into the capital, and any or all communications between Speaker Pelosi’s office, the police, FBI, Pentagon, and other entities responsible for security. 

It turns out that Lisa isn’t much interested in that either, as her mind, like any steel trap, is already made up that it is “Bad Orange Man’s fault.”

She ends her tweet reminding us all how scary the riot was for her and her fellow swamp dwellers, and calls on us all to read the indictments.  

I get it that the event was scary. It was supposed to be, intended by whomever organized it to stampede Congress into mindlessly certifying the 2020 election results. 

But Lisa is singularly disinterested in finding out who was behind it, who participated in the organization, planning and execution of it, opting to believe the carefully constructed fantasy that a bunch of unarmed people taking selfies in a single building are capable of flipping the government of the most powerful nation in the known history of the planet.


Lisa needs to think long and hard about what is going on here. The Biden Justice Department is going after former President Trump with everything they’ve got, meddling in yet another national election like they did in 2016 (Russia Collusion), 2020 (Hunter laptop), and 2022 (social media censorship), none of which Lisa seems to be interested in solving, much less acknowledging.  

In the courts, they are going after Trump using the very same techniques they used to target and fraudulently convict Ted Stevens in 2008, removing him from office. 

You would think Lisa would be more sensitive to that, too, for all her professed sadness at Ted leaving the Senate. She isn’t, however, because her mind is made up, and this is her last best chance to get rid of Trump completely.  

This mess has grown every single day of the 21 years Lisa Murkowski has been in the US Senate. She is generally uninterested in even acknowledging we have a problem other than taking the occasional opportunity to blast away at Trump.  She could have done something, anything, to solve it. She still can. Yet she has chosen to focus on other things. 

She has chosen. Poorly. What a waste of a career in the Senate.  

Alex Gimarc lives in Anchorage since retiring from the military in 1997. His interests include science and technology, environment, energy, economics, military affairs, fishing and disabilities policies. His weekly column “Interesting Items” is a summary of news stories with substantive Alaska-themed topics. He was a small business owner and Information Technology professional.


  1. We told Lisa to keep quiet about Trump and not to stir the waters. But Lisa is a committed Democrat who hides behind her Republican parents. She voted for conviction on the impeachment of Trump, citing that Trump lost the 2020 election and tried to overturn it. My, my!
    Lisa lost her 2010 US Senate race in Alaska, until she tried to overturn it, and succeeded, because of the Democrats and the Bush voters who didn’t know how to spell “Murkowski.” The Alaska Supreme Court came to Lisa’s rescue.
    We’ve known all along that Lisa is immature and extremely mixed-up. But we had to play along with her charades to keep our dynasty going in Alaska. Lisa is not our brightest child. Her reasoning skills are minimal and that’s why she has to rely on her Democrat friends to elect her with the usual political subterfuge and games.
    We have been extremely embarrassed by her. Our Republican friends have all but abandoned us. That’s why we decided to live in a small SE community. We are genuinely sorry for all the trouble we have unintentionally foisted on Alaska through our misguided efforts to be royalty.

    • As a SE resident myself, about the only good thing about keeping Princess in office is it keeps her away from here.

      Not that she’d bother with us backwater folks anyway.

    • The honorable senator Murkowski from the great state of Alaska, having done more for our military in Alaska than any other current senator for thiers and the senator that has brought more money to her native state per capita also than any other is on a role and has in fact earned the nick name Aunt Lisa, has become a mainstay as senator and we are blessed with a senator that was actually born here.
      Though the uterus police may not be completely onboard, all should stand in her presence. 😉

        • Jefferson; I thank Senator Murkowski for what she has done for you Jefferson, Andy and all Alaskans, improving all our lives with her Alaska first U.S. Senate Legislation.

          • Relax Jefferson. We need to have ‘compassion’ for 3rd Generation. After all, how BAD must his life have been if he says lil lisa improved it! There, there, 3rd, we feel sorry for you, now that we understand.

      • Three Gen:
        You are as mentally ill as the Princess. If it’s only about spending and bringing pork to Alaska, you are as simple-minded as PeeWee Herman. The pork is off the taxpayer’s backs, you idiot. Joe Biden and Lisa Murkowski don’t give a damn about the source or the devastation of deficit spending and runaway inflation. They just want to appear magnanimous to fools like you. Lisa Murkowski is trying to preserve her name and the Murkowski Dynasty through the non-thinking public like yourself. You have very weak arguments……like a seventh grader who want a treat. Read Nancy’s comment about six more times and try to imagine yourself taking the Alaska Bar Exam six times like Lisa, and flunking six times. Now you know why Lisa isn’t a very smart person.

      • “…….the uterus police may not be completely onboard……..”
        You’d better believe I’m not, and yeah, “uterus police” are exactly what we need in the face of persistent, unapologetic, and hostile mass homicide. Abortion remains specifically opposed in the Republican Party platform, and you killers should defect to the Demonrat side or create your own bloodthirsty party. Murky needs to switch religions and political parties so she can support the holocaust as honorably as possible. Perverting Catholicism and the GOP isn’t going to fly without vicious resistance.

        • The republican party has not been high jacked by extreme right wingers to your dismay, but in fact is still the party of Lincoln, T. Roosevelt and Reagan who was indifferent to abortion and I haven’t even mentioned Alaska republican Senator Ted Stevens who was pro choice 😉

          • You can cite any RINO you’d like, but a pro-life plank has been on the Republican Party platform since 1976. If you can’t live with it, why can’t you leave with honor?
            I’ll tell you why: because you’d lose your position of power. You’re just another bloodstained opportunist living off of the victims of your mass homicidal ideology to use the party to advance your other agendas.

    • Nancy and Frankie:
      All you did was set your daughter up for nasty work in the US Senate. In the long run, you did her no favors. She is the earmark queen of the Senate and darling of Senate Democrats and Left-wing staffers. A real stooge of a daughter. She still thinks the Republican Party endears her when 90% actually hate her. Unfortunately, your legacy will not hold up because she has managed to shatter the glass ceiling with only her Democrat friends. A very mixed-up woman who hangs in the balance through authorized Democrat appropriations in the Senate, the Democrat Party, and Alaska Bush voters who get the spoils. A sad family, not a legacy family.

  2. The only indictment I am interested in reading is the one she should be served with.
    What she did with the stolen money she is trying to hide from Sam”theBankman”Fried.
    Concealing stolen property IS a crime and she knows better having eventually passed the bar exam.

    But she has recently learned that voting with and for Democrats has provided immunity for all crimes committed by and for Democrats.

  3. The blow back from those individuals and publications already at odds with Murkowski was another day another complaint.

    Good work Lisa.

    • I get that you just will not, nor will ever, like Trump. I understand. He could rescue a kids kitten from a house fire and you would still not like him.

      But what, exactly is the ‘good work’ that lisa has done? The only thing I can give her credit for is, until the last few years, she had never voted against 2nd amendment rights. But she even does that now. What exactly do you like about her, as a senator?

      • Nice to see you Paul.

        She voted to both impeach tfg while he was in office, given evidence presented. And now she one of few republicans to stand up “follow the evidence-and it’s concerning”, while the defendandant has considerable rights right now-like innocent until proven guilty.

        Very difficult to do given the political environment of this state’s and nation’s politics presently-however I believe she represents most of this state, which believes in law and order generally.

        Did you read the indictment? I bet you did. For others that haven’t-It is clearly written and understandable (not much if any court jargon or Greek.

        When there are only two political parties, how do we hold our politicians accountable without it looking like a political hit?

        • You are inaccurate, Maureen, maybe you are lying on purpose. Maybe you are actually an dishonest agent of disinformation. Murkowski voted against convicting him during the first impeachment, and voted for conviction of him after he left office, during the second, and probably illegal impeachment. He was acquitted by the Senate in 2020, and then the House tried a new set of offenses. Lisa said at the time the first impeachment was rushed and sloppy in the House.

          • It is amusing, Maureen, how you radical leftist extremists can play the “law and order” card when it suits you and your political agenda, and utterly ignore it when it doesn’t.

            Hypocrisy, thy name is radical leftist.

        • “……..When there are only two political parties, how do we hold our politicians accountable without it looking like a political hit?”
          By treating them alike. You can start that process by supporting an impeachment inquiry on President Biden for bribery, abuse of power, and obstruction of justice.

        • Impeaching is to remove an emolument ocvupant from office. The election as calibrated by the democrats put President Trump out of office. The election was given to someone else. Donald Trump was at the time of the feigned impeachment already a private citizen. The constitution has no provision for impeachment of private citizens who are not occupying an advantage laden emolument. The Senators are also forbidden from pretended legislation purporting to do something it does not do, color of law. Senators are bound by oath 24 hours around the clock and especially on the clock to defend this US Constitution which does NOT provide for impeaching private citizens nor does it allow for pretrended acts of legislation pretending to do this.
          An insurrection is aiding and abetting our avowed enemies (who currently publish internationally their goal of depopulation of the US). An insurrection is not political speech. American residents have the right to assemble to petition its congress for redress of grievances. Donald Trump and others have the right to articulate what is a greivance. For elected servants to impugn the assembled is forsaking duty. Which the Congress did. To cover it up as best as they could congress redirected the narrative.
          Alaskan bundles will always be questionable because the US Constitution calls for structural state secretaries of state to do required authentication duties and other Constitutional duties in service of the Alaskan people in this case certifying for correctness and authenticating State Electoral College voters and votes. The state of Alaska structure is out of compliance with election rules specified because Alaska in its infinite wisdom built itself without a Secretary of State to perform these US Constitutionally required auditing duties required of each state. We do not have an approved or de facto Acting Secretary of State. Alaska is out of Compliance, structurally with the US Constitution. So, perhaps going firward none of Alaska’s electoral votes can properly be computed into future Presidential election results accurately, decently and in order. Shall I go on? Who cares right Maureen. Certainly not you. There is much more. Pence, the last fiduciary for the US Corporation certified Alaska’s votes were “perfect”. Were they? What do you think, auditor. Why do things have to be done decently and in order when you can just shlump along, girlishly in a European shawl. Right?

        • I guess where I would have to disagree with you is the idea that she represents Alaskans. For the most part, Alaska is a red state (one reason why I moved here). And one of the first red flags, for me, with lisa, was when she campaigned as a staunch traditional marriage supporter. This garnered much support for her within the state. Then, a few months after she was re elected, she became a big supporter of gay marriage bills. Whether you support or are against these stands, the fact that any politician will publicly flip that fast, should be a danger signal. Then came her support for abortions. Then she started publicly supporting sleepy joe’s foreign policies, like the Afghanistan ‘withdrawal’. Finally she crossed the one line I will never stand for, the 2nd Amendment. I cannot and will NEVER support a person that has or will diminish the 2nd Amendment.
          And these are just the high points. She has other issues such as working with the ‘central committee’ to beat Joe Miller.

    • It’s so good to play both sides. I can stand with Lisa and her Left-wing Democrat friends in DC. The food, alcohol, and dope is really top of the line. And, good looking promiscuous Democrat chicks cruising for quick hook-ups. Or, I can roll with Frankie and Nancy and RINOs, sitting around the barbecues and drinking beer with a lot of old duffers. Both ways works for me, just as long as I get some of that inheritance money from Frankie’s many government pensions. Beats the hell out of working for a living.

  4. You all are a bunch of Bird Brains! You think you can slam a loyal and dedicated Senator this way by following the words of Alex Gimarc. His writing was a absolute disaster attempting to stretch the truth in the weakest possible way!

    Why is it so hard for you right wingers to understand the true reality of your disgraced ex-president? He fu_ked up and now he has to deal with the consequences.

    Get over it, good LORD

        • The insurrection was accomplished by Congress if there was one by usurping freedom of political speech and refusing two million Americans assembled in the city square in the foreign enclave of Columbia assembled to Petition its representatives for redress of grivances.

      • Hey Patrick. Remember what the doctor said; you’re supposed to snap that rubber band on your wrist when you get this way.

    • “…….Get over it…….”
      Don’t count on it. Between the far right, the far left, and a cowardly middle class, this manipulative deep state is headed to Hell, especially the Department of No Justice. Re-read the chapter of your history book on the French Revolution………if you have a history book……….

  5. Hey Lisa,
    How long do you think you will be able to get away with remaining unrepentant? There is, at least one righteous judge, and you WILL have to account for your behavior.

  6. Just when I think my contempt for this loathsome fool has reached an ultimate bottom, Princess Lisa manages to dredge the channel through the swamp muck that she inhabits even deeper.

  7. The Princess threw Sen Stevens under the Bus from the get go! Now she is more interested in smoozing with Her goood Friend Joe Manchin

  8. Regarding the attached photo, is that Princess Lisa wearing her death shroud?

    It would be appropriate, seeing that she is on her political deathbed here, and more than halfway to becoming a desiccated mummy.

  9. Lisa has become a socialist/communist or, in other words, a globalist. She is no longer an American as she has tossed the constution out the window along with her brain and morals. She is a disruptor, same as the Anchorage assembly is. When she is no longer useful as a disruptor of society, she will be eliminated along with the pink, green and purple haired freaks that worship her, like Patrick.

    • Don’t forget Ted. No one else got a stab at participating, and now most laud Ted for his years of service.

      Term limits.

  10. Oh well. If Alaska’s three voters can never accurately be counted into electoral process that pretty ensures Alaska is powerless right. Which is why I see Murkowsky’ refusal to work as hard as possible with Constitutionalist, proAlaska President Trump as such a tragedy. She really had an opportunity to come to Alaska’s support for the scale of projects Alaska needs – the railroad projects for one. There are many. Donald Trump would have loved to make them happen. Perhaps next election.

  11. Lisa Murkowski sure looks old and weathered. In the US Senate for only 23 years (thanks to daddy Frank) and she looks like Diane Feinstein’s older sister. Aging out quickly.

      • I doubt the Murkowski family gives a rat’s *ss about anyone except themselves. I always suspected they were a selfish bunch.

  12. Come on Suzanne! You can tell us! 3rd Generation Alaskan is a secret pseudonym of Craig Campbell’s, right?

  13. I’m laughing at the phony conservatives who defend Trump. Trump is not a conservative. Trump grew our national debt by $7 trillion dollars. That’s not conservative. That’s a similar sort of reckless nonsense we see with the demented, corrupt Biden. Trump supported Hillary Clinton before he ran for president. Anyone who has a clue knows that is not what a conservative does.

    Dump Trump to defeat Biden. Is it really that hard?

    • M…..
      Biden grew are national debt by $17 trillion in just two years. You are paying $11 for sliced cheese, $4.50 for milk, and $5 for gas under Joe Bidenomics……….who dines on caviar, lobster, steak, and rack of lamb every night…… your expense. And Biden wants you to pay for the kid’s college degrees and electric cars too.
      . Suggestion:
      Buy ammo while it’s still cheap. You’re going to need it.

  14. Even leaders making poor decisions, their leadership wasn’t wasted. I was listening to my radio and two bible and world scholars were discussing the political leaders, events, and decisions made up to and during Jesus Christ time mirroring what was happening then will be happening at his second coming. The world as they knew it had massive collusions, corruption, tyranny, religious rule, hypocrisy, and coup d’états. The Bible teachers were saying the government and religious leaders of the day 3000 years ago they set the stage for the coming Lord’s trial and crucifixation. Leaders as Murkowski are more likely setting the stage for our risen Lord’s return, his second coming, he promised his return. so even these leaders as Murkiwski their dubious darken leadership isn’t wasted time of service.

  15. Great perspective. Lisa is at worst, an evil witch hellbent on destroying the Greatest Nation in world history, or at best just plain stupid and ignorant.

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