Transgender adult beats out 13-year-old girl for top skateboarding title in women’s division


Ricci Tres, 29, an adult biological male who identifies as a woman, beat a 13-year-old girl for first place in a women’s skateboarding contest held in New York on Saturday, June 25, according to Reduxx. The Boardr Open is a street skateboarding contest that is open to all participants at all skill levels, but divided into female and male divisions.

Tres, of Los Angeles, won the women’s division of the Boardr Open and 13-year-old Shiloh Catori of Tampa, Fla. took second. Of the six competitors, four were under the age of 17, including one 10-year-old girl.

“This comes just weeks after Silverman, a professional skateboarder, posted a statement to her Instagram in which she called out the Redbull Cornerstone skate event she took part in for allowing a biological male athlete to compete against women, and take the top spot, wrote Reddux.

“In her statement, Silverman wrote that she placed second in two previous competitions in which biological males were allowed to compete against female skateboarders, and noted that at the last Redbull-sponsored skate event, the female athletes lost out on financial awards because a transgender competitor took first place,” the website wrote.

The complete story is at this link.


  1. The left clearly hates women.

    What kind of pathetic loser takes pleasure in beating a 13 year old?

    Maybe the nutcase Muslim fringe is right. This nation is sick and should fall.

  2. Whatever it takes to turn this youth
    generation to God. Allowing this evil
    to role-play is probably what this nation needs before
    overturning homo marriage (when homosexuality inflicts suffering like abortion does)

  3. She can’t beat the men, so she takes on a REAL girl. We now live and dysfuntion in a perverted society. Where’s the sanity?

    • Julia, let me re-word your comment to make it more accurate. “He can’t compete with men, so he takes on girls….”

      You don’t need adjectives, such as “real” preceding the word “girls.” Girls are girls.

    • I would rephrase that to fact ‘He’ can’t beat the men……☺️ Tres is male, no matter what he wants to be.

  4. I blame, yes-I blame, the competition organizers and whichever top of the food chain sport organization for not specifying in their rules about biological women only to compete. Come on, folks, right now it’s a war on women but soon it will be a war on men!!

  5. The male skateboarder is no female; he is merely acting like a female. However, the journalist patronizes the charade by calling him a” biological male;” a confusing term which implies he is not truly male; but rather only biologically. We should refuse to use such confusing terms. A person is either male or female. No surgery, hormones, or counselling can change anyone’s sex. By the way, sex and gender are synonyms. Refuse to patronize nonsense.

  6. What a bunch of horse****. I hope I don’t “offend” anyone but this ridiculousness has got to stop.

  7. Dude twice the age beats a little girl in competition for females. ?
    Where are the loud mouth feminist now???? unless they have the backing of corporate money.

  8. Women are being oppressed and they still support this trans agenda nonsense.

    Honestly this could turn into a very long discussion of how the feminist movement in its 3RD and 4TH waves was not satisfied with its accomplishment of women’s independence and suddenly began supporting causes harmful to women.

    Despite benefits for women the feminist movement has had some very devastating effects.

    The moral decay of society can be traced to this inflection point.

    Ironically it was the women’s rights movement that is responsible for a two income household now being required to support a family as twice the labor saturated the market thus permitting wages to be depressed. Supply for labor exceeded demand and the new labor pool had twice the workers competing for jobs.

    The other negative side effect was women entering the work force broke up many families and created situations where there no longer were parents home raising children. It’s especially true as wages did not rise against inflation leading to the absence of both parents and in some households children were left alone to be raised by TV, educators, siblings, or strangers sometimes without morals and ethics.

    This story is increasingly becoming the new normal as more households fall into poverty with both parents working two jobs and longer hours just to pay for food, gas, utilities and rent.

    Repeat this cycle several generations and you now have Yuri Bezmenov’s prediction of America.

    • Symptom, your anonymous comment is well thought and well made. Its a shame you lack the courage to take credit for it. All the good character in the world has no value if it is timid.

  9. So sad this is allowed. If you want this to end, the election system needs to be fixed so they can’t illegally place woke stupid people into positions of power. Then elect people with common sense who will do the right thing to stop ridiculous crap like this from happening.

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