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Democrats revert to lynching chatter as some call for assassination of Justice Clarence Thomas after ruling


Individuals have been calling on social media for the assassination of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, shown above, after he issued a separate concurring opinion on Friday in a ruling that struck down Roe v. Wade. Abortion activists have also published his home address, and others have called to burn down the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court members who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade has their home addresses splashed across social media, such as with postings like this one targeting Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
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The U.S. Supreme Court overturned two landmark abortion cases, Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, returning the legality of abortion to the states. Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the majority and Justice Thomas wrote a solo concurring opinion in which he argued that the Supreme Court should also reconsider rulings on contraception, same-sex relationships and marriage.

Since then, individuals on social media have called for Thomas to be assassinated. This comes after one California man who attempted to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh was arrested and has been charged with attempted assassination.

It also comes as other groups have called for violence to be committed against pro-life groups, individuals and churches. In response, the FBI is investigating such threats and Congress passed a bill that President Joe Biden signed into law extending protections to members of the justices families.

On Friday, Thomas wrote the court “correctly holds that there is no constitutional right to abortion. Respondents invoke one source for that right: the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee that no State shall ‘deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.”

He issued a separate opinion, explaining, “to emphasize a second, more fundamental reason why there is no abortion guarantee lurking in the Due Process Clause. … Considerable historical evidence indicates that ‘due process of law’ merely required executive and judicial actors to comply with legislative enactments and the common law when depriving a person of life, liberty, or property.”

He also argued that “‘substantive due process’ is an oxymoron that ‘lacks[s] any basis in the Constitution.’” For this and other reasons, he argued, the court should “reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell.

Because “any substantiative due process decision is ‘demonstrably erroneous,” he argued.

In Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479 (1965), the court ruled in favor of married persons having the right to obtain contraceptives. In Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558 (2003), it ruled that same-sex individuals could engage in private, consensual sexual acts, and in Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. (2015) that same-sex individuals could marry.

Several of the threats posted on Twitter have been taken down; some have not. The Center Square obtained screen shots of the ones listed below; there are others.

On June 24, @redfrnn (Redfern), tweeted, “I’m going to assassinate supreme court justice Clarence Thomas.”

Another, Markus @yikesrus, tweeted, “Today is a great day to assassinate Clarence Thomas.”

Another, Sean CPFC @SH20CPFC, wrote, “Someone assassinate Clarence Thomas already ffs.”

Glasgow writer, Neil Mackay, with a blue check mark, tweeted, “If I was a woman in America I’d burn the Supreme Court to the ground.”

Andrew Tarantola, a senior reporter for Endgadget, also called for violence, writing, “Burn down the Supreme Court.”

As did writer Brandon Taylor with a blue check mark.

Author Lauren Hough, also with a blue check mark, tweeted, “I’m just a lesbian on twitter but I’ve seen a lot of protest photos and I’d like to ask you to please be sure to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated while you burn the [expletive] down,” referring to the Supreme Court building.

In reply, Susie Scott @soozscott said, “Thanks for this-love it. My sunscreen is SPF 50 btw. McChelleBelle @mcpeaches7 replied, “Check and check! And I wore comfortable shoes!”

R King @rking7066 said, “I am a lesbian on twitter and while you are burning it down, join me in using Banana Boat for all of your sunscreen needs.”

Shannon D @AttyshannonD replied, “Very solid points. Always stay hydrated when dismantling the patriarch!)

Meg C @LadyMegSoprano said, “Burn the patriarchy, not your skin!”

Wendy Byrde @MaryMarky wrote, “They want to play? Let’s play. We can cripple this country, bring it to its knees.”

Jonathan D. Lovitz, with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, tweeted, “Burn @LogCabinGOP down.”

Chairman of Maricopa County Young Republicans Luke Mosiman posted video of abortion activists handing out the personal address of Justice Thomas in Washington, D.C., with the intent to threaten him. In response, Mosiman said, “I hope you all get arrested tonight.”

Those making threats of violence against anyone, including a sitting Supreme Court justice, using a range of media, can face felony charges.

“Individuals who communicate a threat to injure another can face federal felony charges if they use a form of interstate commerce, such as email, mail, phone calls, texts, or online messaging, to send the threat,” Criminal Defense Lawyer explains. “This federal offense carries up to 5 years in federal prison. (18 U.S.C. § 875.) Sending such threats repeatedly can lead to federal criminal stalking charges and up to 10 years in prison. (18 U.S.C. §§ 2261, 2261A.) Depending on the circumstances of the threats or the intended recipient, other federal penalties may apply.”

Threatening judges is illegal, law scholar James Hirsen explains, “interference with the administration of justice in the manner in which it has recently been occurring is illegal,” pointing to federal statute 18 U.S.C. 1507. Penalty for violating the law results in a fine and/or a prison sentence of up to one year.

Last month, 25 state attorneys general called on U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to enforce federal law prohibiting anyone from targeting judges’ homes.



  1. Well it looks as if the left wants violence. They should be arrested as the Jan 6th group has been. The Gestopo should storm all their homes and arrest them as they did to the Trump supporters. If not, the legal system is not to be trusted. The left has the law in their pocket.

  2. Such bull—- Clarence Thomas is safe. Liberals don’t assassinate. Only right-wing wackos do that, using their twisted version of the 2’d amendment.

  3. Seems to me that I remember something about “Hang Mike Pence” as well, recently.

    Aren’t we all getting nasty now.

    • Wrong, Expressing intent by virtue of writing it down has long been considered a crime and often a forerunner of the actual event occurring. Witness the Texas and Colorado school shootings where both parties clearly indicated in advance what their intent was by writing it. Neither party could be described as right or left wing and chose to use their 2d rights in for a criminal purpose!!

    • Did you have a point, or are you just snarky?

      Yes, I’ve heard the claim and seen the pics regarding VP Pence. But so far no has been proven to have said them or attempted to do so. If you have, please provide them.

      James Hogskinson actually attempted to murder House GOP members. Recently Nick Rosce attempted to kill Justice Kavanaugh. BLM and Antifa riots. I could go on all day. The far left is resorting to violence more and more as it is losing its grip on political power.

      As John Adams said, Facts are stubborn things. Facts are not on your side. Whataboutism is a weak argument my kids used in preschool.

  4. Ah, the tolerant left. A long history of violence conveniently ignored. With a large side dish of racism.

    Make no mistake. If they ever feel they can take this country by force, they will.

    My biggest fear is they will murder justices to allow Biden to “rebalance” the Court. So far Garland has been content to allow it to gin up to crisis point.

  5. Marcus and Shawn should be arrested immediately
    Got me wondering if I’m free to comment about Lisa murkowski and assassination in the same way? Hmm
    What have we become????!
    I’m not stating anything to motivate violence, I’m providing perspective to hopefully remove the double standards

  6. Democrats = KKK.
    They never change.They never will.
    Democrats hate for anyone that doesn’t agree with them.

  7. It’s a woman’s choice what she decides to do in all matters. Since when is it any of the courts decisions on how and what people want or need to do. So much for freedom of choice……

  8. Why now all of a sudden does the haters want to kill a black Supreme Court Justice? It’s not like the Supreme Court made it illegal to get an abortion. All the Supreme Court did was say that states have rights to develop their own laws. It doesn’t matter if they’re setting the speed limit or the tax rate or baby killing. States have rights. If you don’t like the laws of the state that you’re living in, you’ve always had the opportunity and ability to move to a state more to your liking. It’s a free country. Now most of those states that you may prefer to live in would have higher tax rates and you prefer to live in a lower tax state but you have to decide which is more important to you. We don’t get everything we want but as Trump said, we get what we need.

    • And I’m so glad to live in Alaska where there is no State income tax AND abortion is legal and will continue to be legal. But you did forget how SCOTUS does change the law in an individual state–see last week’s ruling about permits to carry firearms in New York.

  9. Lynching, burning buildings, businesses, and assaulting others is not a protected, protest act or a guaranteed Constitutional right. The Dept of Justice, FBI, and local law enforcement should take these threats seriously and protect Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas from these folks.

  10. Cue the REAL insurrection, the social+cultural+political insurrection, the one fomented by radical leftist extremists.
    Oh, wait, they already started it, decades ago.

  11. At least in Germany they satisfied themselves for at least a few hours with breaking glass.
    Anyone having a large stock of brown shirts for sale is going to among the wealthy elite this week.

  12. I’m calling for the return of Rose Dunleavy to America from Japan. I believe testing has been stopped at US borders and the border with Mexico may gave always been available to enter regardless. Any outgoing American out of Japan is of no consequence or interest to Japan or its people or Rahm Immanuel the good for nothing.. She has been in solitary this whole time, right? BTW Alaskan Native women stay out of rascist Japan at this time while it is overcome with people wanting to surpress others per the globalists CDC. I notice Jill has no ploblem flying hither and yonder without testing.

  13. You are now seeing democrats for what they really are: racists and haters. Amazing how so called ‘moderate’ democrats hide their heads and say nothing to all this. That’s because the power they all obsess over is their holy grail. Every despicable act, every destructive policy, and all of their politics of personal destruction is worth it all. You see some of that with the democrat clowns on the Anchorage Assembly. When will the people of Anchorage wake up and stop electing these fools?

    • Wayne, I don’t understand the apathy by Anchorage citizens. They say it doesn’t matter if I vote and yet daily and weekly we see played out on the assembly, legislature, and on the national level a constant erosion of traditional American values, outright lying, only reporting the news they want you to hear and see. Consequently, every election comes around they keep getting elected. I believe mail-in ballots and ballet harvesting has allowed liberal democrats the ability to steal elections. If we reverted back to “you have to go to the polls and vote in person” and show your ID we would see different results. IMHO

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