Michael Tavoliero: Murkowski is wrong senator for Alaska



The U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last Friday afternoon, giving back to the individual states, the origins of our constitutional republic, the power and control to allow, limit, or ban the practice of abortion as they see fit.

This removes the federal ruling class’s collective hegemony and restores such behavioral controls closer to the people through the states for regulation.

And, predictably, here comes one of Alaska’s most obtuse panderers in recent times, second only to Ethan Berkowitz: Sen. Lisa Murkowski. 

After reading her statement on the Supreme Court ruling, I couldn’t help but ask, “Are we in Bizzarro world?”

Did Murkowski take the time to read Roe v Wade? She’s had almost 50 years. 

Did Murkowski take the time to read Dobbs v. Jackson? It’s a true eye opener for anyone wanting to leave Bizzarro world and return to a constitutional republic.

Has she recently studied the development of a human being? An embryo? A fetus? 

Does she know life begins at conception? Hey, don’t go after me … follow the science, Senator.

Does she know that every bit of who she is today was contained in her father’s sperm and her mother’s egg joining together at conception, just like the millions and millions of unborn human beings she caused to be killed because of this “right to choose”? 

Or has the blood money of the Left soaked through her greed-filled pores, metastasized its way into her blood stream, and corrupted her frontal lobes?

Sen. Lisa Murkowski this week stated the “Supreme Court went against 50 years of precedent in choosing to overturn Roe v. Wade. The rights under Roe that many women have relied on for decades—most notably a woman’s right to choose—are now gone or threatened in many states.”

The drama of fear mongering, knee jerk reactions and political expediency is great in Murkowski. Will Alaska fall for it in the November election?

Why not start a riot? Oh, I’m sorry riots already have started fostered by sensationalists like Murkowski pleading to the unlawful Left to violently pervert the lawfulness of the U.S. Constitution and the separation of powers and violate public safety.

Her statement went further, “Given the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, Sen. Murkowski’s leadership on this issue is now more important than ever.” It continued, “Alaska voters should all see the clear and undeniable fact that Lisa Murkowski is working hard to protect women’s health care.”

This statement is from a woman who took the Alaska bar exam five times before passing. A statist, posing as a professional politician, insists, during her campaign financed by outside special interests and dark money, that she is the leadership Alaska needs. 

What leadership? For the past 20 years, Lisa Murkowski pushes against doors clearly marked “PULL” for Alaska. Her sole purpose in Washington, D.C. is to be controlled by her handlers and continue the Alaskan colony and not the State of Alaska. I know the political elite want this, but Alaskans look around…our state has failed.

What about the unborn? Is she really posturing political expediency to gain votes from people who think this is about “women’s health care” and silently advocating the murder of the defenseless innocent unborn human beings in the name of the abrogation of states’ rights?

I could go out on the limb: I believe that during her Willamette College of Law attendance, she somehow missed the entire three years of constitutional law. Roe was a direct attack on Article I, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution and the 9th and 10th amendments in the Bill of Rights, not to mention other constitutional parts. Roe v Wade was terrible legislation by judicial activism masked as even worse case law.

We should applaud her for her persistence and give her a participation medal, but not membership in the most exclusive club in the world, the United State Senate. 

Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. v. Casey were about the issue of abortion to some, but many saw these two cases as another oppressive step to cultivate a nonexistent constitutional right to minimize states’ sovereignty.

Roe and Casey were never about a woman’s right to choose. It has always been about the Left finding a reason to limit states’ sovereignty, which has been its modus operandi for over a century and a half. 

“’Preserving the right to choose will take bipartisan action and leadership. Senator Murkowski has a proven track record of effectiveness and the seniority to work with her colleagues to reverse today’s dangerous precedent,” said Murkowsi’s campaign spokesperson Shea Siegert.

Alaska’s senior Republican senator, rebuked and censured by her own Alaska Republican Party, enlists the Left to assist her to stay in office through this political backlash of SCOTUS and keep Shea employed. 

Again, she can coat it with honey, sugar, Splenda, and indignation, but there is no such constitutional right.

“Alaskan courts have interpreted abortion rights as protected under our State Constitution, but with this decision, women in other parts of the country will face a different reality that limits their health decisions, even in extreme circumstances,” Murkowski said.

Yes, Alaska has stood in the forefront a few years before Roe and kills the unborn human being in the name of privacy. Again, for those who insist “my body, my choice”, what about the defenseless innocent unborn human being’s right to privacy?

“In the wake of this ruling, it is up to Congress to respond. I introduced legislation in February to protect women’s reproductive rights as provided in Roe, and I am continuing to work with a broader group to restore women’s freedom to control their own health decisions wherever they live. Legislation to accomplish that must be a priority,” she said.

Rally the pitchforks and torches of the righteously indignant useful idiots who for whatever reason have failed to study either biology or the U.S, Constitution.

Read Dobbs v. Jackson. All 50 states prior to Roe had laws regarding abortion. Roe and Casey did very little in preserving “the right to choose.” Frankly all they did was take the states out of discussing and regulating the issue. 

I would like to take a moment to condemn Lisa Murkowski, who expounds her ignorance to compel falsehoods and breeds division in Alaska and America.

This is not the senator for Alaska.

Michael Tavoliero is a realtor in Eagle River, is active in the Alaska Republican Party and chaired Eaglexit.

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  1. Republican In Name Only.
    Catholic in Name Only.

    Beware the fires of Hell!
    Or has she forgotten about what happens to liars and those who kill?

  2. The line about the Left wanting to limit state’s sovereignty for over 150 years is exactly correct. The left loves federal control because some states just do not follow the leftist doctrine. That is why the left used to love the SCOTUS because for many decades it was ruled by the Democrat appointed (read leftist) Justices. Now that the court has turned sharply right with a majority of Justices who can read and understand the U S Constitution without finding unwritten meanings in the words of a “living document” as they call it, the Left wants to add more members on the court, or just outright kill some of the present members so Biden can appoint more learned jurists who cannot tell us what a woman is.

  3. I would be comfortable wagering that Lisa might like to quit, to lay her position as Senator aside, but that she cannot do so, because it’s no longer a choice that she has the power to make. She is woven into a fabric that has been and is, thoroughly corrupted. A veritable Hotel California….

    “Pro-choice” Lisa for more reasons than meet the eye. No turning back now, is there Lisa?

  4. Outstanding piece, Mr. Taveliero. Lisa got into Law School at Willamette only because Frankie had connections there while serving in the US Senate. Willamette was the only law school that would accept her. She had a very poor LSAT score. Willamette is not a heavy weight school. Their focus is on environmental law. As for Constitutional Law classes, only one class is required and the principle focus is the Equal Protection Clause contained within the 14th Amendment.
    All special interests eminate off of the 14th Amendment. Of course, you know that Lisa took the Alaska Bar exam numerous times. Frankie paid for law school, bar prep classes, and the many exams she failed. He just wanted to be able to tell his friends in the Senate that one of his kids was a lawyer. Finally, Lisa got lucky and took a bar prep class that furnished all the exam questions that would be administered on test day. Lisa got lucky. She’s obviously way over her head in the US Senate. But we thought that by appointing her in 2002, we would be able to quit giving her and her house-husband free things like tent, cars, paid-off debt, etc. So, we made history. Lisa is now famous and a darling of the Leftist Democrats. As parents, you can’t ask for much more. We Murkowskis consider ourselves royalty in Alaska. Sort of like the Kennedys of Massachusettes or the Dalys of Chicago. She won her full second term on a write-in campaign, another bit of Alaska history being made. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that our Lisa is one of a kind. She grew up learning to be a politician.

      • But I have to come too, Mr. Tavoliero. Nancy still needs a chaperone. Can we do coffee just before the Trump Rally on the 9th? I’m buying.

        • LOL. I think Michael Tavoliero should sit with both Frank and Nancy at the Trump Rally as a sign that Alaskans, and especially conservative Republicans, can all work together to get this great state straightened out.

  5. Lisa is doing absolutely zilch for this state. I get Tweets everyday where she’s attending some type of momentous, feel-good gathering or ceremony. Nothing about our soaring fuel prices and inflation. Now’s stoking the fires for civil disobedience over abortion when an abortion can be had anytime.

  6. Thank you Michael Wells said and covers almost half of the bases. You covered many of the failures of leadership where Lisa is concerned. But there is a greater problem which needs to be aired. Her betrayal of Ted Steven’s. While stating that she would see those guilty in the fraudulent prosecution of Stevens held accountable she instead joined forces with the same folks (Robert Mueller, Corey, Weissman et al when they collided in fabricating evidence against President Trump. She has moved from not particularly effective in advocating for Alaska, to complicity in undermining our constitutional Republic.

  7. Before I moved here, I was told Alaska doesn’t have snakes. The exception s the public serpent, Murkowski, the snake in the snow, rather than grass

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