Murkowski decries Roe v. Wade decision


Senator Lisa Murkowski said in a statement said she strongly supports a woman’s right to choose an abortion to end a pregnancy. Earlier this year, she introduced the Reproductive Choice Act (S. 3713), which would prevent women’s reproductive choices from being weakened or eliminated and would codify the almost 50 year old Roe v. Wade decision as the law of the land.

Given the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, Sen. Murkowski’s leadership on this issue is now more important than ever, she said in her statement.

“Alaska voters should all see the clear and undeniable fact that Lisa Murkowski is working hard to protect women’s health care. Preserving the right to choose will take bipartisan action and leadership. Senator Murkowski has a proven track record of effectiveness and the seniority to work with her colleagues to reverse today’s dangerous precedent,said Murkowsi’s campaign spokesperson Shea Siegert.

“Today the Supreme Court went against 50 years of precedent in choosing to overturn Roe v. Wade. The rights under Roe that many women have relied on for decades—most notably a woman’s right to choose—are now gone or threatened in many states,” the senator said.

“Alaskan courts have interpreted abortion rights as protected under our State Constitution, but with this decision, women in other parts of the country will face a different reality that limits their health decisions, even in extreme circumstances,” Murkowski said.

“In the wake of this ruling, it is up to Congress to respond. I introduced legislation in February to protect women’s reproductive rights as provided in Roe, and I am continuing to work with a broader group to restore women’s freedom to control their own health decisions wherever they live. Legislation to accomplish that must be a priority,” she said.


  1. Abortion is gross. This mama is celebrating today! Goodbye, Roe v Wade!🍾🎈🎊👏🏼💪🏼🎉I love babies and I’d adopt them all if the leftists would let me! Let’s cut the red tape and make adoption easier for families that really love babies and don’t want them killed! Ever heard of the wisdom of Solomon? Give the babies to the people who want them to live!

    • Lyndsey, you’re getting a little too excited. Just because RvW has been overridden doesn’t mean that there will be any less abortions – they will just be done in different locations. Sorry to let you down so hard. And as a test of their hypocrisy, let’s see how many of those who oppose abortion appear on “Ready-to-Adopt” lists. Then let’s dig a little deeper and see how many of them, or their wives, or daughters, or girlfriends have actually availed themselves of the service. Sometimes, those who protest the loudest, are those who have something to hide. Do you? There’s a lot of secrets out there.

        • Kevin, the truly accurate answer has been elusive through the centuries. The simple answer is life begins when Yahweh creates it. However, in 1953, mankind’s pursuit of truth revealed precisely when God’s creation of life begins. In that year James Watson and Francis Crick, using X-ray crystallography, discovered the double helix, the twisted-ladder structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which marked a milestone in the history of science and gave rise to modern molecular biology, which is largely concerned with understanding how genes control the chemical processes within cells. They identified a model of DNA structure in which the molecule is a cross-linked double-stranded helix, each strand is composed of alternating links of phosphate and deoxyribose, and the strands are cross-linked by pairs of purine and pyrimidine bases projecting inward from the deoxyribose sugars and joined by hydrogen bonds with adenine paired with thymine and with cytosine paired with guanine. When a human (or any mammal) egg is fertilized, a unique DNA structure is formed. This unique DNA is the blueprint from which the new life grows and retains throughout the entirety of their life. The moment this new DNA structure is created, at conception, is the moment that human life begins.

          Willfully terminating a human life for convenience, after it is created by God, is defined as murder. The only occasion it is morally proper to take human life is when the purpose is to save human life.

      • Dog, good to hear back from you, I was worried that you had like so many slipped beneath the waves due to complications resulting from the mandated Jab.
        That said, in your response to Lyndsey I think it is important to remember that this Roe decision is really about the LIMITED power of the Federal Government. Something that is pretty clearly defined in the Constitution.

        Sadly I see that you went after Lyndsey on an unsubstantiated personal level, along with your use of invective and innuendo which is consistent with the Leninist rule of engagement. Your leftist training requires the use of such debate tactics because you are unable to win an argument based upon the merits of the case.

        For the present Dawg’ I would hope that we could find common ground and agree upon the sanctity of life and try to work together to preserve it. If one life loses it’s value all life becomes diminished. Celebrate Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness!

      • Why is it everyone else’s responsibility to assume and correct your lack of responsibility for your own actions? Why should I adopt your child? You spawned it. Now take responsibility for Your child. Baby killers are such hypocrites.

  2. Don’t worry Lisa, the right to an abortion is protected by state law and constitution. Gov. Mike Dunleavy has said. You represent Alaska and you could have mentioned this fact about abortion in Alaska. However, Dunleavy said it could open a conversation regarding abortion in the state. I applaud the SCOTUS decision today. Leave it to the states to decide.

    • Ken, you could not be more correct. Many liberal voters will vote for her, some even as their first choice. Ranked Choice was partly her brain child. Not happy with it or with her. But have to respect how clever she is. Unfortunately she will decide when to leave the Senate. Not Alaska voters.

  3. One thing to be very worried about with Princess. She’s facing the biggest threat she’s ever had.

    She will not hesitate to burn Alaska and the Constitution to the ground if she thinks it will save her. Or get her a cushy lobbyist job.

  4. Lisa is a liar. She knows very well that decision today will do nothing to end abortion in the United States. This is a simple administrative decision that recognizes that Roe should never have come before the court. It is properly left in the hands of the States. That’s how the constitution works, Lisa. But you know that. You’re just pandering to the useful idiots for some political capital. Reprehensible.

  5. I am surprised that Lisa Murkowski has taken time out of her early retirement (or is her lack of motivation related to her general laziness?) to say or do much on any topic. I have observed that she does as little as possible most days. In particular, it appears that she steers clear of doing anything to resolve constituents’ requests for assistance.

    Isn’t that so, Lisa? Do you recall my request, in August 2021, that you help resolve my “bureaucratic nightmare” with the SBA EIDL loan program? I was approved for the loan, but the money never showed up. As far as I can tell, your only response was to instruct your staff (probably Sherry) to write letter to me last week, addressed to an address I moved from ten years ago, telling me that the SBA had run out of EIDL money. Isn’t that proof positive that you did “Jack Sh!T” in response to my request?

    Lisa is lazy. Her staff is lazy. Sherry is terrible and should be fired immediately. Alaskans deserve better. [I should point out that the results were not any better with Dan Sullivan or his subordinates on the same topic.]

    Alaskans deserve better representation. At this point, we have none in the US Senate.

    • I have one of those letters also. Her staff is “looking into my issue with the VA” That was at least 15 years ago.

      Still waiting

  6. I was hoping the Senator could have spent some time explaining how the right to abortion magically appears in the Constitution from “emanations” and “penumbras” of the 1st and 14th Amendments. I have spent hours and hours trying to find those things in the language. No luck yet. Perhaps her powers of perception are superior to my own. If, on the other hand, she wants to legislate on this issue, I urge her to go for it. Congress has little else to worry about.

  7. All who love life and babies-please join us in calling for Governor Dunleavy to call for a special legislative session on the road system to enact the Alaska Life at Conception Act to save the lives of innocent babies in Alaska and protect the right to life given us all human beings/persons, by our Creator, which is mentioned in both the US and Alaska Constitutions. Call the Governor at 907-465-3500 and leave a message about calling a special session to end abortion in Alaska.

  8. Murkowski is a Democrat, always has been.
    She only votes Republican when she cannot make a difference.

  9. I don’t like abortion either. Abortion should not be celebrated but it will because some people have no manners. However I know an unborn baby is property of the mother, and no matter how much you do not agree with her decision you cannot tell people what to do with their property. I also do not think there are many mothers out there who would abort late in their pregnancy unless there was something terribly wrong.

  10. Shouldn’t Lisa be more concerned about rocketing inflation and runaway fuel prices. Meanwhile, Alaska is being systematically shut down. Priorities Lisa, priorities!

  11. Not surprising considering the amount of money PP contributes to her campaign. Sadly, she’s completely bought & paid for by interests that don’t represent the majority of Alaskans.

  12. Life is a gift, a gift that should never be taken from anyone. It is a gift that comes from the Creator. Taking of life, whether it is a convicted murderer or a 14 week old fetus is wrong. The value of all life is diminished when society does such things and the effects of that diminished value of life can be seen through out that society. Choose Life, Respect Life, Protect and Honor Life.

    I am sad that Senator Lisa cannot understand the concept above. Especially in light of todays ruling, the Court merely agreed that Roe was outside the jurisdiction of the Constitution, it is a States issue, something Lisa might consider.

  13. She is a stone cold killer. God’s law? Dead to her. The Constitution? Dead to her, and not for lack of her trying to make it that way, whatever her degree of success will turn out to have been.

    It is highly likely that the loss of financial support from Planned Parenthood, that she gets from that semi-transparent funding loop that she feeds our tax dollars into, is that which truly has her the most upset. Women’s reproductive rights have been and are safe (until mRNA came along and she hasn’t tried to protect anyone from that…), but its women’s annihilative rights that Lisa wants to protect. At this juncture, it appears that her rendezvous with the Creator will be the most likely point that it finally all dawns on her that she has failed in her duty.

  14. Murkowski is fighting to PREVENT Alaskans from deciding this issue. So she’s actually “anti-choice.” Sorry, toots. The Constitution says we Alaskans get to choose how we deal with abortion.

  15. I’m a conservative who has long voted Republican but if the GOP cannot stop supporting Murkowski i will stop supporting them.

  16. She gets plenty of sweet cash from those who profit from killing babies. I’m glad she’s all about women’s health care, now how about babies?

  17. Lisa has never represented we the people, not ever.
    Sadly, this is just another example of how out of touch she is with reality.
    Lisa, pack it in lady, weve had enough of you and your bull crap.

  18. What a hypocrite Lisa. . The 10 commandments say thou shall not kill and term babies are being murdered in this country.. I saved and sprayed my Christmas wreath black when Roe VS Wade was passed to protest the murdering of babies. I am celebrating life today as at 83 , I never thought I would live to see this overturned.
    Good things happen to those who wait..

  19. “….undeniable fact that Lisa Murkowski is working hard to protect women’s health care.”
    You’re already on the wrong side of all that is right and good when you are a member of the death cult who believe in abortion……but when you label it “healthcare”, you are undeniably a psychopath.

  20. A simple question towards Murkowski and her ilk and an observation, if I may.

    First, the simple question.

    Should a woman, excuse me, female individual, be of such a mind that they cannot, will not, nor would ever consider themselves voluntarily to be burdened by a pregnancy, through consensual impregnation, that is sex between a male and female, simply voluntarily submit themselves unto sterility so as to avoid the issue altogether?

    Voluntarily, Lisa. Not through incest or rape, mind you.

    My observation is simply thus.

    A pendulum, within its purest form, swings side to side equally, maintaining its equilibrium.

    Once the pendulum is forced to swing to one side further and further, it will eventually fall from its fulcrum point and must be reset.

    The pendulum has fallen from its fulcrum unto the left, and the reset has begun.

    Enjoy, leftists.

  21. Evidently, murkowski feels 62,502,904 Babies That Have Been Killed by Abortion Since Roe v. Wade in 1973 is too low a number. During WWII, all deaths, both soldiers and civilians, amounted to about 75 million. Murky wants to outdo WWII with babies…..

  22. My hope for all women is that they take more responsibility. Abortion is not birth control ! It’s murder, simply put.
    Birth control is readily available , and values that promote abstinence are free.

  23. As always, its just semantics. Women choose to become pregnant unless they are the victim of a serious crime. However, statistically, very few women become pregnant a result of crime. Ironically, in the case of abortion, the only lack of choice is that of the baby being murdered.

  24. As always, its just semantics. Women choose to become pregnant unless they are the victim of a serious crime. However, statistically, very few women become pregnant as a result of crime. Ironically, in the case of abortion, the only lack of choice is that of the baby being murdered.

  25. Bye lisa. RvW was bad law. Abortion is not banned. Its up to the States now where it should be. You should be celebrating the decision and then fighting for you belief locally, not at the federsl federal level. For me this was one win, good law. We shall see if Ak bans Abortion. If we do, two wins.

  26. Roe is Gone. Time to celebrate. It never should have taken this long. Thanks to Trump for getting it started. Call it what it is, abortion is murder. Abortion is not an acceptable method of birth control. Mothers murdering their babies is insane. There are laws against murder. Abortion was never in the US Constitution. Liberal SCOTUS twisted the Constitutions meaning to make it fit. It’s been corrected now. Dunleavy will leave it up to Alaskan to decide. That’s the right thing to do. The my body my choice argument is insane. Face reality, the baby is not your body. Know your biology before you spout that ignorant crap. Evil Lisa’s gotta go.

  27. No mention of the Supreme Court fifty years ago going against roughly 200 years of precedent. Good job, Supreme Court 2022. Murdering your babies has never actually been in the constitution. (P.S. Lisa, I thought you said you were Catholic. Catholics are anti-murder, remember?)

  28. Government should not have a say in a persons body! By the end of day we have too live with choices!

  29. Spreading the abortionists litigation money around 50 states better while arguing cases, their money
    will go into 50 states local economies instead of d.c.

    • Yes, Julia. There is a place in Purgatory for bad Catholics. Lisa will be joining her good friend Nancy Pelosi there at the cafeteria.

  30. Lisa says “Preserving the right to choose” but she is clearly obfuscating. Why not use plain language? Lisa is talking about choosing to dismember, liquefy, poison, burn, drown, or otherwise kill another human being who gets no choice.

  31. If Princess is so appalled by this, why didn’t she spend some of her nearly 20 years in the Senate working to ratify abortion into law?

    It’s been common knowledge Roe/Wade was bad law. But the left didn’t take any steps to fix it.

    She had the connections, the opportunity, and the semi influence to try to make it happen. But she didn’t.

    Afraid of having her mask ripped off too soon?

  32. Dear Lisa, nobody in Alaska cares what you have to say and in November we are going to send you packing. You will have to fade back into the obscurity in Fairbanks from whence you came. Or, maybe get a job as a lobbyist on K Street.

  33. Senator Murkowski is predictively distraught that this Supreme Court decision overturns Roe which had miraculously found a ‘right’ to abortions as a ‘privacy’ issue. This decision declares there is no constitutional right to abortions and therefore returns the issue to the states and the people of those states to decide how to deal with it. She refuses to acknowledge that fact. Therefore, if California wants to have abortion mills on every street corner, as a state, they can do so. Women will still have ‘access’ to what the left calls abortion: ‘Women’s health care’.

    Senator Murkowski, also needs to be mindful that as a Roman Catholic, her political support of abortion in any way, is committing grave sin. The Bishop of San Francisco has made that clear to Nancy Pelosi in very specific terms. But, as leftists politicians always do, they play smorgasbord with only the values they accept in their own self absorbed morality system.

    It’s way past time for Senator Murkowski to be gone from the Alaska political scene. Lisa remains a Republican only because it’s a convenient label for her campaign. The State party has censured her and requested her to stop calling herself a Republican. At least Bill Walker had the decency to run as an ‘Independent’. Alaska tired of Lisa’s father, Frank, and thankfully retired him. We must also rid ourselves of feckless Lisa.

  34. Abortion definition: When a mother chooses to hire technicians to murder her unborn child, sell the body parts, then throw the remains in the garbage. Its called “pro-choice.”
    This ghastly, evil, practice evolved into mass genocide; America’s modern-day Holocaust. They even copied the Nazis’ playbook by dehumanizing their victims with seemingly benign terms such as “fetus.” Ironically, African-Americans sustain the highest percentage of victims of this evil.
    See 2-Chronicles-7:14.

  35. There’s a lot of decisions Daddy’s Little Princess has made over the years of her tenure that We (the conservative voters) “decry” and more so the longer she remains. I look forward to her retirement soon, not because she’s served so well but rather because of her incessant arrogance and ignorance of representing the GOP Platform, simply taking advantage of her underserved privilege, and serving her own selfish wants and desires.

  36. PREGNANCY is NOT a SICKNESS! Ending a pregnancy is NOT health care! Pregnancy IS health! It’s reprehensible the left gets away with that long repeated talking point “misinformation” that abortion is women’s healthcare!

  37. Nox, you sound like another bot. If that preborn person is not a child, then the pregnant woman is not a human. Maybe you’re one of those people though, that like to change definitions of words and claim a woman is not a woman. Maybe you like to cause confusion. We know who is not the author of confusion and who is. The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy (including the English language apparently), but Christ comes to give life, and life more abundantly.

  38. “Alaska voters should all see the clear and undeniable fact that Lisa Murkowski is working hard to protect women’s health care.”
    Can someone, anyone, explain how abortion is health care?
    Because, it is a testimony to the good health of both the mother and child when the baby is carried to term. Choosing to destroy an unborn child is the opposite of healthcare. There is nothing (with extremely few exceptions) about aborting a baby that is healthy. It certainly does not improve the health of the child, and the health of the mother is unchanged (or harmed). Nothing is improved.
    Health care is supposed to improve health, not detract from it.

  39. I’m sure liberals will back this white, privileged, daughter of a conservative US Senator, who has used the GOP as camoflage for her left wing, anti-Catholic beliefs.
    Catholic my but; pretty sure she spends more time politicking at the ABT then she does in a Catholic church.
    Did see her once at midnight Mass about 24 years ago (because it was televised back then)
    This woman could give lessons to Machiavelli.

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