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Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Video: Palin says it was a ‘gut punch’ to be disinvited to McCain funeral

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is still a subject of fascination by the media in Great Britain, which offered this interview with her today, where she describes that she felt punched in the gut when she was disinvited to the funeral of John McCain, for whom she was vice presidential running mate in 2008.

“It’s been bizarre. When I was tapped to run as the first woman VP candidate on the Republican ticket, I had nearly 90 per cent approval rating as the governor of the largest state,” she said on the show Good Morning Britain.

‘It made sense to me and my supporters why John McCain did tap me. But, yeah, once getting out there on that national stage and realizing that there are so many snakes in politics, they are so many snakes in the Republican party who were running the show and allowing me to get clobbered,” she said, filming from her home studio in Wasilla.

“They were looking for someone to blame for their really crappy type of campaign that they ran. I was a scapegoat,” she said.

Watch the video interview at this link.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • As Governor she spent and she spent and she spent some more. Not exactly conservative if you ask me.

  • NO RIP for John McCain.

  • Who is this person…?

  • Hey folks,
    I’m no McCain fan, but maybe we give some grace for the reality of what brain cancer might do to an intellect and a personality. Why his family subsequently exacerbated his “thumbs down” approach to the final bit of his shortened life may be rightfully questioned, but his final years of errant behavior seem fairly excusable in light of health realities. Looks like to me the unseen ruling powers of “reap what you sow” produced ample “thumbs down” result in the poor guys life. I am sorry for both Governor Palin and him. At the end of the day, neither deserve the shabby treatment they get.

  • By any measure not the worst VP candidate in history. For example: Ferraro, Mondale, Quayle, Gore, Edwards, Ryan – and of course who could ever forget Kaine (who?).

    McCain was hated by the left when he ran against Dear Leader. Then, in the twilight of his life, the always-a-maverick narcissist McCain and Trump got cross ways. All of a sudden, to the Left/MSM he is a respected elder statesman. Actually, all of that should make Sarah Palin laugh. Totally hilarious. John McCain, respected elder statesman by the Left. She should consider the snub a badge of honor. She was in the best of company – President Trump.

  • Still love you Sarah (as a leader). It’s not too late to fix this mess.
    I see what you saw in Walker. Mike Dunleavy is not as savvy.
    Too bad he didn’t listen to us but we can still fix this.
    Babcock and Randolph need to be replaced by Palin and Nyman.

  • Sarah, you know as well as I that Mike’s approach is ham-handed at best. He, as a result, has little leverage against the Legislature. Thank Goodness for that!

  • Sarah,
    I still feel like you delivered a “gut punch” to Alaskans when U left the top seat in government to Sean Parnell…if favor of the national spotlight with the GOP.
    All of us that voted for you were impressed with your balance in understanding of business and the needs of services for Alaskans….you even spoke of protecting our environment.
    “The ACES program was the result of a law enacted during the short Palin administration. Thus Sarah Palin was directly responsible for enacting a law that increased taxes on business and spreads that wealth to the average citizen. Those taxes allowed the government of Alaska to grow bigger, providing more services to Alaskans.”
    The year after this was enacted, or PF dividends was the highest that I can remember in over twelve years.
    After you left, ACES was dismantled by SB21 and the “Environment” became an unspoken word.
    The last several administrations have been all about “Austerity” while local Salmon runs diminish and Climate Change remains one of Alaska’s greatest threats as we move forward.
    Public Opinion is manipulated while corporate lobbyists remain influential in keeping oil taxes at the current (SB 21) rates while services get cut from proposed state budgets.
    If ACES was still in place, our state would have been allowed to tax global oil conglomerates at the higher rates permitted by the falling price of “Alaskan Crude”.
    I personally feel that SB 21 has not produced the new revenue promised and our $1.6 Billion dollar budget deficit is a direct result of this.

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